If you're looking for the ultimate list of funny questions to ask a girl, we've got you covered.

These funny questions to ask a girl are the best questions to ask when you need to start a great conversation. I'm quite the expert on how to talk to women, so trust me when I say these questions to ask a girl are just what you're looking for.

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Best 111 Funny Questions To Ask A Girl - Ignite A Cheerful Mood Now (Animated)


16 Funny Questions To Ask To Initiate A Conversation With A Girl

First things first. If you want to have a light-hearted discussion with a girl, you need some funny conversation starters that will take things in the right direction. No matter what happens at any given moment, you can always start afresh or take things a new way if you have some conversation starters ready to go.

1. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master of every musical instrument?

Choose between the language of nations or the language of the soul; it's a thought-provoking conversation starter that is sure to crack a smile. You will also know if she is interested in learning a new language or loves playing music. She will also think that you are interested in knowing her by asking this fun question.

2. What cartoon do you still like to watch?

Everyone still does it, so show what you have in common playfully, and The Simpsons is for adults, so that doesn't count. We're talking about cartoons that you just can't let go of. If you ask her this question, it will bring back some of her fun childhood memories that both of you can laugh about. You can also use this as your guide if you want to give her some old collectible stuff. So, don't forget to take note of her answer.

3. What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?

Questions that are both funny and have a hint of nostalgia will create a connection between you both. You'll know what to dress up as when you invite her to the next Halloween party you'll be attending. She won't only be glad you asked her, but she'll also appreciate that you went out of your way and dressed up like her favorite fairytale character.

4. If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?

As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat. Well, let's take that a step further. She may think that this is a weird question, but it doesn't matter because you will get to know her favorite food or vegetable. If you're planning to make a romantic dinner for her, now you'll know what she likes to eat.

5. If you worked at a circus, which job would you want to have?

This question offers the chance to see what she's more interested in (Acrobatics? Animals? Humour?) in a light-hearted way. She may also share some funny stories when she goes to a circus or carnival. If she answers a lion-tamer, get ready because she might be getting ready to tame you. Watch out!

6. If you could have one magical power, what would it be?

More to this question than meets the eye (or ear). Will it be powers for good or for bad? Better you know sooner rather than later. Does she want to be able to grant wishes or bring people back from the dead? Find out what impossible thing she wants to do and see if you can help her come close to doing it.

7. One superpower?

Invisible or fly? You can learn a lot about whether someone is introverted or extroverted based on what they answer here. You'll also know what she wants to do with her superpower. Find out if she wants to fly around and help people who are in trouble. Maybe she wants to be a secret agent with invisibility. Whatever it may be, it will tell you a lot about what she wants to achieve in life.

8. Would you rather live in a world of magic or superheroes?

You might spot a theme here, but it's with good reason. Magic and superheroes are great fodder for funny and light-hearted banter, and contemplating how they compare brings out the inner child in us all. Light-hearted questions like this are a good start if you want your talk to keep going.

9. What do you think you were in a past life?

Bring nature and the spiritual into the discussion. Evangelists, atheists, and everyone in between can have fun with this. Asking her this question will make her open up to you more. She'll talk about what she wants to be or what she thinks she should be. Then, you'll know her goals deep inside.

10. If reincarnation exists, what would you like to come back as?

Follow up with what she thinks she will come back as. It's also a helpful way to find any skeletons in her closet. Asking her this question is a good start to make her more comfortable with you. Sharing some of your thoughts will help her figure out what she likes. Just show her that you are really interested in what she's saying.

11. Would you rather have more money or more time?

Okay, let's get real. This question reveals what is truly important to you both. Asking her this question can also be a good start to know her life goals and what kind of lifestyle she likes.

12. Would you rather drink 1 gallon of ketchup or 1 gallon of mustard?

You know that look in someone's face when thought is both repelling but alluring? This may be a gross question, but this is a funny one. She may share with you the craziest thing that she did with ketchup or mustard. She may also share with you her favorite food by asking this question.

13. Would you rather permanently look like a fish or smell like a fish?

Evoke the senses. Not necessarily good ONES. It may be the funniest thing to think about, but it can lead to a funny discussion. Ask some more disgusting things they would rather look or smell like. See if this doesn't push you over your chair, laughing.

14. If you could pick a new first name, what would it be?

It's a crazy thing to think about changing your name. It's something you've been called all your life, so to think about changing it means there's been a significant event that happened to you. An interesting path for the follow-up: a lot more people legally change their name than you might think. 

15. If animals were to make wildlife documentaries about humans, what are some of the weird things they’d show?

It's a funny thing to consider but it poses a lot of interesting questions. How would animals perceive us humans? For example: we bare our teeth when we’re happy and slap our hands together to signal approval. What may be normal for us may look a little weird when put together in a documentary.

