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How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them

There are a handful of ways to approach the question "how to tell your crush you like them?" so it's essential to choose the one that fits your situation and personality the best. No matter which way to use it, start by being honest and being yourself! Keep those two things in mind as you read through this list of how to tell your crush you like them, and you're golden!

#1: The Direct Confession

The confession is one of the most direct ways to tell your crush you have romantic feelings for them. You can initiate the conversation with something simple like, "Hey, I've been feeling this way for a while and wanted to let you know how I feel." Using this method requires lots of courage, but you'll be sure your message was delivered! When opting for this style, express your feelings at the right time and place, or you risk scaring your crush away.

#2: The Subtle Hint

If the "confession" seems too intense, try dropping some hints. Start by complimenting them on their looks or actions to show that you're interested in them, and let them come to their conclusion. You can subtly ask if they're single or casually slip in an invite to hang out. Another subtle and cute way to approach is to try showing them by bringing them a small gift that reminds you of something special about them or writing a poem expressing how your heart feels.

#3: The Flirty Approach

Sometimes, it takes a little flirting to get your crush's attention. Compliment them, make eye contact, and keep the conversation light and playful. Showing that you're interested in them will pique their interest! When choosing which line to use, craft something clever that is personalized for them. While cliche and standard pickup lines may work, taking the time to personalize your line makes it more endearing.

#4: The Classic Written Letter

The classic handwritten letter never goes out of style for being a romantic gesture. Your letter doesn't have to be 20 pages long, back to back, but even a few short sentences expressing your feelings for them would make the moment special. A letter also gives your crush time to process their thoughts and emotions before responding, so it may be a good idea if you're unsure how they'll react.

#5: The Lighthearted Text

The text approach is probably the easiest way to confess your feelings to your crush. Send them a text and tell them how you feel in simple words. Make sure you don't appear too aggressive or desperate and keep it light!

#6: The Ask Them Out

Sometimes the answer to how to tell your crush you like them is all about confidence! If you are ready to take the plunge, asking them out on a date is one of the most romantic and direct ways to get your message across. Put on your best smile, look them in the eye, and let them know how you feel. Plus, it's always nice to have a concrete answer so there is no confusion.

#7: The Group Hang Out

Inviting your crush to hang out with a group of friends is the best way to tell them how you feel if you're still not sure how your crush feels. Hanging out in a casual setting will allow you and your crush to get to know each other better in a casual setting and it may even lead to something more romantic.

#8: The Social Media Shout Out

If you're looking for a slightly more public way to let your crush know how you feel, try posting about them on social media. Share a funny story or post a photo of you two together and wait for their response! Plus, sending a shoutout on social media is perfect for people who love attention. It gives your crush a chance to see how many people are rooting for you as a couple.

#9: The Surprise

This method will require some extra work, but it could be a great way to confess your feelings uniquely and memorably. Plan a surprise date or event for your crush, something they've always wanted to do or been wanting to try out. When it's time for the big reveal, take the opportunity to let them know how you feel.

#10: The Friend Talk

Sometimes it's easier to let your feelings out if you have someone else in the conversation. Talk to one of your friends and tell them how you feel about your crush. Ask for their advice on best handling the situation and then take it from there!

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Things to Do If They Respond Positively

Getting a positive response from your crush after expressing your feelings to them is probably one of the best feelings ever! Now that they know how you feel, it's time to take it a step further by planning how to make your crush like you more and how to know if your crush likes you too!

#1: Ask them out on a first date.

Asking your crush out is a way to get to know each other better and can spark the beginnings of a relationship. Hopefully, your first date will also lead to a more intimate connection in the future! On your first date, don't rush into anything too quickly. Spend some time getting to know your crush and let them get used to the idea that you like them.

#2: Tell them that you're happy.

