*NOTE: this giveaway is now closed*

To celebrate the launch of our flagship app Mantelligence we're giving away a brand new Xbox One!

No Way! How Do I Sign Up?

Glad you asked.

Entering is easy, just click on the shiny button below and follow the instructions on the sweepstakes page.

I REALLY Want This Xbox One! Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

Pssh of course you can!

You know those offers, "refer a friend and you both get a month free"? It's like that except you get 3 months free and they only get 1!

If you want to earn additional entries, first tell your friends about the sweepstakes using your unique link.

Every time someone signs up for the sweepstakes, using your unique link, you earn an extra 3 entries! The more people who sign up using your link, the more entries you'll earn!

Give Me An Example.

First, let's say you enter the sweepstakes. After entering, you send your friend your unique link to the sweepstakes and they also enter.

This would get YOU a total of 4 entries (1 entry (for your initial entry) + 3 entries (for when your friend entered using your link!))

Your friend on the other hand would only get 1 entry into the tournament just like you did for your initial entry.

The more friends you get to sign up, the more entries you earn and the greater your chances of winning this brand new Xbox One!

Where is the Best Place to Spread the Word?

The best place to spread the word is going to be different for everyone.

For some people, it will be a social network like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. For others it might be emailing or texting your link to people you know would want a brand new Xbox One.

Just remember, to get your additional entries, they need to sign up using your unique link!

Got it. Where Does One Find This "Unique Link"?

After you enter into the sweepstakes, you will see a page similar to the one below.

You can find your unique link next to option #5. You can also spread the word by clicking on the share buttons in options #1-#4. Using these buttons, your unique link will automatically be shared.

xbox giveaway share

I'm In!

Good choice.

Click the button below to enter the sweepstakes and don't forget to share your lucky URL!

xbox one cta 5