Use these anime pick up lines to impress the Otaku who's obsessed with all the same anime you're into.

These pick up lines are funny, sweet, and they come straight out of our favorite anime. Others would think these sound like nerdy pick up lines, but not us anime stans.

We've searched long and hard, and these are our favorite anime pick up lines. You're welcome.


4 Best Anime Pick Up Lines

We've got to start you out with only the best anime pick up lines. Save these for when you need a date for the Anime Expo. Or, you can use these when you get there. There's probably no better place like the Anime Expo to use anime pick-up lines. 

With a pick up line here, you'll be able to have your Asuna or Ezra Scarlett (at an anime convention, of course).

1. Do you have a Death Note? Because every time you smile, I feel like I'm having a heart attack?

Let her know how privileged you feel to be written down in her death note, even if it means she wants you dead. That's a playful and great way to show her you want her attention, even if it is a bit too much.

2. I was just checking you out from across the room with my Sharingan.

Be sure to let her know you don't mean you want to harm her with the Sharingan. But, if she asks what your ability is, come up with something to impress her that's original from the Uchiha Clan. Like she bestowed upon your eyes the power of Amaterasu and Flame Control.

3. You can be my Henrietta and I will be your Guiseppe.

You might as well say, "Until death do us part," but with a sinister twist. This line is a bit heavy and should be used on someone you already know. Because, as you know, Henrietta and Giuseppe's relationship was pretty devastating.

4. Gun DAM, you are a FINE girl!

Impress the girl! A world that feels so alive with appealing mech designs. This anime isn't for everyone, but we all know how popular it is for this reason.


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4 Interesting Pokemon Pick Up Lines

You can't use anime pick up lines without a couple of Pokemon pick up lines here and there. Pokemon is every anime fanatic's first favorite anime. It's the reason we all got hooked - Pokemon cards, Pokeball, Pikachu, and all. These pick up lines are sure to pick up some nostalgia.

5. There are a lot of Magikarps in the sea, but I'm looking for a Gyarados.

What a visionary way to say she's electrifying. Gyarados is a fierce Pokemon that's hard to find. Using this line is a huge compliment that lets her know how rare and different she is.

6. My love for you burns like a Charizard's tail.

This one's deep. If your crush knows her Pokemon, then she'll understand that Charizard's tail never goes out. It's said that if the flame on Charizard's tail ever goes out, he'd die. Take that in.

7. Wynaut go out with me?

Wynaut is a solid Pokemon with extraordinary abilities. Using Wynaut to get a girl's attention is amusing and cute. She'll enjoy the pun. So, why not go with you?

8. You may want to catch ’em all, but I only want to catch you.

Some Pokemon cards are worth serious cash. Maybe show them off to your crush to improve your chances. And, hey, if you still can't catch her, you've still got your Pokemon. Am I right?

4 Cheesy Pick Up Lines About Anime

We all know that anime can be a bit cheesy at times. It could be the language barrier or just because it makes excellent anime! You know I'm right. Bring on the cheese with these cheesy pick up lines. You'll sound cheesier than Tuxedo Mask with all his rosiness.

9. You're so special. I'd take the Hunter Exam for you.

This cheesy pick up line is like telling her you'd die for her. Do you think you'd pass the Hunter Exam? Definitely not. But you'll get her attention before the yearly event.

10. Hey, girl. You Bulma mind.

Only Bulma could blow you away with her level of hotness. Comparing her to Bulma will give you all the points you need to score. This one will make one of those killer Omegle conversation starters, too! Any anime lover will appreciate this.

11. I’ll be Naruto for you, Hinata.

It's a cheesy pick up line, alright! Probably the sweetest line to use on her because these two have the best relationship. Their love for one another is what made this anime so different from others of the same genre. This will surely help you land the girl of your dreams.

12. Are you Makise Kurisu? Because I will travel world lines to be with you.

"Even if the world line changes, as long as you don't forget me, I'll always be there." Say this quote right after, and you've got yourself a date tonight. Try using this on Reddit. They'll be amazed and bound to be melted by this.

4 Funny Pick Up Lines Using Famous Anime Series

Want to know how to make girls laugh? Aside from funny videos, with funny pick up lines about their favorite anime, that's how! These anime pick up lines are funny because they'll make your crush blush and giggle uncontrollably. You don't need to say a dad joke or show a meme. These lines will be enough. Give them a try. You've got nothing to lose.

13. Hey darling, I must be in Infinite Tsukuyomi cause you're like a dream come true.

Or, she makes you feel trapped inside a dream/illusion you can't get out of. That's a heartening and natural way to tell a girl how much her beauty entraps and hypnotizes you.

14. Is your name Erza? Cause my cheeks go Scarlet when I think of you

There's no hotter character than Ezra. She'll be flattered that you even mentioned the name Ezra to her. And, by her making your cheeks red, it shows just how much her looks amaze you. This one makes a great conversation starter or Tinder opening line.

15. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying it. I'm super Saiyan it.

Great reference to Dragon Ball Z. How can she not be impressed by mentioning the great powers of a Super Saiyan? Maybe show her what you're made of and brag about how you'd be able to beat Goku (yeah, right). It's a little corny, but it's not the worst pick up line. Points for creativity, right?