16. How does our hair know when to stop growing?

Seriously, how? If you want to know how creative she can be, ask her this question. If she's really interested in you she will make an effort to think a unique answer for you. If she's not, she'll just give you a generic answer.

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13 Best Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

Even the best comedians prepare their corny jokes (you'll find our list in Gamertelligence) in advance, so it pays to be set with some of the best funny random questions to ask a girl.

17. If you could have been a child prodigy, what would you have wanted to be skilled at?

This is assuming that she was not a child prodigy already. This is an interesting question to ask a girl. She may share her hidden talent or something she wants to learn. This question will let you know if she's interested in things like music, art or sports. So, if you want to spend more time with her, you'll know what kind of activity to plan.

18. What's the first thing you'd do if you were in zero gravity?

If the answer is attempting to go to the toilet, this is a woman who is funny and comfortable laughing at her own expense. This also means that she is fun to be with. Even if it's the weirdest thing to even think about, as long as she's laughing with you, you know you've got a keeper.

19. Would you do well in a zombie apocalypse?

It is coming, after all. It may be the craziest thing to think or ask about, but you will also get to know her biggest fear with this question. If she's not comfortable answering this question, don't be too pushy. Just let her talk and make her feel comfortable and tell her that it's okay.

20. What one skill would help you the most?

This one could go big or small. Putting together IKEA furniture? Remembering people's names? Finding a cure for cancer? Be ready for anything. She may also share her favorite thing to do, which is a good start because you can both do it on your free days. It's a good start to show her that you are really interested in knowing her more.

21. Would you rather have someone special bring you breakfast in bed tomorrow morning or be able to sleep in as late as you want?

We're getting flirtatious here, so this is one to use when you are both relaxed. Make sure you don't come across as though you're taking notes. If you ask her this question, you will get to know if she's a morning person or a night owl. So whatever answer she might give, you already know what to do!

22. If you could max out your credit card at one store and not pay the bill, which store would you choose?

Put this little morsel of information in your pocket for a rainy day. This is a good question to ask if you want to know where she likes to shop. This can also be your guide if you want to give her something for her birthday or you just want to give her a gift on a random day.

23. Which would you pick: being a supermodel, a genius, or super-rich?

The most revealing question of all time, but only if you follow up with why. You can yearn to be super rich for more altruistic reasons than wanting to be a genius. If you accept that she's more concerned about riches or appearances than being intelligent, then maybe it's true love.

24. Would you ever be on a reality TV show?

If she says yes and it's The Bachelorette, you are not her only date this week. Don't read too much into it, though. People mostly just want to be on reality TV shows because they're so entertaining. Sometimes, people want to join them because they feel that they're going to enjoy them.

25. If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one would you choose?

The hierarchy of magazines is in the eye of the beholder. TIME or Sports Illustrated? No judgment here. Find out if she wants to be a fashion model or a trashy celebrity on a tabloid cover. Fame can get the best and worst out of everyone, so see which one she'd rather be.

26. Would you rather spend the next year exempt from all taxes or have a one month paid vacation?

This might be a roundabout way of asking what she likes to spend her money on. Plus, you'll find out if she pays attention to her responsibilities. For some, getting a one-month paid vacation is a dream come true. And if that's true for her, ask if she'd take you to her favorite place for a vacation.

27. Which fictional character do you believe is most like yourself?

This will inevitably lead to talking about the book or movie, so a great question for more discussion. Asking her this unique question will make her think that you are keen on knowing her. Get ready for an interesting conversation coming up.

28. What is the most annoying personality trait someone can have?

If her response is people who ask questions, think about getting the check. An interesting question like this will make her realize that you really like her and that you are really interested in knowing her more. Listen carefully and note them down, as this can be your guide if you really want to pursue her.

29. Which bread do you think would fly furthest - naan thrown like a frisby, or a baguette thrown like a javelin?

Welcome to the edible Olympics. This might be one of the most random questions you can ask her. Either, she'll take it seriously, or not, but the way she'll answer this question will make you know her more. Who knows? She might be a bread lover, or someone who knows how to throw a javelin.

10 Hilarious Questions to Ask a Woman You Like

As fate would have it, talking to a woman you actually like is the time when you're most likely to freeze and not know what to say. So keep some questions to ask a girl you like up your sleeve, or start practicing telling her the funniest joke you have so that you will never be stuck for something interesting to say.

30. What is your weirdest deal breaker?

The more ordinary, the weirder. Be ready to hear some crazy thing, and take note, as this can be your guide in pursuing her. Let's just hope that not any of those things sever the connection between you two. Good luck!

