Having a variety of things to talk about with your girlfriend is essential for building a deeper connection and fostering self-awareness. When it comes to what to talk about with your girlfriend, it goes beyond mere small talk or recapping daily activities (although those can be important too).

Since I'm the guy they come to for the best relationship advice, I will help you! Let's find the best things to talk about with your girl. I've already written many posts about how to keep a conversation going and how to not be a dry texter. So I know what topics you should initiate to have a nice and fruitful discussion with your girlfriend.

Let's uncover the ideal conversation topics to enhance your bond with your significant other!


Best Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

1. Talk about her interests

Why It's Great: We're more than our jobs and the weather. What makes her heart and soul sing? Knowing what your partner likes to do is an important thing in a healthy relationship.

Ideal Relationship Level: I like using this as a conversation starter early into the relationship. It sets a good tone.

2. Fun things you recently did together

Why It's Great: Asking interesting questions like this will strengthen your bond as a couple. When you know what she enjoys doing, you have a guide to your future dates and plans. Use the information you have to plan great trips and experiences for the two of you.

Ideal Relationship Level: In the first few months ,couples explore many places, restaurants and experiences together. Discover which of the things you did together were memorable to her.

3. Your childhood and your past.

Why It's Great: Remembering our childhoods is necessary to better understand ourselves as adults. The moments we felt validated as children shape our problem-solving as adults. Talking about this will tell you a lot about your partner's personality as an adult.

Ideal Relationship Level: In a past relationship of mine, I talked about this way too early. I didn't think that she might not be okay talking about her past, especially when we've been together for a few days. Take this useful relationship advice from me: don't talk about the past when you're only a couple of weeks in. You can actually wait for her to bring it up so you'd be sure it's a safe topic to discuss.

4. Naughty conversations.

Why It's Great: Our fantasies are also powerful keys to freedom and healing old wounds. Receiving validation and reciprocation here is so healthy for a relationship.

Ideal Relationship Level: Dirty questions and topics are great for when you're getting intimate with each other. If you're at that stage, you can send flirty texts or ask sexy questions to your partner to get them in the mood.

5. Talk about your fears.

Why It's Great: Often, two people are in each other's lives to help each other move past their fears. So you must talk about them to invite such growth in.

Ideal Relationship Level: Getting to know each other on a deeper level involves talking about each other's fears. If you're past the point of casual conversations talk about your fears together. You can do this when you've been together for a while.

6. Her Motivations

Why It's Great: Often our motivations beneath the surface can come as a surprise. They're often very different than what's on the surface. That's why you need to learn what inspires her to keep going.

Ideal Relationship Level: Every relationship has hiccups. They may come at a time when you're both losing focus, because you're so enamored with each other. You can revisit her motivations when you've been together for a few years.

7. Where She Went to School

Why It's Great: School can be a world before the actual adult world. Learning about how she was as a student will tell you a lot about her improvement from being a kid to a grown-up.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should talk about this in the initial part of the relationship. It will give you an idea of what she was like before she was an adult. I like talking about this when texting with a girl. It will make the conversation fun, even when you're staring at a screen.

8. Her family

Why It's Great: Families are complex, full of great love and/or deep trauma and wounds. Learning about a person's family tells you why the other reacts a certain way when times get tough. Understanding family wounds will help you have more compassion for each other.

Ideal Relationship Level: This is a great question to talk about when you're in the first few months of being together.

9. Tell her why you started dating her

Why It's Great: There is nothing more curious than that initial spark and how it unfolded. She'd feel special when you talk about what attracted you to her. It may be something she's never noticed about herself before.

Ideal Relationship Level: This is a fun thing to discuss when you first start dating. In fact, she may ask you about it before you even think about discussing this with her.

10. Tell her where you plan to be in five years and what that means to you

Why It's Great: Your aspirations are pieces of your soul. You'll both also gain a better understanding of your long term compatibility.

Ideal Relationship Level: Being in a long term relationship means you have similar goals for each other. Talk about this when you're 100% sure you want together forever.

11. Talk about your proudest moments and ask her about hers

Why It's Great: Was it a source of external or internal validation, or both? You'll learn what parts of yourself you value the most. When she shares her proudest moments, talk about what made her feel glorious.

