If you and your girlfriend have a hard time coming up with names to call your boyfriend, leave it to us to help you find some.

And, with my expertise in relationships that you can find right here on our blog, and your expertise on your relationship, you'll find a few pet names here that are perfect for your relationship.

Let's read through them and choose!

44 Names To Call Your Boyfriend - Little Ways To Feel & Show Some Love


What Are Pet Names?

A pet name is a special name that you use for your boyfriend instead of using their real name. Some people even use pet names for their friends and family members. These names are usually words that people think are childish or as if children came up with them. Pet names are often used to express affection for someone, so it makes sense that they're so lovey-dovey and cute.

5 Best Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Babe, baby, beloved, is a sweet name to call your partner, but, let's be honest, there are so many better terms of endearment that aren't a cliche. Tell your girlfriend that some of the best names to call your boyfriend are ones that you don't hear often. Try some of these and see how much you love them.

1. Mine

Who doesn't love to be confidently told that they belong to you? Being called "mine" means she's all yours, and you don't need anything else. It's a sweet thing to say.

2. Honey bunny / Honey bun

Honeybuns are super sweet and delicious, and it's also a super cute nickname. Honey was so last century, but it fits right in with your relationship right now when you add bun. It's one of those silly pet names that are also sweet. Some people even change this up and say Honey Bunny.

3. Teddy Bear

Is she your teddy bear, boo bear, pooh bear, or honey bear? Does she cuddle you? Do you cuddle her? Whichever way it is, this is a perfect name to show how much you love to be in each other's arms.

4. Iron man

guy loves it when his girl gives compliments on his strength, don't you think? Being called Iron Man can raise your confidence in the sky.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is very similar to calling one's boyfriend sweetheart or darling. Although it's a name of a food, there's a certain ring to it when your girlfriend calls you by this name.

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9 Pet Names To Call Your Partner When Joking Around

There's plenty of sweet nicknames your girlfriend can call you, but how about when you guys are just joking and kidding around. You'll need different names when joking around with one another - some fun names!

6. Baby boo

The term boo is short and sweet, but add "baby" to it, and it becomes even sweeter than it already is. You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling if your girlfriend calls you baby boo with a sweet and cute, maybe even joking, tone.

7. Daddy / Papi

Some couples find it adorable. But some find it awkward. If you're playing around with each other, this nickname should be on your list!

8. Cutie patootie

She's cute, and you're cute. What's stopping you from calling each other cutie patootie? Even men can be called cutie patootie, and there's nothing wrong with it.

9. Cookie monster

Cookie Monster is cute and fun! Plus, it's a bonus if you actually like cookies.

10. Shorty

Shorty isn't just for girls. You can be called this even if you're way taller than her. It's just a fun play name to use when you're joking around. You might be surprised, but you'll also think it's cute and hilarious. You don't have to be called a romantic nickname all the time.

11. Sugar Daddy

When you say this out in public, people won't be so approving. But when two goofy partners say it to each other, it's funny and can be sweet.

12. Lovey dovey

The word means affectionate, so why won't you call your partner that? I mean, aside from the fact that it's hilarious when said out loud.

13. Cuddle cakes

We can all agree that anything with cakes added to it is a funny name to call your partner. Cuddle cakes is one of those names. It's funny, but you have to admit it sounds kind of cute.

14. Monkey

Monkeys are cute and sweet and love jumping all over the place. So, if your lover is the type who likes to act silly, this pet name would be perfect to use when joking with each other.

9 Nicknames Guys Like To Hear Every Time

If you want to know the compliments for menit's those nicknames that say you're good-looking. If you're a handsome boyfriend, expect your girlfriend to use nicknames that let you know how much she appreciates your looks. Learning more about compliments women use on men can tell you a lot about your girl.

15. Gorgeous

She'll let you know you're gorgeous with one perfect nickname. Calling you gorgeous might make you blush, and that'll make you look even more stunning than you already are.

16. Eye candy

Eye candy literally means you're visually appealing. There's no more direct way to call a good-looking boyfriend.

17. Heartthrob

Any handsome guy makes a girl's heart throb so fast! If your lady calls you this, she thinks she's one lucky girl!

18. Hot stuff

Hey, hot stuff! You probably heard this one already. But even if it's a little overused, it doesn't mean that it's not any good. If you're a hot and good-looking guy, you deserve it from your girl.

