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38 Cheap Christmas Gifts - Cool presents that fit your budget.


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by | July 22nd, 2021

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Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’ve been googling “cheap Christmas gifts.”

If fact, we’re gonna point you to gift ideas that are so great, and so affordable, nobody on your list will guess you were looking for cheap gifts.

No matter how much money you’ve got at the end of your month, and no matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got Christmas gift ideas to help you express how much they mean to you. As you scroll through our suggestions, get creative and look for gifts related to your loved one’s passions and interests, or gifts that will help bring you closer together.


8 Best Cheap Christmas Gifts

The best cheap Christmas gifts will jump out at you when you see them. You won’t be settling for junk just because your budget is tight…

You’ll be struck by inspiration when you see something and instinctively know that someone on your list will love it. When the gift is meaningful, it’s not the price that gives it value… it really is the thought that counts.

But just to be safe, maybe go ahead and rip the price tag off before you wrap em.

Here are the 8 best cheap Christmas gifts:

1. Reindeer Bottle Stopper

This bottle stopper is perfect for someone who always has a bottle on hand to share.

2. Packable Travel Throw

The globe trotter on your list will love this down filled 3-in-1 travel accessory.

3. Sticky Notes

Not the most exciting gift, but perfect for stationary lovers, students, and habitual list makers.

4. Picture Frames

Put a picture of your smiling face in this stylish frame and this is one of the best gifts you can get a parent.

5. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 7 Piece Liqueur Set

Nothing says class like a whiskey decanter and matching tumblers.

6. Ring Holder

For the elegant woman on your list, this beautiful elephant ring holder is a great accessory.

7. Buffet Caddy

Frequent entertainers will love the way this buffet caddy lets them serve anywhere.

8. Wine Glass Markers

This gift can be put to use immediately while everyone enjoys a glass of wine with Christmas dinner.

7 Cheap Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend Or Your Wife

Trying to go cheap on Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend or Christmas gift ideas for your wife.can be tricky...

But the thing that will make or break your Christmas gift isn’t how much of your savings you blew on her gift, it’s how well your gift says

“I know you and I know what makes you happy.”

So as you scroll through this list, forget about the fact that they’re cheap, and look for things that you can imagine her opening with joy. It’s ok to get a little bit cute and sentimental. It’s Christmas after all!

Here are 7 cheap Christmas gifts for your girlfriend or for your wife:

9. Electric Wine Opener with Charger

This rechargeable corkscrew is perfect for wine enthusiasts and comes with a drip-free pourer and foil cutter.

10. Weighted Blanket

When you just can't be there to hold her tight, this weighted blanket is the next best thing.

11. Preserved Roses

Roses have always been a symbol of love and beauty. Give her a rose worthy of her, one that will never wilt.

12. Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer

Keep her tea hot and her style original with this insulated stainless steel tumbler with beautiful real bamboo exterior.

13. Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook

Fill this rustic looking photo album with your best memories together and it could be the best gift she's ever gotten.

14. Kissing Mugs Set

These quirky kissing mugs are a great gift for couples who start their day over a cup of coffee together.

15. Bangle Flask

For the free spirited girlfriend or wife, this bracelet flask keeps the party going.

9 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

I don’t know about you, but when I was young my Christmas gifts for dad always consisted of some vaguely masculine piece of junk I picked out from bargain bin. You know, 6 in one screwdrivers and tire cleaning kits.

Those were cheap gifts, but they were not good Christmas gifts. I put no thought into them, other than thinking they were the best minimum wage could buy. Man, was I wrong.

This list has gifts your dad will actually love, assuming you put a little thought into your choice. And best of all, they’re not going to break the bank. By choosing a thoughtful, affordable gift you'll be giving your dad what he truly wants for Christmas:

A financially responsible son.

Here are 9 cheap Christmas gifts for dad:

16. Pocket Blanket

For the dad who's always down for a picnic, this compact blanket is waterproof, sand proof, and rip resistant.

17. Camping Cookware Mess Kit

This mess kit has everything your dad will need to cook and eat his meals on the trail.

18. Double Hammock

This camping hammock supports up to 400 pounds at less than half the price of some other brands.

19. Survival Kit

Give your dad everything he'll need to get out of a sticky situation with this 7 piece survival kit.

20. Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

Perfect for glove compartments, garages, and junk drawers, this flashlight is always ready to go.

21. Bluetooth Speaker

Let Dad jam out anywhere he goes with this portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

22. Portable Compact Manual Coffee Maker

Whether he makes a cup on the trail or in the office, this mini-espresso machine will keep dad happily caffeinated.

