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We've all been there - stressing out, looking for date outfit ideas for our first date night. Well, guys, worry no more. As a dating expert, one featured in places like OutwitTrade and Wisebread, I know the clothing items women love and the value of the perfect outfit for your first date… so I can help pick out the perfect outfit for you!

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What Does A Man's First-Date Clothing Say About Him

A man's date night outfit tells you a lot about him: his wealth, his confidence, his coordination, and most importantly, his sense of style. Is he wearing a cool blazer, trousers, and a nice pair of shoes to his first date? He must be a pretty flush guy who's looking to impress.

But just as important as what you wear for your date night outfit is how you wear it. Even a simple outfit like a T-shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers can make a man look handsome if worn well.

6 Tips When Choosing First Date Outfits

As Mantelligence's chief dating expert, I've got plenty of fashion tips for men that will help you nail the perfect outfit for your first date and supply you with outfit ideas for your second date and onwards. So, when picking out a perfect first date outfit, remember these helpful tips.

#1: First date clothes should enhance your looks.

When looking for inspiration for a date outfit idea, you should always remember that while clothes make the man, the man himself is what your date looks for at the end of the day.

Give yourself a good look. Find the parts of your body that look the most appealing to your date. Then, pick out the best clothes you have that accentuate those charm points.

Do you look tough and maybe even wild? Put on a leather jacket and make her swoon.

Do you have a face that's soothing and easy on the eyes? Go for a casual look that will make your date relax when she looks at you.

Even a plain white shirt, dress pants, and casual shoes can make you look handsome; have you got the upper body muscles to make that white shirt bulge and make her blush when she notices?

#2: Less is more when it comes to accessories.

Accessorizing is important, but always remember that you shouldn't go overboard. Adding too many things to your outfit will only make you look busy and overblown. You want your date to look at you, first and foremost, and not at your fancy watch or multiple rings. When it comes to accessorizing for a date, less is more. Settle for just one accessory for your first date.

#3: Don't wear clothes that scream brand names, and avoid large logos.

When picking out an outfit for your first date, it's important to show your date your sense of style. If your clothes look like they were all picked out from the same store, that sends a bad message. When choosing an outfit, it's important to mix and match.

Avoid obvious, easily-seen brand names on your clothes, and try to pick out clothes that don't have obvious logos. You'll look much more fashionable if you pick out your shirt, pants, and shoes individually from different stores.

#4: Comfy first date outfits do not mean you should wear something you sleep in.

One obvious but easily forgettable tip is that you shouldn't choose something too comfortable to wear on your first date. While wearing something comfortable can help you relax, you don't want to look like you just came out of bed. To make the best date outfit, you should pick something comfortable and stylish.

You're here to impress your date, after all.

#5: Always compliment it with shoes.

One of a date outfit's most important elements is the shoes you'll wear. Your shoes must match everything else, or your whole outfit will be thrown off. The color, the type, and the quality of your shoes are all important. Pick shoes of a color that goes well with your outfit, then consider the type of shoes you'll wear.

Wearing sneakers with dress pants is a no-no. Finally, make sure your shoes don't look beat up and worn. Wouldn't a new pair of shoes look amazing on you?

#6: Be you. Be comfortable.

This tip might seem unrelated to picking out your outfit, but "being you" also means that you should wear clothes you'd actually wear yourself. If you're a guy who doesn't often wear a nice suit or blazer to a party, wouldn't it look and feel unnatural to wear on your date? Long story short, your outfit should also blend with your sense of style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about first-date do's and don'ts? I can provide some insight for you, so read on.

Who pays on the first date?

Usually, both parties each pay half of the costs of the first date as a sign of trust. But for your first date, wouldn't you like to impress her by offering to pay for all of it? It'll make you look so much manlier. However, don't offer to do this every time, or else you'll open yourself up to being used by some of the less honest dates out there.

Do guys expect a kiss on a first date?

Now, this is a loaded question: do guys expect a kiss on the first date? While most definitely want a kiss, most men don't expect one to happen. Still, it always makes a guy's day when they did so well that they got a kiss for it.

What kinds of colors should a man wear on the first date?

Simple and respectable colors are what you should wear for your first date. Don't wear overly bright or overly dark colors. You want your date to pay attention to your outfit and, by extension, you.

Why is personal style important?

A personal style is an extension of your identity. Without a personal style, you'll most likely lack a sense of flair and uniqueness - which can be a huge turn-off for your date. Try to insert your style and sensibilities into your outfit, and you'll look wonderfully special and unique.

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Picking out first date outfit for men can be tough without a few pointers and tips. Fortunately, I've got plenty of those for you! After reading this article, you should have little trouble picking out the perfect first date outfit to impress your date with. Good luck, and enjoy!