Long hairstyles for men are as common as traditional shorter styles. We live in an amazing age indeed.

But, how can you know which cut is right for you? We've scouted all of the current fashion trends to find hairstyles for long hair men can rock no matter what your style has been.

If you've been searching for a way to elevate your haircut from basic to noteworthy, there is definitely a look here for you. This list of hairstyles for men is the first step for you to take in developing a new definitive style.

And understanding the names for common mens haircuts shouldn't feel like rocket science. This quick and thorough guide below will give you a good handle on the different long hairstyles for men that are available, and give you useful language to explain exactly what you want to your stylist.


12 Best Long Hairstyles For Men

These long hairstyles for men are universal. Thick hair or thin, curly, wavy or straight - these looks will work for you, leaving you feeling fantastic and ready to take on every new day.

1. The Man Bun

This look couldn't be easier and gets hipper by the minute. Simply swoop back your hair into a messy bun, high or low, and you're out the door.

2. Long Braids

Always classic, twist your hair into long braids and wear them down, back in a ponytail, or twisted into a bun. This style is great for managing your hair while growing it out extra long.

3. Dreadlocks

Locs can be worn in a variety of ways. They can vary in thickness, texture, and types of twist. You can add in artificial or different-colored hair. There are so many ways to customize this style, and while a lot of it can be done yourself, this style is a bit of a commitment. It's best to consult a professional when you initially begin this process.

4. Long Side Part Hair

With long shoulder length or longer hair highlighted with a deep side part, this look is striking. Plus, once it's grown out this far, it's super easy to maintain.

5. Messy Pomp Fade

Bringing back some Rockabilly feel, this style has a long pompadour on top with a faded or shaved edge. Hair carving is an optional upgrade that really ups the wow factor in this look.

6. Side Sweep Hairstyle

There's no need for an awkward phase - this is a great growing-out hairstyle. Give yourself a deep part and sweep that hair wave back and away from your face for an effortlessly cool look.

7. Side and Back Swept Mane

Pretty simple - sweep your flowing locks back and to the side for a look any hero would crave.

8. Easy Swept-back Layered Style

Different than the slicked look listed below, this style should look breezy. Use a light hold gel and heat to sweep the hair back from the face gently.

9. Shaggy Hair

This relaxed style is perfect for those transition periods between different cuts. Balancing and texturing light layers lets you seamlessly grow your long hair to the desired length. Or keep it in uncomplicated longer layers, hitting right below the chin for a surf style feel.

10. Long Undercut

This style is super customizable. Fade up the sides, shave it completely, or add some decorative edging. Sweep the top over, hitting above the ear, at the chin or even longer.

11. Hipster Tease

This can refer to several different kinds of cuts where the top part is long and grown out. Instead of sweeping it straight back, gel and careful drying give the top part body and distinct bend and texture.

12. Top Knot

As long as your hair is shoulder length, you can rock this top knot every day or whenever you want an easy change. Keeping it messy is the way to keep this look masculine.

7 Long Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

When looking for hairstyles for men with thick hair, you're going to be looking at cuts that either manage the thickness or highlight it. These styles make that full, lustrous hair the star.


13. Long Spiky Fade

This has a fade shave on the sides, leading up to a full, long cut on top. Longer than a typical spiky 'do, this hairstyle highlights the thickness of your hair while keeping it light on your neck.

14. Medium Length Texture

This cut is similar to the fade above, but instead of spiking out the hair, allow it to curl or take on a messy bedhead style look. This cut is great if your glossy, thick hair also has a bit of wave, and makes this particularly easy to style perfectly.

15. Loose and Messy Combover

The combover lets you take that thick hair and make a surf-worthy wave out of it. Sweep it over for a bold look, while keeping the sides shaved tight or faded.

16. Twist-In Bun

A warrior style coif has never been hipper than it is now. Let that thick hair grow long, then twist it back tightly against the top of the head into a low or high messy bun.

17. Shoulder Length Side Part

This style completely embraces the full volume of a thick head of hair. Part the hair deep on the side, and lighten the front with long layers for a style that looks effortless and is low maintenance.

18. Braid into Bun

Another style harkening back to warriors of ancient days, this style looks slick, confident, and a bit renegade. Braid the sides and/or top back while gathering your thick hair in a bun at the nape or crown. This style is super versatile - make it your own!

19. Long Layered Haircut

Longer than a shaggy cut, this style hits the shoulders or collar bone. Keep the layers long, but the texture can be curly or straight, parted or worn slicked straight back - dealer's choice!

