If you're planning to change up your look, why not consider some of these men's medium long hairstyles?

Medium long hairstyles are an excellent way to achieve that loose, flowy hairstyle but without going overboard.

Essentially, these hairstyles occupy that "middle ground" between super long and super short hairstyles. Due to this fact, men's medium long hairstyles are versatile enough for virtually any occasion or setting.

Because of the length of their haircuts, you also have tons of freedom. With that much hair to work with, there are almost limitless possibilities. If you really want to explore different hairstyles and harness your creativity, slightly longer hairstyles are the way to go.

And the best part? With longer hair, you can go for longer periods of time without haircuts. If you're the type who wants to "grow into" your hair over the course of several months, you really can't go wrong with these options.

Check out these slightly longer men's medium hairstyles, and you'll have tons of new ideas for your next haircut.


4 Best mens medium long hairstyles

If you're looking for a tried-and-true medium-long hairstyle, then it's best to choose from the best of the best. These options have stood the test of time, and you can be sure you'll look amazing.

1. Classic Brushed Back

The best thing about having a little extra length is that it looks spectacular when it's brushed back. Unlike many other mens medium long hairstyles, this one has a little extra structure to give it a formal vibe.

2. Mid Length Taper

If you can't decide between long and short hair, then why not have both? The mid-length taper combines the best of both worlds, giving you the formality of tight sides with the playfulness of additional length on top.

3. Pompadour

If you want to bring back the 1950's, then the pompadour is the way to go. A true classic, this hairstyle requires a little bit of product to create the desired effect. One thing's for sure, this style will turn plenty of heads.

4. Slick Back

Another hairstyle that can really make an impact is the slick back. This classic style works especially well if you have a little extra length, and it can be both formal and daring at the same time.

4 medium long hairstyles for men with thin hair

Men's medium long hairstyles are perfect if you have thin hair. If you're looking to make the most of your hair type, then check out these medium-long haircuts for men with thin hair.

5. Clean-Cut Classic Look

This option is perfect if you're working regularly in an office or another formal setting. A truly versatile haircut, the clean-cut approach can look good in almost any setting or occasion.

6. Messy with Beard

Combining medium-long hair with a beard is always a great move. When you're working with hair of this length, it's always a good idea to keep your hair messy for an interesting look. 

7. Frizzled Strands

If you love the messy look, then frizzled strands are the way to go. This longer, loose, and proudly unkempt style illustrates your carefree personality and your relaxed attitude to life - and that's attractive.

8. Medium Man Bun

You don't need super long hair to pull off a man bun. With just medium-length hair, you can pull off a relatively small man bun that doesn't attract too much attention but still has that same general aesthetic.


4 medium long hairstyles for men with thick hair

Got thick hair? No problem. There are plenty of hairstyle options for you as well. If you want to change up your hair, then why not choose from these hairstyles for men with thick hair?

9. Wavy Low Fade

The cool thing about thick hair is that you can create super wavy hairstyles with a little extra length. Combine this with a fade, and you'll have seriously trendy hair that never goes out of style.

10. Classic Tapered Sides

If you like the idea of short sides but you don't want to commit to a full fade, then tapered sides are the way to go. Combine this classic style with additional length on top, and you'll look suave in all settings.

11. Caesar

Named after the Ancient Roman emperor Julius Caesar, this hairstyle still looks just as good as it did 2,000 years ago. If you have thick hair and you like bangs, this one is for you.

12. Bro Flow

A bro flow is definitely a hairstyle that can attract a lot of attention in all the right ways. With thick hair, this hairstyle has a little extra weight to it, and you can feel confident rocking slightly longer hair.

3 medium long hairstyles for men with curly hair

Medium long hairstyles for men are also quite fitting if you have curly hair. Choose a hairstyle for men with curly hair, and you can enjoy the feeling of additional length while complementing your natural curls.

13. High Volume Curls

Why fight your curls? Embrace them, choose high volume curls, and go for that totally natural and cool aesthetic.

14. Box Fade

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is all about carving a man's curly hair in a rectangular shape. The result is quite striking, and it's a great medium-length cut.

15. High Top Wild Z Coils

Z coils are totally "in" right now, and you can really push this style to the limit if you have medium-length hair. Combined with a high top and a bit of a fade, this style can really turn heads.

How to Pick the Best men's medium long hairstyles

Picking out the right hairstyle is one of the most difficult decisions if you're trying to master the art of looking good. There are just so many factors to take into account. The last thing you want to do is pick something and then regret it later.

If you're having trouble picking men's medium long hairstyles, then all you need to do is follow this simple guide. Take these lessons into account, and you can pick a hairstyle that you'll be satisfied with as soon as you walk out of the barbershop or hairdresser.

1. Take your facial shape into account

Believe it or not, you can actually pick great hairstyles based on your facial shape. Certain hairstyles will be unflattering, while others will complement your natural visage in a flattering way.

Because there are so many possibilities when it comes to men's medium long hairstyles, it should be pretty easy to pick one that highlights your natural features. Do a little bit of internet research and find out if the hairstyle you've chosen will work in tandem with your facial shape.

2. Low maintenance is always a plus

Choose a low-maintenance hairstyle, and you'll be saving yourself a ton of trouble down the line. Medium long hairstyles are famous for being easy to maintain, and you can get the full benefit of this type of cut by choosing one that's not too complicated.

In addition, there's always something to be said about "effortless" style. If your hair looks messy and cool at the same time, you're already winning.

3. Take your hair type into account

There are always a few hairstyles that are hard to pull off if you don't have the right hair type. Some medium long styles only work if you have curly hair, while others look strange unless you have fair hair.

Either way, it's best to go with the flow. Even though you might want to pull off a hairstyle that requires a different hairstyle, and even though it might be possible, it's usually more trouble than it's worth.

Downloadable and Printable List of Men's Medium Long Hairstyles

Here is a downloadable and printable list of men's medium long hairstyles (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

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In Conclusion

So there you have it - a multitude of men's medium long hairstyles to choose from.

By now, you probably have a few ideas in mind. So why not visit your barber and get their opinion? Even if you haven't narrowed down the options yet, you probably already have a general idea of what you're looking for, and that means you're one step closer to cool, trendy hair.

Remember, these men's medium hairstyles are the best of the best. Choose one of these options, and you really can't go wrong. 

If you're worried about the future of your hair, then all you need to do is pick one of these hairstyles and forget about it.