Are you looking for the best mind-blowing questions that will surely make you think? This post is all about the questions that will blow your mind!

When it comes to the questions to ask, I've written all the best there is, whether they're impossible questions or those that are the best conversation starters. With my expertise in the right questions that make you think, your mind will be filled with confusing questions that give more life to your day.

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Top List of Mind-Blowing Questions

Do you ever find yourself coming up with those makes you think questions for fun times with friends or family? With this top list of the questions to blow your mind, you'll be armed with the best questions for other people (and for yourself, too!)

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13 Best Mind Blowing Questions

If you're looking for the best of the best, we've got them all for you. Exercise those brain cells with these questions.

1. If you stand behind a clock, is it still going clockwise?

The answer is obvious, but laugh it out with your friends if you want to play around with the question. Let's hope they actually laugh with you.

2. If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?

Maybe another big bang? This random question is sure to get your mind working about our universe. Who knows? This one might transform into a deep conversation.

3. How do you grow a seedless fruit?

If you're actually curious to know, you propagate them. But where's the fun in knowing that, right?

4. Why does shaking your head means no while nodding it means yes?

Just thinking about this question is already playing around with my consciousness of everything around me.

5. If you describe something as indescribable, haven’t you already described it?

Yes, but how would you describe the meaning of the word indescribable?

6. Who taught the first-ever teacher?

The first-ever teacher was probably a self-taught monk who learned all they had to learn from life itself.

7. If you expect the unexpected, doesn’t that make the unexpected expected?

Are you confused too?

8. Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

The OG of all the unanswerable questions out there.

9. Which orange came first – the fruit or the color?

Pretty sure it was the fruit, but it can be debated.

10. If you’re trying to fail and you succeed, did you fail or did you succeed?

Isn't it possible to both fail and succeed? This scenario proves so.

11. Which armrest is yours in the movie theater?

This is a very important topic that needs to be overseen and something needs to be done about these "shared" armrests. It's an outrage!

12. If everyone says that life is unfair, doesn’t that mean that life is fair?

A great response from a mother to her ungrateful teenager. Life is fair in the amount of unfairness it grants to every person.

13. Why are they called buildings if they’re already built?

So true — They should actually be called builts.

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9 Unanswerable Questions That Will Blow Your Mind

Unanswerable questions are more fun if you try to give them the right answer. However, conversations become more interesting if you can turn these questions into conversations that give you an idea of the other person's personality.

14. When did time begin?

It depends on what beliefs you have as an individual. This one makes for a great brain teaser, though!

15. Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?

This is a big puzzle in our brain. Does it just stop existing, like it never happened?

16. Are we living or slowly dying?

It's like asking if the glass is half empty or half full. An interesting question to discuss with your friends if you want to go deeper into the depths of your minds.

17. If you had fun while you were wasting time, can you still say that you wasted time?

It's wasted time only if you had something more important to get done.

18. If you hate haters, does that make you a hater and will you hate yourself?

This comeback needs to be used on all the haters out there. They need to be told off once and for all.

19. If nothing is impossible, then would it be possible for something to be impossible?

Confused again?

20. If killing people is wrong, then why do we kill people that kill people?

Totally agree. Confinement is a much harsher sentence than death.

21. Why do we hit our hands together when we like something? (clapping)

Hmm, you'd need to ask a baby this question because they do this without even knowing it's a thing.

22. Why do we base our age on the number of times we went around a burning ball of gas?

It really doesn't make sense. Babies age so much in just one month, while adults can look the same for a whole decade.

10 Funny, Then Confusing Questions That Will Melt Your Mind

It's a good thing we have funny but brain-melting questions to give maximum enjoyment with your time with friends or loved ones. These funny questions to ask don't fall short of being the right sentences to trick people's brains.

23. How far up do bald people go when they wash their faces?

Maybe you should ask a bald person, and he will have the answer.

24. If you were shorter than someone, would it be possible to talk down to them?

Whoever's asking this to someone shorter than them knows the right question to get the reaction out of them.

25. How do you know you're not crazy and just hallucinating your whole life?

I'm going to be honest. There's really no way of knowing, so let's just hope that we're not in some kind of sick experiment. Is our consciousness even real, or are we all bananas?

26. Have you ever wondered what your dog named you?

No, this isn't a stupid question. We all want to know what our dog named us.