8 Long Curly Hairstyles For Men

Gorgeous touchable curls - they're the envy of everyone. Each type of curl is different, so figuring out the right curly hairstyles for men is the key to standing out from the crowd in a good way.

20. Long Messy Curls

Think Jason Mamoa, with long, thick, rambunctious curls. This look is a little wild and a little bold, but it's also low maintenance - just regular trims to keep split ends at bay and maintain balance in the layers.

21. Curly Fringe

This style pushes those springy curls towards the front, letting them fall down the brow towards the eye line. The rest of the cut is kept tight along the sides and back.

22. Windswept Waves

Have your stylist give you longer layers to let your curls fall into easy waves of any length. Use texturing cream for more twist, or blow it out for a smoother, wavier look.

23. Wavy Braids

These specific braids form long waves along the scalp, with tight plaits showing off the embellished styling.

24. Men's Fishtail

Decorative braids show a real sense of confidence while keeping all of the long locks away from your face. Try this inside out french braid for a really eye-catching look - braid it all the way down, or pull the bottom sections into a bun.

25. Layered Bob

This style oozes cool and is great for growing out a shorter look. Layers of any length let the top and sides grow out towards the bottom edge. Frequent trims will keep it looking healthy.

26. Hard Part Tapered Curly

Make the most of current trends by pairing a curly combover with a smooth fade and hair carving. This hits all the syle marks and highlights those healthy curls.

27. Mullet

This word brings to mind memes and jokes, but there are some really cool ways to rock this look, especially with curly hair. Growing hair out on the top down towards the back takes this mullet into mohawk territory. Throw in some side carving, and this is a whole new take on the 70's staple.

6 Long Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Thin hair can be a great asset when growing your hair long. It keeps the whole thing light and easy to wear, adding to that effortless look often aimed for with long hair. We have the perfect hairstyles for men with thin hair below.

28. Slicked Back

This style looks polished, whether your mane is thick or fine. Slick your long locks straight back for an easy but put-together look. Use gel or pomade to keep it in place - using a fine or wide tooth comb can customize this look as well.

29. Hippie Hairstyle

Easy to wear and customize - this look can be as simple as leaving your long hair tucked behind your ears, or accessorized with a bandana wrapped around your temples. The keyword here is - relaxed!

30. Long and Straight Hairstyle

Thin hair is perfect for this style, keeping it light to wear while looking effortless and windswept.

31. Mid Length Haircut

Hitting right at the jawline, this length makes the best of thin hair. Part it deep on the side, or right in the middle and tuck behind the ears for a comfortable and effortless 'do.

32. Sleek and Low Ponytail

This one is simple - just pull hair back into a ponytail on the nape of the neck. Brush it smooth, or leave it a little messy and loose.

33. Slightly Messy and Asymmetrical

This asymmetrical look is an edgy take on a combover and is a great stepping stone on your way to a long undercut. Control the boldness of this look by shifting the angle and length of the cut.

Downloadable and Printable List of Long Hairstyles For Men

Here is a downloadable and printable list of long hairstyles for men (right click the image and select Save Image As...) :

How to Pick The Best Long Hairstyles For Men

They say the person who cuts their hair is about to change their life, so we've added a few tips to help you prepare for this big shift! These tips will help you choose the long hairstyle that suits you best at your next visit to a stylist!

1. Consider the texture and thickness of your hair

Want long, luxurious waves but your current cut is short and straight?

Be realistic with what your hair can reasonably do, and if your dream style is a ways away, work on finding some in-between styles.

2. Think through your lifestyle

Do you have the time to style it every day? Wear a helmet on your commute? Hate hair in your eyes? Don't have time for regular cuts? Thinking through what you love and don't love about your hair will set you on course for a style you can stick with.

3. Over-communicate with your stylist

Bring several printed out pictures, both of what you want and what you DON'T want. Use wording from this list to help explain exactly what you're aiming for in your style. And don't be afraid to be clear! You've been living with your hair your whole life - if you know you hate bangs, stick to it.

4. Choose a stylist who is skilled in the type of cut you want

This is especially important if you have curly hair. And if you don't love it, don't leave - your stylist wants you to feel great, and a lot of times a few tweaks are all it takes to get a look you love and that suits you.

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In Conclusion

You can see now that there are more options than ever for long hairstyles for men.

Asymmetrical, half shaved, braided, twisted, held back in buns, top knots or flowing free, there are countless ways to make a unique statement with your hairstyle.

Don't be afraid to try something new! It's just hair, and it'll keep on growing, so keep experimenting 'til you find something you love... then, shake it up again! Your hair evolves as you do, and this list is sure to help you find a new style to grow into.