Ideal Relationship Level: It's nice to have deeper conversations with your partner late into your relationship. It will tell you both a lot about what you consider "successful."

12. Happiest moments

Why It's Great: This inquiry is infinite. It can serve as an eternal reset button that brings the focus back to joy and thanks for all we receive. When you know your partner's happiest moments, you'll know how to replicate them in the future.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about your best moments is great for when you're still learning about each other. The first months of a relationship would be the perfect time to share your best moments.

13. Something You Wouldn’t Guess About Her

Why It's Great: We all want to know what we're seeing but not seeing. We're all more than what we appear. Learning about her hidden talents will be another way to bond with her. If she shows them to you, it means she trusts you a lot.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can discuss this in your first few dates. It's a clever way to ask about her secret talents and passions.

14. Her Pets

Why It's Great: A lot of us get all soft, warm, fuzzy and open when we talk about our non-judgmental animal companions. Talking about her pets will put her in a good mood too.

Ideal Relationship Level: I made the mistake of not asking about her pets the first few days we were together. I know she had them, because I saw on her social media. She got upset that I asked about them so late in the relationship. It's best to talk about this sooner, rather than later.

15. Friends

Why It's Great: Our friendship dynamics also reflect different facets of who we are. Use this to see what kind of friend she is. Observe what she says about her friends to understand her expectations in relationships.

Ideal Relationship Level: The early parts of a relationship is the perfect time to talk about this conversation topic. A friend of mine asked this too late into the relationship and it didn't work well for him.

16. Discuss your first date and what about it stood out to you

Why It's Great: The blossoming of chemistry and love is one of life's greatest joys and mysteries. Comb through the details over and over again and discover what she loved most about your first date.

Ideal Relationship Level: The early parts of the relationship would be perfect for talking about your first date. You could also discuss this as you're about to celebrate your first anniversary. I used this to recreate our first date as our anniversary activity. It worked like a charm!

17. Ask about the worst thing that happened to her today

Why It's Great: This is a great way to practice empathy. You do NOT have to create an unsolicited solution for her. Refraining from trying to make her problem go away with "You should..." statements might be the greatest act of true masculinity you can muster! Be present for her and listen until she asks for your help or advice.

Ideal Relationship Level: You could ask this at any relationship level. She would always need you to support her when she needs someone to listen and be in her corner.

18. Start conversations about serious life topics

Why It's Great: No more dancing around serious life topics like a weenie. If she's ready, bite the bullet and dive in. You need to be on the same page on beliefs about raising children and handling finances.

Ideal Relationship Level: Serious life topics should be present in a serious relationship. Use a deep question from here to talk about where your life together is going.

19. Ask what she wanted to be when she was 7.

Why It's Great: Seven is old enough to have vivid memories and young enough that peer pressure hadn't already set in. We develop some of the most untainted parts of our identity at age 7. Learn about her childhood dreams and see you can help her fulfill them, if she hasn't already.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can use this as a conversation starter in the beginning of your relationship. It's a casual question that she'd have fun answering. I know an ex of mine enjoyed talking about her childhood when I brought it up early in the relationship.

20. Culture

Why It's Great: For some of us, our cultural heritage is a huge part of our identity. It's a great way to understand your partner from the core. Learning about her culture will also make you more sensitive to her ways and beliefs. It's necessary when you're part of being in a loving and understanding relationship.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can ask about this at any point in the relationship. The answer will go from shallow to profound. In the beginning, she'll tell you a few practices they have. When you're committed, you will get involved in their family's traditions.

21. Had she done anything for herself lately

Why It's Great: If you show your girl that you want her to still be the one you fell in love with, she'll appreciate you even more. If you love someone, you shouldn't change them. In fact, you want them to keep their beliefs, traits, and passions even if you're together. Life will be happier for both of you if each one gets their needs and wants.

Ideal Relationship Level: When you've been together for a while, you often forget that you're still an individual who has needs. After a few months or years of being together, talk about this and see if she's still contented with the life you have.

22. Beauty treatments

Why It's Great: Does she pursue beauty treatments out of self- love, or fear of not being enough? Allow your curiosity to take hold. You might consider getting some spa treatments together. We all want to look our best out of love for self.

