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38 Best Mens Short Haircuts - Stylish hairstyles for men.


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by | November 20th, 2021

Mens short haircuts are countless styles out in the world, and it can be hard to sort through them all. It's a constant dance of finding a style that suits your build and lifestyle, while also setting you apart from the crowd.

When looking at men's haircuts short styles can range from polished to commanding to wild child. From buzz cuts to pompadours, there are short men's haircuts for anyone looking for a change or a signature look.

I've compiled a list of hairstyles for men, focusing on shorter styles of all varieties. Take a look and see which styles catch your attention, and take your newly acquired lingo (and a photo or 2!) to a stylist to create your new look.


6 Best Mens Short Haircuts

These classic short haircuts are so universal, they're almost one size fits all. But that doesn't mean they're basic - they're just multi-talented! Consider this list the swiss army knives of the short haircut world.

Here are the 6 best men's short haircuts:

1. Brush Cut

Also called a butch cut, this style is good for a man who wants to look good in no time or less. Shaved short on the back and sides, this easy look fades into a 1/4 inch longer cut on top.

2. Messy Texture + High Fade

This style looks good on everyone and every hair type. Fade all the way up to the temple, then texturize the top with as much length and choppiness as you want. This is one of the best short hair cut for men.

3. Short Fine Hair + Drop Fade

This cut combines a light, texturized look on top with a trendy drop fade. A drop fade is an updated cousin to a tapered fade, where instead of rounding out, it follows the curve of the head all the way down to the neckline.

4. Buzz Cut with Shaved Design

The classic shave has gotten a cool upgrade! Have your stylist carve in detailed design work on the edges or anywhere you want to add a little flair.

5. Classic Combed Back Style

This timeless look is easy to style and is also great when you've gone a bit too long between haircuts. Hair is slightly tapered on the sides, and every strand of it is slicked straight back with gel. Use different sized combs to vary the look.

6. Angular Fringe

This edgy look keeps hair trimmed short on the sides and back and pushes the top hair forward into a long, angular bang.

7 Men's Short Haircuts For Thin Hair

Having thin hair is sometimes made out to be a hindrance, but it can actually be a gift! There are many haircuts for men with thin hair that truly benefit from the ability to be light and breezy.

Here are 7 men's short haircuts for thin hair:

7. Pompadour with Undercut

Think mohawk top, but wider. This style features tight, faded sides and back with a voluminous tuft of hair on top, blown out and back. Try it with styled waves for extra pop.

8. Stylish Side Swept

This breezy look takes long top layers and uses a deep side part to sweep them over the head. Have your stylist help you decide which side to part, and keep the rest of the cut trimmed and tidy.

9. Short & Textured Hair

This style features a medium fade on the sides and back, with a short choppy cut on top. Structured sides keep it work-friendly, while a lot of texture gives it some energy.

10. Fringe Or Parted Hair

Here, longer top layers are swept forward or parted on the side. Pair this with tapered sides and back to keep it from being too messy.

11. Spiked Up Undercut

This cut creates the look of thickness, without the weight, by pairing longish, textured spikes with a clean high fade. Keep the spikes as long as you dare, brushing them forward and out. Blow-drying them will give extra volume.

12. Modern Mohawk with Undercut

This isn't 90's egg-white spikes - these mohawks are a grown-up version of edgy. Slicked back, or left messy, combine a thick strip of long hair with a razor fade. Add some carving to amp up the cool factor even more.

13. Short Curls

Keep those gorgeous curls slightly longer on top to highlight them. Keep the rest low key with the sides and back cut low and faded.

7 Men's Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair is often considered the most desirable hair type, but it takes a special kind of love and attention. When hairstyles for men with thick hair are cut thoughtlessly, they can look heavy or bowl-ish, or fight holding their style. But, cut correctly, you'll have a lustrous, youthful and effortless look. 

Here are 7 men's short haircuts for thick hair:

14. Caesar Cut

This cut has a hide fade paired with short, horizontal bangs across the front. Named for Julius Caeser, this look is classically traditional.

15. Faux Hawk

The "professional mohawk", this cut has serious style while also being suited to any setting. Instead of a straight shave on the sides, this has a longer tapered fade blending into a shorter spiky style on top.

16. Box Fade

In a box fade, the hair on top is cut into a rounded rectangle box, with a gentle fade leading to a complete shave. This unique cut is sure to turn heads making it one of the best short hairstyles for men.

17. Thick Mid-Fade

This medium fade hits between the temples and ears before it starts to thin out. Compare this with a low fade where the thinning starts at the ears.

18. Modern Combover with Hard Part

Do a hard sweep with side-parted hair, keeping hair gelled in place. At the part, have your stylist carve out a hard line to give some great contrast.

19. Wavy Side Swept

This cut looks best if your hair has some body. Take longer top layers, and brush them back and to the side, making sure to keep some wave in there. A little gel and heat will help set the look.

20. Angular Brush Up Hairstyle

This hip style makes a surfable wave with the hair. Use heat to add volume and blowdry the hair up and out. Pair with a fade, and add some carving for good measure.

