Answering, "do guys like being called cute" is an age-old debate with no direct answer. In reality, it all depends on the guy. Even so, there are other compliments for men to look out for. There are other cute ways to make him feel special, which you can read about on Galtelligence.

I'm a seasoned relationship expert with published works on sites like, sharing real-life advice on dating and relationships. In this post, ill tackle being called cute and what that means to guys.

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Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Believe it or not, most guys like being called cute, especially if it is sincere and endearing. Just like girls like compliments on their looks and personality, the same goes for guys. Even more true if they are trying to be cute to impress someone they like.


5 Reasons Why They Do

A guy wants to be called cute if he is honest with himself. He will appreciate compliments that are genuine and sincere. If he is complimented for his appearance or some of his qualities, he will feel flattered and pleased. With that, you can't go wrong with a simple gesture to make him feel special.

1. Makes Them Feel Soft.

Complimenting a guy makes him feel soft, letting him know that it's okay to let his walls down from time to time and get in touch with his emotional side. With that, he will feel secure in opening up to you, and he might even tell you something about himself that he has never told you before.

Also, making him feel comfortable around you by giving him sweet little compliments boosts his self-esteem and confidence. Little compliments here and there may seem like a simple gesture, but they will mean more to them in more ways than one.

2. Reduces shame.

Being called cute is often stereotyped as a compliment for girls, even if it's highly likely that the guy you know also appreciates being called cute. There's a lot of unwarranted shame around for guys called "cute," often associated with being friend-zoned or not taken seriously. However, calling a guy cute and adding a brief explanation as to why you think so can lessen his discomfort or shame in being called such.

There is nothing wrong with being cute, especially when he does something sensitive and romantic. Also, in calling him cute, he will likely feel you are being honest and true to him. Which, in some cases, is a refresher to those around him.

3. It makes them feel loved.

Being called cute also makes a guy feel loved for who he is. Not all guys will have what society deems "handsome" or "manly" features. With that, addressing that he is cute, you are showing him that he is worthy of your love.

By calling a guy cute, you tell him that you respect him and find him attractive. It is okay to be honest about your feelings and beliefs. Calling a guy cute can make him feel loved and appreciated. These gestures make him feel important and valued.

4. Boosts their confidence.

It's not always about physical appearance. Sometimes it's about a personality trait, a habit, or even an emotion. Being called cute can be a way of showing that you appreciate the person for who they are.

This is especially true for guys who feel insecure, shy, or unsure of themselves. It's easier to feel good about yourself when others do, too.

5. It shows you're close.

Last on the list of reasons why guys like being called cute are because it reassures them that you two have a close relationship. One of the biggest fears guys have is that the girl they are with is being insincere or misleading and that they are putting themselves in a position to get hurt.

Calling a guy cute is an expression of affection and friendship. The most important thing to remember when calling a guy cute is to be sincere. You will lose his trust if you don't believe what you say.

4 Reasons Why They Don't

On the flip side, there are certain situations and times when a guy doesn't want to be called cute. Generally, such cases revolve around feeling embarrassed around family and friends or when they think you are being sarcastic or poking fun at them for their actions.

6. It makes them feel small.

Calling a guy "cute" can also swing the other way from making him feel confident and comfortable by instead making him feel small. Usually, guys will feel small when called "cute" in the presence of others. The feeling of being small happens because they think that other people, including their female peers, will assume that he is not capable or worthy of being considered attractive or intelligent. He might feel he is just another one of her guy friends with nothing interesting to offer.

7. It is not a very masculine comment.

Back to stigma, cute for guys is a term reserved for things like stuffed toys or clothing. Calling them or something they did cute can sometimes make them feel less masculine. It's associated with a feminine term, making them think they are not as strong as men.

8. They feel like they are not good-looking enough.

Not all men will have rugged looks and masculine physics that society deems manly. Some have cute and endearing features. Guys with a slimmer frame and softer features have been called cute numerous times, but that doesn't mean they feel good about it.

