Men think they already how to trim mustache. Well, not so fast.

This post will give tips on how to trim beard hair and explore different beard styles.

I know how important it is to understand how to trim facial hair. As an expert survivalist and prepper featured on sites like Outwit Trade, I believe it is important to be always prepared for any situation. That includes knowing how to attract women by looking good and having the right arsenal and tools to be the best version of yourself.

Without further ado, let's get started, men of all ages!


How To Trim A Mustache To Look Savvy

When you think you already know how to trim mustache, you might be wrong about that. Wearing a mustache makes you look manlier, more mature, and more respectable. However, not everyone can pull off wearing a mustache. The last thing you want is to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

This section should serve as a guide for trimming a mustache correctly. It's also technically hair, so it should also be trimmed according to your preferred shape or style. Without further ado, here are tips on trimming your mustache the manly way:

1. Prepare your mustache grooming arsenal.

This usually includes a mustache wax to help tame unruly hairs, a trimmer (preferably an electric one) with different guard lengths, scissors, comb, and time. Yes, you need to take time to do this grooming routine.

2. Ask yourself what your main goal is.

Consider your end goal and why you are trimming your mustache. Is it for maintenance purposes? Do you want to grow it longer or fuller? Or are you growing it according to your preferred style but want better styling and direction?

If you want a handlebar-type 'stache, you only have to trim the hairs in the middle of your lip so that the hair on the outside areas curls up or grows long. Knowing your mustache goals should help you how to trim your mustache properly.

3. Wash and comb your 'stache.

Before trimming, you should wash, dry, and comb your mustache first. You can use your favorite facial cleanser, then towel dry. If your 'stache is long, comb it gently using a fine-toothed comb for untangling. Then let it dry before trimming.

4. Start workin' it.

Using your trimmer, work both sides about the width of your nose and let those hairs outside grow longer. You can use the mustache wax to tame those hairs, keep them away from your mouth, and give that oomph to your overall look. Next, use your beard scissors to even out the ends. Apply wax again to put all the hairs in place.

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The Best Mustache Trimming Tools You Should Have

There are tons of mustache trimming tools men can choose from. Each device offers amazing benefits as long as you know how to use them. That said, it is important to choose the best trimmers for beard to help you achieve the results you want.

Here is a list of beard trimming tools every man should have in his grooming arsenal: 

#1: Razor

This small and handy hair trimming tool is a staple in every home. Some have disposable blades made by popular brands, while some use safety razors which has a single double-sided blade. You can find the best razors for men by reading reviews online.

#2: Mustache Trimmer

Sporting mustache hair is still fashionable these days and continues to be as years pass by. Still, that manly facial hair needs regular trimming. For more convenient hair trimming, you should also have a beard trimmer in your grooming kit.

#3: Facial Hair Scissors

Mustache scissors are considered underrated when it comes to beard grooming products. It helps clean up your mustache and lets you add details to your sideburns and even your eyebrows.

#4: Wooden Comb

Not only can you use a mustache comb to tame the hair on your head but also your facial hair. The best comb for beards lets you achieve different beard styles and keep your facial hair tamed and neat.

Why Is Knowing How To Trim Mustache Important?

Anyone with human whiskers should know how to trim his mustache. Sure, you can go to your trusted barber to keep your facial hair neat and presentable unless you are willing to allot a budget for regular trips to the barbershop.

When you decide to grow a beard, you're in it for the long haul. It is a must to trim it regularly so you won't look like a haggard hermit. Knowing how to trim your mustache can save you money from going to a professional barber and prevent dryness, flyaways, and split ends.

Like how you take care of your hair, you should also give time to learn how to trim your beard like a real man.

5 Different Mustache Styles To Vibe With

Aside from the usual hairstyles, you can also show your personality by choosing from the best styles for your beard around. It is a great way to look and feel good without spending on new clothes. Plus, it highlights and enhances your facial features.

Here are 5 different styles of mustaches you can try and see which one looks best on you: 

#1: The Walrus

The walrus whiskers inspire the beard style. It covers the upper lid and also some part of your bottom lip. You have to comb it straight down to keep it in style.

#2: The Painter's Brush

This beard style is great for men with patchy hair growth who cannot grow a full beard. It does not need any fancy styling or the use of mustache wax. It has rounded edges, which adds softness to the face, which is great for men with square faces.

#3: The Handlebar

It may require mustache wax to achieve the perfect beard look, which resembles bicycle handles hence the beard name. It has a fancy look, with its ends curled upwards that will make you look like legislators in the late 1800s. Nonetheless, it would take months to grow and sport a handlebar beard perfectly. There's also the "cute" mini-version of the handlebar beard that's no wider than the mouth.

#4: The English

The English mustache is... well, Englishly aristocratic and sophisticated. It is somewhat similar to the handlebar mustache, except that the English one does not curl at the ends. Instead, it is suited to be shaped and waxed straight.

#5: The Horseshoe

If you are into a rugged and bold look, you can try the horseshoe mustache. It is similar to the traditional mustache, but it includes two long bars of beard growth downwards and extending up to the chin. It's shaped like an inverted "U" when you look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Itching to start your mustache journey? These FAQs will help you get started, especially in choosing the right beard style and how to maintain it.

Here are frequently-asked questions about mustache care and maintenance that you might have in mind:

Where should my mustache ideally end?

Your mustache should partially cover your upper lip but not be in your mouth. If you can feel you can bite on your mustache and notice stray hair sticking out, you should trim the edge.

Do mustaches make you look older?

Well, yes, it can make you look older. Shaving your facial hair makes you look youthful. Wearing a beard or mustache can make you look older by up to 10 years. Then again, it depends on your style and purpose. For example, some baby-faced men purposefully grow beards to make them look more mature and manlier.

How do I keep my mustache in shape?

Mustache grooming tools mentioned above are a must for men planning to grow their facial hairs. Comb your 'stache upward, then trim the excess hair using a trimmer or a pair of grooming scissors according to your preferred length.

Is it necessary to trim a mustache?

Like how you regularly have haircuts, you also need to trim your moustache to keep it free from stray hairs and split ends. This includes using a beard shampoo, moustache wax, beard brush, trimming scissors, etc.

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In Conclusion

When you think you already know how to trim mustache, you might be wrong. You must have the right tools and basic skills to take care of your mustache. Not only will it make your mustache look fresh and neat, but it also helps boost your confidence and make you feel manlier than ever!