Do you know the best PUA tricks that actually work?

Now, I don't advocate most pickup artist techniques, and historically, we've given the self-proclaimed "seduction community" a hard time for many reasons. As a dating coach, I tend to focus more on other means of making yourself attractive, which I've covered in my articles on how to make yourself more attractive, and the 5 types of attraction. So, while I'm not an advocate of most forms of pickup artistry, I understand and can teach you about the benefits of these 11 PUA tricks that I do believe work.

That being said, there are a few things they're pretty good at. Namely, they're good at breaking things down into actionable steps. But it's definitely not all golden advice. It can enhance your dating life by helping you get closer to attractive women, but it can also get you rejected directly. So, be warned before trying these PUA techniques.

If you're ready to learn about the tricks that I do believe work, let's begin.


11 PUA Tricks That Actually Work

Pickup artistry has benefits that we'll demonstrate to you through these tricks. Some of them are greater than others, but out of the ones out there, these 11 are the best I've found. However, there is one PUA tactic that is never worth taking the chance on. I'll list it here as a cautionary tale. So, here are 11 PUA techniques that actually work, plus the 1 pickup tactic virtually guaranteed to make you regret your decision.

11. Re-Framing

When flirting with women, many guys are thrown off by beautiful women who try to "test" them. Reframing provides a way to pivot from a test and put pressure on her to play nice with you. It's a nice pickup artist technique that turns the tables around. Here's an example: If a beautiful woman (or her friends!) accuses you of hitting on her, instead of walking away red-handed, smile and respond with: Should I be?

If done correctly, not only will you appear like the charming and confident guy you are, it will put her in the hot seat and create the fun, playful banter essential to flirting.

1o. Kinoing

Think about this: If a guy goes for a kiss without any touch beforehand, can we really expect that kiss to be anything but forced and weird? Probably not. In layman's terms, kinoing is really just touching. And it works because it's the only way to simultaneously do 3 absolutely critical parts of flirting: Exhibiting restraint, creating trust & showing interest. The key to making it all work is what PUAs call escalation.

Here's how you do it: Instead of rushing in, start slow and build up from light touches to more intimate ones. Begin with confident but non-aggressive touches to the shoulder or upper arm. Eventually and only after she's gotten used to you, try touching her hand or maybe her knee.

Paying extremely close attention to how she responds and her body language, and ideally letting her take over, work up to the point until the only thing left to do is go for a kiss.

9. Remember the Game

Undoubtedly, one of the main things seduction artists have right is simply remembering that getting a girl to flirt is a game.

It helps because instead of just getting frustrated, they remind themselves there is always a path to making a girl interested, and the point of the game is to figure out what that path is. All they have to do is find the right pickup tactic and work on it from there.

8. DHV the Big 3

DHV, or Demonstrating Higher Value, is the backbone to PUA strategy. This is where the PUA benefits start to show. But because different girls value different things in different guys, DHV is an unquestionably challenging target. That being said, there are 3 primary value-adds that girls tend to gravitate to consistently:

Health. Wealth & Fun. If you want to demonstrate health: hygiene, fitness, and athleticism are proven to be physical markers beautiful women like to see. Similarly, if you want to show you've got some wealth: Be generous... without showing off.

And if you want to demonstrate you're fun, go out, meet people, and have a carefree night out. It'll be hard at first but keep at it, demonstrate your PUA technique, and you'll be a capable pickup artist after some practice.

7. Sarging

While I may not be able to get behind every PUA trick in the book, I can agree that when it comes to getting girls to like you, practice and experience make all the difference.

As it's known, Sarging is the process of going out in the field and putting the concepts to work. Basically, it's training. And whether you do it with a group or go solo, getting over the fear of rejection is only possible when you put yourself out there and start trying and learning from your mistakes. It's a means of personal growth and evolution.

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6. Prizing

Registering at about a 5 on the riskiness scale for most guys, prizing is definitely a PUA approach that pays dividends... when you do it right. Prizing is the act of a guy making himself the "prize" to a girl instead of the other way around. As much a mindset as it is a strategy, making women see you as the goal is undeniably something worth pursuing.

