If texting is your communication of choice, you need to know how to not be a dry texter.

As a dating coach, I have my own share of texting mishaps back then. I'll make sure that you avoid committing the same mistakes. Some of my works have been published on Outwit Trade and TheHobbyKraze; rest assured, you're in good hands. We'll talk about how to not be a dry texter with your crush, especially if you need to become more adept at how to talk to a girl over text.

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What Does it Mean to be a Dry Texter?

A dry texter is someone who cannot keep a conversation through text messaging. They respond with short replies that don't move the conversation forward, such as; OK, LOL, or K.

The reason for sending a dry text varies from person to person. It could be they just do not know how to not be a dry texter with friends, or they're not interested at all. Dry texting is a buzzkill, especially if trying to get to know someone. If you are a bad texter, they might mistake you for a boring person. But no worries, that can be fixed. We'll tell you how to not be a dry texter and improve your texting style.

How Do You Not Be a Dry Texter?

So you might think that texting is not that important. It's not like you're ignoring someone's call or calling a rain check on a meet-up. Well, you're mistaken. You don't need a relationship expert to tell you the importance of being a fun texter.

Since texting is one of the most widely used forms of communication, it's as important as any phone call or meet-up. If you are dating a girl, your relationship can be affected by how you text her. Your way of texting can also indicate your emotional attachment to a person.

So just imagine, if your replies are 'cool,' 'ok,' and' lol,' she might think that you're not that into her. To avoid that conflict, we'll tell you how not to be a dry texter.

1. Start the conversation.

Don't be afraid to initiate the first text. I understand the hesitation to send a text first because you don't know if the other person will reply. But what if she feels the same? It'll be good to start the conversation and introduce a topic that makes you seem fun and interesting.

2. Don't take too long to reply.

How would you feel if someone didn't reply for more than 12 hours? If you can't reply at the moment, let the other person know that you're busy and will respond later. That's just common courtesy.

3. Avoid cold replies by responding with one word.

Sending one-word replies may make the other person think they're boring. Or that you're not interested in talking to them. The other person is invested in talking to you; sending them a one-word reply will seem rude.

4. Make use of emojis, memes, and GIFs.

Emojis, memes, and GIFs make texting more fun and funnier. Incorporate these great inventions into your text to liven up the conversation. Memes are funny and could be a good conversation starter. That said, your messages should have actual text in them sometimes. If you respond in just emojis, what sort of conversation are you actually having?

5. Craft your messages to be specific and clear.

People don't like an unclear and vague message. You don't want the other person to have to think too hard about what you mean, or if the text is for them or not. Keep them clear, so there's no confusion and misunderstanding.

6. Don't be afraid to be humorous.

Up your game a little so you won't be a dry texter. Try to make up your own jokes or pick-up lines, or create a funny nickname for both of you. Don't try too hard; just be yourself, and try to be fun.

7. Try a little bit of flirting.

Flirting is a good way to spice up a conversation. A flirty comment will turn it into a fun conversation because it will surely flatter her. It doesn't have to be sexual at all! You could say, 'I could not stop thinking about someone; I had to send her this message.' If you need more practice, learn how to flirt with a girl over text.

8. Ask and remember details about her.

When someone remembers small details about you, it makes you feel special. Pay attention to what they're sharing and revisit the topic when you get the chance. It shows that you are invested in the conversation with them.

9. Ask open-ended questions.

Asking open-ended questions furthers a conversation. They allow you to share ideas or experiences, which are required in a fun text conversation.

10. Share things about yourself.

Communication is a two-way street. Sharing a thing or two about you shows that you trust the person and are invested in the conversation. Telling her how your day went or as deep as your fave childhood memory will help establish a connection.

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5 Signs You Are a Dry Texter

There are tell-tale signs to determine if you are a dry texter. When someone feels withdrawn from your text conversation, is it your fault? If you always end up having a dry conversation, it is better to check if you are a dry texter.

Sign #1: They take too long to reply.

A good texter does not take too long to reply. If you are not available to text, you must inform the other person, so they don't wait for your reply. An interesting conversation requires the exchange of ideas in a timely manner. How can you get into the discussion if there's a big gap between each response?

Sign #2: Their replies are short.

