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What is a Hopeless Romantic?

A hopeless romantic continually believes that love will prevail no matter past struggles. In their eyes, love conquers all and will find a way to manifest into the ideal relationship of their dreams. Hopeless romantics are constantly thinking about the perfect partner and the beautiful life they would have with their significant other. People who are hopeless romantics tend to be very optimistic and have a positive outlook on life. They expect the best from life and believe everything will work out perfectly.

Sometimes, we have friends who need a little wake-up call when they're blinded by love. But, we need to know how to spot if they're hopeless romantics. Here's a quick guide to recognizing the signs of a hopeless romantic.

Signs You Strongly Believe in Romance No Matter What

If you're wondering whether or not you're a friend or someone you love is a hopeless romantic, these tell-tale signs of their body language, attraction, and demeanor all speak for themselves.

Sign #1: Love bombing frequently happens.

This commonly happens when one person intends to make another person feel all the love they have to give, like in a fairy tale. Getting on the same page with your partner is important in a relationship. However, if one is a hopeless romantic, they usually get there sooner. Then, they do everything they can to hasten the other person to meet their romantic notion. When the fairytale beginning settles and reality kicks in, the bombed one will surely feel like it wasn't even that magical at all.

Sign #2: One-sided relationships happen more often than not.

You'll find yourself in a one-sided romantic relationship when you're a hopeless romantic. A friend of mine used to always label their partner as "boyfriend" even before discussing it. That usually puts pressure on a new relationship that may already be rough and awkward, as many can be initially. Most will experience always saying "I love you" first. Even talking about marriage and babies is a tell-tale sign that someone is a hopeless romantic.

Sign #3: There's an active search for love.

Hopeless romantics are just people who want to be loved and appreciated, just like in a love story. That's why they are actively looking for love and grand gestures, and sometimes their need to be loved overpowers their better judgment. When they constantly search for real love, even in the wrong places, it's also a sign that they are hopeless romantics.

Hopeless Romantic Infographic

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Hopeless Romantic vs. Hopeful Romantic - What's the difference?

The difference between a hopeless romantic and a hopeful romantic is how long they maintain a passionate interest in a relationship. A hopeful romantic keeps their interest and passion in a relationship even after the honeymoon phase ends.

On the other hand, hopeless romantics tend to lose some of their interest in a relationship once the spark dies down and the usual daily realities of a long-term relationship start to make them bored.

Does Believing Too Much in Love a Good Thing?

No one is perfect, and we all need to accept that. This is one of the main reasons hopeless romantics don't last in relationships, even with tons of love words to reassure them of a person's commitment. Hopeless romantics expect too much from their partners. They expect them to be perfect. They think their partners are capable of doing everything. They often hold their partners to a high standard.

And because they have been in a relationship for a long time, they get frustrated when their partners don't meet their expectations. When you believe in love too much, you can become very disappointed. Bad relationships can destroy your hopes. So you need to ensure that you don't expect too much from your partner and don't hold them to a higher standard than you normally would.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a hopeless romantic isn't always a bad thing. In most cases, it can be sweet and endearing so long as a good balance of expectations is kept. With that, it's easy to have still a meaningful relationship with someone with a ton of romance to go along with it.

What makes a man fall deeply with a woman?

Men fall deeply in love with a woman when they can tell she understands them and can give them emotional and mental peace. Contrary to popular belief, men prefer women who can settle down and help them appreciate the simple things in life. That comes when he feels understood and respected in the relationship. All in all, it's the romantic thing they look for in a potential partner.

What triggers someone to become a hopeless romantic?

Often, hopeless romantics come about by being exposed to too many ideal relationships and the ideas of a soul mate. It can be in the form of a good upbringing wherein their parents rarely or never showed any fights but had a loving relationship with a healthy love language, or it can be from watching a romantic movie that elevates love to a perfect level that shows there is a relationship destiny and happy ending to look for.

Can a hopeless romantic turn into a hopeful romantic?

Yes, a hopeless romantic can turn into a hopeful romantic, but their partner will play a huge role. It all comes down to understanding and encouragement from the partner and friends they seek advice. It's great to want the perfect life with the ideal partner, but opening their eyes to the realities can help them manage their expectations.

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