There are tons of games to play with your girlfriend that provide a fun way to get to know each other more meaningfully.

I've tried and tested so many relationship games in my pursuit of how to be a better boyfriend and came up with this list to help you decide which to try out together!

If you are after fun things to do with your girlfriend, here are a handful of options worth trying.


Games To Play With Your Girlfriend To Level Up Your Relationship

Finding the right game to play with your girlfriend opens up tons of opportunities for bonding and getting to know each other better. Not only does playing games with her let you two connect and start interesting conversations, but they also work to showcase just how fun your relationship can be. The right game gives you great conversation starters and a break from the usual date activities like dinner or movies!

Game Categories

3 Game Ideas Couples Can Enjoy In the Comfort of Their Home

Bedroom games are great indoor date ideas for couples looking to know each other more. There is something worth trying no matter the interest, and they are also super easy to get your hands on!

1. Movie Quiz

You and your girlfriend can spend hours quizzing each other on popular movie trivia questions based on actors, genres, or titles. Playing this game opens up a world of chances to understand what types of movies interest the two of you. You two can come up with the perfect list of movies to enjoy with you.

It's also a wonderful way to learn what movies she thinks are worth remembering and why.

How To Play

Pick a theme for your movie trivia, such as genres, actors, or directors. Ask each other questions and see if you can answer them. The person who ranks up the most point by the end of the game wins!

2. Card Game

Most card games are simple to learn games to play with your girlfriend, but they also provide hours of engagement and fun that keep those awkward silent moments at bay. One card game to try out is Monopoly Deal. It is just as competitive as the board game but lasts 15 to 30 minutes per play, making it perfect for an icebreaker before after dinner or a full-on gaming marathon.

How To Play

There are tons of card games to choose from, but the rules are straightforward if you decide on a Monopoly deal. Deal 5 cards to each player and use your cards to complete property sets or earn money.

Some cards will have actions that allow you to tax your opponent or collect rent from the properties you've completed. The first one to have three complete property sets wins.

3. Truth or Lie

Every couple will want to find new ways to get to know one another deeper. You don't need a fancy game set or cards to play his game. You'll need a strategic mind to create truths and lies that sound plausible.

How To Play

Come up with two lies and a truth that your opponent has to guess. The goal for your opponent is to guess the truth. Your goal is to make the truth indistinguishable from the lie. If the opponent guesses the truth, they get the point.

4 Online Games To Try With Your Sweetheart

Engaging stories, tricky puzzles, great topics for conversation, and even video game pick-up lines are just three things that sum up playing video games with your girlfriend. So, look at these fast-paced online multiplayer games posted on Gamertelligence and see how better they are when played together!

4. Game of Life

Like the board game, the goal is to win at the LIFE as you go through the usual life events and the twists and turns it brings. The digital board game offers up new choices and possibilities to explore with your girlfriend and maybe even test your compatibility and decision-making skills as a couple.

How To Play

Just like the board game, you and your opponent will draw cards and bonuses to advance on the board. The goal is to retire with the highest dollar amount. What makes this game fun is how you can create funny events as you play or take the more serious route and use every cent wisely. It's all up to how you view LIFE.

5. Mario Party

Mario Party is a Nintendo exclusive couch co-op that the two of you can play on the switch. It features tons of minigames to play together, ranging from races to puzzles against the clock. Since it is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive, having this game in your library lets the two of you play wherever, whenever, even on vacations and long weekends away.

How To Play

There are tons of minigames to choose from; the game's rules depend on which you two decide to play. Each game and its rounds will tally up the points to determine a winner. So long as you both enjoy the minigame, go at it and explore them all!

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6. Minecraft

Playing Minecraft with your girlfriend gives both of you the chance to showcase your strategic survival skills and creativity in building a world of your own. The multiplayer game allows you two to brave its world together in hopes of surviving more than a few rounds! Even hours of gameplay won't be enough to perfect a Minecraft Trivia!

