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The Ultimate List of Paranoia Questions to Play With Your Friends

Here are some of the best paranoia queries for your paranoia game with friends. Do you harbor paranoid thoughts or have severe paranoia? Try expressing it through this drinking game. Good paranoia questions help you learn more about a loved one, a family member, or a good friend without actually needing them. So, enjoy a good paranoia game!

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6 Best Paranoia Questions To Know Others Secret

Every person has secrets. Do you find yourself wanting to know theirs? Here are some of the best paranoia questions to find out what they've been hiding. Whether it's a family member, a loved one, or just a person you're curious about, here are some good stuff to ask. Great for a drinking game!

Here are 6 good paranoia questions to find out their secrets:

1. Who is most likely to go for Karaoke night?

Who's got the best bars in your group of friends? Or most likely, who thinks they're the best singer, but they're really bad? Once you find out the answer, take them out to see if they've got singing chops.

2. Who is most likely to get hooked on alcohol?

Alcohol is a rite of passage for most people. But who's the one most likely to get hooked? If you are already playing this with a drinking game, you'll find out who it is really quick!

3. Who is most likely to break someone's heart?

Who gets the most love letters, and who turns down the most date offers? Give the heartbreaker in your circle of friends a little ribbing, and hope that it doesn't come to bite them in the future.

4. Who complements their own self in the mirror?

It's a common delusion to start talking to yourself. If you see yourself in the mirror and begin to say, "Wow, what a handsome guy/beautiful girl," it may be a little more than a delusion. Do your friends do this too?

5. Who would create fake profiles to stalk people?

If they actually do it, then they may have a psychotic disorder. Make sure to say straight up that it's a hypothetical situation and that you shouldn't do these things.

6. Who is most likely to talk random things about the past?

Who's got the most colorful past among your friends? Everyone likes to talk a little about the past, so this may be a close contest. But who's got the most random things to say about it?

6 Funny Paranoia Questions To Roast Your Friends

Here are some funny quips  if you want to make light fun of your friends. If they're the most likely candidate for these questions, then congrats! You've roasted them.

Here are 6 funny paranoia questions to roast your friends with:

7. Who is most likely to have smelly socks?

Eww! Everyone's had a case of smelly socks at least once in their life - usually when working out. But there's definitely someone who has stinky socks and hasn't worked out in them. Who's the unlucky friend?

8. Who is most likely to be the worst at singing?

If you're close with your friends, you might not even need to ask this question. Who's got the worst singing among them? Pray it's not you, or you'll be the one being roasted instead.

9. Who is most likely to play a prank on parents?

Harmless pranks are good and fun - for the one doing the pranking. Who's the biggest troublemaker among you? Better hope they aren't grounded because of it.

10. Who is most likely to laugh at serious moments?

Laughing can be a way to cope with the seriousness of a situation. Who's the one most likely to break out into a laugh during a tense moment? Mood-maker or mood-breaker, they are.

11. Who is most likely to have had diarrhea the most?

Gross! But something you need to find out quickly. Next time they eat a bad meal, be prepared to scoot away from them.

12. Who is most likely to have a heart attack from watching a scary movie?

Who's the biggest scaredy-cat in the room? There's no shame in admitting you're afraid of scary movies... that is unless you're the only one among your friends who is afraid. Then, expect some playful ribbing.

6 Random Things to Know About Your Friends

Sometimes you've just got some random questions you want to ask, and these questions can lead to a lengthy conversation about things not entirely related to what you asked. They're nothing if not great ways to start a good conversation, so here they are!

Here are 6 random paranoia questions:

13. Who is most likely to go sky-diving?

Everyone's got to have their thrills! And sky-diving is considered by many to be the ultimate thrill. So, which of you is a huge thrill-seeker, and have they sky-dived yet?

14. Who is most likely to splurge on food?

Foodies rejoice! A question that caters to your tastes. Are they likely to splurge on high-grade sushi or some of the best, thick-cut steak? Only the most hardcore foodies need to apply.

15. Who is most likely to go to the moon?

This question is mostly about who wants to go to the moon the most than who's got the best chances. So if you've got an astronaut among your friends, they aren't going to win automatically. Who wants to take a giant leap for mankind?

