Gentlemen, today we’re helping you sort through the mind games and answer the elusive question: Is she playing hard to get?

It’s a bummer, we know...

But girls are just like poker players and won’t show their hand to you all at once, so in order to keep you interested, they’ll feign disinterest, of course…

Those signs might also mean she’s just not that into you, which is why at the end of this video we’ll also be sharing the an undeniable sign a girl doesn’t want to date you at all.

7 Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

7. The Time Traveler

When you’re texting a girl, a few minutes can seem like millenia. But if she seems to disappear into a wormhole during a conversation, she’s probably not a time traveler. She might just be playing hard to get.

Of course, there’s always the chance she got busy (we all do), but when she gets back, if she keeps the conversation moving as if nothing happened, (especially without saying “sorry!”), she may have just wanted to keep you on your toes because she’s playing hard to get. Plus, it’s a good way to weed out desperate guys who send too many texts.

6. Read the Signs

Most of you guys probably aren’t politicians, so a girl isn’t going to put a sign in her yard to show you she likes you, instead she’ll throw off some subconscious signs of attraction that she doesn’t even know she’s doing.

And one of the easiest ways to tell if a girl likes you but is playing hard to get, is by watching where she looks after she says something that warrants a laugh.

If she looks at you (especially in a group), she’s seeking your approval... She just doesn’t realize it.

5. Window to The Soul

While we’re on the subject of a woman’s eyes, they’ll tell you everything you need to know about how a girl feels about you.

So is she into you if she quickly glances away the moment you make eye contact? Maybe. That’s because maintaining eye contact with someone you like (and getting caught looking at them), can be really hard to do.

So keep an eye on those eyes.

4. Spelunker

If a girl is playing hard to get, finding out more about her, can feel like you’re trying to mine diamonds with a wooden pickaxe.

Lots of women do this to seem mysterious to keep you mining for more information.

So if a girl is clearly holding back some of the more sensitive information about herself during a personal conversation, she might be playing hard to get.

To test her, flirtatiously press her for more details, but be flexible, and stay ready to change the subject the instant she says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

3. Bipolar Bear

Gentlemen, meet Kate… Kate loves playing hard to get when she likes a guy. And one of her favorite things to do is to act interested in a guy one day, and then give him the cold shoulder the next day.

Kate’s a Bipolar Bear.

So if a girl can’t seem to make up her mind about you, it could be one of the signs she’s playing hard to get. She’s just a Bipolar Bear is all.

2. Meanie

It’s no secret physical touch is one of the many body language signs she’s into to you, but there are degrees of touch that can tell you a lot.

One of those degrees... Is when she makes contact that’s kinda rough and forceful. In most cases, this is a classic example of over execution.

She’s definitely playing hard to get, except she’s not being subtle about it.

Our advice? If you can take a punch, keep playing her games with her and see where the go. Or, just be done with it and ask her if she’s into you or not.

1. Date Dodging

In more social environments like high school or university where you have regular interaction with a girl you like, there are plenty of events scheduled at any given moment, and one of the more sly ways to answer the question of the “playing hard to get” question... Is by asking her if she’d like to go to one of those events with you.

If she says yes, well... that was easy then, wasn’t it? But if she gives you a “maybe,” or an “I don’t know,” or some combination, then lets time pass, lets you think she bailed, but then shows up looking good, she’s playing and advanced game of hard to get with you and is finally signalling, she wants you to be approached.

1 Undeniable Sign a Girl Isn’t Playing Hard to Get… And Just Doesn’t Like You

As you can see, women can be confusing. And there are countless obvious signs a woman doesn’t like you,

Unfortunately we only have time for one (but there are more in that link back there!)

So what’s one of the signs a girl isn’t playing hard to get and simply doesn’t like you?


“thats cool”


If you try to initiate a conversation with a girl and all you get are one word responses… Bad news...

She’s not playing hard to get. She just doesn’t like you. And even if you give her the attention she wants, it won’t make her like you any more.

A girl who’s playing hard to get would give you something to work with. And that’ exactly the type of girl you should focus your attention on.

In Conclusion

That’s it! The 7 signs is she playing hard to get and 1 of the clearest signs she doesn’t like you at all.

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