Ideal Relationship Level: This is an interesting topic to bring up when you know she's comfortable with you. Ask this when you've been together for a few weeks.

23. Ask your girlfriend what her 3 favorite things to talk about are

Why It's Great: There are things we all love to talk about and those will be your greatest portals to deeper connection. Use this to find out her favorite topics. When she's feeling down, ask her about a new book of her favorite author's or tips on how to cook a good stew. It will make her feel better, I promise.

Ideal Relationship Level: When you're in the early days of your partnership, you should know the stuff she likes to discuss. It will help you find things to talk about that you're sure she'd have a lot to share.

24. Talk about your spiritual beliefs and values

Why It's Great: Our spiritual beliefs are some of the most intimate parts of us and for many of us. It's important to establish where we align. Many of us believe that we agreed to be with certain people before this physical lifetime began. See what she believes beyond this incarnation.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about this too early may not be a good idea. It could create negative air between you. Ask this when you've gotten to know each other beyond surface level.

25. Ask your girlfriend who she doesn't want to be like in the future

Why It's Great: You'll know her triggers and traumas based on her strongest negative reactions. You'll become clearer on her positive values. Plus, you'll learn what your future kids will be like too. They'll take on both of your characteristics, so you'd have an idea about what kind of people they're going to be.

Ideal Relationship Level: I try to avoid negative undertones in the first few days of talking. It doesn't set a good tone. I know it didn't work for me when I asked this one too early. It's best to wait. After a few weeks of being together, you can talk about this to find out the traits she wants to avoid having.

26. What you said you’d do… but haven’t done already

Why It's Great: Everyone procrastinates something in our lives that trigger old fears and insecurities. Talking through them may be what she needs to ignite the needed fire.

Ideal Relationship Level: If you want to talk about your dreams and goals, it would be wise to discuss it in detail a few months in. Not everyone wants to disclose the stuff they aim for, so keep that in mind before asking.

27. What is her idea of a perfect Saturday night

Why It's Great: You can use this as a guide when you want to take her out this weekend. Find out what she thinks is the perfect dinner and movie to see. She's going to love this for sure.

Ideal Relationship Level: After a few weeks of being her boyfriend, you should remind her that she made the right choice of being with you. I usually ask this when planning a romantic Saturday night with her.

28. What’s a story she always wanted to tell, but never got a chance to

Why It's Great: Sharing secrets and memories with each other is such an intimate thing to do. You are baring your soul and unleashing parts of you that you'd never show anyone else. Use this to discover more about your partner in a deeper way.

Ideal Relationship Level: It's a good thing to talk about when you feel she's comfortable sharing her stories with you. It would be best to discuss after a few months together.

29. Discuss things you have in common

Why It's Great: Your common ground will be a great conversation starter. It doesn't have to be a hobby. It can be a way of relating to something, or a perspective or belief about the universe.

Ideal Relationship Level: Discuss your similarities in the first stages of getting to know each other.

30. Ask Her Who She Looks Up To

Why It's Great: Those who inspire us around us say everything about our own dreams and potential. Talking about this will tell you what characteristics she wants to have for herself.

Ideal Relationship Level: You could get a different answer every time you ask. Saying this at the beginning, she could say a celebrity or a historical figure. But if you ask when you've gotten to know each other better, say a few months or years in, you'd get a more personal answer. She may look up to a certain teacher, friend or family member that has made a significant impact on her life.

31. Ask Her What Her Definition Of Romance Is

Why It's Great: For all the clichés out there, there are many secondary definitions of romance. You'd also learn a lot about what she likes and what turns her on.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about this in the early stages of the relationship is great. You'll have an idea of what she considers romantic and use that when you're planning a date with her.

32. Plans for the coming weekend

Why It's Great: We tend to go big on the weekends. What's she like outside the daily grind? Does she have a side hustle? Is she available for a surprise trip? Find out by talking about her weekend plans ahead of time.

Ideal Relationship Level: Planning a special date for her? Use this when you're celebrating an anniversary to find out if you can surprise her on the weekend.

