Whether you like your no-fuss tangles or not, we're living in a time when modern mens haircuts are quickly becoming a requirement for any guy who wants to be romantically or professionally successful.

Men's fashion has jumped forward lightyears in recent times, and along with requiring a more impressive wardrobe, you can no longer get away with just keeping your hair short and sort of neat. It just isn't going to do it anymore.

But hey, no worries. You don't have to scramble to find a decent 'do. There are tons of great men's haircuts out there for dudes of every imaginable type of hair and style. These cuts can work with beards, as well as those with smooth clean-shaven cheeks. They can work for the quiet guys who don't want a lot of attention as well as the life of the party.

We've assembled some of the best modern mens haircuts below, so whether you like it short or longer, heavily styled or low maintenance, you'll always have a something to call out to the barber. With these cuts, you'll look ready for business, whether that's professional business or romantic business.


19 Best Modern Men's haircuts

If you're looking to really pull off your best look, you probably want to start by browsing the best modern men's haircuts. These cuts can give you that stylish, out-of-today's-magazines look, and there's enough diversity here that you can definitely find a look that works for you.

Here are the 19 best modern mens haircuts:

1. High Bald Fade + Thick Side Swept Hair + Beard

Beards are in, and so is the high bald fade that really brings out the chin scruff.

2. Messy Textured Medium Length Hair + Shaved Sides

Want to add some style without sacrificing those messy top locks you've got? This is a happy medium.

3. Low Skin Fade + Faux Hawk

Bring the most out of that faux hawk with this fade.

4. Pompadour Fade + Line Up + Facial Hair

There's great balance in the pompadour poof and a bit of rugged beard.

5. Disconnected Undercut + Long Comb Over

Get a lot of swoop and style with long on top and combed over with an undercut.

6. Low Burst Fade + Spiky Hair

Who says spikes are for punks? You can make it work with this style, punk or not.

7. Short Textured Crop + Fade

For those looking for something a little tighter and shorter.

8. Long Top, Short Sides + Beard

You can keep the length and the beard and still pull off a great look.

9. Thick Brushed Back Hair + Full Beard

A look that looks great with a long, beautiful beard.

10. Mid Fade + Shape Up + Medium Length Wavy Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, lean into that strength with this cut.

11. Textured Slicked Back Undercut

This is a favorite of Brad Pitt. And if it works for him, why not you?

12. Slick Back Fade + Part

This looks better if you can pull off a little lift.

13. Tousled Side Swept Fringe + Taper Fade

You don't have to give up that "just got out of bed charm" with this stylish cut.

14. Hard Side Part + Taper Fade

A classic, clean look that's perfect for business and dapper romantic encounters.

15. Long Comb Over Fade

This is not your dad's comb over.

16. Faux Hawk Fade + Part + Groomed Beard

With this cut, you can look great in laid back and professional encounters.

17. Buzz Cut + High Bald Fade + Full Beard

Want it short and your beard long? Ask for this cut.

18. Modern Pompadour + High Fade + Line in Hair

A classic of modern mens haircuts.

19. Messy Quiff + Short Sides

If you've got long, disobedient hair, this can really make it look good.

15 Modern men's Short haircuts

One of the most important decisions you can make when considering any modern mens haircuts is the length you're interested in. Different guys look good with different lengths, and different lengths communicate different qualities.

If you've always looked good or liked the associations of men's short haircuts, there's no need to feel like the modern haircuts revolution will pass you buy. These cuts are short, modern, and super stylish. Pick what works for you and get trimming.

Here are 15 modern men's short haircuts:

20. Short Side Part Style

A classic businessman look that works great in a tux.

21. Short Style with Hard Part

It's clean, easy to keep styled, and has a certain toughness to it.

22. Short Style with Messy Bangs

Just because it's short doesn't mean you can't enjoy that messy look, too.

23. Short Style with Finger Waves

A popular hipster favorite these days, with a bit of a throwback look to it.

24. High-Top Fade

One of the all-time classic short cuts.

25. Short Caesar Cut

It's been working for guys for 2000 years.

26. Short and Spiked

There's something youthful and energetic about this cut.

27. Modern Mohawk

Fun, tough, and adventurous all in one.

28. Messy Undercut with Bangs

A great cut, but it does take a little more length to play with.

29. Messy French Crop

There's a reason French and style are nearly synonymous.

30. Short Haircut with Long Bangs

If you like it short and also like bangs, this is really the best of both worlds.

31. Bowl Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

This is a way to take that old corny cut and give it some new life.

32. Classic Combed Back Style

Short and combed back can give you a real strong, decisive look.

33. Short Curly Quiff

Use your curls but keep them manageable with this cut that's one of the best modern haircuts for men.

34. Flat Top

Sometimes, the old classics are still the best.

12 Modern Men's Fade Haircuts

If you had to pick out one particular feature of modern mens haircuts, it'd probably be the fade. The fade has come back in a big way in recent years, and it's become a mainstay of the best cuts. If you're looking to join the club and get a fade, these men's fade haircuts are a great place to start.

Here are 12 modern mens fade haircuts:

35. Temp Fade Haircut

This looks great particularly when you have some curls on top.

36. Mohawk Fade Haircut

Really bring out that mohawk's style with a good fade.

37. Afro Fade Haircut

The afro's always been cool, a good fade makes it even cooler.

38. Military Haircut Fade

Looking to communicate some discipline and strength? You can't go wrong with this cut.

39. High Top Fade Haircut

Something about a good fade just gives that high top some extra lift.

40. Faded Crop Haircut

You'll see this cut on some boy band members. That's how cool it is. It's boy band cool.