31. If you had to smell like a specific food for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Asking questions like this will really get her thinking. No matter how good food smells, it's never a good smell on a person. But, if you will smell like butter or vanilla, who would not want to smell you? Finding out the smell she likes will help you to choose your perfume or car freshener.

32. If you could have a mythical creature as your protector, which would you choose?

Does Falkor from Neverending Story make you shed a tear? If so, avoid this question until you're ready to cry in front of her (and there is nothing wrong with that, by the way). Showing her that you are vulnerable when you're with her gives you big plus points for a girl. This just means that you have pure intentions with her.

33. Would you rather have a horrible short term memory or a horrible long term memory?

This could lead to a casual chat about forgetting people's names and her mom's favorite color. It could also go deeper and contemplate the most meaningful memories in life. If you ask her this question, you will know if she will easily forget you or not. You'll also know if she's the type of person to move on easily or not.

34. Would you rather go 30 days without your phone or your entire life without dessert?

Making her choose which guilty pleasure to let go of is the hardest thing to do. If she answers this one quickly, this woman knows who she is and what she wants in life. If she contemplates it, she's the kind of person who thinks things thoroughly before making a decision.

35. What is the most outrageous thing you've ever worn to a dress-up party?

If you want to have a fun conversation, ask her this question and a follow-up: what themed party are you dying to have? This can be a good start if you are planning to invite her to a dress-up party. You'll also have a glimpse of her fashion sense. Is she the conservative type? Or maybe she is someone who confidently wears revealing clothes? Is she someone who prefers comfort over fashion? Well, that's for you to find out.

36. Prince or Michael Jackson?

This question would make you know more about her taste in music. If you two prefer different artists, then I guess it's time for you to explore her favorite artist's discography and add their songs to your playlist. Be sure to play her favorite song when she's around. Try to introduce her to your favorite artist as well. Who knows? You might even recruit a new fan.

37. Which was the coolest decade?

This is a tough one. The fifties produced The Fonz. The sixties, Austin Powers. The nineties is everything cool from hip hop to grunge. Be ready for a long talk. You will also get to know if what genre she likes to listen to. So, you can use this as your guide if you go on a long road trip together. Make sure to play her favorite songs so she'll enjoy the drive with you.

38. Would you rather eat everything as a sandwich or a quesadilla?

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but this can also be applied to women. This is a funny random question to ask, but also interesting, as this will help you find out her preferences. Finding out her taste in food will be good to know, if you ever attempt to cook for her.

39. If you could get away with a crime, would you?

First things first, is she the type to commit a crime? Hitting her with this playful question will help you get to know what's going on in her mind. Either she answers seriously or playfully, but this will reveal what kind of character she has.

12 Questions that are Funny to Ask during Getting To Know Stage

You want questions to get to know this girl better, but it is not a job interview, right? So, what you need are some funny get to know you questions, that will keep things light and interesting. Make her giggle by asking the most amusing thing she'll ever hear!

40. Do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

Ridiculously ambitious, crazy, or weird? It could be all three. It could be a ridiculously ambitious dream job, a ridiculously crazy item on her bucket list, or a ridiculously weird place to stay in. No matter how absurd they are, be sure to make her feel that you're interested. Takedown notes, in case you want to join her in achieving these ridiculous goals.

41. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

If she has a wild side, this will reveal it. Asking her this flirty question is a good start if you don't want to just jump to the conclusion that she likes you. If she's interested in answering this question, this might be the sign that she likes you! Remember, if a woman is not comfortable answering this question, just respect her. You will leave a good impression on her.

42. Be honest, have you ever chased down an ice cream truck as an adult?

She will chuckle at this one. Laugh along and then say, 'No, but seriously.' After all, we're never too old for ice cream! A funny random question like this is a good start if you want to have a talk with a woman. For a follow-up, try asking what her favorite flavor is, so you'll know what you'll get her on an ice cream date.

43. Would you rather reverse one decision you make every day or be able to stop time for 2 minutes every day?

Be ready to go deep and meaningful. Regrets? We've all had a few. If she tells you the worst thing that ever happened to her, just listen and show her that you are not judging her. You can also share some of your stories, so she wouldn't be shy and make her feel more comfortable.

44. What do you most remember about your first day of school?

After all, a kindergarten class resembles a lunatic asylum, only cuter. This will also bring a smile to her face. Remembering your first day in school always leaves meaningful memories to cherish. Plus, when you get her talking about her childhood, it will lead to really deep conversations. You'll know why she is the way she is when you find out what her childhood was like.

45. Would you rather not be able to text for a year or have to handwrite every text for the rest of your life?

It's always fun making a person choose between bad and worse. Living in the digital age, it's a good thing this doesn't have to be true. But, have a little fun with her and actually let her think which one is the worse option. See if she's good with manual labor or resistance. I bet you'll have a lot of debates about this one.