23. Wooden Phone Docking Station

Help dad stay keep his EDC organized with this handsome organizer.

24. Garden Kneeler and Seat

If your dad loves spending warm afternoons in the garden, he'll love this comfortable kneeler/seat combo.

6 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

It almost feels wrong, looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas for mom. After all, she raised you up and gave you her time and effort year after year.

But Christmas is not the season of shame, it’s the season of joy, reflection, and giving. Your mom knows what’s up, and she’s not going to turn into the Grinch because money is tight.

As your scroll, focus on the gifts that will help your mom do things she loves or that show her you learned from all the things she taught you over the years. It’s not like you could ever pay her back, anyway.

Here are 6 Cheap Christmas gifts for mom:

25. Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

Mom can pamper herself from the comfort of home with this soap made from sustainable, organic ingredients.

26. Sea Salt Collection

This collection of sea salts is perfect for the gourmet or the foodie in training.

27. Adult Coloring Book

Help mom find her happy place with this fun, sarcastic coloring book.

28. Garden Tools Set

Everything mom needs to keep the flowers blooming and the veggies sprouting.

29. Tea Infuser Set

These adorable infusers keep loose leaf tea secured and are easy to clean.

30. Famous Oil Paintings Reproduction

Who says art is only for the wealthy? With prints from her favorite artists, mom can live in a gallery of her own.

8 Cheap Stocking Stuffer

If there was one time it's universally acceptable to go cheap on Christmas, it's with stocking stuffers. But that doesn’t mean they have to be lame.

Stocking stuffers are a great chance to get creative and find a little something that will give your loved one joy. That’s why we put together this list of stocking stuffers that make great cheap gifts.

There’s something here to brighten every face on Christmas morning.

Here are 8 cheap stocking stuffers:

31. Keepsake Box

This rustic wooden box is perfect for jewelry, coins, and other precious things.

32. Musical Box

This ornate music box is a timeless gift anyone would love to find in their stocking.

33. Bacon Soap in Tin

If bacon is in the name does it need further explanation?

34. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

This stocking stuffer is perfect for any beer lover on your list.

35. DIY Mini Lip Balm Making Kit

DIY cosmetics are taking the internet by storm, and kits are great for ladies of all ages.

36. Candy Coal

Has someone you love been just a little bit naughty this year?

37. Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

These hilarious note pads are a great gag gift for the Scrooge on your list.

38. Smartphone Stand Holder

For the loved one always on their phone, this smartphone stand will make spending hours on YouTube a breeze.

How To Pick The Best Cheap Christmas Gifts

Picking great Christmas gifts is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re on a budget. While you’re looking through this list of cheap gifts, let us help you figure out which ones to add to cart.

Follow these three steps, and you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Here’s how to pick the best cheap Christmas gift:

1. Budget

When resources are limited it’s especially important to use them wisely. Before you do any Christmas shopping, figure out how much you can afford to spend in total.

This way you can be sure you don’t blow your entire budget on one gift, forcing yourself to make macaroni art for everyone else on your list.

Remember, the number on the price tag isn’t equal to the amount you care about the person, but you need to be aware of how much you’ve got and how much you’ve spent.

2. Get Creative

Finding big expensive gifts is easy. Everywhere you look stores are advertising the year’s hottest gifts and must-have items.

Finding affordable Christmas gifts your family will love is much more difficult. It takes creativity and a real appreciation of the person you’re shopping for. Before you add something to your cart just because of the price tag, look for something that special person will really appreciate.

Your choice could be based on an old inside joke, a fond memory, or a shared interest. Either way, for it to be special it's gonna have to be creative.

3. Don’t Wait

It's natural to put off your Christmas shopping, especially if you’re stressed about the financial aspect. But procrastinating only makes the holidays more stressful and your shopping more expensive! Nothing breaks the bank like having to pay for express shipping.

Start budgeting and planning now, so you’ll have plenty of time to come up with great gift ideas you can afford.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Looking for more awesome gift ideas? We’ve got suggestions for everybody on your list.

  1. Check out these great thoughtful birthday gifts for your girlfriend.
  2. We’ve taken care of everything on this list of anniversary gifts for her.
  3. Give the guys in your life something they’ll love with these gifts for men.

In Conclusion

Let this list of cheap Christmas gifts can make your gift giving stress disappear. With gift ideas to fit any budget and our guidance to help you make your decision...

You’re sure to find the perfect cheap gifts for everyone on your list. As long as your Christmas gift ideas are based on what you know about your loved one, you simply can’t go wrong.

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