27. When does it stop being partly sunny and start to become partly cloudy?

The sun is huge, and the light from the sun overbears everything. That's probably why...

28. If life is so short, why do we do things that we don’t like and like so many things that we don’t do?

Because, sometimes we have to do things that are good for us even if we don't like it.

29. What is the purpose and meaning of time?

Hmm, deep questions. We could live without time, but it does make life more interesting to know the time of the moment.

30. What would a room made of mirrors look like if there was nothing inside that room to create a reflection?

This is just mind-boggling because there's no way to figure out what this would look like. It's almost terrifying to think about.

31. If you were to dig a hole that went through the center of the earth and you jumped through, would you be falling or floating upwards?

One of the best questions that no one would ever be able to uncover.

32. What would happen to the world’s oceans if every person on Earth jumped into the water at the same time?

They'd probably overflow onto the land making the whole earth an ocean.

9 Questions to Ask A Girl That Make Her Brain Overdrive

Whether she's your friend or you're dating her, asking the right thing that can make her brain go into overdrive is a special kind of skill. These questions to ask a girl are all you need to get an answer from her. And yes, she has to answer beyond a yes or no.

33. What is true love?

Let her answer with her views, and see how different each person understands love.

34. Can happiness exist without sadness?

They say you can't know happiness without sadness and vice versa. Maybe that's the point of humanity. Everything has to co-exist.

35. What makes some memories stick with us and others we barely remember?

If you want to go into a deeper conversation with a girl, this is the perfect one. This one really is a question that will make both of you think. It's such a gray matter to discuss; that's why it's interesting.

36. If Cinderella's shoe fit her perfectly, why did it come off?

What a great trick question! Do you know the answer?

37. What do they call French kissing in France?

Probably just kissing — the French are so passionate.

38. In the word ‘scent’, which letter is silent? S or C?

We can definitely go further into this question and pretty much ask why there are even any silent letters. What's their purpose?

39. What is the color of a mirror?

No one will ever know. But, it might be close to chrome.

40. If a vampire bites a zombie, does the zombie become a vampire or does the vampire become a zombie?

Why haven't they turned this theory into a movie yet?

41. Isn’t the word ‘queue’ just the letter Q followed by four silent letters?

Another confusing aspect of the English written language.

10 Deep Questions That Might Send Your Mind Into An Existential Crisis

We all experience some existential crisis here and there. It's not the worst thing for some people. If you're the kind of person to seek that feeling with some deep questions actively, you're in the right place.

42. How would you divide your life into chapters if you wrote an autobiography?

If you're a traveler, would you divide it by location? When you were in New York or South Africa, and so on? Would you divide by childhood, teenage years, and adult life if you're playing it safe?

43. If you get fulfillment from wasting time, is it wasted?

If you're happy, it's not wasted. But it still depends from one individual to the other. Maybe wasting time watching a tv show or reading a great book isn't really time wasted.

44. What makes you, you?

We all have that unique thing. Our 'special sauce.'

45. What does the world need, more intelligence or wisdom?

Or should they go hand in hand? Why do you think the other is more important than the other?

46. What existed before the universe?

Thinking about a time where there was no universe is extremely scary.

47. If God created Adam and Eve, did they have belly buttons?

Kyle XY, anyone?

48. Do caterpillars know that they’re going to be butterflies or do they build the cocoon not knowing what will happen?

The great mysteries of nature. How do all these creatures know their purpose in life?

49. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Maybe some of them just developed slowly, very, very slowly.

50. How did the person who invented the calendar know what day it was?

The first day the calendar was created was probably the first day to be recorded. The only logical explanation.

51. Did time exist before the universe was created, or did that come later?

Why do this to yourself. Some questions are better left unanswered.

52. Does time only flow forward or are there exceptions?

If time could flow other ways, we'd have different dimensions and would be able to time travel back to the past.

5 Mind-Boggling Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are fun because they're easy to answer. There's no right or wrong answer, only what you believe in. However, the thing about them is that they can melt your brain, too!

53. Would you rather know the uncomfortable truth or believe a comforting lie?

Either way, you'll feel something off every time. It's probably best to go for the right thing in this case.

54. Would you rather be the last person on earth or the first person on another planet?

They're both lonely, but at least if you're the first person, you know someone will come after you unless you want to be left alone forever.