How To Play

If you are playing for the first time, start with adventure mode to get the game's feel. Adventure mode has one simple goal, survive the world and its biomes for as long as possible. You will need to build a base and find materials for armor and food to survive each day. You can also look for the adventure mode, which takes you on a journey to beat the endgame boss.

7. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a Super Mario game on the Nintendo Switch that gives you and your girlfriend the option to explore different racing tracks for the ultimate go-cart experience. It's the perfect couple game for a relaxing game night. You'll have fun trying different routes and characters and how their buffs help you win the game.

How To Play

The goal of Mario Kart is to master drifting through tracks while keeping your first place spot. Use various track boosts like the fast track to get ahead and gain as many coins as possible while on the go. You'll also benefit from discovering shortcuts and tricks along the way. Do all this in a classic fast-paced track racing game, and you're golden!

3 Fun Games Outside Perfect For Man and Woman In A Relationship

Outdoor games aren't just for kids anymore. Adding in additional twists and rules makes them fun for any age group, even for you and your girlfriend. Plus, playing some outdoor games makes for an adventurous date night that you both won't soon forget.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great game idea to showcase quick quips and riddles with the bonus of getting to explore a new place. You can even opt to hide small presents and surprises at each location for the ultimate anniversary or birthday gift!

How To Play

Playing this outdoor game leaves lots of room for creativity. You can choose the riddles or questions that lead to each location, containing another riddle or item that is a clue to the following location. Have as many points as you want to reach the final treasure, which can be a surprise gift to your girlfriend!

9. Hide and Seek

Taking a school ground game and adding variations makes this game an excellent fun thing to try for you and your girlfriend. For one, you can try out hide and seek with a water gun, which makes for a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Get creative with variations, and this game becomes a well-suited one for you both!

How To Play

Like the classic playground game, pick on person to count to 10 or 20 while another person hides. The seeker then needs to find the person who is hiding. It is the job of the person hiding to make it difficult for the seeker. You can amp up the game by moving locations as the seeker looks for you. In that case, the one who can stay hidden the longest is the winner!

10. Tennis

If you and your girlfriend are fans of fast-paced, outdoor games involving focus, agility, and strategy, tennis is the perfect game. Tennis may be a classic, but finding couples to play tennis with helps you two work on your coordination and teamwork, which is a great life skill for any couple.

How To Play

Tennis is a simple outdoor game where players pass the ball back and forth over the net. Players cannot touch the ball with their hands or touch the net. The tennis ball must bounce once on the court before being hit by the racquet.

If the ball bounces outside the lines, the point goes to the person who served the ball. Should the ball not bounce within the court and the opponent did not hit the ball, the point goes to the opponent. Also, in this case, if the opponent hits the ball without it bouncing first, the point goes to the server.

The first to four points wins the round. You can go best 2 out of 3 rounds for longer gameplay.

3 Easy-to-Play Questions To Ask Games With Your Partner

Having the right questions to ask is a surefire way to get to know someone. Whether as an icebreaker on a date or a more serious round of relationship questions, these games will have you diving deeper into each other's experiences and interests.

11. Truth or dare

Truth or dare works great as a couple of games to test how far a person is willing to protect their most embarrassing secrets! Even if you don't know what questions will get the game going, reading truth or dare questions for couples may spark your creativity and help you think of your questions.

How To Play

Each person will have a set of questions to ask the other. If you opt not to answer a question, you must do the corresponding dare. You can either have a preset list of dares or come up with them on the go in choosing dares. Should you refuse to answer a question or do a dare, you forfeit your point, and it goes to the person asking or who dared you.

12. Never have I ever

Never have I ever questions for couples works great for new couples in the phase of getting to know you. Since you two just got together, playing a few rounds gives both of you more insight into each other's likes and dislikes and how to make a happy relationship.

How To Play

This is a classic drinking game wherein you take turns coming up with phrases that you think your opponent HAS done. With that, you will confirm whether or not your suspicions are true. For example, if you say, "Never have I ever snuck out of the house," and the opponent drinks, then they HAVE.

Keep in mind that you also must not have dines what you say or else you will need to drink also.

