Would you rather questions for kids are essential!

I’m an expert joke-master and conversationalist. I’ve written countless articles on having conversations and been featured in many publications. So I know it can be super enjoyable conversing with children, but it can also be super hard!

A secret: would you rather questions are perfect conversation starters. But knowing the right questions to ask is important.

That’s where I come in.


Ultimate List of Would You Rather Questions For Kids

It's a widely known fact that children have shorter attention spans than adults. And that to keep a child hooked, especially in conversation, the topics need to be interesting and engaging. That's why the ultimate list of would you rather questions needs to include the things they love to keep them amused and focused. A fun question can really change the mood of a discussion from dull to exciting.

5 Best Would You Rather Questions That Will Boost Your Kid's Imagination

Imagination aids the essential skills developed in early childhood. Things like social, creative, emotional, and problem-solving skills are a cornerstone of intelligence. Boosting a child's imagination can help them have better interpersonal and critical thinking skills and improve their visualization and understanding.

1. Would you rather have a dinosaur or unicorn pet?

This is full of imagery! Having them visualize owning either of these options is sure to create playful scenarios in their head. Have them compare a dinosaur to their pet cat or dog. Or ask them the color they envision their unicorn to be.

2. Would you ride a car with a super speed or go bungee jumping on the highest peak?

It's amusing to watch a child get animated over exciting choices. They are proud beings and will never admit to their biggest fear. So even if little John doesn't like heights, he may still choose to go bungee jumping off a high peak.

3. Would you rather always need to shout whenever you speak or always have to whisper?

If they choose the whisper option, make sure to have them demonstrate it. But this may backfire if they choose to illustrate the shouting as well.

4. Would you rather it snow every single day or rain every single day?

It may seem like a silly question, but if they really think about these, they'll realize each has pros and cons. You can also have them think up activity ideas for each scenario and keep those in mind for the next rainy or snowy day you have. At least the idea was their own, so likely it's something they'd enjoy doing.

5. Would you rather fly or breathe underwater?

Do they prefer the sky or the ocean? Whichever they choose, make sure to ask them why. As part of having a child answer these questions, make sure to have them explain their thinking and reasoning. This will help improve their verbal communication having to describe what they imagine.

5 Questions For Kids To Keep Them Out Of Boredom

Kids' activities are good to keep a child busy, but having good conversations with each other is crucial. Through talking, children get to express themselves, ask for what they need, resolve issues and learn. Having constant talks helps deepen your connection, and your child will feel more comfortable telling you things.

6. Would you rather be a famous actor or a famous singer?

This is a great conversation starter about their aspirations. They might not want to be a famous actor or a famous singer when they grow up, but it does open up the discussion. A child can often surprise you with their goals and dreams.

7. Would you rather have 10 siblings or only one sibling?

Such a revealing question to ask! It can give you insight into how they see their siblings. Can they handle more, or would they rather have been an only child? If they are an only child, do they hope for siblings? Again, make sure to follow up with more questions asking them to explain their answer. If they choose only to have one sibling, is it so they don't have to share their french fries with many others?

8. Would you rather forever be the youngest sibling or forever be the oldest sibling?

If they're an only child, this may be a hard question to answer. But it's intriguing to know if their preference is to be the oldest or youngest sibling. What does each option mean to them? Do they think being the oldest means they are in control? Does being the youngest sibling mean they can get away with more?

9. Would you rather take care of other people’s kids or other people’s dogs?

Even at a young age, kids know whether they're a people-person or an animal lover. It's a great way to get their opinions on their friends and their friend's siblings too.

10. Would you rather do magic or read other people's minds?

This is an interesting ice breaker, especially if they go into details about what they'd do with their skill. Not only will this kid be able to go on and on about their choice, but you would also be entertained by their anecdotes and hypothetical adventures for sure.

4 Weird Questions That Will Bring Out Kids' Wackiness

Knowing which weird questions to ask is important to keep conversations lively and fun. It's without a doubt you get the most fascinating answers with the weird questions, so make sure to throw in a mix of these.

11. Would you rather drink sour milk or eat your cat's food?

They might choose the sour milk option if you tell them it's chocolate milk! And really, doesn't it depend on what you actually feed your cat? If they're the smartest kid on the block, they might argue that cat food is whatever you feed your cat. So if you fed it pizza...

