This article will show you various Family Feud questions to upgrade boring evenings with friends and family.

Of course, becoming Steve Harvey doesn't happen overnight, but don't fret. As an avid Family Feud fan, I'm a fountain of ice breaker questions and random funny questions for you to use.

So let's make your family game night more enjoyable.

Split your group into two, and let's start!

25 Best Family Feud Questions- Have A Blast On Epic Game Nights


Best Family Feud Questions For Your Fam Game Night

Family Feud is an exceedingly delightful game if you know the best questions to ask. You might think that playing host would be challenging. However, with this list of best questions for Family Feud, you won't need to worry- this blog has it all.

1. Name A Reason Why People Hate Their Job.

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Top answers
  • Poor compensation
  • Poor work/life balance
  • Stagnant Growth

Believe it or not— each one of your friends will have their answer to this question. However, talking about horrific workplace experiences can break the ice. This question also gives everyone an idea about their overall workplace culture.

2. Name One Reason A Person Might Be Running.

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Top answers
  • Exercise
  • Going to Office
  • Escaping something/someone

As the popular meme goes, "Why are you running?" Is this person getting chased by a dog? Is he or she the one chasing a dog? You'll get some laughs and hear exciting answers to this question.

3. Name One Place Where People Have To Use Coins.

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Top answers
  • Vending machines
  • Payphone
  • Laundromat

People use coins for many different reasons. Did you know that some people can make jewelry out of old coins? Talk about showing your riches through fashion.

4. How Long Does A Classic New Year's Resolution Last?

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Top answers
  • A few days
  • January 2nd
  • A month

If everyone's honest, the average New Year's Resolution lasts a few hours (or even less). Kudos to those who keep their commitments for an entire month, though. That's very impressive.

5. Name Something You Never Leave Home Without.

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Top answers
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Wallet

Never leave your house without clothes or something like that. But if you're also a homebody, perhaps, it's the undying desire to go back home and become a bed burrito. Binge eating and binge-watching Netflix for the win!

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Funny Questions To Ask During A Family Feud Game

Getting rid of the awkwardness in the room might intimidate some people. However, one of the best ways to break the ice is laughter, and knowing funny questions to ask can do just that.

6. Name One Thing Many People Do Just Once A Week.

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Top answers
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Church

Trim their nails? Shower? Exercise? This question has a ton of multiple answers, but only a few might merit a winning score. So get ready for weird replies and chuckles.

7. Name Something People Often Steal From The Office To Use At Home.

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Top answers
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Paper
  • Stapler

Depending on where you work, the possibilities are endless. Coffee? Work snacks? Paper clips? Some people might even steal that small plant that no one would notice gone anyway.

8. Name The Most Stressful Thing In The Life Of A 25-Year-Old Woman.

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Top answers
  • Love life
  • Job
  • Finances/Debt

Answers here could be somewhere around the pressure of getting married and bearing kids— or finding a lovely cat (or cats) to live with for the rest of her life. Or dogs, if she's more of a dog lover.

9. Name Something A Wife Would Tell Her Husband To Get Rid Of.

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Top answers
  • Old Clothes
  • Trash
  • Mistress

To make the marriage work, both husbands and wives have to make some sacrifices here and there. What things must husbands get rid of to make their wives happy? Perhaps, you'll hear a stern command, "get rid of that obnoxious snoring!"

10. Name Things You Don't Want To Discuss During The Holidays.

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Top answers
  • Politics
  • Love life
  • Employment choices

Did anyone say "doing the most to avoid tension during holidays" check? Everyone wants a good time during their off days. So your friends will indeed have an answer to this question.

Family Feud Quiz That Can Add Fun To The Conversation

Can't get enough of Family Feud? If you don't want the night to come to an end since you're all having a blast, let's amp up the excitement by looking at some fun questions to ask.

11. Name A Chore That People Hate.

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Top answers
  • Taking out the trash
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning the toilet

What chores did you despise as a child until now? You might hear some groans along with the responses to this one. But it's all guaranteed joy, especially when nostalgia hits in.

12. Give Me Another Word People Say For "Rear End."

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Top answers
  • Tush
  • Booty
  • Backside

You might be shocked about the different ways your friends say "rear end." People are so creative nowadays when describing backsides— more so when calling them names.

13. Name Something Hard To Do With Your Eyes Open.

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Top answers
  • Dream/Sleep
  • Sneeze
  • Kiss

It's definitely hard to sleep with your eyes open— but not impossible. Witty answers might even include "closing them" or being "it" in hide-and-seek.

14. Nowadays, Where Do Kids Spend Most Of Their Time?

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Top answers
  • Room
  • School
  • Internet

As another popular meme goes, "How do you do, fellow kids?" What are the kids up to anyways? You might hear a friend or two begin a tale of their "youth," sort of a "Back in my day..." discussion.

15. Name One Reason You Might Be Late For Work.

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Top answers
  • Traffic
  • Car trouble
  • Oversleeping

Many things can cause a worker to be late for work— some of these are accidents; some are planned. You might be shocked to hear some "innovative" and "creative" ways some friends intentionally arrive late at work.

Interesting Questions For Family Feud That Can Help You Know Them Better

Aside from fun and entertainment, people play games like this to know each other better. How can you do that? By asking interesting questions, of course. Friendly games like this usually hit two birds with one stone.

