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You're in the right place, because here we will discuss the different male personality types. As a life coach, I've interacted with almost all types of people. Some of my works have been published on The Hobby Craze and Idea Pod, so when analyzing male types, I'm your guy! Today, we'll discuss the male hierarchy; let's determine which one you are.

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What is Socio-Sexual Hierarchy?

Socio-sexual hierarchy is the categorization made by Vox day that separates male personality types into ranks. It classifies men based on their social status, interactions with others, and inclinations. We will discuss the six male types: Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega. The social hierarchy helps us to have a better idea of how men fit into different roles in society.

Socio-Sexual Hierarchy Ranking

Categorizing and ranking male types can seem to be a little discerning for some. It separates men based on their social status and how they interact with both men and women. But look on the positive side; every society has a hierarchy. It ensures that everyone has a certain role or responsibility. It also prevents internal chaos because everyone knows their place. Therefore, it avoids overlapping functions and redundancy.

Alpha Male

Alpha males are at the top of the dominance hierarchy. They are natural leaders; confident, dominant, and charismatic. They can confidently tell others what to do and exhibit unrivaled masculinity. Women find them highly attractive, and other men look up to this type of man. Social acceptance is big, and he loves to be the center of attention. Need I say more? Here are the signs you're an alpha male, for those of you who want to be one.

Sigma Male

A sigma male is like introverted alpha, because they exhibit lone wolf-like behavior. They're just as successful as the alpha but don't care about the social hierarchy. They prefer to be on their own and out of a social circle. They stick with a few friends that will last for life. They are men who follow their heart's desires, and they don't care about what others may think. Social acceptance is the least of their worries, and they don't conform to social rules. The character John Wick is a good example of a sigma male!

Beta Male

The beta male is a loyal lieutenant to the alpha male. They lack the charm of the Alpha or Sigma, and they prefer to play safe to avoid confrontations. A beta man is loyal and good at carrying out orders. They're usually calm, open to criticism, and rarely aggressive. This makes them highly trusted and appreciated among other types of males.

Delta Male

The most common male personality type is the delta male. These are the average workers of the pack. They aren't especially attractive. Thus, they struggle with attracting women. When they get into a relationship, they become insecure. They worry that their partners will lose interest and leave them. A delta male doesn't have the will to focus and improve themselves without prompt. They survive by associating themselves with an alpha or beta male. Despite their dependence, they can be dependable as long as they have someone to follow.

Gamma Male

There are both positive and negative traits of a gamma male. The first common perception of this personality type is intelligence. Gamma males are highly intelligent individuals who sometimes become overconfident. These men are also sensitive and romantic. Apart from these good traits, they are also associated with toxicity and manipulation. Whether a gamma male is positive or negative is determined entirely by how they choose to present themselves.

Omega Male

An omega male is the polar opposite of an alpha. Whereas an alpha male prefers to lead a pack, an omega male tends to stand on their own. Because of this, they are sometimes regarded as social outcasts, geeks, and nerds with no social life. They may sometimes lack social skills and aren't conventionally attractive. However, they can prove themselves quite capable despite choosing to avoid groups. Compared to sigma males, who choose to escape the social hierarchy altogether, omega males are at the bottom - though that does not mean they are inferior when it comes to their specific talents.

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Male vs. Female Dominance Hierarchies - Do They Differ?

Just like men have dominant hierarchies, women also have them as well. There's also an alpha, beta, sigma, delta, gamma, and omega woman. Each of the traits of both genders is very similar as well. However, according to ABC News, women take longer to form hierarchies. They tend to work out a task democratically because they're uncomfortable with taking over their peers. With men, on the other hand, dominance hierarchy seems to come naturally to them.

Factors Influencing Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

Our place in the socio-sexual hierarchy depends on how we perceive ourselves compared to others. Some factors influence us to feel we are above or beneath an individual. We'll cover the most common factors here.

Physical appearance

Generally, people prefer a physically attractive person. Just look around you; the celebrities, models, influencers, and endorsers are all good-looking. Most people want to look like them. We perceive good-looking people as more likable than ones with average appearance. While appearance is the end-all be-all for our ranking in the hierarchy, it is generally a good thing to be more attractive.

Status and wealth

The higher your social status is, the more power you have. It's the same thing with wealth; we admire those people who are rich and stable financially. People see them as leaders and above everyone.

Personality traits

A socially likable person gets more empathy from people. Take a look at the influencers on social media. They try to imbibe a specific personality to make themselves stand out. They are all likable for different reasons, and that makes them more attractive.

Social skills

This refers to a person's charisma. People with charisma have a magnetic personality which many people find likable. If one is approachable, knows how to communicate with people, and resolves conflicts, then he'll have a better rank in the hierarchy,

Cultural norms

We have diverse cultures all over the world. Some cultures choose a leader based on birthright, others through an election. That is just one example of how cultural norms relate to socio-sexual hierarchy. How we perceive an individual's capacity depends on our instilled cultural preferences.


This is how you present yourself to others. The higher your confidence, the more likely people will be impressed. Be careful not to be overconfident because that can be your downfall. Confidence shows know that you know what you are doing. Therefore you can be a good candidate for a leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Humans need a social dominance hierarchy to ensure the smooth execution of tasks. It keeps all the elements organized as everybody knows their role and responsibilities. If you are still confused about this, I've answered some frequently asked questions that may help clarify it further to you.

Can someone change their position in the hierarchy?

Absolutely! A person can rise to the ranks by earning it. The personality and skills required to advance in status can be developed through experience and actions. The key factor is the willingness to change one's position and become a leader rather than a follower.

Does the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy apply to all cultures and societies?

Yes, the socio-sexual hierarchy is prevalent in all cultures and societies. It is an innate trait of human beings to form social status and dominance levels. Have you seen any country that does not have a president, leader, chief, or king/queen? The groups' perceptions fundamentally guide social hierarchies.

Is knowing your personality dominance level important?

Yes, it can be helpful to know your dominance level! It helps you understand your preferences and why you react in such a way to other people. It can be useful in determining one's leadership style and how to communicate with others more effectively. It can also help avoid conflicts. Conflicts tend to arise when there is a challenge of authority, so knowing the main source of the problem can help you work towards a solution.

Is socio-sexual hierarchy has something to do with romantic relationships?

Yes! There are personality types that women find more attractive. Alpha and sigma males are attractive to women because of their success and confidence. On the other hand, omega and gamma are the ones that have a hard time forming relationships. It is due to their awkwardness and some negative traits. The beta and delta sit in the middle. Getting the woman and handling the resulting relationship has a relation with the hierarchy. However, it may be different if you are both into relationship anarchy, where rules and social norms do not bind you.

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