Finding out what those things that make her ignore you can be nerve-wracking to uncover! Whether you realize it or not, there are likely a few habits of yours that trigger her into ignoring you.

I've come up with tons of blogs and videos answering burning questions guys have about girls, and have even been featured on websites like Her Norm and Outwit Trade. In this post, I'm happy to share what habits of yours are making her treat you like you're invisible so you can work on them right away!

Read on to learn more!

Top 5 Things That Make Her Ignore You - See It From Her Perspective (Animated)

5 Things You're Doing That Make Her Ignore You

There are different reasons why a girl might ignore you rather than make you a relationship hero. It could just be mood swings or a bad mood, but it can also be your behavior when you are around her. Some of them are obvious, while others are more subtle.

Either way, knowing these habits will help you address them and find better ways of approaching a situation so you can have a healthy relationship with your love interest.

Habit #1: Judging Her Choices

While this may seem like common knowledge, many people are left unaware that their words come off as judgy. One of the most common ways people show their disapproval is by using words such as "should," "have to," and "shouldn't."

These words or phrases come off as you wanting to be right all the time rather than empathizing with her situation and showing your support. Adding to that, such phrases make it seem that comforting her comes second to letting her know she messed up.

How you speak to your love interest can be the difference between whether she wants to hang out with you again or not. You might think that it's okay to call her out on something she did wrong, but she's not going to feel comfortable if you do.

Instead, ask questions to help you better understand her situation and perspective. For example, instead of asking, "Did you have to do that today?" after a hard day, you could ask, "What was the most challenging part of your day?"

Read this related post on how to get a girl to like you for some great relationship advice. When you do this, you'll start to see the difference between a question and a judgment. It will also allow you to show her that you care and are interested in what she's going through.

That is a great way to get her to like you and build attraction.

Habit #2: Being a Creep or Weirdo

If you find yourself asking, "Why is she ignoring me?" then maybe you should take note of how you treat her. While compliments are nice in a romantic relationship, taking a step too far in one direction can make you look like a creep, or worse, like you're giving unsolicited advice.

Looking for ways on how to be more confident around girls does not mean using creepy flirting phrases or those that put her down. Making her feel less confident in herself will NOT make you look any more confident, respectable, or appealing. In fact, it does the opposite; it makes you sound creepy and out of line.

You need to be explicitly aware of the appropriate and inappropriate jokes you make. If you don't want her to ignore you, be sensitive about how she feels. Comments about weight, appearance, clothing preference, race, religion, or emotion may be common things we like to give our opinions about, but that's the thing - if you want her to like you, give comments only when she can immediately fix them.

For example, you point out that she has something on her teeth or that one of the buttons on her shirt is undone. Those are fine. She'll even appreciate that you helped her fix her appearance before anyone else saw it.

The rule here is that if she cannot address it within the next few seconds, it's best not to comment. If you're wondering how to impress a girl, don't give comments about things she can't immediately change. Something like, "You've been putting on some weight," or "Wearing crop tops doesn't suit your body."

First, she'll feel insecure and self-conscious around you. Second, she'll think you're creepy for commenting on her body as if it's something you have jurisdiction over. Third, she'll keep anticipating that you'll make inappropriate comments about her body, whether they're complementary or not.

If you want to know how to impress a girl, be respectful. Don't be a creep. Find a good thing to compliment her on. A good idea is to find something she has spent time on so you will notice. Things like that are a great way to say you notice the different things about her.

Habit #3: Making It All About You

People hate it when others make something all about them for attention, even if it is not. Going off of that, another habit that causes her to ignore you is when you make everything about yourself! If you find yourself monopolizing a conversation where you are speaking more than she is, even if she is the one trying to tell you her point of view, that is making it all about you.

For a girl to fall in love with you, everything should be a give and take especially conversations. Give her time to air her thoughts and opinions before jumping in with your own. Also, try not to butt in to make a point in the middle of her explanation. This goes back to Habit #1. Butting in will seem like you are judging her opinion, making you look snooty.

What makes a conversation a good one is the exchange of different ideas. When only one person is sharing ideas, it's not a conversation. It's a monologue, which is often more boring than interesting.

The best way to involve other people in a conversation is to ask them questions. Once you get them talking, pay attention to what they're saying. Psychology Today advises us to look for obvious cues as conversation jumping-off points to build a healthy relationship.