46. Would you rather have to eat mac and cheese once a day or never be able to eat it again?

How many times have you eaten mac and cheese when you were a child? I bet you ate that almost every day too! Who can resist a big, heaping bowl of ooey-gooey mac and cheese but to eat it every single day? This is a 'droughts or flooding rains' analogy, except the stakes are higher with mac and cheese.

47. First thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Depending on her response, this won't necessarily be a laugh-out-loud one. But, it's a question to get to know her better and to have a glimpse of her daily routine. Find out if she prays, checks her phone, or works out in the morning when she gets up. From there, you'll have a good sense of what she prioritizes.

48. What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?

This will be a fun and playful way to know what's going on inside her mind. Will she use her power for good? Evil? Personal gains? Or for the people? Find out if she's a hero or a villain. Once you find out, see how you feel about that. It can help guide you into pursuing your interest in her.

49. Which is the funniest pick-up line that has been used on you?

Hopefully, it wasn't one of yours. Get to know her humor and preferences, and use them to your advantage. Be ready with romantic questions or dirty questions to ask, and make her heart go wild. You could send her random flirty texts and pick-up lines throughout the day. It will surely put a smile on her face.

50. Would you rather spend $5,000 on traveling or on a physical item, like a TV?

A lot of people get a high from spending their money on things that are important to them. This is to get to the heart of her values in life - will it be things or experiences? This will let you know important details about her, so make sure to take note of her answer.

51. What is your go-to karaoke song?

There's only one way to find out if she's telling the truth. Ask her out for a Karaoke date night! This will be fun for both of you. This could be the start of your friendship with her. If she's comfortable singing in front of you, that's a good sign!

9 Playful Questions You Should Ask Your Girlfriend

Keeping the spark alive is one of the hardest parts of a relationship. Use these questions to ask your girlfriend to keep things interesting.

52. What's the most useless talent you have?

Everyone has a unique, useless talent that can come in handy like 10% of the time. This question will be a good laugh. It's good to discover every little thing about her, no matter how insignificant it might be. Whatever she says, marvel at it.

53. Who's the weirdest celebrity crush you've ever had?

A playful way to talk about sexual chemistry is always a winner. Try asking the reason behind it too. Maybe, she's someone who doesn't have a person's appearance as one of her standards. This will let you know what her ideal type is, no matter how weird it is.

54. What mildly annoying curse do you wish you could curse people with?

The 'mild' part of this question is compelling and can be toyed with for hours. Fake pockets in your jeans? Always having to go to the toilet after they're already in bed? Not being able to stick your charger in the right way? These things are possible occurrences that happen to her a lot, so pay attention and see how you can make her more comfortable.

55. Would you rather be completely alone for 5 years or never be alone for 5 years?

Being alone and not being alone for a long time both make you go crazy, so either way, it's complicated. Through this question, you will know whether she prefers to be alone or with someone most of the time. Knowing this would help you become less overwhelming for her.

56. What would be the absolute worst name you could give your child?

A judge in New Zealand ruled that a child could not be named Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii. Take note of her answer, you know, just in case, and DO NOT name your child with that. Also, naming them after fruit or food is a big NO.

57. Would you rather have a conversation with God or be best friends with your favorite celebrity?

Be ready for a potential loophole if she doesn't believe God exists. Whatever she chooses will help you know what kind of person she is. Does she live a God-centered life? Or perhaps someone who lives for clout? Either way, you'll see what she'd rather do. No judgment, just a nice and casual exchange.

58. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

Didn't we all have one as a child? That friend that we had tea parties with or built forts with. Be careful, though. They could return. Just ask Drop Dead Fred. If she had one, ask what she thought they looked like and what kinds of games they would play together. You can even dare her call up her parents and say that her "friend" has returned. See how they freak out over it.

59. What is the most useful profession your next door neighbor could have?

Have you ever had a dog walker live next door to you? Doctor? Plumber? IT guy? It's a sign of the times we're living in. Whatever she answers, let's just hope it's something that you know a thing or two about, so she doesn't have to call her neighbor anymore.

60. What's the worst excuse you've ever used for calling in sick to work?

As students, we've all went through making things up in front of our parents just to skip school. In adult life, nothing much has changed, except we make things up to our bosses to miss work. This question will let you have a glimpse of her work ethic. Want to preserve her image? Ask what she's 'heard' rather than 'used.'

9 Entertaining Conversation Topics to Talk About Over Text

Texting has overtaken talking on the phone as the dominant form of communication among young people. So a few questions to ask a girl over text will not go astray.

