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Do You Know The Different Beer Glass Types? [Quiz]

Do you know each of the beer type glasses? This quiz will show you how much you really know:

Types of Beer Glasses

All over the world, there are many different kinds of glasses for beers. There's one for every type of drink. If you're a beer enthusiast or one to enjoy a good sip of an excellent alcoholic beverage, then you can enjoy it more with the right type of glass for your beers.

1. Weizenbier

The Weizenbier is also known as the Weizen glass. It's a tall glass with a narrow base and walls that expand ever so slightly. It has a kind of a "tulip bulb" look that's similar to a Guinness pint.

The Weizenbier usually holds half a liter which accommodates the volume of most wheat beer bottles. Bars and breweries use smaller versions of this.

Best For

The Weizenbier is made especially for wheat beer. This means both dark and pale wheat ales, from a blonde ale to an imperial stout. This glass is narrow, which makes it show a wheat beer's color and goodness. Its wide mouth also helps concentrate the drink's spicier notes.

2. Pilsner

These glasses are tall and slender, and petite. Pilsner glasses are sometimes mistaken as Weizen glasses because they have identical appearances, but these don't have any curvature amount.

Best For

This glass is used for light beer, like a pale ale, lager, or pilsner. It's designed the way it is for optimal drink intake. The primary use or effect of pilsner glasses is that it reveals a beers' color and carbonation. It also helps maintain the beers' heads.

3. Footed Pilsner

A footed pilsner is like a regular pilsner glass, but it has a more slender and elegant shape. Some footed pilsner glasses also have a reduced thickness.

Best For

Much like the regular pilsner glass, a footed pilsner is ideal for light, bright, and fragrant beers like Danish beers.

4. Tulip Pint

The body of a tulip glass is round, and the top flares out to form a lip. It's very similar to a snifter glass. Some pint glasses that taper outwards towards the top are also considered tulip pints.

Best For

The lip that the top forms are best for head retention. The tulip print is best for serving Scottish ale, American imperial IPA, Belgian IPA, barley wine, Belgian beer, and other aromatic beers. This can be considered an IPA glass.

5. Conical Pint

A conical is a kind of imperial pint. There are different pint glasses, like nonic pint and shaker pint. This differs by country, so it reflects the country's regular measure for beers. Conical glasses are like an inverted cone.

Best For

A conical is best used to serve beers and ciders. It also works for stouts, much like a stout glass.

6. Nonic Pint

The nonic pint is a variation of the conical. The nonic glassware bulges a couple of inches from its top. The term "nonic" derives from "no nick," which means that this kind doesn't get "nicked" or chipped fast.

Best For

The bulge that the nonic has helps with the grip. It also prevents glasses from sticking together when stacked. It works with standard strength beers, including most British and American style ales like a scotch ale.

7. Willi Becher

The Willi Becher mug is typical in Germany. It's a traditional beer mug that's conical in the top portion and curves inward for a smaller diameter opening.

Best For

A Willi Becher mug works best with any lager and pale ale. Its shape also promotes proper head retention.

8. Stange

The stange glass is a high, narrow, and cylindrical drinkware that originated in Germany. It's notably smaller compared to a traditional beer glass or American pint glass.

A stange glass is carried by inserting them into holes of a special tray called Kranz.

Best For

A stange is traditionally used for Kolsch, a drink style that originated in Cologne, Germany.

9. Flute

The flute can be considered a Belgian version of a champagne flute. Aside from the use of the flute, they also look elegant!

Best For

Fruit beers are the typical drink for flutes. The narrow shape of the flute glass helps maintain the carbonation and a beer's aroma.

10. Goblet

A Goblet is a Belgian-style, stemmed beer glass. It's like a wine glass, but it's thick glass, and that's how you can tell it apart from a chalice. Goblets can also be seen in fine dining restaurants because they are multipurpose glasses.

Best For

Some beers are too strong that they need a little more room to stretch out. That's where the goblet comes in. They are large and bowl-shaped best for serving Belgian ale and German bock and other large sipping beers.

11. Chalice

Chalices are very similar to goblets. Some people consider them the same. Chalices usually have thicker glass walls, and they are heavier than goblets.

Best For

Chalices are best for a heavy and malty beer style. The wide opening helps to bring out the overall flavor and aroma of a beer.

