I stumbled across a video from Teachingmensfashion about what to do to make women melt. I learned a lot from it and decided to remake it.

We won’t be focusing only on the physical gestures that make women melt. We’ll focus on even those small gestures and thoughtful things that women can’t resist.

7 Gestures That Make Women Melt - Attract Even The Toughest Heart (Animated)

7 Gestures That Make Women Melt

We also want you to know how to attract women; that’s why at the end of this video, We’ll tell you the number one reason why women walk away from a guy.

This is so you can avoid it, of course. Well, let’s not delay this further. Let’s start!

7. Good Morning, Sunshine

Girls may not say it at all, but we love good morning texts, no matter how cranky we are. There’s nothing better for them than waking up to a sweet text from you. It makes them feel like the day ahead will be filled with positive vibes.

If you want to make a girl crazy for you, then do this. When you send a good morning message, it makes them feel like she is one of the first things you think of in the morning.

You don’t have to send a long, novel-like message. Just a simple, “Hey, good morning. Have a great day ahead.” will already be more than enough to make a girl’s heart melt.

6. Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Times are changing. People are always in a hurry. So they prefer just to text mindlessly while doing something else. If you’re guilty of doing that, you may not know how to impress a girl yet.

If you want to know how to make your crush like you, then learn to call. It always makes a woman’s day when you take some time out of your day to call her just to talk to her about how her day was, or even just random things.

Trust me, if a girl sees your effort to call her and talk to her, her heart will melt. You’ll be able to break through even the toughest woman’s heart if you just make an effort.

5. Pass The Test

Do you want to know how to make her chase you? It’s very simple. There’s a simple test you need to pass. Of course, if you’re a truly good guy, you won’t even have to study for this test.

This test is what we call the waiter test. This test is a test to see someone’s true character. We can see someone’s real character and personality by observing how they treat wait staff and workers. Now, if you and your crush go out to a restaurant or even a fast food joint, she’ll observe you.

If she sees that you treat the wait staff with respect and equality, they’ll be more attracted to you. Women believe in the saying, “If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they’re not a nice person.”

Women rarely ever base anything on how you treat them alone.

That’s right.

Women want to see how you treat the people around you, especially those that a lot of people think are “below them” even if they’re really not.

4. Plan It Like You Mean It

Women don’t say it, but I’ll let you in on it. They actually love it when a man plans dates, and they don’t have to do anything but enjoy the day. It shows great effort. Gentlemen, when you plan a date, no matter how simple it is, it shows the girl that you truly care and give effort for her.

Plenty of times, men just “go with the flow” and let the girl decide what she wants to do. A lot of men are very passive when it comes to dates.

That’s why when a man is proactive and plans a day where all the girl needs to do is sit back and enjoy, she’s swept off her feet immediately. Bonus points if she enjoys your plan so much.

3. Remember, Remember

If you really want to know how to be more attractive, you need to brush up on your memory. Remembering small details makes women melt. Women are always taken by surprise when a man randomly inserts some small things that a woman said in a conversation.

Showing us that you remember the little things just proves to us that you pay attention to us. no other gesture that makes her melt is sweeter than making her feel heard and seen.

Nothing is sexier than a man who actively listens and pays attention to her girl. Sometimes, even those texts that randomly show you remember an important day for us mean a lot.

That’s how to text a girl you like. Gentlemen, if you make it a point to remember the small, important things about a woman, then I can assure you, you’ll be her man in no time.

2. Go, Girl!

Gentlemen, empower and encourage her. Nothing is more heart-melting for a girl than a man who helps her grow daily. You have to make sure that you help her succeed and overcome struggles.

You have to encourage her to pursue her dreams. You must challenge her to become a better version of herself daily.

Doing this not only makes women melt but also makes you grow as an individual. Encouragement from a man is one of the habits that women love. Sweep her off her feet by being her number one motivator and supporter.

She’ll be more than happy to be the same to you. There are habits that can help you be loved more by your crush.

1. Take This Chance

If you’re still unsure what the answer to the question “does she like me?” is, you may have to take more chances.

One gesture that makes her melt is the willingness to try new things. If you really want to know how to impress a girl, you have to be willing to take chances. You need to be willing to look silly most of the time.

You have to be courageous and open to new things. Women love men who are willing to explore more of the world with them. The keyword here? Willing.

If you’re willing to do anything and everything for her, you’ll definitely melt and steal her heart. You never know. You might even enjoy the things you do for love.

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One Thing That Makes Women Walk Away From A Man

Now, it’s time for the moment of truth. We’re finally going to tell you the one thing that makes women walk away from a man. Sometimes, men just do things that are too much for women.

However, let me tell you that women have so much patience that when they walk away, it’s bad. Real bad.

You might not be aware, but the ultimate reason women walk away from men is that they feel like they’re the only ones trying. When women feel like they’re the only ones making an effort in a relationship, they’ll feel neglected.

It’s kind of like, “What’s the point? It’s like I’m doing all the work.” Remember that any kind of relationship is a two-person job. Even if you’re just starting out, or you’ve been at it for a long, you have to keep in mind to put in the effort.

Never get too comfortable. Never take her for granted. That’s the ultimate red flag for women. If you do that, it’s goodbye. No questions asked.


Do you know any more gestures that will surely make any woman melt? Share it with us!

There you have it. You now know how to make women melt. Use even just one gesture that makes her melt and see the changes.