61. If you could go anywhere in the world, for just 1 minute, where would you choose?

This is a funny question with a hint of romance. Keep it in mind for when you want to whisk her away. Whatever her answer is, you can then ask why she likes that place. Tell her your travel goals, as well, and see if you have the same ones. You might even end up planning a trip together!

62. Who would be the worst person to be stuck on an elevator with?

Being stuck in an elevator is something we've all thought about because of all the movies that used this particular scenario. The answer can be a particular person or any person with a particular quality. Yes, smelliness included. Well, hopefully, you don't possess that special quality. If you do, you might want to start working on it.

63. Who would you rather fight, a ninja or a navy seal?

You both know that these are people you shouldn't be messing with. This question will bring out the fighter within her. Ask her to show you what kind of power moves she'd make. Bonus points for a demonstration of moves. Be ready for a good laugh!

64. Superman or Batman?

The ultimate face-off. You may need to agree to disagree. Just be ready if she picks neither of the two and answers Captain America instead. Well, that's another topic. Don't try to shove your opinion on her, though. Just be open for a friendly, competitive discussion.

65. 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

It's a battle between quantity and size, and you don't know which one is worse. Try imagining 100 duck-sized horses without squealing. It's an outrageous thing to think about, but it's a topic that can get you two really talking.

66. What fictional place would you most like to go?

It could be a place from her favorite book or favorite movie. Come on, didn't we all try to enter our closet and pretend it would lead us to Narnia? Or imagine ourselves in the train station going to Hogwarts? Here's a question that can lead to hours of fun if you get into the details.

67. Would you rather control space or time?

Come to think of it; you can do a lot of things with both. This existential question is your chance to slip into the exchange about how you thoroughly enjoyed reading Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. You have read it, right?

68. If you could be any Disney character, who would you be?

There is more to this question than meets the eye. Will she say a hero or a villain? A funny sidekick or the star?  If she asks you back, tell her that you want to be Aladdin, and she'll be Princess Jasmine because you want to go into a whole new world with her. If that doesn't make her smile, I don't know what will.

69. Why do you think Jack is a nickname for John, when they're both the same length?

Her answer might be more confusing than it already is, or maybe she could finally give you enlightenment and solve one of those mysteries in life. This question is a good way to know how she makes sense of things. Or, she may answer with nonsense too. Maybe she's funny like that.

10 Funny Yet Personal Things To Ask A Lady You Like

One way to ask personal questions is with humor.

We have a whole article dedicated to personal questions to ask anyone you come across.

The funny, but personal questions to ask a girl you like we've listed below will help you get comfortable with asking personal questions.

They're meant to make her laugh so be sure to have fun with them!

70. Have You Ever Had A Crush On An Animated Character?

Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Danny Phantom. We all had animated crushes at least once in our life. What's more, having those nascent infatuations is totally normal. Sometimes a character is created so well that you don't care that they're not real.

71. What are you most afraid of?

To really get to know her, it's important to know her fears and her worries. This will make her open up about herself in a deeper sense. Pretty much any fear can be boiled down to the fear of the unknown/death. Think about what you're afraid of. Why are you afraid of it? 

72. What's your dumbest pet-peeve?

Sidewalk hogs, spoilers, and loud chewing... We all have a thing or two that we practically think is very annoying. Have an exchange of pet peeves, and see if you could both relate with them. Come to think of it; no pet peeve is actually dumb. The people who partake in our pet peeves on the other hand...

73. What would people hear if they could read your mind?

An inner dialogue with no reasoning or a comprehensible basis? Or something a little calmer? This is a good question to ask to know what's on her mind. Maybe, there's something that is currently bothering her. It might make her open up, too, so be prepared to listen.

74. What is the weirdest nickname people call you?

Some people will give you a nickname, even without your consent. What's worse, if they gave you an embarrassing nickname, then they start calling you that in a crowd. Everyone deserves a good nickname. To lighten things up, try to give her a cute nickname. How does Cutie Pie sound? Princess? Baby cake? Cringey, but it'll definitely put a smile on her face.

75. What's your favorite joke?

Humor is one way to a girl's heart. Make sure you know a funny thing or two that'll surely make her laugh. Knowing her favorite joke will let you know the kind of humor she has. Use that as an advantage and memorize a few stupid jokes to tell in social settings.

76. Tell me about the most embarrassing or awkward experience you've had around me *even if it's silly* that you've never told me about yet?

We have not lived our lives to the fullest if we don't have at least one embarrassing or awkward moment. This could've happened in school, work, or even in public transportation. This question will give her war flashbacks for sure. Obviously this only works for someone you've known for some time but the answer might surprise you! Be ready for a good laugh.

77. How do you handle people you don’t like?

Is she the straightforward type of girl, or the one who'll pretend to like you? Knowing how a woman handles people, she doesn't like will give you a pretty good idea of how she'll behave toward you when you make her mad!

