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What is a Theta Male?

A theta male focuses on having a strong sense of morals and discipline, one they place value in more than the approval of others. They usually have a powerful spiritual connection that they follow with conviction, to ensure that they keep an ascetic lifestyle. They also tend to avoid concepts such as toxic masculinity or societal norms, and instead focus solely on their personal beliefs. If you've met someone that lives by a strong moral and spiritual code, they may be a theta male!

4 Signs You're A Theta Male

Different classes of theta male personality types can differ from one person to another. Here are some signs that might point out that you may be a theta male!

1. Mystic

Believing in the supernatural or spiritual is a strong sign that you're the theta male of the group. If you find yourself focusing more on trying to appease nature or spirits when you're out camping with your buddies in the wilderness, then you may be a mystic theta male.

2. Ascetic

It's one thing to try to avoid doing something that you will regret; it's another to make sure to practice self-discipline. Theta males famously believe that abstention can be the best form of cleansing. If you work extremely hard to ensure that you don't end up doing something you'd consider bad, then that's a sure sign that you're a theta male.

3. Disciplined

Theta males are well-known for their strong discipline. Suppose you can fight off unnecessary urges and temptations, or continuously convince your friends to not do anything they might regret. In that case, that's a good sign that you have some theta male traits.

4. Spiritual

Spirituality doesn't always mean that you have to always be at church. Praying or believing in dogma or religious text can be a sign that you are a spiritual theta male.

Theta Male Infographic

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Theta Male vs. Alpha Male

The main difference between a theta male and an alpha male is dominance. One of the main signs you're an alpha male is that you have an overwhelming personality trait that makes you seek a leadership role in your group. The strong desire to climb into almost any social hierarchy to become the leader showcases your sign as the alpha male among the pack.

Theta Male vs. Beta Male

The main difference between a theta male and a beta male is their general allowance as a follower. Most beta males prefer to be followers over others in the male social hierarchy. Their social status and character traits make them the approachable stereotypical "nice guy" character in a group of friends. Theta males don't actively pursue a follower role, and will happily fit in any role they want. Despite that, theta males and beta males can get along splendidly!

Theta Male vs. Delta Male

The main difference between a theta male and a delta male is their introverted behavior. Most delta males lack an alpha personality, thus pushing them away from being the leaders or having the least amount of voice in a group. Generally, they have the last say regarding what to do in a group activity. Theta males don't have this issue; their strong beliefs allow them to say what they want and when they want.

Theta Male vs. Sigma Male

The main difference between a theta male and a sigma male is their coolness factor. A sigma guy has this dominant male archetype that people respect and admire, and they do it without even trying. You can find sigma men to be very cunning and calculated with their actions, but like to remain separated from the group and would avoid making decisions as much as possible. Theta males, on the other hand, aren't intrinsically cool, and don't usually show the lone wolf tendencies a sigma male has.

Theta Male vs. Omega Male

The main difference between a theta male and an omega male is their free spirit. Most omega males don't care about what others think about them in the socio-sexual hierarchy. These types of men typically only want to spend time having fun with their friends, and don't care whether they belong high or low in the ranks, as long as they're part of the group. On the other hand, theta males live freely, choosing their beliefs and actions freely - they don't need others to be with, as long as they can stay true to themselves.

Type of Women Compatible with Theta Males

Theta males are one of the most self-disciplined types of people. Women that want a man that is not only devoted, but would also do everything to make sure that they won't be tempted by other women, would like to go for theta males.

Compared to other different personality types, theta males are usually set in their ways, and have a clear conscience for their actions which can be impressive to women. Furthermore, their mystical aura and spiritual beliefs are highly attractive to the more spiritually-inclined women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions about the types of males in the socio-sexual hierarchy? We've got plenty of answers for you here!

How many personality types are there?

There are 7 main male personality types, but there are other lesser-known personality types, such as gamma males. These personality types usually help show the behavioral archetypes of each character archetype, so it helps to learn about them all.

Are personality types permanent?

Personality types aren't permanent; however, most tend not to change them. However, every person can always make adjustments to their behaviors, and no personality type is better than others. It would take something life-changing to change the type of male archetype you possess.

What is the benefit of knowing my personality type?

Your personality type does not mean that you can only act a specific way! Still, it can help you find people more compatible with your unique traits. However, your personality isn't the only defining factor when it comes to attracting other people. Skills and charisma are things all types can possess.

Is there a bad personality type?

No, personality types typically only show a broader side of the traits that you have as a person. Each type has its strong points as well as its weak points. However, those weak points don't necessarily make you bad. As long as you show your unique way of things, and express it positively, these weak points will no longer harm you, but simply add depth to your character.

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