We're going to be looking at the things high-value men never do to turn off women.

If you want to be a high-quality man, you should know what to avoid. Knowing these things is a crucial alpha male trait you'll want to take with you forever.

Because we all know women can be a fickle bunch, and nobody wants to put in hard work and time on a prospect, making her go crazy for you, just to blow it by doing one of the things on this list.

Let's start.


5 Things HIGH VALUE Men NEVER Do (Don't Turn HER OFF)

5 things high-value men never do

So becoming a high-value man is really about how to be more attractive, and that's knowing about what never to do as it is what to do...

Without further ado, let's jump right in.

5. Letting Their Appearance Slide

Alright, guys, I know it's easy when football season rolls around to live in that jersey 24/7; let your beard get to playoff length in October and craft a physique with nothing but light beer and nachos but DON'T.

It turns out science has our back here. Guess what facial expression was found to be most attractive?

Did you guess "proud?" If so, you win the grand prize. A study from the University of British Columbia found that a man who expresses pride was the most attractive. And another study found men who look important exuded turn on.

It kind of makes sense. So ditch the team apparel. The only guy who looks important in a Drew Brees jersey is Drew God Damned Brees. Yeah, I can vouch for that. The little things like posture, a regular haircut, getting rid of the neckbeard, and taking care of your teeth all project attractiveness without a single utterance.

high-value person always pays attention to the details of his appearance.

4. Using Pick Up Lines

Remember a while back when shows like the pick-up artist were all the rage? Well, High-value men are in on the fact that it was always meant to be a joke. Seriously, it turns out that the whole culture was born out of a joke, and then guys started taking it too seriously...

Again, women are much more likely to be turned on if you approach them like a well-adjusted adult, not to say that lines never work, but here at Mantelligence, we're about increasing your odds of making girls go crazy for you.

This is why you should ditch the cheeseball lines and go with a robust, assertive, confident approach. Speaking of which...

3. Don’t be the “Nice” Guy

We've covered this topic at some length in a previous video so that we won't go into too much depth here but suffice it to say, if you're playing the role of the nice guy, you're going to find yourself setting up permanent residence in the friend zone.

Now, this doesn't mean that you can't legitimately be a nice guy. We're not advocating for you being a dick, just strong, confident, and assertive… as opposed to a passive people-pleasing wimp.

There's a massive difference between being a genuinely nice guy who offers to help you move and a guy that will say yes to anything… Huge mindset difference. And our good friend science is here again to back it up. Studies have shown that altruistic guys, you know, that throw down the occasional selfless act are having more, not less, sex.

The nice guys finish last guy is a character. Not a man. High-value guys value themselves, their time, and those they care about. Be that guy.

So guys, I know we're smack dab in the middle of crossing negative behaviors off your list, but before we go full saintly, I just wanted to remind you of one thing high-value guys do that can turn women off and why you should keep it as a tool in your back pocket. Now, I know it sounds counterintuitive, but I'll explain everything at the end, so stay tuned.

Now on to number 2 on our list...

2. Talk Endlessly About Themselves

There's nothing more boorish than someone who will not shut up about themselves. Period. Do you know who wouldn't shut up about how great they were?

Hitler. And that guy sucked. Not a high-value guy at all. I mean, he got Eva Braun, but she sucked too. But high-value guys know the value of silence. They know when to shut up and listen and when to jump in with a RELEVANT anecdote. It's one of the traits of high-value men that really make them stand out.

There are many reasons people talk endlessly about themselves, but a lot of those reasons boil down to anxiety and lack of confidence. They're essentially constantly trying to sell the other person in. I guess you can call it a conversation, that they're worthy. It's gross and really turns women off. Instead, high-value men are confident in their skin, know their self-worth, and appreciate the value in making sure the other person in the conversation is enjoying themselves.

After all, if you can listen and then make a woman laugh, you're golden.

1. Speak ill of others

High-value men don't gossip. They don't. They don't have a reason to. There's no value in it, and they know it's unattractive. I mean, think about it, guys, your mother told you this one when you were a kid. If you can't say something nice, then what... All together: Don't say anything at all. That's right.

Now, couple this with the fact that if you're talking smack about someone behind their back to a woman (or any third party really), then in addition to being turned off, she knows you're the type of person who would talk about her given the right opportunity. So, you're really shooting yourself in both feet by talking crap about people.

Instead, high-value men find a way to frame what's bothering them in the most flattering light possible and give people the benefit of the doubt. Because graciousness and the ability to forgive someone's transgressions are not only attractive qualities, their virtuous.

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The Number One thing High-Value Men Do that Turn Women On

Guys, we've spent a lot of time covering the behaviors that high-value guys don't do. This one is just the opposite, and it may be one of the reasons girls think you're unattractive. But hear me out...

High-Value Men need to keep hanging out with the guys.

Period. And yeah, there's a good chance that a high-value man may not have exclusively high-value friends. Look at any group of friends, and there are at least a few that are a problem, but that doesn't mean a high-value guy should ditch his crew just because it may be turning off the woman he's seeing. Why?

Because independence and comradery are traits a high-value man takes seriously. It often happens that a relationship takes off, and a guy's friends go by the wayside, but this ends up breeding resentment and jealousy, two emotions that are poisonous to any healthy relationship.

So as you become a high-value man, remember the guys that came along for the ride… Even if it means risking a turn-off.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. The 5 things high-value men never do to turn off women and the one time you should gamble on turning a woman off.

Remember, it's a test...