12. Would you rather have an extra toe or a unicorn horn?

Try bringing this question up in a morning meeting, and you'll probably get some weird looks. Bring it up with a kid, and they'll be intrigued and start weighing their options to make sure they choose the right answer.

13. Would you rather have the longest hair or be bald for the rest of your life?

This really depends on the imagination of the child. How long do they envision is long hair? They might be fixated on having to look like their bald uncle and be totally against that idea. And their own gender might be a factor in their decision as well.

14. Would you rather only be able to drink apple juice or milk for every meal of the day?

Too much of anything can get sickening. So even if they drank these with their favorite food, a kid might find milk hard to swallow if it was drunk with every meal of the day. But then again, it's not like they're choosing between hot sauce or vinegar.

5 Funny Would You Rather Questions You Can Ask Youngsters

Funny questions to ask are great if you want to entice some sidesplitting laughter. Kids love being able to make an adult laugh, and if you give them a chance, they'll take it. Use funny questions to lighten a mood with entertaining antics and stories.

15. Would you rather have purple hair or green hair?

If either of these is their favorite color, then this is a very simple question. The key to making this question fun is asking them to expand on their answer and give a reason why other than they like the color. Do they prefer green hair because they want to camouflage in the garden, or do they prefer purple hair because their favorite fruit is purple grapes?

16. Would you rather have a tail or horn?

What are the practical uses for both? Something to discuss that's sure to bring up some funny reasons.

17. Would you rather your toes be your fingers or your fingers be your toes?

Because kids are naturally curious, they may need to test out how useful their toes can be as hands. If they've seen Tarzan, they might have learned a thing or two from the mighty apes. Having an extra finger or two can be very useful, but imagine 10 on your feet. What would our shoes look like?

18. Would you rather be a student or do household chores for the rest of your young days?

It's crucial for kids to be asked a range of random questions like this one now and then. The information collected from their responses can be used to enrich their lives because it can reveal their wants and likes. Asking questions helps them think more creatively and analytically too.

19. Would you rather live in a pineapple with Spongebob or under the rock with Patrick?

LINKING = Spongebob trivia

Kids love being asked about their favorite characters. If you're all a Spongebob fan, you should test each other's knowledge with some Spongebob trivia for some extra fun.

5 Would You Rather "This Or That" Questions For Kids

Similar to yes and no questions, this or that questions are a choice between two options. They're super quick and amusing to ask, but it's surprising how sometimes they can be difficult to answer. Having a child choose between two favorites is likely to initiate some comical facial expressions as they struggle to choose one over the other.

20. Chocolate bar or ice cream?

Can an adult even answer this? It's about preferences, sure, but it's not exactly like choosing between a rotten egg or an easter egg!

21. Favorite tv show or favorite video game?

After you ask this question, you'll be shocked to learn exactly which they can do without if forced to choose.

22. Be with your mom or with your dad on a trip?

The child might look around to see who's standing closer or who's in earshot. Of course, a road trip or any kind of trip is fun with either parent, but can't you take both?

23. Birthday party or granted birthday wish?

A deep question to ask for a child and a bit of a head-scratcher. Children love being around their friends, and a good party game can be very tempting. But so is having a birthday wish granted, like going horseback riding or getting a foot-long hot dog to themselves. If their wish is something like getting a pet dragon, then the choice is definitely easy!

24. Snow skiing or amusement park?

Ask this one while they're sitting down having a peanut butter sandwich, and you might be setting an expectation that you're planning the next family vacation.

5 Would You Rather Questions For Adults That Can Be Asked To Kids

These are great would you rather questions that can really give you insight into any child. They're more mature, designed to spark a deeper conversation, and great to have up your sleeve if ever you have a silent moment you need to fill.

25. Would you rather be the smartest person or the richest one?

It's an interesting question that can start an intelligent debate. Is it something they'll think about first, or will they jump at an answer? If so, why?

26. Would you rather be the President of the United States or just an average person?

It depends if they like power and responsibility. What are the things they would change if they became president? And if they want to be an average person, why don't they want to be elated as head of state? Always ask why!

27. Would you rather stay young for as long as you live or be an adult as soon as you were born?

Which is the best option and why? They say children are always in a hurry to grow up, so it's not surprising if they choose to be an adult straight away.