19. Hunk

Large, intense, and hot. Can there be a better sexy nickname to call your good-looking partner? This one says it all and makes you feel super macho.

20. Angel eyes

It's not very common, but anyone will appreciate being called angel eyes. She's calling you like you're an angel sent from heaven. What can be better than that?

21. Hot lips / Sugar lips

This name makes her want to kiss you. You can't and won't say no to that. Even if you're not into the word too much, you'll appreciate it knowing that she can't keep her mind off your lips.

22. Beau

Some couples like it old-fashioned. If you're one of those couples, you'll appreciate being called 'beau.' There's something classy and elegant about the word.

23. Cutie Pie

Simple and cute. If your partner's cute as pie, she's a cutie pie, and she'll adore being called this. It's one of the cute things that men secretly enjoy, no matter how much of a tough guy one may be.

8 Cute Terms of Endearment To Call Your Boyfriend

If she's the type of girl who likes to let her partner know that he's the most adorable thing in the world, these cute names to call your boyfriend are for her because boo and honey aren't the only cute things to say to your romantic partner. When she calls you by these terms of endearment, you'll know you're the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever.

24. Jellybean

Jellybeans aren't just adorable, yummy candy; they also have the cutest name. Forget what a jellybean is. Just saying the name is cute enough.

25. Sweetheart

It's a timeless classic. Sweetheart has that romantic but also adorable ring to it. Women like using this name not only for their boyfriends but also for their friends. It doesn't make it any less memorable when it's for you.

26. Chocolates / Hot-chocolate

Chocolates are sweet. You're sweet. Your girlfriend's sweet. It doesn't take much to explain where this nickname is coming from.

27. Baby cakes

Again, pet names with 'cakes' on them make the whole name sound cuter and more fun than it is. Don't be common and boring and call each other baby. Add cakes, and it's another level of fun!

28. Papa Bear

And she's your Goldilocks. But, in this scenario, you don't chase her out of her house, and your bed is just right for her. What a sweet boyfriend!

29. Sweetie pie

One song goes, "you're my sweetie pie," and it's the cutest ever. This term of endearment for a guy can say a lot about the kind of relationship he has.

30. Panda bear

Panda bears are cute. They're super chill. Who wouldn't want to be associated with them?

31. Baby Boy

She wants you to feel like her precious baby. This one is entirely different from just being called baby. There's something about baby boy that can make you feel so special. It makes a sweet nickname even sweeter.

8 Matching Names For Your Boyfriend When You Have Strict Parents

You'll need a mysterious way to call each other play names when you have strict parents. You can use these names while on the phone with your partner or through text. These are perfect if your parents are around. There's a great nickname to use even when you're trying to lie low.

32. Buddy

Buddy is cute and friendly and won't make you feel uncomfortable around your parents. They might think it's just a guy friend and nothing too serious. It's also a fun way to play around with your partner. It can be funny to be called buddy.

33. Heart breaker

Come to think of it, it's not really sweet. What's great about heartbreaker is that it does the job. If your parents are strict, they wouldn't think too much about it.

34. Casanova

Leave your parents confused by calling each other Casanova. Is it another person? Is it a code? Or is it just a random word? Your parents will never know, but you'll know. And it will get sweeter every time.

35. Armor

You can't really be called knight because that would be too obvious to your parents. How about armor? It still makes you sound like you're her knight in shining armor.

36. Rockstar

You're a rockstar and you rock her world. It's a good nickname that your girlfriend will love, and so will your parents - because they'll have no clue who you're talking to.

37. Robin Hood

The best thing about being called Robin Hood is that you're not sure if it's supposed to be funny or sweet. Either way, it's going to feel like you're on a secret mission with her.

38. Stud muffin

Women typically call fit and muscular men stud muffin. If she calls you this, you are very attractive to her eyes. The good thing is that stud muffin isn't the kind of name that parents would think badly about.

39. Nuggets

Nuggets is the cutest nickname that you can use for anyone, not just a cute guy. It's cute but doesn't mean anything. It's just a fun one to use when you've got strict parents. Plus, it's a unique nickname.

5 Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Take things further in your relationship with these romantic names to call your boyfriend. Leave these names for those special moments when it's just the two of you, so you know she only uses them occasionally.

40. Romeo

This one works better than Prince Charming. He's the Romeo to your Juliet, but in this case, you two are destined to be together. Romeo is what people say to boys who are head over heels, but when you're called this, it assures you that she knows how much you love her. That makes this one of the best sweet names.

