So you want to know how to be cool, huh? I'm talking about blow-things-up-and-then-walk-away cool. Well, then this guide exists just for you.

There's a reason why almost every man wants to be a cool guy. I mean, have you seen any of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Clint Eastwood's movies? They just have this raw confidence and finesse in them. It's like they've memorized attractive things guys do.

If you want to turn heads, you got to learn the ways of a cool guy. Get your shades on. This guide is all you need if you want to know how to be cool.


How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room (Get Any Girl)

5 Ways on How To Be Cool

Being cool doesn't come naturally for everyone. Some men can do it in their sleep, and others barely know where to start. While not everyone is born a cool person, you can certainly learn how to be one. Be it at a party, a basketball match, or your workplace, these proven tricks will turn you into the coolest guy in any room.

5. You Do You

Gentlemen, do you want to know the difference between a cool guy and every other man in the world? Well, the cool guys don't just talk about their plans to accomplish great things. Instead, they walk the talk and do something about it. The coolest guys are great because they act great, and by "acting great," I meant they chase their dreams. Cool guys aren't just daydreamers. They're go-getters.

Cool guys undoubtedly stand out in any crowd because they're confident. A man's confidence level goes up every time he accomplishes a goal. And it's his confidence in himself and his abilities that make him super cool.

Keanu Reeves didn't become the coolest martial arts assassin in the movies by slacking off. And sure, your potential dating pool will be larger if you're a great actor, athlete, or entrepreneur, but that's not the point.

Do you really want to know how to get a girl to like you and make her notice you? Find something you're passionate about and strive to be the best at it. Take me, for example. I won a first-place trophy at an international beard competition in Germany. It took me years of training, countless raw eggs, a mouthful of Brussel sprouts, and a lot of beard oil to win first prize. So whether you're a Hollywood star, a top-notch Mopar mechanic, or an award-winning yo-yo expert, striving to be the best at something requires not only perseverance but also undying discipline and commitment.

So whether it's helping animals in need, combating forest fires, or helping guys become better men, being consistent with your goals is one way to be a cool guy. Be passionately brave when chasing your dreams.

4. Be a Giver

So now that you're a brilliant success, here's a small catch. Being successful isn't enough to make girls fall in love with you. You know what they say about sharing your blessings, right? If you really want to know how to make any girl fall in love with you, you need to pay it forward. Women love altruistic men. Science has even proven that being kind and generous is more appealing than having good looks. Even at the top, cool guys remain humble and giving.

Did you know that Seth Rogen, Kobe Bryant, and Brad Pitt- the coolest guys in the world- have contributed vast sums of their money to charity? Take Mantelligence, for example. We pledged to give back to a charitable cause once we hit one million subscribers!

You might be asking, "what does this have to do with being cool?" The simple answer is that being kind is cool. If you want to know how to get your crush to like you, be open to sharing your success with others. Don't be stingy! Staying humble and giving back is seriously the coolest thing a guy can do. The ladies will love you for it. Research has also proven that women find kind men more attractive when seeking a long-term relationship. Why? Because it's a good indicator of a great partner. Women love men who actually care.

So when you get to the top of the ladder, remember to give back.

3. Dress the Part

You, being successful and charitable, isn't the only way to be unabashedly cool. If you want to know how to be a cool guy in any room, you have to know this one irrefutable trick to get girls to chase you. It's one thing to fit the bill. It's a whole other thing to dress the part. Do you see now where I'm going with this?

Having all the traits of a ridiculously cool guy doesn't do you any good if nobody notices you. To be the coolest guy in the room, you need to dress like the coolest guy in the room. The way you dress affects the way you feel. And the way you feel about yourself influences how other people see you. Dressing the part is the easiest trick to grab anyone's attention—especially the girl you like.

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2. Be Aloof, Not a Doof

Every time a cool guy graces a room, people can't help but notice. Ever wonder how a cool guy learned how to become a cool man? I mean, it's a scene straight out of a movie! They walk like gods visiting the world of the mortals- blissfully proud and unbothered. And they don't notice the pretty girls. The pretty girls notice them.

Gentlemen, do you want to know how to get a girl to instantly like you? Be aloof, not a doof. But don't act like a snob. Just walk like you own the room, you know? If you want to be a cool guy, you got to own it and believe it for yourself. You got to carry yourself with unyielding confidence. You got to tease the ladies a little. You got to make them want you.

Guys, do you want to know why this works? Here's the thing- girls want you to notice them. But really, where's the fun in that? So when you deliberately tease the ladies, the chaser becomes the chasee. No, you're not being arrogant. You're just playing hard to get. I mean, the ladies do it. Why can't men, right? All is fair in life and love, so it's only reasonable for men to expect a little wooing from the ladies.

This is a standard alpha male trick that all cool guys practice. If you want to learn more about how to be a badass alpha male, check out our video where we talked about "The Alpha Mindset: 5 Life-Changing Thought Patterns that Make You Irresistible to Women."

1. Be Strong and Stand Your Ground

Speaking of alpha males, here's one more tip to make you instantly more attractive. The coolest guys always know when to stand their ground.

A man's ability to calmly defuse conflict is infinitely more attractive than a man's ability to solve problems with his fists. We're talking about standing up for what you believe in and putting your money where your mouth is.

Men, it's this simple. You got to know when to stop acting like a nice guy and stand for what you believe in. Don't be a pushover and fight the good fight.

A willful and courageous man drives girls crazy. Do you want to know why? Harper Lee once wrote, "I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."

A man who is brave and can stand his ground is sexy, especially for the ladies. Women always favor brave men because they're the kind of man women can rely on in times of crisis. Studies have confirmed that women interpret acts of bravery as proof of a man's ability to protect them.

So man up and stand your ground.

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The No. 1 Thing Guys Think Makes Them Cool But Doesn’t

Being passionate about chasing your dreams, giving back to others, dressing the part, carrying yourself with confidence, and staying your ground is cool and all but admit it- we've all had our fair share of playing it safe in the dating field.

Here's a scenario- you meet an amazing woman, you like her, and obviously, you want her to like you back. But then the nerves start creeping in, and then you chicken out. While playing safe works in some scenarios, it never does in dating. And it doesn't look cool at all. If you think you're doing yourself a favor by playing it safe, think again.

John A. Shedd once said, "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." Gentlemen, these words also apply when dating. If you never try to put yourself out there, you'll always find yourself at the dead-end of dating.

In Conclusion

Well, guys, that is it for this definitive guide on how to be the coolest guy in the room.

Now that you know how to be cool and all the attractive things guys do, it should be easier for you to get the girl you like.

Remember the part about giving back? If this guide on how to be cool worked for you, make sure you share it with your other bros. And don’t forget to visit to find the perfect watches for your styling needs. It’s what a cool guy would do.