33. Share your secrets

Why It's Great: For every one offered, you've got to reach inside yourself. Everybody has secrets. You need to be aware of yours. To pretend otherwise is to resist awareness.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should only ask this if you're sure that she trusts you. It would be best to talk about this after a few months that you've been together.

34. What’s one thing her friends think is fun that she doesn't

Why It's Great: Your principles are the strongest indicators of who you are as an individual. When you can stand up for something, even if it's not what other people prefer, it means you have faith in yourself. Her friends may do things that she doesn't like. It's good for you to know what these things are so you don't assume that she'd do them only because her friends do.

Ideal Relationship Level: In the beginning of relationship, you'd always want your partner and your friends to get along. So, you'd never think to mention anything that would ruin that. But, once you've been together for a while, she'll be more comfortable sharing this with you.

35. Has a book made her cry? What was it?

Why It's Great:What tugs at her heartstrings? What makes her so emotional that she can't help but cry? Finding out what books have made her cry will give you an idea of what things make her sad or heartbroken. You can also ask follow-up questions about the characters and how she felt when the book ended.

Ideal Relationship Level: If your girlfriend is a bookworm, she would talk about this in the first stages of your relationship.

36. Make sure you tell her what you love about her

Why It's Great: When you can say what you love about her, you already have a big advantage.

Ideal Relationship Level: When you're wooing a woman, you should say a romantic thing here and there. When she's your girlfriend, she'd still want to hear those stuff. It's a good thing to say at any level of your relationship. Your partner deserves to hear how special they are.

37. Talk about your workplace

Why It's Great: Work life can be different for each person. We all vary on how our work life reflects our truth. Finding out about her workplace tells you what she goes through every day.

Ideal Relationship Level: This is a safe topic to talk about when you're still in the early stages. You could ask this when she gets home from work.

38. Your biggest fear

Why It's Great: Articulating the extent of it is part of facing it. When you discover this, you'll know what you should or shouldn't do so she never has to experience that.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about your fears is a serious thing to do. It's best to discuss when you're at a steady stage of your relationship. If she trusts you enough, she'd be willing to talk about it.

39. Self-improvement goals

Why It's Great: This is a look at self-esteem and belief in self. Learning about her goals will guide you and show you how you can support her. It's a great way to be there for her, especially when she's taking the steps to her self-improvement.

Ideal Relationship Level: You could discuss this after a few months you've been together. It's not easy admitting that you still have a lot to improve. So, you should be at a stage where you're comfortable being vulnerable around each other.

40. Share some school and college jokes

Why It's Great: Sharing stories and jokes you learned in school is a great way to bond and build a solid foundation. You'd also get to know the people she shared these jokes with or the friends who told these funny stories. You'll get a glimpse of how she was and who she was friends with in school.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can talk about these when you're passing time in your first few weeks together.

41. How she wants people to remember her

Why It's Great: It's nice to know what legacy she wants to leave behind, so you can help her fulfill that while you're still here.

Ideal Relationship Level: Of course you can talk about this at any point in the relationship. I would imagine that it would be a good topic to discuss when you're getting a few gray hairs here and there.

42. What 30 seconds would she erase from her life if she could

Why It's Great: Not everyone gets to live their dreams. In fact, most of us have many regrets in life that we wish we could still do. If you learn what her regrets are, you could help her through them and even try fixing these mistakes.

Ideal Relationship Level: Regrets are big things you can't discuss over coffee. You would have more depth to this talk if you talk about it when you're married. It works when you're trying to find things to do before you leave the world.

43. Ask your girl what she feels more grateful for

Why It's Great: Finding gratitude in the least likely places is the mark of a strong, resilient person.

Ideal Relationship Level: Ask this when you've been together for a long time. Discover what she feels.

44. Personal opinion

Why It's Great: Learning how she thinks is one of the most important things in a serious relationship. You'd see concepts from her point of view and you'll understand why she is the way she is.

Ideal Relationship Level: It's great to hear your partner's opinion about certain stuff. You could ask her about this at any level of your relationship. You'd have to be ready to accept her ideas, even if they don't match yours.

45. Ask her views on life

Why It's Great: Social, environmental, and cultural views are a mark of intelligence. Find out what she's passionate about and talk about her thoughts on them.