41. Love

Simple and sweet. It's a popular nickname that makes sense. Sometimes simpler terms of endearment are the most precious and make the most profound impressions. Your partner will love this one when used for special moments.

42. Soul mate

What's more romantic than knowing she sees you as the one person destined to be with her forever? If she calls you soul mate, that's a big deal. She sees you as someone that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. It's very serious to her.

43. Mi Amor / Mon amour

This Spanish nickname translates to "my love" and is such a beautiful phrase to say. Just the sound of it will give you goosebumps and make you smile from ear to ear. If you ever tried to look for cute Spanish nicknames, this one takes the cake.

44. Knight

Knight is romantic because women see their knight in shining armor as the guy that swept them off their feet. You made an impression, and you deserve the title of knight.

Why Do We Like To Give Child-Like Nicknames To Our Partners?

It seems immature, but giving child-like nicknames to your partner is common in adult relationships. It even signals a strong bond in the relationship. It helps partners create their own world that doesn't have to be one of the adults with many responsibilities. We feel safe with our partners, so it makes sense to attribute a nickname to them that makes us feel like we're carefree. We all want to go back to simpler times when we were children, so it's right to have this aspect of our relationships be the way for us to go back.

Are Nicknames Really Important In A Relationship?

Having a pet name is essential in a relationship because it means that you and your partner are comfortable. Having unique names for one another is a way to share your feelings for one another. According to a Neuroanthropology professor, pet names are like baby talk in the sense that they help babies talk while forming a bond between a mother and child. This means that people in relationships are also forming a stronger bond when they're using pet names to call each other.

Downloadable and Printable List of Nicknames For Your BF

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of pet names for men (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about pet names, use these frequently asked questions to answer them.

Do guys like being called baby?

It's a cute word, so it's easy to think otherwise. But, many men like being called baby if you say it affectionately - especially if he calls you baby in the relationship.

How do I know if my boyfriend loves having pet names?

If your darling likes the pet name you give him, he might say it back to you or show you he likes it with a smile (or a different way). If he doesn't like it, he might seem visibly uncomfortable when you say it to him.

Does having nicknames for each other increase intimacy?

Yes. Having nicknames for each other is like making a private world of your own that only the two of you understand. It helps make the relationship stronger and more intimate.

If your boyfriend calls you terrible names when they're angry, does that mean they don't love you?

If your partner calls you terrible names when he's angry, he doesn't have much respect for you. He could still feel strong feelings for you, but he doesn't care enough not to hurt you.

On Galtelligence, we talk about the signs a man isn't into a woman so people can figure it out quickly.

What does it mean when you’re kissing your boyfriend and he brings up the cute names his ex used to call him?

Some women ask if it's cheating if a man brings up his ex. Probably not. But on our site here, we can give you the signs that your partner might be cheating. If he mentions cute names that his ex used to call him, it could be for several reasons.

It could be that he liked being called those names, or it could be that he wants you to call him cute pet names like the way his ex did.

How To Pick The Best Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Pet names are a sweet way to show each other you're special to one another. So, picking the best ones for you and your girlfriend is important. You don't need 70 cute names. If you need help deciding which ones are best, use these tips below to guide you.

1. What Type of Guy are You?

Are you funny? ...Silly? ...Passionate? Knowing this will help you choose the right name. If you're the goofy type, cute names will work best with some silly names when you're joking around.

If you use romantic, lovey-dovey names on someone who isn't romantic, he might feel shy and awkward when you say them to him.

2. What Pet Names Do You Use?

Do you already use pet names? If you do, she can find some that match what you call her. If you call her buttercup, she can call you cupcake or something along the same lines.

3. How Mature is Your Relationship?

How long have you been with each other? Are you living together? Or are you both still in school? These are questions to keep in mind. The longer you know someone, the easier it is to know what they like to be called.

More Awesome Things To Say

There are plenty of other things to say besides nicknames. Here's a few of them.

  1. Use these sweet things to say to a girl to make her blush.
  2. Looking for the best romantic things to say? These are romantic enough for any scene.
  3. These things to say to your crush will make her want to be your girlfriend right away.

In Conclusion

The best names to call your boyfriend will speak right out to you. You know yourself, so you'll know which pet names mean the most to you that she'll like.

But, even if you decide to use all of these nicknames, you'll enjoy every single one of them because they're coming from your girlfriend, who loves you.