7 Men's Classic Short Hairstyles

Looking for something retro or timeless? This list is for you. These mens classic short hairstyles go back decades or more, showing they have real staying power. These are more than just fads - these cuts are iconic styles.

Here are 7 men's classic short haircuts:

21. High-and-tight

The look of a classic serviceman, this haircut is basic, but not boring. A high fade pairs into a low buzz on top, bringing attention to your chiseled looks. 

22. Buzzcut with Skin Fade

Classic, classic! Go with the tightest clip on top, then have your stylist give you a high razor fade.

23. Square Fade

This square fade can be combined with other cuts. It's a focus on the hairline in front, with the side edges of the forehead being razored into a clean ninety-degree angle on each side.

24. Crew Cut

The go-to style of the mid-century American football player, this features a taper up to a low, textured cut with a small tuft at the front.

25. Ducktail

This style originated in the 50's and features side edges swooping together in the back toward a low central point on the neck.

26. Flat Top

Think Elvis or the Fresh Prince, this style is bold! Hair on top is cut into a perfectly flat table, as tall as you dare, with faded or tapered edges.

27. Messy French Crop

Similar to the Caeser, pair a high or mid fade with longer length on top, messily swept forward.

7 Mens Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair

When searching for the perfect hairstyle for men with curly hair, there are a lot of factors to consider. Understanding the type of curl and thickness of your hair is going to be key to your success in choosing a style. But no worries, I have lots of options for you!

Here are 7 men's short haircuts for curly hair:

28. Curly Fringe

Similar to the fringe above, but with the added benefit of curls. Taper the sides and back and let long those curly locks fall forward on the forehead.

29. Messy Curly Quiff

Did you know the quiff is considered one of the most attractive hairstyles by women? The curls only add more personality, with tapered sides and back, and long hair in the top front swept up and back.

30. Curly Mohawk Haircut

Curls add a fun variation to what can be a severe look. Taper or fade the sides up to a thick strip of hair. Let those curls go wild or use their volume to form strong waves.

31. Blow Out Haircut

This is one bold cut. Mid faded sides lead up to a long, even cut that is blow-dried into a full afro-meets-pompadour look.

32. Modern Afro Haircut

This modern version of the afro features faded edges up to gloriously voluminous curls. Pair with a square edge front or some carving to add even more personality.

33. Slicked Back

Keep hair long enough to see the body and movement those curls carry. Blowdry to add a lot of volume, then gel back away from the face.

34. Deep Side Parted Curls

Give those curls the floor! Start with a deep part, keeping hair cut close on the smaller side, and keep those curls grow a little longer on the wide side, sweeping them back and to the side.

4 Low Maintenance Mens Short Haircuts

If you don't like the idea of styling your hair with products and getting numerous haircuts, then these low maintenance mens short haircuts might be for you.

Here are 4 low maintenance mens short haircuts:

35. Buzz Cut

Nothing says low maintenance like a buzz cut. The great thing about this cut is that you don't even need to visit a barber - just buy a clipper.

36. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a military-inspired, modified buzz cut that looks great no matter what. Best of all, you'll never have to worry about messy hair. 

37. Messy French Crop

A messy French crop is an excellent choice if you enjoy the messy look. You can blend this cut with a fade for a clean yet unrehearsed aesthetic.

38. Classic Slicked Back

Although some product is necessary for a slicked-back style, there's really nothing to it. The result is a classic, timeless look. Even though you'll look prim and proper, not much thought needs to go into this hairstyle.

Downloadable and Printable List of Mens Short Haircuts

Here is a downloadable and printable jpeg/pdf list of mens short haircuts (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Pick The Best Men's Short Haircut For You

Now that you've read through this extensive list of styles for short hair for men, it's time to take the plunge! Do some homework and choose a stylist skilled with your hair type, then use these tips to make that visit the start of something great!

Here is how to choose the best men's short haircut for you:

1. Take note of your face shape

These styles don't let you hide behind long locks, so make sure to put the focus on the features that really shine.

Strong chin? Great cheekbones? Bright eyes? Choose a style that's going to make the most of what you have and will have you feeling fantastic!

2. Think through your morning

Have to run out at 4 am while your partner is asleep? Maybe a blow-dried style isn't the best fit for this season. Products make you break out? Choose a style that minimizes the gel that may brush your face.

Also, consider your commute. Some styles handle things like helmets or open-topped cars better than others. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success every day!

3. Speak your mind

At your appointment, make sure you are super clear with your stylist. Listen to their professional wisdom, but don't be afraid to say what you like and what you don't.

You know all of the ins and outs of your hair - that funny cowlick, that one piece that always sticks up, where the texture changes - make sure they know the whole roadmap to give you the best style.

4. Be bold - it's just hair!

Don't be afraid to try something different. It's just hair, that, luckily, grows pretty darn quick!

Pick a style that interests you and go for it. You may just find a whole new trademark cut!

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In Conclusion

The time is right to pick your favorite from this list of mens short haircuts and make it a reality! There are so many options for every lifestyle.

Whether you go with a true classic like a crew cut or decide to rock a messy mohawk with carved detailing, there are bold looks that will highlight your confidence and creativity to everyone you meet. Good luck!

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