Dude… looking for low maintenance men’s short haircuts? Grab a seat.

I know, I know – messy, textured, longer hairstyles are all the rage right now. But here’s the thing, short haircuts can be stylish, sleek, and extremely fashionable too. But you need to get it right.

We have a collection of men's haircuts that you must try whether you’ve got tight curls, textured waves, or rigidly straight hair. We encourage you to get creative and combine these men’s haircuts for something truly unique. We’ve also thrown in some dope men’s medium hairstyles that will provide you inspiration for your next barber visit.


9 Best Low Maintenance Men's Short Haircuts

Getting ready in the morning can be a real drag. Especially when your hair just won’t do what you want it to. If your untamable mane is testing your patience, then it’s time to get a short low-maintenance haircut. You see, every morning doesn’t have to be a wrestling match with your hair.

And here’s the best part – you don’t have to compromise on style. We have a collection of low maintenance short haircuts that will have you looking your best with minimal effort.

Here are the 9 Best low maintenance men's short haircuts:

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are the ultimate dude haircut.

2. Crew Cut

Get this relatively simple tapered hairstyle for a simple and stylish look.

3. Taper Haircut

A cleaned up, precise disconnected undercut is one of the greatest low maintenance short haircuts.

4. French Crop

Classic short men's hairstyle with a cropped fringe in the front, one of the best low maintenance short haircuts out there.

5. Induction Cut

This is the shortest possible men's hairstyle without shaving the head with a razor, making it one of the best low maintenance short haircuts there is.

6. Butch Cut

The butch cut is popular with military military men and athletes.

7. Low Fade with Side Swept Hair

If you want to sport a classy hairstyle then this is it.

8. Caesar Cut

One of the most perfect low maintenance short haircuts that work for straight, wavy, or even curly hair.

9. Brush Up

The brush up looks good on anyone with short to medium length hair.

9 Low Maintenance Short Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

Have thin hair that’s a trouble to tame? Frustrating, right? We have some great news - your thin hair can be stylish without ponying up the big bucks. How, you ask? We’ve rounded up a collection of low maintenance haircuts for men with thin hair. These cuts require little to no styling or upkeep, and they don’t compromise on looks. Even better, many of them are easy to execute so you can cut your hair at home. You’ll save money and time. Take a peek.

Here are the 10 Best low maintenance short haircuts for men with thin hair:

10. Short and Tousled

This short, clean-cut look sends the message that you're a professional and serious guy.

11. Subtle fade

Perfect for the guy who wants to look good without drawing too much attention to himself.

12. Short quiff

Take a military approach to your new hairstyle.

13. High and Tight

The high and tight is a minimalist and yet striking hairstyle.

14. Comb-Over

A tidy and stylish look for guys with thin hair.

15. Textured

The textured hairstyle uses the texture of thin hair to its advantage.

16. Slicked-Back Side Part

This retro haircut is one of the best looks for guys with thin hair.

17. Short-side part

Perfect for gents starting to thin

18. Classic textured scissor cut

A great way to beef up fine hair

8 Low Maintenance Short Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Thick hair is a curse and a blessing. You can probably relate if you’re a guy born with a mane that needs to be roughed up every morning to get it to behave. Shaping and styling can come with tons of challenges, not to mention the need for lots of grooming products. Trade in your frustrations for these timeless hairstyles for men with thick hair.

Here are the 8 Best low maintenance short haircuts for men with thick hair:

19. Short Crop

One of the best short haircuts for men with thick hair to get right now.

20. Textured Crop

The textured crop has been a staple in street style for a few years now.

21. Short Hair + Temple Fade

A temple fade can give any style a modern twist.

22. Thick Top Style

Create a strong contrast with the thick top style.

23. Swept Back

The swept back hairstyle has reemerged as a contemporary favorite.

24. Taper Faded Undercut

Undercuts work a treat with thick hair.

25. Modified Round Cut

Great for guys with round faces.

26. Skin Fade on Sides with Messy Top

A gradual fade look that's sharp and neat.

7 Low Maintenance Short Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

Short haircuts are usually easy to maintain and can be stylish when done right. This is why shorter cuts are so popular with guys. If you have curly hair, then you can probably relate with the struggle – it’s unruly and hard to tame.