But how does it work? If a girl asks if you're trying to pick her up, turn things around and playfully tell her something like, "I'm still making up your mind." You can see why it's risky: success is all in the delivery.

And if you aren't confident in how you say what you say, you'll most likely seem awkward. High risk, high reward, though, so if you're feeling up to it, give it a shot.

5. Structured Game

Just as it sounds, structured game is a strategy that works only in the beginning. Done correctly, it's the perfect way for a novice guy in the field to gain the necessary confidence and succeed with women. Additionally, structured game will also allow guys to learn to read women in a way that allows them to create real chemistry.

So what's the best way to do it? Pre-plan a few icebreakers you like, along with a few general talking points, and build out to a more improvisational, natural game from there.

4. Being Present

Another tactic endorsed by PUAs that surprised me is a familiar concept that I've strongly encouraged for a while: Being present. You see, the danger in memorizing a bunch of material in advance is that it opens you up to the risk of looking robotic, and sort of like you're cycling through a script when you're talking to a girl.

Being present means fully experiencing the time you're sharing with a girl, which is exactly what makes women have fun with you. Wondering how to do it?

The easiest way to start is by actively listening, asking genuine questions, and not worrying about what you will say next. In other words, get comfortable winging it and thinking on your feet.

3. Non-Reaction Seeking

Successful PUAs are absolute pros at two crucial parts of dating: brushing off a bad experience and learning from those experiences to do better next time.

If there's one thing that most inexperienced guys do wrong, it's caring too much about what happens in a given interaction and letting it continue to bother them. But what PUAs do instead, is known as being "Non-Reaction Seeking" or "NRS." Basically, it's just what it sounds like; guys who practice NRS don't get overly caught up in those less-than-ideal reactions of some girls and instead just keep on doing their thing.

And while "non-reaction seeking" is kind of a mouthful, it's ultimately what allows PUAs to keep their cool when talking to women. And it also doesn't hurt that it brings confidence that girls definitely like to see in a guy who approaches them.

2. Situational Opener

Praised by some and criticized by others in the PUA community, situational openers are part of a school of thought that I can actually get behind. They work because, at their core, they build on the main ingredient that makes flirting work: Chemistry.

A good situational opener depends on your improvisation skills and an acute sense of what's happening around you. While those two things may not always align, you can always start talking to a girl about where you are at that moment.

Maybe something funny is happening in the room, or if she's tried anything on the menu. It might not seem like much, but usually, it's more than enough to get the conversation going.

1. Authenticity

If you ask me, the ultimate goal for any guy should be to flirt with a girl as his real, true self, and apparently, the PUA community would agree with this.

Because even they acknowledge that when authenticity works, no pickup strategy could ever beat it. Pretty much, it's the Ace of Spades when it comes to getting girls. Unfortunately, there is a caveat: not every guy's authentic self is something girls want. While being genuine and honest towards a girl could get them to be honest in return, most aren't willing to open up to someone they've just met. It's a risky tactic because being yourself isn't the most flattering image to portray yourself as.

But that doesn't mean people can't change or that mindsets, skills, or fashion are something that can't be improved.

Beast Mode

This is the PUA method that is guaranteed to make you regret your decision, one way or the other.

While I can admit that there's merit to certain PUA tactics, there are some methods that even PUAs can't fully endorse: which include one strategy known as "beast mode." Think of "beast mode" as the other kind of kino: "Cool In Name Only." By anybody's measure, beast mode consists of desperately trying anything to get a woman's attention.

By following whatever impulses are present at the time, beast mode is, in theory, a way to get quick, maximum exposure to many women.

Most of the time, it involves starting a conversation with a loud, lippy opener or engaging in some extremely risky unwanted touch. And while it's undoubtedly bold, there are other ways to talk to girls that will not only have a better success rate but don't also have the potential to get you in trouble if you take them too far.

In Conclusion

Remember to use those 11 powerful PUA tricks for good and start getting girls to talk to you. The success of all of these depend on your delivery, so practice a lot before trying these out. And when you do use them, try not to sound rehearsed; it's valuable to learn these tricks, but also just as valuable to improvise on the spot.