Another thing to do when your crush responds properly is to tell them how happy their response has made you! Letting them know their response is an important thing that makes it more natural for the relationship to blossom into true love. There are many things to say to your crush, but this one will spark a conversation and show them that you're happy they feel the same way.

#3: Don't make a big deal out of it.

It's easy to get carried away after your crush responds positively, but you mustn't make a big deal out of it. Let things progress naturally, and take the time to know each other better before jumping into anything too serious!

Things to Do If They Don't Feel The Same Way

#1: Don't be too pushy.

It's natural to want your crush to feel the same way about you, but you mustn't push them too hard. If they say no, take it as a sign and move on rather than trying to convince them or make them uncomfortable.

#2: End the conversation politely.

Once you know your crush doesn't feel the same way, end the conversation politely. Thank them for their honesty and respect for their decision. This will show them that you understand and can handle rejection with grace and maturity. To make it easier, you can explore how to handle rejection with grace and maturity, so you know how to react.

#3: It's not the end of the world.

Regardless of your crush's response, remember that it's not the end of the world. Many other people might be interested in you, so keep an open mind and find for new opportunities. Don't dwell too much on a single rejection and instead focus on continuing to meet new people and find new connections.

Most Common Signals That Your Crush Is Not Into You

The signs she's not into you can be hard to spot, but if you're observant enough, you should be able to pick them up. A few of the most common signs that your crush is not into you include:

#1: She's a slow texter.

Taking an unseeingly long time to respond to a text message is one of the most common signs that your crush may not be interested in you. If she's taking hours or even days to respond, then it might be time to move on and look for someone else. Girls with real feelings for someone will find the time to message back.

#2: She's not invested.

Not investing time, effort, or even attention to you when you're around is another telltale sign she is not into you. Suppose your crush is constantly looking away or not engaging in conversation. In that case, it could signify that she's not interested in starting a romantic relationship with you. However, this doesn't mean a friendship can't blossom instead.

#3: She only texts when she's bored.

Sometimes, your crush may take a long time to respond to your messages because they only find the "time" when nothing is happening. When people are bored, they tend to look for the best thing to fill up the time, and if responding to your text is one of those things, then it could be a sign that she isn't interested in you.

#4: She doesn't show much emotion.

Girls interested in someone usually show some emotion – even if it's small. Suppose your crush seems indifferent when you're around. In that case, this could signify that she's not interested in having anything more than friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning how to tell your crush you like may seem like a nerve wreaking experience, but there's no need to worry. Once you know the basics, you can create a romantic yet simple gesture to express your feelings and intentions in starting a romantic relationship.

Should I tell my crush that I like her over text?

That's one way to approach it! Texting your crush what you feel may not be the best way to confess your feelings, but it's a great way to open up the conversation. Try texting something like, "I want to tell you something important. Can we meet up?" or something similar. It's a great way to get the ball rolling and see how your crush will react before you tell them in person.

How do I make my crush fall for me?

There are many ways to get your crush to fall for you, but finding how to get your crush to like you requires some thought and effort. Try personalizing your confession in a manner that appeals to her. For example, if she likes books, write a love letter as a page from a fictional novel. You can also do simple yet meaningful things like making her a mixtape, baking her favorite dessert, or sending little surprises throughout the week. All of these actions show that you're willing to put effort into pursuing your relationship.

What can I do if she doesn't like the pickup line I sent?

Don't get discouraged if your crush doesn't like the pickup line you sent her! It might just mean that she's not a fan of cheesy lines. Instead, focus on being yourself and let your natural charm take over. You could also use compliments or thoughtful gestures to show your feelings for her in a subtle yet effective.

Is it ok to ask my crush on a date through text?

If possible, asking your crush for the first time is best done in person. But you can opt to ask her out over text by learning how to ask a girl out over text. Just make sure you don't come off as too eager or desperate. You can begin by asking her if she'd like to hang out sometime and then suggest a specific date and time. This way, it shows that you are willing to take the initiative to plan something special for her.

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