78. If you suddenly found yourself turned into a man, how would you spend your day?

This reminds us of Beyoncé's If I were a boy, which we sang to a lot back in the days. Will she, or should I say, will he drink beer with the guys? And chase after girls? You both might end up singing along to the song rather than discussing the question!

79. If you were a waiter and a customer was rude, would you spit in their food?

Who would want a spit on their food? It's unhygienic and disgusting. This question is a good reason to always be kind to everyone you meet. We can teach them a lesson, but if spitting on their food is one of her lessons...

12 Amusing Questions To Ask To Know Her Deeper Insights About Things

There will come a time when you want to go beyond the superficial laughs and get a more profound sense of a girl.

In these situations, knowing some deep questions to ask a girl is a great way to strike both notes at once - being light-hearted and funny, yet deep at the same time. Not all of them are LOL moments, but they are certainly amusing.

And if you already have a girlfriend, these questions are just as relevant for you. They are original and curious enough also to be deep questions to ask your girlfriend, to help you get to know her better.

80. Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

You want to ask this question with a bit of sensitivity. Laughing out loud about amputation is not exactly politically correct. But tease it out and see how it goes. It's a good way to test whether you share a similar sense of humor.

81. If the world was going to end tomorrow, what 3 things would you want to do right now?

It's the end of the world! So, if she could only do 3 things for one last time, it should be something very dear and important to her. Be prepared for a disarmingly honest reply. This question will reveal what matters to her the most.

82. In 40 years, what do you think you'll be most nostalgic about?

A nostalgic feeling can involve the feeling of true love or being home. We're not talking about a literal house. It could be her family, friends, or a loved one. This is a deep and meaningful territory and a conversation especially relevant for the girlfriend. Whatever her answer is, suggest that you savor it together.

83. What kid's movie terrifies you?

Does Pennywise from It make you shiver? He's not the clown to be messed with. He's not your ordinary clown from a children's party. Share your thoughts, too, and you guys might relate with one another. Don't worry; there's nothing to be ashamed of here.

84. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Are you perfectly confident in your personal view of yourself? They say people around you know you better than yourself. Asking what friends and family think is a good mind puzzle and often more revealing than what you think about yourself.

85. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

 Life is a story, make yours the best seller. That is just one example of a life slogan. Slogans are used to convey a message. Try to figure out that message with her answer. If she has tattoos, ask her a good follow-up question. Maybe her life slogan is already tattooed in a place you cannot see?

86. When you were a child, did you ever run away from home?

Whether it was a misunderstanding or being grounded by your parents, I think we all had this thought of escaping home to have peace of mind at least once in our lives. This is a closed question, so be ready with your follow-up: where did you go? What did you take with you? If the answer is no, try to ask if it ever occurred to her?

87. Would you rather end hunger or hatred?

These would you rather questions are quite hard because you can only choose one. Both options appeal to the humanitarian in us all. She'll likely choose both if she can, but where's the challenge in that? Be ready to hear her explanation, and see what she values more.

88. Would you rather experience the beginning of planet earth or the end of planet earth?

Is it to live a life with nothing, or a life with everything - everything including the good and the bad. We might be doing the latter from our colonies on Mars. You'll also have an idea of what she believes in. There are a lot of creation or beginning stories, so listen to which one she thinks is true.

89. Would you rather live in space or under the sea?

What's it like to live in the unknown? Space might seem a lot more adventurous, and out of this world (figuratively and literally), but here’s an interesting fact to pop in - humans have not even explored five percent of the ocean. Another fact to consider... You cannot breathe on both places! So, make her choose wisely.

90. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

Have you ever considered being another person in another life? It could be someone powerful, influential, or someone close to her. To know somebody, we must walk a mile in their shoes. That's why we all want to understand people with really nice shoes.

91. What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in?

Men and women go through different experiences in life. Well, it is a fact that women are stronger than men in terms of pain tolerance. I mean pregnancy, menstruation, men... just kidding! If she says childbirth and you weren't expecting it, keep your poker face. Put yourself in a girl's mindset, and you'll understand just what kind of pain women go through.

14 Funny Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Female Friend

The best thing about a would you rather question is how easy it is to set up a funny situation. When you want to have some funny questions to ask a girl, these are perhaps the best ones to use.

Making would you rather questions funny is pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. Present a few ridiculous choices, and then, of course, make her choose.

If you've picked the right question, she'll be laughing, and if she's laughing she'll want to keep the conversation going and get to know you better.

Once you've mastered these, your conversation game with a woman is almost bulletproof.

92. Would you rather go bright purple when embarrassed or sweat so much you soak your clothes?

Everyone experiences embarrassment all the time. See how much she blushes at either idea when you put it like that. Well, both options aren't likable and are both embarrassing, obviously. But, if she has to choose one, what might it be?

