This post is about the Christmas pick up lines you should know.

Do pick up lines work? The ones from us do! You aim, shoot, and score! If you're confident, any pick-up line will work, especially if it's from us.

It doesn't have to be the holidays to use these pick up linesA love for all things Christmas is all you need. And who doesn't love ChristmasLet's start.


7 Best Christmas Pick Up Lines That Will Surely Melt Her Heart

The best Christmas pick-up lines are sweet and savory. They remind you of the Christmas seasonsome cocoa drinking, and melt your heart at the same time. What could be better than that? Melt that particular person's heart with these super sweet pick-up lines.

1. Are you Christmas? Because I want to Merry you.

This one could be a marriage proposal, or it could just be saying that you'd like to make her happy (merry). Or you want to wish her a Merry Christmas. You choose!

2. Hi, Santa said you wished for me. Good choice.

Bold and confident. Your crush will have no choice but to find you attractive after this one. Maybe you are the Christmas gift she needs.

3. Even Santa can’t make candy as sweet as you.

Being sweeter than a candy cane and sugar plums is a genuine compliment. Give her heart's sweet tooth a cavity with this festive line!

4. I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.

It might not be the best thing to compare yourself to a snowflake, but if you don't mind, this is a pretty sweet line.

5. What's the difference between you and the Grinch? The Grinch stole Christmas, but you've stolen my heart.

If that's the only difference between her and Grinch, you should probably reconsider taking her out, although this does work as one of the best Christmas jokes.

6. I've checked it twice. I'm sure you're on my naughty list.

Leave this one for the role play where you dress up as Santa at half-past midnight. And throw a playful wink in there so she gets your jest. In the meantime, she's on the nice list this holiday.

7. Call me Rudolph because you sleigh me.

Excellent way of telling her she is slaying that outfit! So much better than the red suit. This is a fun use of words. Everybody loves a good, lighthearted pun.

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5 Sweet Pick Up Lines You Can Use To Warm Her Heart During The Holiday Season

A lot of pick-up lines work by playing with words and sounding clever. But when you forget about all the fancy wording, you're just left with sweet pick up lines that work with little effort. If you aren't sure what we mean, check out these sweet Christmas pick-up lines to get an idea of what we're talking about.

8. Forget 12 days of Christmas. I want 12 days with you.

Saying you want her instead of Christmas is a huge compliment. No one would ever want to give up a white Christmas for anything. The Holiday season is the best.

9. My mother told me that I would get something nice if I were good, but I didn't expect to receive you.

It just shows her how much of a gift she is in your eyes and it tells her you're still amazed she's part of your life. It's a complimenting comment that voices your appreciation of her.

10. You are so beautiful that you are brighter than the star at the top of the tree.

And prettier than the angel at the top of the tree - both work... Complimenting someone on their physical appearance says you noticed them. And everyone likes to be noticed sometimes.

11. If I wanted a gift, I'd want you.

Giving up your Christmas present to have her is so special. This is a great and noble way to make her feel important and wanted.

12. Do you know what would bring joy to the world? You and me being together.

It would bring joy to your world and hers too, and it's an excellent way to convince her to get with you. An impressive way of making her feel elated!

6 Christmas Themed Pick Up Lines That'll Make You Sound Brilliant

Being clever is a gift only Santa could give you. Lucky for you, you don't need to wait until Christmas time to be innovative. We've got a whole set of clever pick up lines that'll make you sound more brilliant than you are! 

13. My love for you is like a fruitcake during the holidays - nutty, spicy, and unavoidable, no matter how hard you try.

It's a clever and different way to describe how you feel about her, and she'll eat it all up. It's got all the right ingredients of a clever, jovial line!

14. If a big man puts you in a bag on Christmas eve, don't worry, I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.

Cause baby, all I want for Christmas is youuuuuu. This sings a tune right in the feels! It's simple, witty, and cute. A merry way to get you dancing in her heart.

15. Santa dropped me off and said, you wished for me?

This one's great if you awkwardly surprised her, and she wasn't expecting you. You can go and say Santa's reindeer helped bring you there from the North pole!

16. Whoa! Shouldn't you get back on the top of that tree before someone notices you're missing?

An angel or a star, either way, she's a unique tree topper and worth everyone's attention. This is a skillful way of telling her so.

17. Wow, you're terrific. I want to be your snowman.

Let her build you in any shape or form she wants. It's a marvelous way of telling her you want to be hers. She'll like the gesture.

18. Unlike Buddy the Elf, I have five main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, syrup, and you.

Because she's so sweet, she fits right in with these food groups. Sweet compliments are an extraordinary element to making her feel jolly.

5 Cheesy Pick Up Lines About Christmas

Christmas is full of cheese. And, no, we're not talking about those little cheese slices at Christmas parties. We're talking about all the cheesy things that come with Christmas, like cheesy Christmas movies and all of those extra cheesy Christmas songs that we all love so much. That's why cheesy pick up lines work so well with the Christmas theme. Enjoy these cheesy Christmas pick-up lines.

19. I feel like a Christmas tree when you talk to me because you make me light up!

And let her know she might be able to have this Christmas tree if she's a nice girl (and not only during the holidays). This is a nice way to make her light up as well.

20. You know, the Starbucks Christmas cup might've been controversial, but our relationship wouldn't be.

It's super funny to mention the Starbucks cup. This one should get you talking about something interesting real quick. And it's not a bad line to use when you're out getting coffee.

