Have you ever understood a man's hero instinct?

There are many ways to trigger hero instinct. It can be trying to provide what a woman want in a man, or being in reaction to certain situations... We've covered deep conversation topics like this, like my input on Bustle and Reader's Digest, so you can trust my expertise on this.

Ready, hero? Let's begin.


What is Hero Instinct?

Hero instinct is the inner instinct to do good things for and help others. It's a primal impulse triggered by the misery and helplessness of other people. If you've ever seen someone needing help and rushed towards them to offer your assistance almost immediately, that's hero instinct! It's not just the conscious desire to render aid - it's the wordless, instinctual act of helping other people without thinking. Thus, it is hard to tap into consciously - it's something that has to be triggered by outside forces.

Hero Instinct vs. Saviour Complex: Is there a Difference?

The main difference between hero instinct and a savior complex is the reason behind the heroic actions that follow. A person with hero instinct may help others without a reason, or purely out of goodwill. On the other hand, someone with a savior complex may have good intentions, but could possibly have a darker, ulterior motive behind their selfless actions, subconscious or otherwise.

Furthermore, there's a difference in who the impulse is designed to benefit the most. Hero instinct is selfless, and the person being helped gets the most out of it. On the other hand, someone with a savior complex may have a secret obsession with being in a position of power and gets more out of the act than the one they're trying to save.

What Makes Heroic Instinct a Great Deal For a Man

Heroic instinct can be a great deal for a man. You get to help others and be the hero they need. Because of that, they will look up to you, appreciate you, and feel indebted to you.

Hero instinct, and the good deeds fueled by it, make it a win-win situation for all involved; the ones in need get help, and you get all the admiration for committing a selfless act. Our friends over at Galtelligence have covered ways on girls discovering how to make him want you and make him fall in love with you - triggering the man's hero instinct is also one of the best ways to do that.

So, not only does tapping into your hero instinct help you earn the respect of others, but it might also help you get the girl. Pretty good deal, right?

How Can A Guy's Hero Instinct Be Triggered

As mentioned earlier in this article, hero instinct isn't something that happens by itself - it has to be brought out, or triggered. If you're a girl wanting to bring out the protective and heroic instinct of your crush or love interest, then there are some simple methods and ways of getting him to be your hero. Rest assured, these helpful and very simple steps will help you get the man to tap into his inner hero.

Step #1: Show him appreciation and gratitude.

If there's one thing being heroic gets you a lot: appreciation and admiration from the people you help. So, why wait for him to do something heroic before you pile on the thankfulness and praise? Use some of these compliments for men, thank him and congratulate him for a good job now and then - and when the time comes that you need his help, he'll not only rush to your side - he'll also thank you in return.

Step #2: Say simple lines that tap his inner heroic traits.

Saying the right thing can trigger the inner heroic instinct of your man. Our sisters at Galtelligence know this best - they've covered things to say to your boyfriend and how to compliment men. So, you can trust their choices of some of the best lines that will trigger his hero instinct here.

For example:

Can you help me fix this?

Simple, straight to the point, and it won't be too much trouble for them to do something simple for you. If something small breaks in your vicinity, just ask him to help you. Unless he's a total jerk who won't even do something small for you, he'll likely help you out.

I believe in you!

There's nothing as motivating as being told that someone has faith in you. So when you say this simple line, it makes the man much happier to justify that faith. He doesn't want to lose it, after all.

You look extra manly today. I like it.

Pandering to his ego is a great way of getting him to appreciate you. Simple flattery and compliments make him more receptive when you're in need - since you said something nice to him, he'll be happy to help you out. In exchange for more praise, of course!

You become a better, kinder version of yourself every time I see you.

You'll really knock him out of the park with this one. Nothing feels more rewarding than being told you're getting better every day. He'll try his best to honor that.

You always give the best advice. You're so smart.

If he's a confidant of yours, this is a great way to get him to appreciate your, well, appreciation and to thank him for all the times he gave helpful advice.

You always know the best way to make me smile.

The best kind of hero is the kind that makes you smile whenever he's around. Even something as simple as making you smile can be heroic - so why not tell him you like that about him? He'll never stop making your day great if he's your hero.

I've never felt more secure around any other person. I love being in your presence.

Try this line if he makes you secure and wants him to help you stay secure. He'll keep doing what he's doing, but with more focus and zeal.

Step #3: Support him and encourage him to do things he likes.

Heroes can't do everything alone - they've got to have supporters and sidekicks to help them continue doing good things. Support him and encourage him to continue doing what he does, and he'll not only do as you say but also be thankful for your love and support. He'll feel genuinely heroic if he gets appreciation for doing the right thing.

Step #4: Make sure he knows that he is making you happy.

Even if he might already know he's making you happy by doing good things, being told that he's appreciated and admired directly will really put a spring in his step. When given proof he's making others happy with his acts, he'll feel so moved and inspired.

Hero Instinct Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this article, you have learned more about heroic instinct, a man's mind, heart, and ego. By now, you should have formed an appreciation and admiration for your everyday hero. Is there any little thing you'd still like to learn about male psychology? If so, here are a few frequently asked questions I've answered about the relationship between a man's mind and his hero instincts.

Is hero instinct among men natural or really needed to be triggered?

Being heroic may be a natural instinct for some, but it isn't something that comes up in everyday life... not without some trigger or catalyst. It can be something little, like a loved one in need of help, or it can be something that sends a hero instinct signal and awakens the primal instinct to help. At any rate, hero instinct is something many people have - however, many people need something to awaken it.

Why do men crave the feeling of being needed?

Being needed appeals to a man's ego, and sends a hero instinct signal that tells them they're needed, wanted, and valued. Because of that, some men crave being a hero - it gives meaning to their existence. Others enjoy the rush of being the bigger man in a situation. Others enjoy helping others and want more reasons to do so. Whatever the reason, some men instinctively feel the need to be wanted.

What is the difference between being needy and bringing out a man's hero instinct?

Being needy is usually out of your control - you can't help needing what you do. However, if you can use a situation to bring out a man's hero instinct, you aren't totally helpless; you can use your situation to your advantage.

Can hero instinct help fix broken relationships?

Being a hero isn't a fix for every problem out there. A broken relationship is often broken for many reasons, and being a hero, i.e., being a helpful human being, won't fix all of them. While it can make people grateful for your help, it won't change the underlying facts and reasons behind a broken relationship. For those reasons, you will need to address the problems directly.

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