93. Would you rather be constantly itchy or constantly sticky?

Who would want to feel one of these constantly? One of these probably really irritates her to a high degree. I mean, don't we all? They're not a good feeling to have. This will be good for a giggle, just getting her thinking about it.

94. Would you rather have your brain transplanted into a robot's body or an animal's body of your choice?

It's not something you think about all the time, so it will really get the wheels turning in your head. These questions are getting weirder and weirder, but this would be a fun one for a woman you think might be into a little sci-fi or fantasy. Prepare yourself to hear a geeky explanation.

95. Would you rather have to say all your sentences backward or have to communicate through charades for a week?

Can you imagine going through any of these choices? Communicating is already hard, but what if we take it to the next level? Before she answers, try to initiate a talk doing both to help her weigh the situation. This would be fun and would make a good laugh.

96. Would you rather have no eyebrows or the hair of a troll doll?

This might be one of the hardest would you rather questions you'll ask a woman. Do you know how much time, effort, and money a woman spends just to have her brows on fleek and keep her hair gorgeous and shiny? Good thing that this question is just for fun. She'll have a good giggle at these potential style choices.

97. Would you rather be forced to wear clown costumes for the rest of your life or actually have clown-sized feet and a red nose but be able to dress normally?

Trod carefully when you ask this question. You might receive an "am I a joke to you?" look at her once you ask this question. The sheer oddity of choice will get her laughing, then press on to find out how she'd hide her new massive, clown feet.

98. Would you rather eat a whole plate of your least favorite vegetable or lose the ability to taste anything for a week?

Not tasting anything is already bad, but what's worse is if they suddenly serve your favorite food. However, if she chooses to lose the ability to taste anything, she must hate vegetables to a high degree. Find out just how much she hates asparagus or broccoli.

99. Would you rather never be able to listen to your favorite band again or be forced to only listen to your favorite band for the rest of your life?

This won't be a hard question if she's a massive fan of one band, especially if that band has long existed in the industry. It means there are plenty of songs to put on loop. She'll have an answer in a heartbeat. Just pray it isn't Nickelback.

100. Would you rather only eat donuts for a week or eat a whole cake in one sitting?

Desserts are most people's weaknesses. This would be an easy question, especially if she has a sweet tooth. How would she prefer to have her too much of a good thing? It's also a great setup for her to offer to do both. Find out which sweets she prefers.

101. Would you rather participate in a dance reality show or fear factor?

Well, if she doesn't have the talent for dancing or have the guts to face her fears, then it would be really embarrassing, especially that these would be broadcasted on live television. But, if she has what it takes, then it should be easy for her. Depending on her answer, this one sets up a great chance to move on to some amusing dares.

102. Would you rather eat 3 pounds of cheese or 10 full peanut butter jars with no water?

Yes, cheese and peanut butter may be good in certain amounts, but to consume this much? Just having to think of it makes us wanna throw up already. Who would dare? Get ready to get a good "eww" reaction from her with this one.

103. Would you rather eat everything with chopsticks or with your bare hands?

In some cultures, eating with bare hands is normal and is a lot easier. Eating with chopsticks, on the other hand, requires training and experience. But, if she's been using chopsticks for quite some time, then this wouldn't be much of a challenge. Have fun getting her to eat fries with chopsticks later.

104. Would you rather wear full scuba gear 24/7 for a year or go to a funeral dressed as Darth Vader?

Vader, obviously. If she chooses anything else, you don't want to know her. Kidding aside, this might be very random and weird, but it would be fun enough to make you both chuckle just by the thought of it. Be prepared to share your own input for this question. She'll most likely ask it back.

105. Would you rather be a clumsy ninja or a wizard with amnesia?

Come to think of it, clumsiness can be worked on, but possessing abilities and having no idea at all? This is a great introduction to talking about people who are just plain bad at their jobs. Sometimes, people who can't do their jobs well are just misguided and confused. See how she feels about these people.

6 Best Silly Dares To Ask A Girl During a Truth or Dare Game

Whether you're hanging out with the love of your life or a new friend, coming up with funny dares for girls isn't always easy. After all, the ridiculous dares you do with your buddies aren't always the most charming option when you're with the fairer sex.

These truth or dare questions are geared towards women, but you can still use them with your guy friends with equally hilarious results. You can also modify them as needed to fit your situation and company.

Women respond to humor, so don't underestimate these dares as a flirting technique. You may be surprised by how deeply you can connect with someone in the silliest of scenarios.

106. Let the person to your left do your makeup.

If you don't have any makeup handy, be creative. Some markers should do the trick just fine. Let's just hope that person knows a thing or two about makeup. You'll be lucky if that person is someone who puts on makeup daily. Take photos and see which one did the best job!