16. What Melts When It Gets Hot?

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Top answers
  • Candle
  • Ice
  • Ice cream

What melts when it gets hot— in what aspect? Be ready because creative answers are on the way. This question will unquestionably garner a ton of responses.

17. We Asked 100 Americans: How Much Do You Tip For Good Service?

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Top answers
  • 20% of the bill
  • 15% of the bill
  • Nothing

Tipping our servers is a great practice and very admirable. And our servers very much deserve the extra cash. But how much do Americans usually tip? Do they exceed the usual tipping percentage?

18. Name Something That Breaks Down.

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Top answers
  • Car
  • Body
  • Computer

"Me," says the one friend who likes to rap. "Me," says the other friend that cries at night. "Soil," says another friend who likes plants.

19. Name Something That Goes Up And Down.

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Top answers
  • Elevator
  • Temperature
  • Swing

"What comes up must come down"— or however the saying goes. One possible answer to this question is the thrill of watching a horror movie. Another fun answer is patience.

Exciting Family Feud Inspired Questions To Ask Your Friends

These Family Feud questions are great if your goal is to get rid of your group's awkwardness. When you know what questions to ask friends, you can learn more about those close to you or just simply entertain them.

20. Tell me something you immediately do after a breakup?

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Top answers
  • Cry
  • Party
  • Eat

Cue in movie tropes about women cutting their hair off after a breakup. Or maybe, and much more realistic, begging the ex to get back together. Positively, other people immediately feel absolute bliss after a breakup.

21. What Stupid Thing Do You Do When You're Drunk?

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Top answers
  • Break phone
  • Drink more
  • Calling an Ex

Same as what you immediately do after a breakup, but drunkenly— just kidding! Everyone will experience doing one stupid thing when they're inebriated at least once in their lives. Here's an excellent example: drunk texting their ex.

22. Name Something Teenagers Always Complain About.

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Top answers
  • Homework
  • Chores
  • Bed time

Do you remember when you were merely teens, and you think that you got everything figured out? So you always complain about how "adults" don't let you do anything you want? Ah, those were good years.

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Family Feud can be a fabulous way to test your friends' general knowledge. So try out some hard questions to ask during game night. Nothing beats games that are highly enjoyable and educational.

23. What Is The Most Popular Name For A Pet Dog?

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Top answers
  • Bella
  • Luna
  • Charlie

Let's be real here. The most popular ones are Cutie-pie or Baby. These are what dog lovers call adorable dogs. (HINT: All dogs are cute.)

24. People Can Spend Years Looking For A Perfect What?

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Top answers
  • Love life
  • Job
  • Restaurant

The answer to this question entirely depends on the ultimate goal of the person. Do their priorities lie in their families, finances, or relationships? Personally, the perfect recipe for Crème Brûlée would appear at the top of my list.

25. Name Something You Don't Learn In School.

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Top answers
  • Parenting
  • Good Manners
  • Common Sense

School is the best place to learn "book stuff." But it does not teach every aspect of life. Aside from paying taxes, what else does school fail to teach?

Downloadable and Printable List of Family Feud Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Family feud questions(right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about how to play Family Feud with friends during game night. These FAQs can answer some of them.

How Do You Play Family Feud at home?

  1. As the host Steve Harvey, split your group into two and identify each group's team captain and team member/s.
  2. Ask one member or contestant from each team the same question, and whoever presses the "buzzer" first gets to answer.
  3. The playing team only has three chances per round to guess the correct answer to the question.
  4. If the team guesses the wrong answer, the other team's turn will begin in the normal round.
  5. Each team will get points corresponding to correct answers, and who gets the most points goes into the fast money round.
  6. The winning team chooses one player to give the remaining answer in the fast money round.

When Is The Best Time To Play Family Feud?

Technically, there's no wrong or right answer here. You can play Family Feud anytime, especially at a family reunion or even Christmas. But ideally, play it when no one is busy or committed to other things.

How Does Family Feud Scoring Work?

In a celebrity Family Feud episode, players get one point for each person for every survey question. However, since you're playing at home, you can create your scores.

What's The Best Strategy? Is It Better To Play Or Pass?

Playing is way better than passing on the coveted score. Don't let the opposing team get the opportunity to win.

How Do You Get Good At Family Feud?

Undoubtedly, work as a team. Listen to your teammates' answers and talk about which is best.

How To Pick The Best Family Feud Questions

Finding the best Family Feud questions is nothing short of a task for some people. If you don't have any idea of what to ask, this two-question guide might be able to help.

1. What Are Your Friends' Interests?

Picking the best Family Feud questions all depends on your interests as well as your friends. Do your friends like trivia or general information? Is your group interested in the same things, like games, movies, or sports?

2. Would They Find The Questions Fun?

The goal of every game is to inspire fun. So choose questions that would warrant roaring laughter from your friends and family. Whatever topic or category you choose, just make sure that everyone is on board and having a blast.

More Great Questions To Ask

Are you enjoying your time asking your friends interesting, exciting, and funny questions?

  1. Try out some most likely to questions— see who knows who best.
  2. Speed dating questions are also exciting and an excellent way to learn more about others.
  3. Switch into some interview questions— ask your friends like you're on a talk show.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, our Family Feud questions and guide have given you an idea of how to make your family game night more enjoyable and thrilling.

You can also check out our ice breaker questions and random funny questions for a fun game night to remember.