16. Im Aang, wanna be my Katara?

Is there any love cuter than the love between Aang and Katara? Maybe, but this clever line shows how passionate you feel for her and that you'd like a special relationship with her. Surely it's bound to stimulate some affectionate reaction.

4 Smart And Witty Pick Up Lines Based On Anime

Being clever is the ultimate way to build your confidence. And, you'll need to be confident when using these clever pick up lines on the anime fan you're interested in. Show her how smart and witty you are with a few of these, and, believe it or not, she'll be the one to ask for your number. 

17. Girl, have you mastered the Rasengan? Because every time your hand touches me, you make me dizzy.

Let's hope she hasn't mastered this Jutsu, or you'd be dead before you even finished this line. This line is fire because, even in Naruto, not many people have mastered the Rasengan.

18. Are you Gaara? Because love is written all over your face.

Isn't Gaara the reason so many people have tattoos with the word love on their body? If it's not written on her face, and she's a Naruto fan, it could be written somewhere else on her body. This one is one of those lines that work well as Tinder opener lines. Any woman will appreciate this.

19. Did Buu attack you? Because you're as sweet as candy.

Ha, wouldn't it great to have the power to turn everyone into candy so you could eat them? Or, maybe you could just go to the candy store and buy some candy for your sweetheart. It doesn't have to be Valentine's day to do it.

20. I don't need to use Byakugan to see into your heart.

Do you have a 360-degree vision? If not, just turn her 360 degrees to get a good view of her. There's no need to see through her. This is so appropriately cheesy, it'll work!

Downloadable and Printable List of Nerdy Pick Up Lines About Anime

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of anime pick up lines (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Creativity usually sparks questions, so we've answered a few we know you'll probably want the answers to.

What's a good anime to come up a pick up line with?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? also known as DanMachi, is one of the most popular fantasy titles. Don't let the title put you off. This anime is set in a medieval-like city that is home to a huge dungeon labyrinth where deities live within its walls. Mix beautiful girls, a fantasy world, a pseudo-gaming setting, and what do you get? Some great pick up lines!

How can I make sure that striking up these pick up lines will not embarrass me to a girl I like?

It's all about your audience. If they're not Otaku, they might not get some of these. Instead, opt for lines that won't need some background knowledge to understand.

Is there any way to say these pick up lines in a fun and extraordinary way?

Depends on how far you're willing to go, but you can dress up as the character? A perfect setting would be Comic-Con or something like it, where you're limited to saying lines your character has said. This would be fun, with an added challenge. But she'll seriously find it cute.

How to properly express these pick up lines?

With confidence, of course! The lines are already spot-on, witty, and unique so it's about delivering it with spirit. These types of pick up lines are oddly endearing and you just have to believe they'll work for you.

How To Pick The Best Anime Pick Up Lines

Now that you've gone through all these anime pick up lines, you might be wondering how well these will work. Do pick up lines work? Do they work?! Yes, they do, but you've got to know which pick-up lines to use and how to use them to get good results. We'll let you know how it's done in these tips below.

1. Pick Popular Anime

To make sure she understands the anime pick up lines you're using, choose ones that come from popular anime. It would not be very good to come over to her and say something she doesn't understand. If you're sure she's into anime but not sure which ones, play it safe and pick ones you're sure anyone would know.

2. Pick Her Favorite Anime

If you know a little about what she's into, you could easily win her over by choosing pick up lines about anime she likes. She'll love the references, but she'll love getting to talk about her favorite anime even more. If she loves Shield Hero, go for it. Dragonball? Sure! The Phantom Thief? Learn more about it.

A quick tip: Make sure you're the kind of guy that learns a thing or two about her favorite anime before you say these lines, so when she starts talking about them, you'll be able to show her that they're your favorite too.

3. Pick Your Favorite Anime

Choose some of your favorite anime. That way, you'll have something you can confidently talk about to her. Even if she doesn't know much about your favorite anime, use this to talk about something with her.

Explain to her how great an anime it is, and tell her she has to see it. If it's all going well, you can ask her if she's willing to watch it with you. No Otaku can resist an invitation to watch anime.

More Great Pick Up Lines

Is your girl not into anime? That's fine. We've got plenty of other pick-up lines to choose from in a vast range of categories. Check them out yourself to see which one suits you best.

  1. This might sound hard to believe, but sometimes the worst pick up lines work the best. They're not dirty pick up lines, but they're the worst. So, if your current game's not working, it might be time to change it up a bit.
  2. Everyone loves cringy pick up lines. Okay, no, they don't. But these are hilarious and are sure to make you stand out. You can use these as funny Tinder lines, even.
  3. If all else fails, and you need something that makes you feel calm and collected, try these smooth pick up lines on her. She'll be sliding into your DMs from how smooth your words are.

In Conclusion

Aren't anime pick up lines the best? They give you a way to talk about the thing you enjoy the most - watching animealong with other exciting stuff like magic, sword, and dungeons.

And, what's best is they allow you to find the person who enjoys anime as much as you do-no need to use nerdy pick up lines to find anime lovers. We've got our own set of pick up lines right here.