107. Trade clothes with the person next to you.

With this dare, it has to be comfort over fashion. She would be lucky if she happened to sit with a person of her same size. No struggles, just trading clothes. They can keep their undies, though. They would not want to trade that.

108. Silently do the Macarena.

This wouldn't be that hard of a dare. Make your silent interpretation of the dance as solemn and, ideally, as tragic as possible. This would be better if the circle suddenly started following her steps. That would be fun!

109. Tell me something you don't want me to know.

What's something you always wanted to know about her? Maybe she'll reveal it now. This might take time for her to answer. She will think of her answer really well. Be prepared because her answer might be something you're not expecting to hear.

110. Make every person in the group smile, keep going until everyone has cracked a smiled.

This is definitely a dare you'd want to try. This could take a while... But, not when she forces them to. Just kidding. She could start by telling a funny joke, a funny story, then making funny faces. If these won't work, then it's time to use force, by tickling!

111. Try to juggle 2 or 3 items of the group’s choosing.

You're in for a laugh if she has no idea how to start this. Juggling with only a few items in hand would be easy. Let's just hope they don't give her knives, chainsaws, or power tools of any kind. This would be a fun dare, and will surely make the group laugh.

Downloadable and Printable List of Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Here is a downloadable and printable jpeg/pdf list of funny questions to ask a girl (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Ask a Girl a Funny Question

Yes, humor is one way to a girl's heart, but you don't need her to be laughing so much that she feels like she's with a professional comedian. Remember, asking a funny question alone won't be enough. The work is up to you too, your charm, and your unique personality, so don't be nervous, and try to improvise these questions as well!

1. Keep It Light-Hearted

In fact, not being too funny will help you to recognize whether or not she likes you. This is because a woman who likes you should want to laugh, no matter how lame your joke is. You'll be able to get a better idea of how she feels if your corny jokes are simply light-hearted, rather than absolutely hilarious.

2. Play to your strengths

You know what your own 'comedic' strengths are. They might be quirky ideas or talking about a particular subject matter that you learn best. Superheroes or politics? Whatever it is, pick questions that you can follow up on. Make sure that she could relate to you as well, or you might find yourself laughing alone.

3. Relax

These questions may be scripted, but they only work if they appear to be spontaneous and relaxed. So, don't try too hard. Not only will she pick up on it, but you also need to enjoy the experience yourself.

4. Read the room

Be sensitive. Different types of questions might suit other people and moments. For example, posing an 'either/or question to a person who doesn't talk, or is nervous, could lead to a dead end. In these cases, you'd likely be better off asking an open-ended question.

5. Play with your delivery

The delivery of a joke is the way that you express it. Sometimes, a manner that is dry and deadpan will work like a charm. Other times a cheeky or enthusiastic style will get more of a reaction from the audience. Read the room and play with what works. And remember, most importantly, have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a little more grasp of asking funny questions to a girl? Check out these frequently asked questions and see if they help you out.

What should I do if she doesn't find the question funny?

Honestly, she will just appreciate the effort you're making to get her laughing. Don't sweat it too much. Just move on to the next topic and hope that she still engages in conversation with you.

How do I get out of a serious conversation?

If you need to steer away from a serious conversation, ask a random and funny question. It will lighten the mood and take your conversation into a new light.

What are the benefits of asking funny questions?

When you ask funny questions, it will give the impression that you want to make her feel comfortable and at ease when she's with you. Trying to make her laugh will definitely get you on her good side. It will also let you both be more loose and relaxed because it lets you laugh with each other. That's always a good start to any relationship.

How do I keep her interested in our conversation?

Make sure that the questions you're asking are appropriate and relevant. If you know some of her hobbies or passions, you could find a funny question in the list that is about that. That way, you will start a conversation about something she likes in a subtle way.

More Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

There are enough questions here to get you through a lifetime of artful conversation making. But if you’re looking for more, I’ve got the places for you.

  1. These funny get to know you questions are the perfect way to dig a little deeper, without coming across like a private investigator.
  2. When it comes to banter, you cannot beat would you rather questions. They are obscure, they are original and they are hilarious.
  3. Finally, when you’re ready to ask some more erudite questions that are more revealing, take a look at these interesting questions to ask a girl.

In Conclusion

You're ready! With these 111 unique, funny questions to ask a girl at your disposal, you will never be short of a conversation opener again. It's time to take her out and let these funny questions do the trick!

Remember: if you’re feeling nervous or shy, have a few of these questions to ask handy. They will help you keep the talk flowing and make sure things are light-hearted. Once you get the hang of it, I do not doubt that you'll be coming up with your own funny questions to ask on the spot.