41. Heavy Crop Fade

If you like a crop with a bit more on top, this gives you that with the same cut above.

42. Drop Fade Haircut

One of the most popular fades out there.

43. Bald Fade Haircut

For that baby smooth side of the scalp, ask for this.

44. Longer Hair Fade Haircut

Fades can work no matter the length you're going for.

45. Low Fade Haircut

This is about where the fade starts. If you want the fade from just above the ears, go low.

46. High Fade Haircut

When you really commit to the fade, top to bottom, go high or go home.

14 Modern Mens Medium Hairstyles

A lot of us are medium length guys. We don't like to keep it too short, but once it gets long, it gets unmanageable. We're all about the happy medium, and so, we could all use some men's medium hairstyles that also give us that modern style we need. These medium men's modern hairstyles get you the length and the look you are looking for.

Here are 14 modern mens medium hairtsyles:

47. Half Hard Part + Slicked Back Hair

This gives you a professional but not too stuffy look.

48. Slicked Back Undercut

A great, cool look that allows you to pull off a hip, rebellious vibe.

49. Hi Lo Fade + Surgical Part + Pompadour

That clean part and the pompadour are super eye-catching.

50. Scissor Cut Medium Length Hair Slicked Back

When you like a bit more of a natural, careless, almost poetic look.

51. Textured + Long Bangs

At medium length, there's a lot to play with for bangs.

52. Longer Thick Hair Blown Dry

If the shaggy look works best for you, you can have it but with style.

53. Classic Men’s Combover

If you always wanted to channel your inner Gatsby, ask for this.

54. Cool Under-Hawk

It's a swooped up mohawk that's more runway than punk.

55. Skin Fade + Hard Part Pompadour

Really bring all that attention to your magnificent pompadour with this cut.

56. Medium Length Haircut Blow Dried Back

If your hair behaves enough to pull off this natural look, it's a great one.

57. Textured Crop + Heavy Bangs

Cover up that large forehead with a style people can't take their eyes off.

58. High Fade + Wavy Hair

Really give all the focus away to that wavy hair of yours.

59. Cool Waved Pompadour

Add an extra dimension to the traditional pompadour look.

60. High Fade + Comb Styling

There's something at once rebellious and professional in this cut. It lives in both worlds.

14 Men's modern low maintenance haircuts

If modern haircuts for men were easy to pull off, everyone would have them. The problem a lot of guys have with great hair is they don't want to take the time to pull it off. But guess what? There are plenty of low maintenance men's haircuts out there that are just as cool as the work-intensive styles you see on the streets.

These cuts will give you a great look that you don't have to spend hours maintaining. Just cut and do the bare minimum, and you're still the coolest guy in the room.

Here are 14 men's modern low maintenance haircuts:

61. Simple Top with Skin Faded Sides

In some circumstances, you don't even need a comb with this cut.

62. Short French Crop with Disconnected Fade

If you can bother with a little gel, the barber will do the rest for you.

63. Messy Curly Fringes with Undercut Fade

With naturally curly hair, your hair does most of the styling.

64. Twice Disconnected Buzz Cut

All you've got to do is get back to the barber regularly.

65. French Crop with Sleek Taper Fade

Short, stylish, and easy to manage. What more can you ask for?

66. French Crop with Undercut Skin Fade

Barring the worst bad hair days, this cut takes care of itself.

67. High and Tight

Out of sight, out of mind for you.

68. Simple Texture with Low Volume

With a bit of gel, just run your hands through your hair a few times. Job done.

69. Fine Straight Strands

If your hair is fine and straight, let it lie as it naturally does.

70. Shorter Top with Tousled Texture

Again, just a quick tousle in the morning and it can hold all day.

71. Low Key Taper Fade

Brush it forward or back, that's your biggest decision.

72. Ivy League

It's short, wicked smart, and low maintenance.

73. Butch Cut

It's so short, there's nothing you could do with it, even if you tried.

74. Induction cut

Just one step above a straight shave, your hair is barely even there to mess with!

Downloadable and Printable List of modern men's haircuts

Here is the downloadable and printable list of modern men's haircuts (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to pick the best modern men's haircuts

There's tons of great modern men's haircuts above, but which one is right for you? To help you narrow down your options, just guide your way through these four steps.

Here is how to pick the best modern men's haircuts:

1. Consider Your Hair's Natural Attributes

If your hair naturally wavy or curly? Is it straight without volume? None of those are barriers to a great modern style, but they do limit which styles you can choose. So, start by considering the strengths and limitations of your hair as it is.

2. What Length Works for You?

Some guys look great with their hair trimmed down to almost nothing. Other guys look best with some length to play with. Find out which kind of guy you are and then choose the a style with that length.

3. Think about What the Style Says About You

Each style communicates something different. It can say you're rugged, smooth, professional, tough, or sweet. Pick a style that says the right things about your personality.

4. How Much Work Are You Willing to Put in?

Are you willing to get up early and make sure your hair is perfect? Or do you want to roll out of bed and do as little as possible? Decide your commitment to your style, then choose a style that matches the commitment.

More Men's Fashion Tips

There's more to men's fashion than just getting your haircut right. A modern guy has to get style right from the hair down to the shoes. To get you looking good, take a look at these men's fashion tips:

  1. If you're trying to turn your style around these quick tricks that will instantly improve your style is the place to start.
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In Conclusion

With the options above, you can certainly find some modern mens haircuts that work for you. Men's haircuts these days provide stylish options for guys no matter what type of hair or what type of personality they have. So, pick your style and get cutting!