If you still don't have things to do with your boyfriend on your bucket list, then consider this a sign to have them. Right here is your ticket to a list of exciting things to do with your boyfriend!

Sites such as Outwit Trade and Best Life Online have featured some of my works as a dating and relationship coach, so I have the answer for you when it comes to the bucket list for couples.

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Ultimate List Of Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

When you've been in a relationship for too long or just jumped into one, it can be hard to think of date night ideas or fun stuff to do with your boyfriend. Either you've ran out of ideas, or you just can't come up with one since you are still in the getting-to-know phase. But don't you worry, we've got you!

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5 Adventurous Activities That Will Bring Excitement to Your Relationship

If you and your guy are into the outdoors, sports, and adrenaline-pumping activities, skip the usual movie night and check out these adventurous date ideas instead!

1. Play two-person games and sports.

Not only can couple games improve your problem-solving abilities, but they can also boost your connection as partners. Try joining your local bar's trivia night contests, playing a board game at home, or competing with other couples. If you are into sports or want to get fit together, try playing tennis or badminton against another pair.

2. Explore a cave together.

For the nature-loving couples out there, nothing beats the great outdoors when it comes to spending some quality time together. If you and your partner are fit for this multi-faceted sport, this date idea is for you! Together you'll face challenges and experiences and emerge closer than before while enjoying the fresh air.

3. Go skinny dipping.

Found yourself a secluded beach at sunset? Or maybe a private pool in the evenings? Then strip down and splash around naked with your partner. Grab some towels and perhaps a blanket, and enjoy swimming nude under the stars or while watching the sunset.

4. Run a race together.

Training for a race together benefits couples as it becomes a great bonding moment. Train with your partner and offer encouragement, especially during the beginning when everything seems hard. You can face the struggles together, have an effective outlet for stress, and share an amazing experience as you cross the finish line.

5. Explore a new city.

If you are into exploring hidden gems in the concrete jungle, walking around urban areas, and finding new things to add to your list of exciting experiences, then exploring a new city is your thing. Add this to your list of romantic things to do with your boyfriend!

5 Cool Date Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend

If you are both tired of the usual drive to the theater to see a movie, that's enough of an excuse to surprise him with some cool date ideas.

6. Fix up a car and go on a drive.

If you and your guy are into automobiles and long drives, this one will be an exciting experience and a fun activity. Aside from the bonding you'll get while fixing up your car, it's also a great way to ensure you won't have any trouble when you hit the road.

7. Build and fly a kite.

Kites are not just for kids. Building and flying a kite is a cheap way of spending your time with your partner while enjoying the outdoors. Building and flying a kite will challenge your creativity and teamwork as a couple. Go to a park or beach and let your kite soar!

8. Do an escape room challenge.

Plenty of couples do escape room challenges and enjoy the thrill of doing one. Boost your problem-solving and communication skills as you embark on this adventure with your boyfriend! This is a fun way to test your patience and trust in one another as you go from one challenge to another.

9. Get matching tattoos.

Get yourselves a matching tattoo with a design that's uniquely yours. And since tattoos last longer than most relationships, ensure you and your guy are on the same page when getting matching inks. If you don't see him in your future, ditch this and get something a little less permanent, like a matching shirt instead.

10. Take a brewery tour.

If you and your guy are beer enthusiasts, craft breweries are becoming popular destinations for couples. Get a taste of some local brews and understand the know-how of making them. He may get inspired in the process and start brewing his own!

5 Cute Ways to Bond That He Will Also Enjoy

While you want to indulge in activities you enjoy, remember that once you go out as a couple, you also have to consider your other half. And when it comes to cute things to do with your boyfriend, we've got you covered.

11. Attend a local festival together.

Community or local festivals have a thing of bringing people together. This is a great date night idea if you are into music and festivities, as you can sing your favorite song while enjoying each other's company. You can choose from a variety of activities around, listen to local musicians, and dine out all at the same place.

12. Explore the outdoors and go camping.

Ask your boyfriend to go camping with you in the great outdoors. If both of you are nature enthusiasts, this can be a refreshing break from the busy work life. The solitude, sleeping under the stars, and the whole outdoor experience will bring you closer than before.

13. Play mini golf.

If you are up for some fun and cheap date activities, mini golf is at the top of the list. Mini golf is popular among first-date ideas, but this doesn't mean that it stops there. Make it more enjoyable by adding twists to the game, inviting other couples for a fun competition, or just reminiscing about your first mini-golf date.

