How do you know if a guy likes you? In this article, I explain how you can tell and give tips on keeping him interested in you.

As a relationship expert, one that's been featured in places like Women's Health and UpJourney, you can count on me for relationship advice. Now, pay attention: I'm going to show you the subconscious signs a man likes you.

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How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You? 20 Subtle Signs To Prove He's Totally Into You

So, there's a guy you're interested in. And for some reason or another, you think he's interested in you too. But how do you know for sure? There are signs he likes you, and you want to know what they are. So, check out these subtle signs he might display - and if she shows more than one of these signs, there's a good chance he's totally into you.

#1: He stares at you a lot.

If you catch him stealing looks at you, or he makes a lot of eye contact with you, there may be something on your face... or he can't help but think you're beautiful. If he looks at you way more than other people do, he probably doesn't want you out of his sight.

#2: He may act awkwardly around you.

Does he shuffle about when around you? Does he act nervous around you for no real reason? It's not because he's intimidated by you - he's just nervous about screwing up in front of his crush.

#3: He remembers small details about you.

If he remembers your favorite part of the movie you watched with him a month ago when he can't even remember what he ate for breakfast, it's a sure sign he likes you.

#4: He can't stop asking questions about you.

Is he a curious guy and likes asking a lot of questions? If he's not, but he still asks a lot of things of you, then he might find you deeply interesting. Whether it's love or simple curiosity depends on what he asks about you.

#5: He exerts effort in the conversations you have.

Does he treat even the random questions you ask with seriousness and enthusiasm? He wants you to be impressed and make you feel like your questions matter.

#6: He gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

This is the biggest sign he's into you - if he can't stand you being with other guys, then he wants to be the only guy for you.

#7: He dresses to impress.

Does he dress nicer when he hangs out with you? Does he try to call attention to his outfit when you're hanging out? He's trying to impress you with his looks.

#8: He asks your friends about you.

Do you catch him asking your friends things about you? He wants to learn things about you that you might not answer to. And if he doesn't ask you about your friends, you'll know it is you, specifically, he wants to make happy.

#9: He looks for your reaction when he makes a comment or joke.

One thing a guy wants to do is to make the person they like laugh. If he's joking around and his eyes fall upon you instead of other people, you'll know he wants to bring you joy more than anyone else.

#10: He pokes fun at your past and current dates.

If he takes your side when you talk about your past dates or break-ups, he's not just trying to be a good friend. He wants to be the one for you, the one who'll stay.

#11: He gives you genuine compliments.

Everyone uses a few casual compliments when talking, but if you sense he's being serious and genuine about what he says, then he clearly values you and believes everything he says about you.

#12: His actions speak louder than words.

He may talk about how much he likes you, but if he doesn't walk the talk, then it's just empty praise. Does he give you flowers, pick out presents for you, and ask you out on dates? You'll know he's serious if he does more than say he likes you.

#13: He consistently makes plans with you.

During the holidays or free time, does he look for you specifically, out of everyone else, to make plans? If there are a hundred other people he could hang out with, including his best friend, and he chooses you instead... does a bigger sign that he likes you exist?

#14: He changes his behavior when you're around.

He might act casually around his friends, but if you find him strangely well-behaved and responsive to you when you're around, he wants to look presentable around you.

#15: He enjoys doing favors for you.

We all ask our friends favors from time to time, but if you ask him a favor and his face lights up with a smile, he's not just doing so to make you feel at ease. He wants to do things for you, plain and simple.

#16: He defends you when someone is insulting you.

Your friends will come to your defense when someone insults you, but if he rushes to your side and even chases away the people insulting you, he wants to protect you and see you be happy.

#17: He tells you a lot about his life.

Most people are understandably reserved and even cagey when talking about themselves. But if he happily talks about his past or what he's been doing, then it's a sign of trust and wanting to keep you interested in him.

#18: He wants to spend time with you one-on-one.

While he won't turn down a hangout with your social circle, if he asks you directly that he wants to hang out with just you, he's clearly more interested in you than everyone else.

#19: He responds to your text quickly.

Whether you're sharing something you saw online or are just texting him about your day, if you see him respond quickly, he's been looking at his phone, waiting to have a chance to talk.

#20: He initiates conversations on social media.

If he's one of the first replies and comments on your social media posts, then he's been following your feed for some time. It's an even bigger sign if he tries to chat with you first on Facebook or otherwise.

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How To Keep Him Interested In You

If you're absolutely sure he's totally into you, then congrats! However, that interest isn't going to stay for long if you don't act to maintain it. If you want him to stay interested in you, these helpful tips will ensure that he never stops thinking about you.

Tip #1: Express gratitude and appreciation.

Say "thank you" often to him. If he does something nice for you and you thank him directly, he'll feel happy and appreciated. He'll also want to keep feeling this way, so he'll actively search for ways to earn your thanks and appreciation.

Tip #2: Respect his personal space.

Just because he likes you doesn't mean he's obsessed with you. He'll have other things to keep his mind busy, and he'll need to focus on that. So, don't excessively tease him or get his attention. He'll approach you on his own when he's done with his other business.

Tip #3: Don't feel insecure about his female friends.

Don't put yourself down in his presence by comparing yourself to other girls in his life. Have a little confidence in yourself and stand tall as an eligible woman in his life. Confidence attracts people more than self-deprecation.

Tip #4: Have a life outside of the relationship.

He's not obsessed with you, so you shouldn't be obsessed with him, either. Enjoy your life outside of your interactions with him. If he sees you having fun and being happy no matter what you're doing, he'll feel reassured that he doesn't always have to be there.

Tip #5: Don't commit too soon.

If you're sure he's interested in you but not sure how interested he is, then don't start a relationship with him just yet. If, after a period of time, he stays consistently interested in you, that's when you consider hooking up with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help from a dating expert? I've answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, and they'll greatly help you.

How do you tell if a guy you barely know likes you?

If you've just met this guy friend of yours, and you suspect they have some deeper feelings for you, pay close attention to his body language. Is he making a lot of eye contact with you? Does he steal glances at you when you're not looking? Does he touch you a lot? These are big signs that he likes you more than you think.

How do you know if a guy really likes you or is just using you?

If you suspect that his true feelings are more sinister than they seem, you should pay attention to his behavior. Does he ask you for favors a lot and rarely does a favor for you in return? Does he ask a lot about another good friend of yours, one that just happens to be a girl? Does he pay attention to other people more than you? He may just be using you. A good way to find out for real is to watch him when he doesn't notice you're there - he's more likely to show his real colors if he thinks you're not watching.

What does it mean when a guy often shows up where you are?

It could be a total coincidence, but there's also a good chance that he's hoping to find you specifically. If he has a habit of popping up wherever you go, especially at unlikely times, he probably likes you. Just be careful; if it happens too often, it could be a sign of stalking.

What should I do if he expresses his interest in me?

If you have no interest in him yourself, eventually you'll have to say that the feeling is not mutual. But if you do feel the same way he does about you, it could be the start of a romantic relationship. Like all things, be careful before jumping right in - test the waters slowly alongside him.

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