If your replies are too short and close-ended, you are a bad texter. Consistent short responses will not lead to further conversation, since you aren't sharing or elaborating on your ideas or opinion on the matter. Close-ended replies will lead to dry text conversation.

Sign #3: They send random, low-effort messages.

Sending one word text messages does not look very polite to the receiver of the text message. Whether you've known them for a while or getting to know them, a better texter always puts in at least a bit of effort. Also, don't try to send send a random text if you cannot add to the conversation. You'll just leave the other person hanging.

Sign #4: They don't try to start the conversation.

A dry texter always waits for the other person to initiate the conversation. It's possible that they just don't know how not to be a dry texter with friends or how to initiate a conversation. But sometimes, your friends can get tired of being the initiator.

Sign #5: They don't seem to be enthusiastic about meeting up with you.

Why would they think you'll be interesting in person if you don't seem interested in the text? I understand that not all of us can express our personalities through texting. But yes, someone can be judged by how they send text messages.

Conversation Starters Over Text that is Guaranteed to Get You a Reply Back

So you've met a girl and somehow managed to get a number. Now, you're staring at your phone, unsure about what to text her. Try to avoid this situation at all costs. You have to learn how to start a text conversation with a girl so she'll keep talking to you. These good text conversation starters will immensely help you get a reply from her.

  • How would you describe yourself in three words?
  • How do you relieve stress?
  • What’s the best part of your day so far?
  • What are your top 5 bucket list activities?
  • What’s your favorite movie/book/song, and why?
  • Tell me one of your favorite funny jokes.
  • What’s the funniest word in the English language?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • In your opinion, what are the best things and the worst thing about getting older?
  • Hi! How has your day been so far?
  • Have you watched any good movies or TV shows recently?
  • I saw a cute dog on my walk today, do you have any pets?
  • I'm trying to decide what to eat for dinner tonight, any recommendations?
  • What's your favorite thing about the city/town you live in?
  • Do you have any plans for the weekend?
  • What's the best book you've read recently?
  • Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  • What's something you've always wanted to try but haven't yet?
  • What's your favorite type of cuisine?
  • Do you have any favorite quotes or words of wisdom?

BONUS: Try playing games with her over text!

What's more fun than playing games over text? It's casual, funny, and interesting all at the same time. Spice up your conversation with the best games to play over text.

Never Have I Ever

One texter will say, ‘never have I ever,’ followed by one crazy thing a normal person would never do. Then the other will answer either, ‘I have’, or ‘I never have.’ It's a good way to get to know someone without asking questions directly.

Would You Rather?

Give two options to choose from. It could be something silly or crazy! See which one she picks, and you can start your conversation there.

20 Questions

You're allowed to ask 20 questions about anything under the sun. Your text mate has to answer them honestly. Once done, then it's your turn. A great way to share information about yourselves!

I Spy

Give clues to describe something you are looking at, at the moment. This game will keep her on her toes, trying to guess that thing. Also, maybe she wants to know what got your attention.

Name That Tune

This game will require the audio message option of your phone. Record yourself humming to a tune so the other can guess it. It will be more exciting if you keep score!

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid sending short messages, which makes you a bad texter. Make your text conversation more fun by incorporating a funny GIF or meme. Texting is fun, but it can still be a real conversation. We'll answer all the other questions you have in your mind.

Do girls like texting?

Yes, most girls like texting! It's casual and fun, and you can express your personality and feelings through it. Texting is a good communication tool if you are shy and don't want to do a phone call or video chat. With texting, you can send emojis, memes, and GIFs, making it more fun.

How can I ask her out over text?

Knowing how to ask a girl out over text can make or break the moment. You can begin by sending something nice and sweet, like, "Hello, gorgeous!". Compliment her, so it gets her attention and replies back. If you've been talking for a few days, you can ask her directly. But if you're not that confident, you can start the conversation with a personal anecdote. And when she's already engaged in the conversation, it's time to ask her out.

Is texting still a good way to get to know someone?

Yes, though nothing can compete with face-to-face conversation. Texting is still a cool and fun way to get to know someone. Texting is convenient, and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can share experiences and ideas without the fear of rejection since you can't see their faces.

Can I make her fall in love with me over text?

There's a chance, yes. It depends on how good you are. If you can express yourself and your intentions sincerely, you can make someone fall in love with you over text. Texting is the same as any conversation, a great tool to get to know someone.

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