14. Go bowling.

A little bit of fun, healthy competition can bring you and your boyfriend closer. Try finding out who's the best at bowling while still maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Nowadays, bowling alleys offer more than just one activity. Some have pools, bars, and video games, so you can choose other things to do after bowling.

15. Go apple picking.

Make the most out of your autumn strolls by going apple-picking. Enjoy the lovely shades of fall while harvesting apples for your homemade pie or holiday treats! Not only is this a cheap and fun thing to do, but you can also make this an annual tradition to look forward to.

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5 Sweet Things to Do With Him That Will Show How Much He Means to You

You don't need to spend a lot of dough for your man to know how much he means to you. And rose petals on the bed are kind of a cliche when it comes to making surprises. Try some simple things to do with your boyfriend at home, and see how surprised he'd be.

16. Cook him his favorite meal.

Make him his favorite meal to surprise him after a busy work day or during the holidays. Coming home to his favorite meal made by his girlfriend may be one of the best things or the highlight of his day. The day doesn't even have to be special for your man to come home to his favorite dish.

17. Read him a book.

Wondering what to do during those lazy Sunday afternoons? Skip the video game and cozy up on the couch with your boyfriend while you read him a book you know he'd like or one of his choosing. Reading a book together is like watching a movie where you can dissect its sections and see how it relates to your life.

18. Watch his favorite sports game with him.

If you are not a big sports fan, your boyfriend will definitely be surprised if you ask him to bring you to his favorite game. If you have yet to learn how his favorite sports work, you can research a little about them before going to the actual game to surprise him even more.

19. Wash his car.

They say it's the little things that matter. A simple act such as washing your man's car, especially if you were the one who used it, can mean so much to him. An act of service is a love language he'll truly appreciate. Doing so also tells him you care about him, giving him time to relax and unwind instead of using up energy cleaning his car.

20. Learn about his hobbies and interests.

While you and your partner have your own passions and hobbies, learning about his won't hurt and can give you something to bond over. Tag along as you learn about his interests, and who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it and add it to your hobbies.

Downloadable and Printable List of Exciting Activities To Do With Your Boyfriend

Here is a jpg/pdf list of fun activities to do with your boyfriend (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

How Often Should You Go On Dates With Your Boyfriend?

At the beginning of a relationship, a date once a week is a good idea. It gives you time to get to know your partner better and bond over your common interests.

If you've reached your three to the six-month mark, date nights become less frequent since you also spend more time with each other. But it doesn't mean treating yourself to some fancy dinner or a night out once a month is out of the picture! As your relationship progresses, expect that date nights become less frequent since your schedules, lifestyle, and personal space need to be respected.

When you reach your first year together, a milestone in every relationship, dates become more special since they can consist of out-of-town trips or spending a day having each other all to yourselves. Surprise dinner dates also become a thing for couples who have spent some time together.

Why is it Important to Give What Your Partner Needs and Wants?

A successful relationship is hinged on each other's ability to provide their partner's needs and wants. These don't necessarily mean material needs and wants. Some basic needs deemed non-negotiable for some relationships are encouragement, emotional support, affection, love, and connection. Relationships thrive in the balance of meeting each individual's needs, so once it becomes one-sided, it is bound to end badly.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers to some common queries on dating and relationships, check out the items below:

Is hanging out together at home considered dating?

It depends on the purpose of hanging out. If your relationship falls on a deeper level of commitment, hanging out together at home to spend some quality time alone can be considered a romantic thing. Not everyone has the means to splurge on fancy dates, so having a simple one at home will do.

How can I ask my girlfriend to try out things I want to do?

If you are already aware of your girlfriend's likes and dislikes or things she's comfortable doing, it's easy to tell if she will be willing to join you on whatever adventure you want. If she's not up for it or too much for her, you can research alternative activities that both you and she can enjoy.

What if we can't find things we both enjoy?

You can try and discover hobbies and interests together. Take classes or trips together, and you will find something you'd both enjoy doing in the process. While relationships are often hinged on common interests, some are not. But it doesn't mean that the relationship won't work. Your journey as a couple involves finding out things you will enjoy, so you have to work on it.

How can I learn to enjoy the things she wants to do?

You don't have to enjoy all the things she wants to do. In fact, for some girls, it is enough that you support their hobbies and passion. If your girl tries her best to do the things you want to, it should also be the same for you. And if you are uncomfortable doing certain things with her, it's better to be truthful about it. She will appreciate your honesty.

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In Conclusion

I hope this list of things to do with your boyfriend just got to you in time to surprise him. This will come in handy, especially on those days when you need to have some alone time with your man. Let us know how it goes!