Calling them cute can make them feel less handsome or attractive. If a man gets called cute, they think he isn't as physically attractive as the next guy. Even though men have a wider variety of facial shapes than women, some men feel like they look less masculine than others.

9. They think they are being friend-zoned.

Last on the list of why guys don't like to be called cute is because they will feel friend-zoned, which is a downright disappointment if they are trying to build a meaningful relationship with the girl or woman they are attracted to.

You can read more about what to do when friend-zoned at to ensure your male friend does not feel disappointed when you give him a cute nickname.

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What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls a Guy Cute?

When a girl calls a cute, uncovering its real meaning can drive a guy crazy at times. The key to knowing what it means depends on the relationship and situation. Believe it or not, being called cute is on the list of signs a woman likes you!

Calling a person cute is usually a compliment. It is something that women say to a guy to show they appreciate being with them. Also, a girl will call a guy "cute" because she thinks he looks good-looking or attractive. Cute can also refer to how she likes your personality or looks. When a girl calls a guy cute, it shows that she thinks he is nice.

5 Names You Can Call Him Instead

If the guy you like tends to grimace or react less than positively to you, calling him cute doesn't mean he doesn't like compliments or nicknames that highlight your relationship, whether as friends or partners. There are other names to call your boyfriend that will make him feel just as special.

1. Handsome

Handsome is the safe pet name for any guy. It's familiar enough to feel intimate and sweet while keeping up with the masculine line of compliments that guys can accept. Also, calling your boyfriend handsome is a great way to boost his confidence and esteem in his looks and personality. Just as girls like complimented on their beauty, guys want to have their best features approved too.

2. His Name

His name is a typical alternative, but finding cute name variations for it also makes him feel loved and close to you. You can opt to rhyme his name with something he enjoys or shorten it for a more casual ring. Either way, getting creative with his name and coming up with something special lets him know you two have a connection.

3. My love

My love is an endearing term that tugs on the heartstrings, and it's the most direct way to show your affection. Guys like to look tough, but there are times when hearing an endearing term from their girlfriend is all they need to make the day better.

4. Babe

Babe is a perfect nickname for your romantic relationship. This is the closest to the word that means "sweetheart." It lets him know that you love him and care about him. You can use this word differently, but most guys like to hear this from their girlfriends. When he sees your sweet face, he knows you've got a crush. He'll melt when you tell him you love him.

5. Honey

Honey is another sweet thing a girl can say to her boyfriend. Many women love this word because it makes them feel loved. You can use this word to make your boyfriend happy. If he's feeling down, telling him you love him will put a smile on his face. A good time to use this word is when you are going out for a date with him. He'll be sure to remember it the next time he sees you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing if a guy likes to be called cute has a few do's and don'ts. Overall, it's a sweet compliment that can make his day brighter, provided it's said genuinely without sarcasm. These common questions can help you decide whether to call him cute or something else.

Is being called cute a compliment?

Generally, yes, being called cute is a good thing that shows affection, appreciation, and love. So long as the word cute was said genuinely, it's part of the long list of compliments that make people feel special and confident.

Being called cute can also mean a girl is looking for reciprocity in physical affection. With that in mind, know how to read her body language to find out what she needs and how you can make it happen.

How to respond to being called cute?

The best way to respond to being called cute is to say, "Thank you; I'm glad you think so." That way, the person who complimented you will know you sincerely took it to heart and accept their thoughts on you or the situation it was said in.

How do you tell if a girl thinks you are cute?

When a girl calls a guy cute, it generally means that she likes you. It does not always mean romantically, but it does signal that she enjoys your company and would love it if the two of you spent more time together.

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Now that we've answered, "do guys like being called cute," you can reaffirm the phrase and use it to boost his confidence and make him feel more comfortable with who he is. Make sure to stay sincere and authentic; cute becomes an endearing compliment that anyone can get behind.