Ideal Relationship Level: Deep talks are a vital part of a relationship. Discuss serious topics like this when you're both comfortable sharing your ideas.

46. Relive your first kiss

Why It's Great: A couple's first kiss is one of the most memorable things you'd have. You get to remember the feeling you had leading up to it and the relief you feel when you finally connect.

Ideal Relationship Level: You'll be discussing this after your first kiss, which will happen on your first few dates. You might talk about this on the night before getting married. It's a great thing to do because you get to reminisce on your early memories together.

47. Things you want to do alone

Why It's Great: It's not easy doing things alone when you finally have someone in your life. You'd always want them to join you. Yet, it's still nice to have some alone time and rediscover your true self. It doesn't mean you're growing apart, though. It means you trust each other enough to know that doing things alone is fine as long as you're committed.

Ideal Relationship Level: It's a little tricky to discuss this when you're starting a relationship. You risk hurting her because you want to do separate things. Once you get into the groove of being together for a few years, you'd want to do stuff alone without worrying.

48. What salad dressing doesn’t exist but would be amazing if it did?

Why It's Great: If she's a salad lover, she'd have a lot to say about this one. And if she isn't, well, she's going to have a lot of ideas. What if a soda-flavored salad dress existed? Would it go great with greens and salmon? Find out with this funny question.

Ideal Relationship Level: This is a light topic to talk about on your first date. You can ask it as the waiter is serving your appetizers.

49. What mistakes in her life had she learned the biggest lessons from?

Why It's Great: Being human means we all have to go through a series of mistakes before we learn and do better. Find out what mistakes taught her the biggest lessons in her life. Not only can you do better for yourself, but you'll also know what you can do better for your relationship.

Ideal Relationship Level: She'll be comfortable sharing when you're already a few months in the relationship.

50. Discuss an embarrassing moment in life

Why It's Great: Allowing for vulnerability draws you both closer. She'll love you more for your imperfections. Discuss these memories and learn more about what your partner considers embarrassing.

Ideal Relationship Level: I tried saying this when I was talking to my girlfriend (now ex) in the early parts of our partnership. I discovered that it was better to say it when she was a little more comfortable talking about her fails. Don't push talking about an embarrassing thing when both of you are not in a secure place.

51. Biggest regret

Why It's Great: A lot of us like to avoid this one by saying "I have none." The real question is, what did you learn to do from your failures? How are you valuing the gift of failure? Knowing the answers to these questions lets you to see the real personality of your partner.

Ideal Relationship Level: I tried asking this on the early stages in one of my past relationships. The conversation was too bleak for the beginning of a happy partnership. It's best to ask this when you've been together for a while. When you're committed and planning your future, you'd want to know if they have any regrets.

52. Specific traits you want in a partner

Why It's Great: We all have a type, and we love to hear that we are someone else's ideal. And if it doesn't work like that, it's fine. We'd also love to hear how we are not someone's ideal and we blew their mind with something even better.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should talk about this in the beginning of the relationship. It's important to know each other's preferences to see if you're compatible with each other.

53. Talk about past relationships but avoid too much ex-talk

Why It's Great: Talking about your past should be more about the lessons you learned. She'll know immediately whether you're prone to bitterness, grudges, blaming. She'll also learn if you're compassionate, forgiving, and ready for a new partner.

Ideal Relationship Level: I like getting this out of the way in the beginning of the relationship. I used to wait so long to ask a girl about her past relationships. When we finally did talk about them, it put a strain on the current, already stable relationship. It's best to talk about this at the start, so you know what you're getting into.

54. Ask about their job, don’t ask about their salary

Why It's Great: You'll learn her daily life, motivations, dreams, and capability committing to them.

Ideal Relationship Level: Basics like your job, friends, and hobbies are what you should cover in the first few weeks of being together.

55. What strange food combinations does she enjoy and which does she hate

Why It's Great: Talking about this will create a safe space between you two. If you know she likes melting chocolate on her popcorn, you wouldn't judge her for it.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should talk about weird food combinations when you're a few months in. You wouldn't want them to think you're a weirdo who eats cheese with pancakes on your first week.

