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Modernize Your Belt

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Imagine this:

Our president walks into a meeting with the world’s leaders, wearing a classic tailored suit and expensive shoes… but his belt is stretched out, scored and marked (and looks like it might break).

That sounds completely ridiculous, right?

Unfortunately, you see so many guys that let that same thing happen to their own belt, which is why it’s so exciting to find Anson’s holeless belts. Not only do their belts look incredible, but their innovative design also prevents your belt from stretching out (looking sloppy), and completely ruining your outfit (and dignity).

It’s a Dramatically Better Belt

One of the best parts about the holeless belt from Anson Belt and Buckle is that it actually does its job (holding up your pants) dramatically better than a belt with traditional holes.

Here’s how it works:

While traditional belts have 5 holes placed about 1 inch apart, the Anson belt has over 30 ratchet-style notches ¼ inch apart.

In other words:

Where a traditional belt fits 5 men’s waists (meaning it has to stretch out when you reach for a hole slightly too far… or sag down your hips when you settle for a hole too close)the Anson belt fits 30+ sizes exactly.

Plus, you don’t even have to worry about getting the right size… all Anson belts are 50 inches (which will fit the vast majority of men), and you simply trim the excess to your exact desired length.

In short: these belts fit perfectly (and so they’re perfectly comfortable), no matter your size (or if your size changes).

…And It Won’t Get Stretched Out, Scored, and Marked Like a Traditional Belt

How many belts have you owned? And don’t they all seem to inevitably end up looking stretched out, scored and marked like this:

Your belt is a hugely important (and highly visible) part of your outfit. And if you wear a belt that looks sloppy (like the one above), you end up looking sloppy.

But that’s the great thing about Anson’s holeless belt:

Its innovative design prevents it from turning into a sloppy mess:

  • The buckle is held in place on both sides of the strap (instead of putting all the pressure on (and stretching) a single hole)
  • It fits up to 50-inch waists perfectly (so there’s no need to punch unsightly holes yourself)
  • You don’t even have to stretch it while putting it on… it slides on easily, catching in the notches, and is released simply by pushing a lever on the side.

In other words… unlike an old-school belt that seems to inevitably get worn down, your Anson belt will look great the 1st and 1000th time you wear it. Doesn’t that sound significantly better than wearing out old-fashioned belts over and over?

No Matter What, It Complements Your Style

So, wearing a holeless belt will never make you look sloppy… but the other great thing about Anson’s belts is that they will upgrade any outfit easily, with 100’s of mix-and-match buckles and straps.

Check it out:

Anson’s buckles are combinable with any Anson strap, meaning there are 100’s of possible combinations (if you have 3 straps + 3 buckles, you can combine them differently to create 9 different, unique belts).

…And no matter what outfit you wear, one of the belt combinations will complement it:

There are leather, cloth, and canvas straps in over 20 colors/patterns… two styles of buckle in shades of gold, silver, black and gunmetal… and two strap thickness options (1.25 inch for dressier outfits, and 1.5 inch for casual wear). 

In other words: with one set of Anson belts/buckles, you have the perfect belt… for whatever you want to wear.

In Conclusion

Anson belts are an essential for any man’s wardrobe.

They allow for any guy’s unique style and size, and no matter what, they look professional, sharp and put-together.

Mantelligence Featured Product

Anson Belt and Buckle’s holeless belt is one of those products that, after you try, you’ll ask yourself, this is so much better… how did I ever live without this?’

If you want a better belt, give Anson’s holeless belt a try (and ps: they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee… so why wouldn’t you try it?)


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