21. Are you related to Rudolph? Because you're pretty rein-dear to my heart.

Are you trying to say she's a reindeer? Don't worry. She'll get the joke. Or say she's Santa's little helper? A witty line no doubts they'll find amusing.

22. Hey, get under this mistletoe so I can kiss you.

Straightforward and right to the point. Hopefully, your crush doesn't say no. But, if she does, it could only mean she might be shy.

23. Damn, you are so fine you make that Ugly Christmas Sweater look pretty.

Don't worry, this isn't a backhanded compliment. It's just a great way to tell her that anything looks good on her.

6 Worst Christmas Pick Up Lines That Will Sent You Straight To Santa's Naughty List

Sometimes the worst pick up lines leave you with the best responses. It's true. Try them out for yourself, and you'll see how these pick-up lines require a response. Just keep in mind that these are Christmas pick-up lines, so they can't be that bad, but they are the worst on our list.

24. Hey, let me take you out on a first date in the snow - I promise I'm not a flake-y person.

This one's only bad because she'll think you're a flakey person just because you've said you aren't one. Let's leave it to the good tidings.

25. Those aren't sugar plums dancing through my head. It's all you.

She's in your head, and she's sweet as sugar. In an endearing way, this sends a sentimental message that you think about them.

26. I'm going to wrap Christmas gifts soon, may I pack you too?

Funny and cute. Your crush will love your sense of humor. Having the ability to make others laugh can be an attractive quality after all, and she'll like this about you.

27. If you leave milk and cookies out, I´ll come by later.

Are you Christmas Santa? Forget the milk and cookies. Let her know all you want is her and to be with her. This tells her you to want to spend some time together.

28. Excuse me, can you tell me where the closest mistletoe is?

She'll have no choice but to take you there, and once you're there, pull her under the mistletoe. Remember, delivery is essential and this one needs you to be bold and confident.

29. I can't keep it a secret any longer. I know what present you're getting for Christmas. (what?). ME!

She should love the gift. She probably wished for it on Santa's lap! Okay, that's a reach but it's sure to get a giggle out of her. When people laugh, they feel good, and if she feels good because of you, that's a great bonus!

Downloadable and Printable List of Christmas Pick Up Lines

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Christmas pick up lines (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got some questions about Christmas pick-up lines? Well, we've got a present for you!

Do girls love hearing pick up lines during the Christmas holiday?

They sure do because it adds to their holiday cheer. They'll enjoy the extra attention and the added sweetness. And while Christmas tends to be about spending time with the family, it's also a perfect time to spice things up a little bit with some romance.

How do I know if the pick up line worked? What are the visible signs?

She'll genuinely laugh or giggle if you said something funny. She might blush or bite her lip. Either way, you should see some sparkle in her eye. Her body language will change and she'd be charmed to prolong your engagement. Strike up a conversation and if your line worked, she'd be up for the conversation.

Can I say these pick up lines, frequently?

You sure can! But don't overdo it with the same person over and over. Pick up lines are a great way to break the ice, so if that ice is broken, don't make it awkward or boring by continuously using lines. Use one or two then follow through with a good conversation.

When's the best of the day to strike up a pick line?

It's about picking the right moment and the right line. Ask yourself what's your goal; are you trying to strike up a stimulating conversation or just give a simple compliment? Also, try and read the person; do they look like they want to be chatted up? Pick up lines can be used anywhere and anytime, just use your common sense.

How To Pick The Best Christmas Pick Up Lines

You’ve got to have only the best Christmas pick-up lines when you go to shoot your shot at Christmas morning or a Christmas gathering. But, which ones are the best? Read on for some advice on how to figure out which pick-up lines are the best for you to use.

1. Keep it Sweet

Most pick-up lines are funny in a clever way, but since these are Christmas pick-up lines, add more sweetness to your words. Choose pick-up lines that will make her blush instead of laugh. Christmas is a time to be kind and thoughtful, so let her see that through the words you choose to say to her. Please don’t make it a dirty Christmas.

2. Everyone Loves Santa

It’s true. Just the thought of Santa makes people feel happy because it makes them think of Christmas time. So, it would be best if you tried to include lines that mention Santa Claus. It might even remind her of her childhood with some chestnut roasting and a Christmas party, which could be a good thing.

3. Make Her Laugh

Pick-up lines work this way. Make the girl laugh by saying witty and clever lines complimenting her, and letting her know you like her. It makes her feel special and, if they’re funny pick-up lines, will also make her laugh. Every girl loves a funny guy, so if you make her laugh, you’ve got a good chance of getting her name and number.

More Great Pick Up Lines

Christmas pick-up lines are great and all. But lots more pick-up lines work just as great. Check them out below.

  1. People usually tend to avoid cringe conversation as best they can, but when it comes to cringey pick up lines, the cringyness is what makes them great!
  2. The whole-heartedness of Disney makes these Disney pick up lines sweet as can be.
  3. Want to sound super intelligent? Science pick up lines make you sound intelligent and charming.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it. Our thought-out list of Christmas pick up lines waiting to be used by you. And, once you know which pick up lines you want to use, go up to that girl and say it confidently. Be like a fast sleigh and sweep her off her feet.

Because there's no denying that confidence is the key to pick up lines. And how do pick up lines work this way?

Simple - when a girl sees your confidence, she knows that you've got a solid and likable personality. So, she has no other option than to like you. Confidence always works.