56. What are some things she could never wrap her head around?

Why It's Great: Learning what she can't understand or can't stand will make you more aware of the things that she does like. It will make you more sensitive to her needs and wants.

Ideal Relationship Level: You could use this as a conversation starter when you're on your first date. Allowing her to rant will be a way to get her comfortable talking to you.

57. Discuss a favorite childhood memory

Why It's Great: What we loved and avoided of in childhood is a huge part of who we are today. Talking about her favorite memory will bring a big smile to her face.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about your childhood may be easy. For some, it might be some of the most difficult conversations to have. A good relationship expert would tell you to ask this only when you're sure that it's not a sore subject. You'd find out around three or four months in.

58. Her Experiences

Why It's Great: We all want to know the things that shape each other. Learning about these will help you understand her better.

Ideal Relationship Level: You could actually talk about this at any point of your relationship. Be warned that the answer will change every time you talk about it.

59. Her Hometown

Why It's Great: Her roots shape her, so it's best that you know about where she came from. You should know what kind of community she had supporting her.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talking about the past may be difficult, so make sure you ask this when you're both comfortable. It could be after a few months of being together. Make sure she brings it up first, so you're sure she's okay to talk about her past.

60. Her Dreams

Why It's Great: Do they resonate with yours? Are you capable of following yours while letting your partner follow theirs? It's great to talk about your dreams and hers because it means you're going to be achieving them together.

Ideal Relationship Level: She's going to bring this up in the beginning of your relationship. But, it's best to talk about it in depth when you're discussing your future together.

61. What She Loves to Do

Why It's Great: Offer her vivid, articulated examples of what you love to invite her to share hers. It will allow you both to share your interests and bond over them.

Ideal Relationship Level: Talk about this in the first few weeks of being together. It will help you plan great dates that you know she'd enjoy.

62. Did anything exciting happened recently that she wants to tell you about?

Why It's Great: She may be shy about telling you her accomplishments at work. This will show her you're interested in knowing her successes, no matter how big or small.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can talk about this at any point in the relationship, but it's best to check in every few months.

63. Are there any upcoming events or holidays that she's looking forward to?

Why It's Great: If there are events she's looking forward to, it would be best for you to know about them so you can prepare yourself. Are you attending her family's Christmas party? Are you joining her company's work Thanksgiving dinner? Use this to learn about her schedule.

Ideal Relationship Level: If you're planning your anniversary weekend, make sure to ask this firs. You should know if it will clash with any of her scheduled events or gatherings.

64. Discuss your future together

Why It's Great: Romantic questions and topics shouldn't be the only things you talk about as a couple. You should also talk about what your plans are for the future. Are you going to live abroad? Are you going both going to work when you have kids? Are you going to build a business together? You get to talk about these things when you discuss the future. 

Ideal Relationship Level: Talk about this when you're serious about each other. Talking about your future together should mean that you're committed to each other. It means you see your partner with you every step of your way.

65. Discuss your favorite television shows or movies

Why It's Great: Our taste in media says everything about how our mind works and where our empathy lies. It's also an interesting thing to find out what kind of shows she likes. You can use that to bond with her and talk about the characters or story lines in that particular series.

Ideal Relationship Level: When you're on a date night early into the relationship, ask this to get an idea of what entertains her in her free time.

66. Ask your girlfriend when she feels the happiest

Why It's Great: What a gift to be able to share another's happiness at any time. Finding out when she feels the happiest will help you recreate those moments for her.

Ideal Relationship Level: You can actually ask this at any relationship level. Your girlfriend will appreciate it when you care about what makes her happy. So, ask this every after a few months to see if you're doing a good job so far.

67. Interesting things during the day

Why It's Great: Talking about our day makes us thankful for things we have otherwise missed. You can get her perspective and find you see it in a whole new way.

Ideal Relationship Level: When you're at a comfortable place in your relationship, updating each other will be the norm. Calling each other to discuss your day is one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner.

68. Her inner feelings

Why It's Great: We all long to have someone to share our innermost feelings with. When you ask about what she's feeling, it tells her you care about what's going on in her mind and heart. You should be there for her if she's feeling lonely or neglected. You'll find out what kind of support she needs if you talk about this.