28. Would you rather be a policeman or a firefighter?

Each has an important job to do with real risks. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions, but it's a matter of asking the right follow-up question to reveal more about the reasons behind their answers.

29. Would you rather make a movie or write a book?

Do you have a seasoned filmmaker or an author in your midst? Are they the next Steven Spielberg or J. K. Rowling? Creativity shines differently with every activity.

Would You Rather Questions: Game Versions

If you've used which do you prefer questions before, you know they're a great pastime and a fun way to lighten up and make any conversation more amusing. But they can actually be made even better by mixing them into fun icebreaker games! For example:

Put a finger down

To play this, everyone holds up ten fingers. Every player says something they have never done before, and everyone else has to place a finger down if they have. The first person to put down all fingers loses.

Questions game

This is a challenging but fun game where one player thinks of an object, place, movie, etc., and the other player or people playing can only ask up to 20 questions to guess what that thing is. For example, someone decides clown makeup is their item. Others will ask questions to try to narrow down what it could be.

Question Chain

The idea is basic: every player adds something to the "chain" when it's their turn. Mostly, this is played as if the group is writing a story. One person writes, who, one person writes what, and so forth. The results can be quite funny.

Spin the bottle

This one shouldn't need to be explained. This old-school game can be spiced up literally by changing up the rules. For example, whoever the bottle lands on has to do a dare, say eat spicy food. Or they have to answer a really tough question.

Downloadable and Printable List of Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of would you rather questions for kids (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation expert and questionologist Warren Berger said in his book, A More Beautiful Question, that kids, on average, ask 40,000 questions between the ages of 2 and 5. We didn't answer that many, but check out the frequently asked questions we've answered:

What kids' age can you ask would you rather questions?

Would you rather questions can be asked to kids as young as 4 years old. The options you give them need to obviously be easier, but the moment they understand words and can hold conversations, you should start having them choose between options. In fact, you do it subconsciously with food; do you want apple slices or biscuits for lunch?

What are the best rewards you can give to the winners of the game?

Choose innovative ideas as rewards for winners rather than candies, toys, or extra pocket money. Choose things like they get the option to pick the family night movie, an additional 15 minutes of playtime before bedtime, or a trip to the park. These options are more creative and more rewarding all around.

Can you play would you rather questions game with families?

Totally. Would you rather questions are great for everyone of all ages. In fact, something amusing to do is to get everyone involved in asking their own questions.

Can you ask would you rather question online with kids?

You sure can. Whether it be over a zoom call or in person, these questions are good to ask to keep conversations going. You can even try something different by writing out the questions similar to a quiz format. Have kids write out the reasoning behind their answers. This will help improve their reading and writing skills.

How To Choose The Best Questions For Kids

For this game to work, it's all about making sure you're asking the right questions for kids.

1. Choose topics they are interested in.

Make the options about their own interests, for example, choosing between their favorite superheroes or their favorite shows. Focus on the things they love, and they're bound to pay and stay attentive to the questions.

2. Make sure they know both choices.

They recognize both options, so they will need to think about their choices more deeply than choose the item they simply know. For example, you wouldn't ask, "Which do you prefer, the Harry Potter series or George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire?" There is a big chance they wouldn't know Game of Thrones, so they will simply choose what they recognize.

3. Get creative and make them hard.

Kids love a challenge. So, don't make the questions too easy. Make them really have to think about their choice.

4. Pick questions that can give you insight.

It really depends on whether you're just killing time or whether you want to get to know them better, but you can choose questions that reveal more about them. For example, "Which do you prefer, English or maths?" What they don't select might be something they're struggling with. These questions can be designed to really get to know someone.

More Interesting Question-Driven Articles

Now that you know how fun would you rather questions are, why not try some other styles of question-asking.

  1. Get to know you questions are perfect when you want to deepen a connection and know someone better. These aren't just questions to ask strangers either; they're good for people you want to build a better relationship with.
  2. Never have I ever questions are fun and can be used as a game. They can level up the excitement at your next gathering and really have everyone engaged.
  3. Interesting conversations are incomplete without fascinating hypothetical questions. They are creative, amusing, and thought-provoking!


Would you rather questions for kids are so enjoyable you can ask them to adults as well. Knowing the best questions to ask for conversation starters has never been easier with the lists we have available.

Make sure to use would you rather questions to really buzz up your next get-together.