16. Who is most likely to save a stranger?

Good Samaritans, be proud of yourselves. If you see someone you've never met in trouble and swoop in like Superman to save or help them, then you're a great person!

17. Who is most likely to make a viral video on YouTube?

Of course, if they already have, then this is no contest. The question then becomes, what sort of viral video is it? Trendy? Funny? Weird? There are plenty of possibilities.

18. Who is most likely to be followed by their favorite singer on social media?

Being followed back by your favorite star is such an honor. So who's the lucky fan who's most likely to be followed by their favorite singer? Better check who follows you!

6 Interesting Paranoia Questions To Know Your Friends Better

If your goal isn't to discover their secrets, roast them, or just pass the time, then you likely want to learn more about them. Interesting questions can help you achieve that, and we've assembled a few that can promote a deeper understanding of your friends.

Here are 6 interesting questions to understand your friends better:

19. Who is most likely to hide the truth?

Get your sleuthing cap on, and figure out who's the most likely to hide the truth among your friends. It doesn't mean that they're the biggest liar - someone who just wants to keep the truth hidden can count.

20. Who is most likely to get addicted to gambling?

Or rather, who already is? Gambling addiction can be a serious problem, and once it's known to your group of friends that it's the case, they can start helping them out of it.

21. Who is most likely to call a teacher at midnight?

Calling a teacher to ask a question is rather pointless since you can just ask them when you're in a class with them... calling them at midnight is just the height of rudeness. So, who's the unlucky guy/gal who does just that?

22. Who is most likely to fall in love with the ex once again?

Who's got an ex they just can't stay away from? They may have broken up for good reasons, but if they start to date again soon after the fact, it may just be too hard for them to let go. It's okay as long as they stay friends even after breaking up.

23. Who is most likely to have told someone you loved them, even though it was a lie?

Have you ever said something you didn't mean? Maybe it was a response to unrequited feelings, or other sources pressured them. Once you learn the answer, you'll learn more about what they were going through when it happened.

24. Who is most likely to prefer Netflix and chill with a crush rather than any other activity?

Netflix and chill is the most popular activity out there, next to communicating on social media. If you'd rather watch a movie than take them out on a date, they must be one of the most chill dudes/gals out there.

6 Dirty Paranoia Questions To Spice Up Your Party And Sleepover

Hey, we're all adults here. So you want to make an otherwise ordinary paranoia game party a little... spicier. So, why not pull out some dirty truth questions to heat things up? Everyone will have a blast trying to see who's got the dirtiest mind.

Here are 6 dirty paranoia questions:

25. Who is most likely the worst in bed?

If you've got to lay out the sick burns, then it's best to do it early. Of course, no one will admit they are, so it becomes a fun game to figure out who's got the worst moves through context alone.

26. Who is most likely the biggest pervert?

Who's read the dirtiest magazines or, even worse, has a stash? It'll be hard to get them to confess, so you've only got your personal knowledge of your friends to help you figure out who's got it bad.

27. Who is most likely to dance at a strip club?

Let alone be in it; who's likely to dance in one? This doesn't single out the ladies, either. Guys can get in on the action too. Better have good dance moves then because they're putting on a show.

28. Who is most likely to have a friend with benefits?

Or plural "friends." There's just this good friend of yours with whom you have decidedly more intimate acts than what would be expected of friends. So, who's got one, or even more than one?

29. Who is most likely to have the most sexual partners?

Who really, really gets around the most? This one's fun to ask because if everyone's in on telling the others about their escapades, it can be a seriously stacked competition to find out who's most likely.

30. Who is most likely to have made out with a stranger before?

Have you ever found someone you just met and just... sucked face with them? Even if none of you have ever done this, the bravest of you might answer that they're the most likely.

Downloadable and Printable List of Paranoia Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of fantastic paranoia game questions for your friends (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Play Paranoia Questions Game

I've assembled a pretty good list of paranoia questions for you to use in your paranoia questions game. You've got the material for it, but you must be wondering how to put it into practice. So, here are some helpful tips on how to start up your paranoia questions game.