13. 21 Questions Game

The 21 questions game works great if you have tons of things you want to learn about each other. It also works great for new couples without either of you having to learn a whole list of rules. In terms of playing 21 questions, just come up with a list on the spot.

How To Play

To play 21 questions, come up with questions you want to ask each other. The ideal player will answer ALL the questions without hesitations for the ultimate get-to-know-you game. Once you finish asking your questions, it's now your partner's turn. Play as many rounds as you are both comfortable with.

3 Games Designed To Built Your Bond And Connection As A Couple

Aside from games, you two can play with other couples or friends. Having a list for a date with you two is also great. A one-on-one game goes a long way in building your bond and connection as a couple.

14. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors is another classic that you and your girl can play with only two people. Taking it to the next level depends on your goals. You can have your partner answer questions each loss for a 21 questions rock, paper, scissors hybrid, or perform dares upon losing a round. No matter how you play, take it to the next level with your variations.

How To Play

To play this in a variation, play rock, paper, and scissors the usual way, but whoever losses a round must answer a question or perform an action. The standard rules apply. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beat paper. You can amp up the game by thinking of hard-to-answer questions!

15. Staring Contest

A simple staring contest has both of you staring into each other's eyes with undivided attention. Just like other couple games, it's a great way to get creative and find new ways to enjoy the game together.

How To Play

This is another game best played in a variation. One way is to hold a staring contest while finding ways to make each other laugh and ultimately blink. You'll uncover hilarious stories and events in each other lives while also getting to know each other.

16. Romantic Scrabble

Romantic scrabble takes a spin on classic board games and adds a level of difficulty by using only relationship words. Adding that extra rule does make the game more difficult, but it will surely give you more to laugh about and discuss down the line. A romantic game such as this is a great way to add spice to your ultimate game night.

How To Play

Play with the same rules as regular scrabble, but you can only use relationship or romantic words. The person who has the most points scored at the end is the winner.

Why Playing Games Together Helps Strengthen Your Relationship - 4 Reasons

Playing games with your girlfriend is one surefire way to bond and connect with her on a whole new level. It brings out tons of opportunities to get to know one another, plus the chance to see where your commonalities are.

Reason #1: It Builds Teamwork

Playing games together shows the both of you how you take to each other's perspectives and habits in dealing with different situations. This, in turn, can strengthen your teamwork as a couple.

Reason #2: Learn More, Naturally

Having games to play with your girlfriend is a great way to learn more about your girl without pushing any buttons or forcing answers. You can easily ask questions naturally that do not seem out of place by playing.

Reason #3: Bring You Closer Together

This is especially true for story-driven games or those with tons of questions. You'll learn bout preferences, history, and even a few embarrassing takes on their life.

Reason #4: Less Boredom, More Adventure

Above all, games are a fun take on a date night. Instead of just doing the usual movie and dinner, adding a game or two keeps the boredom at bay and shows your girl how fun you can be as a boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Games are a fun way to experience a relationship together, but if you have some questions, maybe I can answer them. Here are a few dating tips in my 20s I lived by!

Is it okay to let your boyfriend/girlfriend win at games?

The point of playing games with each other is to build a stronger connection and trust. It's best to play fairly and keep the "I let you win" out of it. She'll appreciate your honesty more.

Should I mind if my girlfriend plays online games with other guys?

Restricting her can otherwise seem like things that make you look immature. Trust is a big part, and allowing her to play with whomever she sees fit is part of trusting her.

How can I ask my introverted girlfriend to play outdoor games with me?

Best to start with just the two of you. Plan out a scavenger hunt in a calm, not-so-crowded place. You can also take her to areas such as camping or less busy parks.

How often should you spend time playing games with your partner?

Play as often as you both want! There is no time limit on these things. Just make sure to read the room and see if she is in the mood for a game first.

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Now that you know all the different games to play with your girlfriend, start planning that perfect date in tandem with the ideal games. Whether it's a classic game or an engaging video game, you will enjoy all these games to play with your girlfriend and make new memories you can look back on.