Today, we’ll help you pick out a short hairstyle for men with curly hair that works with your natural texture instead of against it. You’ll fall in love with these.

Here are the 8 Best low maintenance short haircuts for men with thick hair:

27. High Skin Fade

The ladies will love the wild, looping curls that pulsate with every movement.

28. Taper Fade

Style your curly hair into a trendy taper fade.

29. Short Choppy Curls

Perfect when you want something stylish and not too elaborate for your unruly man curls.

30. Tousled Top with Short Sides

A style that looks youthful but doesn't take much effort.

31. Natural Curls

Enhance your natural curls with a styling mousse or pomade.

32. Short Textured Curls

Perfect for casual days.

33. Fine Curls with Vivid Mid Fade

Taking the curls and fade into a whole new level with this fresh look.

How to Pick the Best Low Maintenance Men's Short Haircuts

Getting the right haircut can be challenging. Most guys don’t know how to go about choosing the best low maintenance men's short haircuts. And we get it… getting a cut that complements the shape of your face and fits your lifestyle is often a guessing game. Not to mention, most barbers don’t take time to educate their clients on how to make the most out of a haircut. They mostly do what you ask.

Feeling left out in the wilderness on this critical choice for your look? As always, we have you covered.

1. Face Shape

The shape of you face is the most important consideration when picking a haircut. Different styles suit different face shapes. Yep.. you need to find out what your face shape is before your next visit to the barbershop. So how do you go about it? It's simple - measure your face. Measure the width of your forehead, jaw, and the distance from one check bone to the other. Next, measure the length of your face starting from your hairline to your chin.

If the length of your face is almost the same size as the average width, then you have a round face. If the length is about 1.5 times the width, then you have an oval face. If the length is more than 1.5 times longer, then you have an oblong face. If the length and the width are almost the same and you have a wide jaw, then you have a square face. You have a diamond face if your cheeks are the widest part of your face. If your jaw is the widest part of your face and you have a pointy chin, then you have a triangle face.

Now for the next step – choosing a haircut for your face:

  • Oval face: This type of face suits most hairstyles. You can basically rock anything you want.
  • Round face: Choose a hairstyle with sharp edges and volume. Make the sides shorter than the top to make your face look longer. Avoid buzz cuts and haircuts with full fringes.
  • Oblong face: Avoid haircuts that make your face look longer.
  • Square face: This is considered the ideal face for men. It works with all hairstyles including sharp and angular ones. You’ll look great in an undercut, a fade, or even a buzz cut.
  • Diamond/Triangle face: You’ll look great with a hairstyle that’s shorter on the sides and longer on top. A fade or an undercut will work particularly well.

2. Hair Texture and Type

It’s important to consider your hair type and texture when choosing a haircut. Some hair-types work best with certain hairstyles. Wavy, thick hair works with most hairstyles. Curly hair is perfect for fades, some versions of the undercut. If you have straight coarse hair, you should follow its natural pattern when shaving and styling. For straight, thin hair, go with a buzz cut. It’s the best way to make your hair appear thicker by disguising sparse strands.

3. Your Profession

Your profession can help determine what hairstyle you go for. Most professions require a bit of neatness. If you’re in a more formal workplace setting, like a lawyer, go with neat and more classic hairstyles.

More Awesome Fashion Tips for men

Guys… does it often seem like there’s too much to know about fashion and good style? There is! But looking better than 99% of other guys is usually simple. It only requires you to get the little stuff tight. This is the kind of stuff that is easy to encapsulate into easy to remember principles.

Other than having a great haircut, here are some of the best fashion tips that can make you look sharper right now. Thank us later.

  1. Getting your gig line right is one of the style tricks you can use to make you more attractive.
  2. Check out this collection of clothing items women love. Prepare to deal with the stares.
  3. These style tips and rules for men are bound to take you from blasé to bravo in a snap.

In Conclusion

There you go guys… some timely tips on how to pull of low maintenance men’s short haircuts. We hope it was a fun and informative read. But don’t forget – you can only look and feel good in a haircut if you like it yourself and rock it with confidence. Cheers!