Ideal Relationship Level: Deep questions and concerns like this could be awkward to talk about when you're in the early days. I tried asking this too early with a girl I liked. It didn't go so well. It's best to talk about this when you've been together for a few months. That way, she'll feel safe enough to share her feelings with you.

69. Tell me how your day is going

Why It's Great: This vague, open-ended question can have infinite answers. It is an invitation to freedom of speech. Plus, it tells her you're thinking about her amidst the crazy stuff going on in your day.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should ask this in the early part of your partnership. These little details are what build your foundation as a couple.

70. What did she make for dinner tonight?

Why It's Great: If she's a master in the kitchen, she'd love to talk about her masterpiece that night. She will be proud to tell you how long she worked on it and she would love that you're as excited to try it as she is.

Ideal Relationship Level: You should ask this when you're already living together or married.

Ultimate List Of Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend


Fun Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Having a list of things to talk about on a first date is important. It will increase the chances of getting to the second and third dates.

  • What's your fondest memory of elementary school?
  • What drew you to your work?
  • If you could get away with a crime, what would you do?
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • What is your most important outlet to help you de-stress?
  • What's on your bucket list?
  • What does an ideal day look like to you?
  • Have you read any good books lately?
  • What music have you been listening to lately?
  • What is your favorite thing to do lately?
  • How much alone time do you tend to need?
  • What's the best meal you've ever had?
  • Which do you prefer, big parties or small gatherings?

Easy Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

The most rewarding moments in life are often completely random and unplanned. Your level of openness to them is often a barometer for how you're feeling about your own life.

Random things to talk about with your girlfriend are sure to deepen your bond in more ways than one. You'll both be exercising your creativity.

  • What causes you to look down on someone?
  • What would a sitcom about your life be called?
  • What are some unwritten rules in your family?
  • What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned recently?
  • What are you looking for in a relationship?
  • What did you have for lunch or dinner?
  • Did you have any moments of self-discovery or growth today?
  • Did you try anything new or interesting food today?
  • Was there anything that made you laugh or smile today?
  • Did you take care of any errands or tasks today?
  • Was there anything on your mind or weighing on you today?
  • What is your least favorite thing to do lately?
  • What are your thoughts on monogamy?
  • What really should be common knowledge but for some reason isn’t?
  • What 30 seconds would you erase from your life if you could?
  • What salad dressing probably doesn’t exist but would be amazing if it did?
  • What mistakes in your life have you learned the biggest lessons from?

Deep Topics to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Talking about serious stuff is essential in a relationship. It will help you understand her thoughts and beliefs in life. Use these deep conversation topics to discuss the more profound things you'd like to know about her.

  • What’s the worst non-illegal habit a person can have?
  • What do you think about when you are lying in bed unable to sleep?
  • Is that religion still part of your life?
  • Do you consider yourself to be spiritual?
  • How do you communicate when you’re upset?
  • What are your thoughts on compromise?
  • What makes you feel loved and appreciated?
  • Are there any relationship deal breakers for you?
  • How do you feel about trust and honesty in a relationship?
  • How do you feel about the upcoming election?
  • What horror stories do you have from your job?

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend Infographic

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Downloadable and Printable List of Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I communicate deeply with my girlfriend during conversations?

Asking good follow-up questions that lead to deep conversations would be the best way to communicate your inner thoughts. You could open up topics about the things you believe in and ask her to share her ideas too.

Can I balance talking about my own experiences and interests with listening to my girlfriend's?

Yes. When you ask your girlfriend something, you should also share your experience or thoughts about that. It will allow her to see you for who you are. Even if you don't agree with her ideas, it's important that you can also express yourself in the relationship.

What are some topics to avoid talking about with my girlfriend?

Pay attention to her behavior when you open up a few controversial topics. Feel it out and pinpoint the ones that make her feel uncomfortable. Avoid those and veer into the topics she likes to talk about instead.

How do I start talking about more serious topics?

You first have to know that she feels safe talking about her inner thoughts with you. Being comfortable around each other is one of the most important things you need to be able to share your deep emotions. Also, you should be in the right headspace to talk about serious stuff. You can't be joking around and suddenly ask if she believes in Buddha or God.

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