Here's how to play paranoia questions game:

1. Prepare your questions ahead of time.

If you've read through this list, you're already quite prepared for it. It's possible to wing it and ask any random question in mind, but you won't get the most interesting answers unless you've prepared a good question beforehand. So, take a small list of questions, commit them to memory, and use them to discover your friends' deepest secrets.

2. Gather the right group of people.

The game is about finding out more about the people who play, so choosing who to invite is an important step. If you're already close friends with most of them, there will be less to discover - so choose a group of friends whom you know just the bare minimum about. Everyone will come out of it understanding everyone deeper.

3. Take turns asking the questions.

For the most fun, it shouldn't just be one person asking a list of questions they've prepared. Everyone should get in on the fun and ask their own paranoia questions. It can be fun seeing what sort of funny, deep, or dirty question they come up with - and seeing who's the lucky (or unlucky) guy or gal that's the most likely.

Tips To Make Your Paranoia Questions Game Fun

By now, you're ready to start playing paranoia games with your friends and get to know them well over a round of play. But did you know that you can make it even more fun? I've assembled a few tips on making even the most ordinary game of paranoia fun. So, if you're interested, read on!

Here are 4 tips on making your paranoia game more fun:

Tip #1: Go for interesting, rarely asked questions.

Common questions will be thrown in now and then, but for the best experience, go for questions people rarely ask. Ask things like, "Who's the most likely to invite strangers to their birthday party?" among other things. Uncommon questions like that can reveal surprising truths about the person they most resemble, so you'll want to include as many as possible.

Tip #2: Be as specific as possible.

Even the common questions can be made more interesting if you make them more specific. Whether having a particular target in mind or having as many details as possible, making a question more specific can change the answer compared to just asking it in broader terms. To use an example from the questions above, instead of "Who is most likely the biggest pervert?" try asking, "Who has the most perverted fetishes?" It can greatly change the answer.

Tip #3: Vary your topics.

Don't settle for just a general theme to your paranoia questions. The best games have a variety of topics that make for a more fun experience. Some questions can be funny, some can be random, and some can be dirty - use plenty of different questions to keep your friends on your toes.

Tip #4: Follow up on others' questions.

If a topic a friend of yours uses garners visible interest in your friends, then use up a turn of yours to follow up on that topic. Sometimes, they've just struck gold, and there needs to be more to the story - so if you sense a question triggers a good reaction in your friends, ask another question that will reveal more about that topic. You can then move on once everyone's satisfied, which they will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already revealed plenty about the science of paranoia questions games, but did you want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions that I've answered about these types of games, and hopefully, they'll help you understand more about how to make the games more fun or why they are, to begin with.

Who should ask paranoia questions?

Anyone can ask paranoia questions in the game, but it's on the one who suggests playing it to come up with his own list of things he wants to ask. Once he gets the ball rolling, everyone can pitch in - but first, he's got to capture everyone's interest by coming up with some interesting or unique questions. Once it gets started, it becomes hard to stop!

Who can play the paranoia questions game?

Friends, friends of friends, or acquaintances are some of the best picks for paranoia questions games. They're people you'd like to get to know better, and what better way to learn more about multiple people all at once than to play a paranoia game? Choose people you know little about and would like to know more about - while close friends can play, there's probably little you didn't already know about them.

How many people can play the paranoia questions game?

Three people are the least you can start a paranoia game with because if you play a game with only two people, there are only two choices as to what they resemble. You can just also ask them outright rather than playing a game with them. With three people, it becomes ambiguous who resembles the question asked the most - and the more people there are, the more exciting the game becomes. So, when hosting a paranoia game, try to settle for a number more than three.

Why should I play the paranoia game instead of the other questions game?

The paranoia game is designed to reveal the most fitting person who fulfills the answer to the question. You can play other question games, ask the same question, and generally get an answer - but you won't find out who the most fitting person is in a given scenario. So, if you want to find out who the most fitting person is for a given question, and not just who can fit the question anyway, then the paranoia game is the best way to find that out.

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In Conclusion

Paranoia questions can be a fun way to break the ice and learn surprising things about the people you know. If you ever want to discover the hidden sides of people you've met, then play a round and see how much you can learn about them!