55. Would you rather know all the secrets of space or the secrets of the ocean?

The ocean seems interesting because there's still a lot to be discovered, and we don't seem to be making as much progress as we are with space.

56. Would you rather be able to see your future or be able to see everyone's future but your own?

Both of these options are scary if you really think about them.

57. Would you rather be forced to live the same day over and over again for a full year or take 3 years off your life?

The same day over and over again sounds like a movie I've seen. Thinking about it really makes your brain cells work off.

8 Mind-Bending Riddles To Shake Up Your Conversation

Who says riddles are for kids only? Riddles for adults are all the more fun because they can blow your mind! Brain teaser? Yeah, these will definitely tease your brain.

58. A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn't get a single hair on his head wet. Why? Answer: Because he was bald.

This trick question... tricked me. If you want your friends to never stop thinking about it, go for this riddle.

59. I have four fingers and a thumb, but I'm not living. What am I? Answer: A Glove.

That makes complete sense, but if you didn't know the answer, it wouldn't make any sense at all!

60. I disappear if you say my name. What am I? Answer: Silence.

I mean, some people disappear if they hear their name because they're trying to avoid you, but they're not named Silence.

61. I go up but never come down. What am I? Answer: Age

And we're always so terrified when it goes up.

62. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size. What are we? Answer: Words.

They say actions speak louder than words, but words can do all the damage without doing anything.

63. Did we invent math or did we discover it?

Pretty sure math was always present, so it had to have been discovered that we were using it all along.

64. Why does anything exist?

Can't we just love our lives and be happy? Why do we need to question our existence?

65. Is it possible for us as humans to comprehend the true depths of our reality and existence

Thinking about this gives people anxiety, so it's probably not possible.

5 Amazing Random Trivia That Will Surprise You

Deep, thought-provoking questions can be facts! These random trivia questions and answers will surprise anyone who doesn't already know the answers (and there aren't a lot of them).

66. Which country was the Caesar Salad invented in? Answer: Mexico

Yeah, no one saw that coming. The person that came up with Caesar Salad is an Italian immigrant in Mexico.

67. On every continent, there is a city named what? Answer: Rome

You don't have to travel to a different continent to get to Rome.

68. What is the driest continent? Answer: Antarctica.

35% of the continent doesn't experience rain. It's practically a desert.

69. Who were high heels originally invented for? Answer: Men

Persian soldiers first wore high heels to elevate their feet. High heels actually symbolized a high social standing for men back then.

70. The Statue of Liberty was given to the US by which country? Answer: France

It commemorates the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution.

Downloadable and Printable List of Mind-blowing Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of mind-blowing questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

How to Choose the Best Question to Leave Them In Awe

Sometimes, it's not all about knowing all the best questions. It's also knowing which questions out of all questions are the right ones. With this guide from us, you won't have to worry about choosing.

1. Know The Person.

It's important to get to know the person you're asking before asking any mind-boggling questions. If you know what they like and don't like, you'll know which questions to avoid.

2. Know The Environment.

Are you in a place that's not conducive to personal questions? Are you with other people? It's important to know if the environment is right for the question. Don't ask personal questions if you're in public. Don't ask funny questions if you're in a serious setting.

3. Enjoy.

Most of all, enjoy the conversation you're having! Sometimes, even asking mind-boggling questions requires you to stop thinking too much about it and just enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still haven't got enough of these questions that can melt your brain? We have all the answers!

What are mind-blowing questions?

Mind-blowing questions are any questions that make the other person think until they can't anymore. They may also be questions that have answers that no one expects.

What is the most mind-blowing question in the world?

It's not easy to answer this one because it's subjective. What's the most mind-blowing to me may not be the same to you.

How do you start a mind-blowing question?

Just throw the question right at them! Be sure to check for the environment if it's the right time to ask, though.

What makes a mind-blowing question good?

If it gets the right kind of reaction from the other person (and doesn't offend them or anyone), then it's a good one! Of course, you have to satisfy the criteria of actually blowing their minds (not literally!).

Why do I have to ask mind-blowing questions?

They help make your conversations even better than normal! People enjoy thinking deeply about things every once in a while.

More Awesome Questions to Ask

If you want to know and ask more questions, we have great news! We have more great questions for you.

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The right questions to ask aren't easy to come by, so we hope these mind-blowing questions helped you as much as they helped us. These confusing questions will definitely give more enjoyment and life to your conversations.