12. Thistle

The thistle glass is one variation of a tulip glass. It's explicitly designed to look like a thistle. It's tall and can take 15 to 20 ounces of a drink. It has a long stem, and the top has flaring sides.

Best For

The thistle's flaring sides help in head retention, giving the beer a somewhat floral appearance. This glass also helps trap aromas, delivering them to your nose and palate right away.

13. Hopside down

The hopside down gives the illusion that you're drinking your beer upside down. They're double-walled, too, so you don't have to worry about condensation on your table.

Best For

Hopside downs keep your drink cold and frosty, making it the best temperature to drink.

14. Yard

A yard, or a yard of ale, is very tall and used for drinking more than 2 pints of a drink. As the name suggests, this is around a yard long.

Best For

As the name suggests, a yard of ale is best for ale drinks.

Traditionally, the yard was mainly used for drinking feats and special toasts. Now, drinking an entire yard is a typical pub game.

15. Boot

A beer boot has over a century of history. It was said that it came from a general who promised to make his troops drink beers from his boot if they were successful in battle.

Best For

Guests commonly pass beer boots for festive drinking challenges. It's also a tradition to make a novice drinker drink from a boot with the toe pointing away from him.

16. Stein

A beer stein, or simply a stein, is made out of stoneware. It is sometimes embellished to make it out to be a souvenir or collectible. It originated in Germany.

A beer stein either has an uncovered mouth or a hinged pewter lid. Steins are often decorated in a culturally German or Bavarian theme.

Best For

Steins were intended initially for those so diseased in the age of the Black Plague. But today, steins are used to exclude flies from beers because of their lid.

17. Tankard

A tankard is a large, cylindrical cup with a single handle. Tankards may have a lid, which makes them very similar to steins. They're usually made of silver or glasses but can also be made with wood, ceramic, and even leather. The decoration of a tankard depended on the period when it was made.

In today's time, they are gifts or collector's items already.

Best For

Beer and ale are the best drinks for tankards. Tankards used to have whistles that were being used to call for waiters.

18. Tasting Glasses

Tasting or taster glasses are glasses that hold 1/3 of a pint or less. They're typically small, allowing them to fit in one measure.

Best For

Tasting glasses are best for, as the name suggests, tasting different drinks without getting inebriated. They're also used to try a drink in a pub before making a complete purchase.

Downloadable And Printable List of Types of Beer Glasses

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of types of beer glasses (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone knows that there are different ways and places to drink such a standard alcoholic drink. That's why we're happy to answer your questions.

Should I chill beer glasses?

There's no right or wrong when it comes to chilling glasses. Some people prefer not to chill them, but some prefer to do so. It's more of a personal choice, but chilling your mug helps you bring room-temperature beers to a colder and more drinkable temperature.

Who makes the best beer glasses?

Glasses for beers are made from different places and different materials. No one place or person makes the best ones, but it depends on what kind of drink you want and what type of effect you want to get from your drinking glasses.

Can you order beer online?

If you ever asked, "Can you order beer online?" then the answer is yes. There are many sites for you to order your favorite drink online, and some even offer free shipping.

Why are there so many drinking glass choices?

There are many drinking mugs choices because drinking glasses serve two purposes: correct the temperature and enhance a drink. Different glasses bring out various aspects of a drink. It's also important to know that there are delicate beers that work well with specific glassware.

Where did these styles come from?

People have used a beer mug for as long as anyone can remember, but it only became something for the masses in the 19th century. Different kinds of styles come from different countries. There are German, British, Irish, Austrian, and Swiss styles, among many others.

How To Pick The Best Type of Beer Glass

It's not always easy to find the right beer glassware for you. Luckily, we've got all the things you need to help you find the proper glassware for you. You only have to take note of these three things, and you'll be closer to the one that's right for you.

1. What Kind Of Drink Do You Like?

To find the right beer glassware for you, you need to know what kind of drink you like. There's a beer mug that's right for every type of drink. There's a style that's right for whatever it is you desire. Make sure you choose accordingly.

2. What Aspect Of A Drink Do You Care About Most?

There are more types of beer glasses, and there are many kinds of drinks. There's the taste, aroma, name it. If you care about a specific aspect, there's a right one for that.

3. Will You Enjoy It?

Aromatic beer, tops of beers, and other aspects of the drink are essential. The more you feel these, the more you enjoy your drink. So when deciding on what glassware to have and use, make sure you'll have one that you want the most!

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