When you listen to other people, it will be easy to carry on the conversation - one that is fun for everyone. Any girl would appreciate it when you let her express herself and when you also listen to what she's saying. With that, she will feel more comfortable around you.

Because you can make her feel comfortable around you, you'll have a better chance of getting her to fall in love with you.

When a girl starts to like you, she'll want to spend more time with you. When you start spending time with her, she'll want to get to know you more. The more time you spend with her, the more she is likely to start reciprocating your feelings.

Habit #4: Being a Total Showoff

Being proud of your achievements and wanting to share them with a girl is totally fine! BUT know the fine line between sharing achievements and being a total showoff. Once you cross that line, it will be a reason why she ignores you. She wouldn't want to listen to you constantly bringing up that one thing.

Being a total showoff is another possible reason why she is ignoring you, and you're not accomplishing anything good if you are doing it just because you feel like bragging. When you brag, you come across as arrogant and egotistical. They will see you as someone who thinks they're better than others, and you're not trying to hide it. In the end, you will come across as a total showoff, and she will ignore you.

For example, if you get an award at work, you can share it with your friends but don't bring it up every time you see her. The same goes for anything else that is special to you. You can talk about it, but make sure you only bring it up when it has something to do with her.

If you have good friends, they will probably know about your achievements anyway. So why tell her?

If you have an exciting achievement, share it with her. But don't make it the main topic of conversation. Make it a side conversation. This way, you can show her that you're not a total showoff.

You can also use body language to gauge her interest. If she starts to seem distant or distracted by what you are saying, chances are she is feeling turned off by the conversation. This is your cue to change your behavior and find the right thing to talk about there and then.

You mentioned it once, and she congratulated you; now, move on and find different things to talk about. Let it move on to the next topic if she brings it up again or a situation that connects to it arises. Don't bring it up randomly in a conversation that does not relate to it. You may live to regret it, and it can cause negative emotions.

If you are truly successful, attractive, and wonderful as you claim you are, there's no need to brag about it.

Habit #5: Being Negative ALL THE TIME

Saying no or always contradicting is another thing that makes her ignore you, and it sends mixed signals too. While it is okay to disagree with her sometimes, doing so most of the time will dishearten her, and it looks like you're just giving her a hard time.

Think of it this way. You may be confident and sure of yourself. But your confidence goes down if you constantly receive negative feedback, criticism, or reactions. Constant situations like this can lead to social anxiety in the long term.

The same goes for her. People are bound to ignore you when you are the bearer of constant negativity. Pay attention to how you respond to people when they invite you to something or propose a different way altogether.

When you always say no, you'll see on her face that she feels embarrassed that you rejected her. And once this happens, she won't invite you to come with her and do stuff together. She won't even entertain the idea of inviting you again, which is an obvious sign that a girl doesn't like you.

When she shares her thoughts or opinions, and you always shoot her down or make her feel like her opinions are wrong, this will create distance between you. She will feel that you don't value her voice and her views. She may never want to speak to you about matters because she knows you'll always be negative about them.

The important thing to remember is: that if you want her to like you, you should consider her decisions before rejecting them. It won't do any good for the both of you when you disagree all the time because she'll feel bad. This can ruin your chances with her.

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Make Her Notice You With This Valuable Tip

I know you've been waiting for this. After knowing the subconscious things you do that make her ignore you, it's also important to know the number one thing you can do to make her notice you. A woman will always notice how respectful you are towards her and other people.

It's not enough that you are smart, confident, or talented. The number one thing you can do to get her to notice you is to be respectful towards all the people you encounter, no matter how different they can be. Sometimes, you may think that people who have different opinions, different backgrounds, or different experiences are inferior to you.

But, the true test of character is when you respect people no matter what. Being a good and respectful person won't cost you anything. This may even make all the difference regarding her falling for you.

Keep in mind that respect begets respect, and then some. Meaning, that if you show her and others around you the respect they deserve, it is more than likely that you will receive the same respect you give. Overall, culling these 5 things that make her ignore you will give you a better chance at a meaningful relationship with her.

In Conclusion

These 5 subconscious habits that make her ignore you should be avoided, so always be aware of your actions and how she responds to them. Finding ways to make her feel equal with you will gain her affection more than putting her own will. Respect her as a person and be there for her in a supportive, positive manner, and you've just unlocked the secret of how to make a girl crazy for you!