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Ultimate List of Positive Things To Say To Someone That Will Definitely Make Their Day

Never run out of nice things to say with the ultimate list. Saying compliments and positive things to the people around you can turn things upside down. Sometimes, some encouraging words are all it takes to get people out of a slump.

Who doesn't want to help make the world a better place? That is why we've curated the best positive things to say to someone, so you have something to refer to when you want to help make someone's day better.


4 Nice Things To Tell Your Friends

It's the easiest to say nice things to our friends. We are so comfortable with them that giving compliments and positive words feels like second nature. As a friend, you want nothing more for your friend than to have a great day and be happy. Contribute to that by using some of these lovely words to your closest friends.

1. You just made my day.

You can make someone else's day by telling them that they made your day! People enjoy feeling like they're doing good deeds for others, so acknowledging your friend's effect on you is more than enough to put a big smile on their face.

2. You have made a bigger impact on my life than you realize. I can get things done because I know you have got my back.

Sometimes, our friends don't realize their great impact on us. Many of us won't be the person we are without our friends. It's just right that they know it, so just tell them! It's the best way you can brighten up their day.

3. The best thing about our friendship is that I can always trust what you say.

Friendship is built on trust. When your friend knows that you 100% trust them, they will feel good about themselves and their friendship with you.

4. You have a special gift - you make people feel super comfortable around you.

We all want people to feel comfortable enough with us that they feel like they can share their deepest thoughts with us. There's no greater compliment than that. However, if you say it right to your friend, you can improve their day tenfold. It's a unique compliment that will stay with them for a long time.

4 Motivational Lines To Tell Your Coworker

We think that our relationship with our coworkers should stay professional and even transactional. However, sprinkling in some positive words and compliments with your interactions with your coworkers will help both of you work more efficiently with each other and your whole team. Sometimes, we only need to hear a few positive words to encourage and motivate us to work better.

5. You've got great leadership skills.

Nothing says "you've got a lot of potential, and I respect you for that" more than directly telling your coworker of their effective skills. Leadership is one great skill that a person can possess. Although it's the kind of skill that you need to be aware of, hearing from a coworker that you're great at it is a different kind of positive feeling.

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6. I enjoy working with you.

It's not every day we chance upon someone that we enjoy working with. It's a great compliment to say.

7. You come up with fantastic ideas!

Sometimes at work, your ideas truly show what kind of amazing person you are. Tell your coworker they're creative and unique by telling them they have some of the best ideas you've ever heard. Watch their face light up as you say it.

8. Having you on the team makes a huge difference.

We all want to make a difference, so knowing that us being part of a team helps create a positive impact is something that will stay with us forever. If your coworker is someone that instills a positive effect on your team, never forget to let them know.

3 Nice Things To Say To Someone Who Is Having a Hard Time

The people that are going through a rough patch in life are those that need some positive and encouraging words the most. Words are powerful. They are powerful enough to help bring someone out of a hard time they're going through. Use the power of words to motivate someone to move forward.

9. You can go through this! You are strong!

People sometimes need reminders that they are stronger than they think. Simply telling someone they are strong enough to get through their problems motivates them to push forward.

10. You matter to me.

Give them hope by letting them know that people genuinely care about them. Sometimes, it's easier to hold on when we know that someone looks up to us or someone appreciates what we do.

11. I am here for you.

Life can get lonely, so let the people around you know you're willing to be by their side whatever they may be going through. Nothing is more reassuring.

4 Positive Affirmations For Your Girlfriend

If you want to ensure that you always have a strong relationship with your girlfriend, then always have a list of nice things to say to your girlfriend. Boosting her feelings and making her smile is imperative to ensure that you're heading in the right direction in your relationship. All it really takes is a few positive and genuine words.

12. I am a better person because of you.

Relationships should help make us grow. Let her know that she has that much positive effect on you. Always be outright about how she is changing you for the better.

13. You get prettier every time I see you.

Sometimes, all your girlfriend really needs is reassurance that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes.

14. You inspire me every day.

You're my inspiration, or any variation of those words are some of the best words you can ever tell your girlfriend. It gives her the motivation and encouragement to give more and be better daily in your relationship because she knows you look up to her, too.

15. You bring out the best in other people.

If you really want to make her smile, let her know that more than making you a better person, she manages to make everyone around her the best version of themselves. It takes a special person to bring out the best in people.

4 Warm Compliments To Tell Your Parents That Will Make Their Day

Your parents brought you up and made you the person you are now. Most of what you know, you learned from your parents. Never forget to appreciate what they've done by saying the right words. Your parents, more than any other people, deserve kind and positive words from you.

16. I am lucky to be your child!

Your parents say they're lucky to have you, so you should let them know you're fortunate to have them, too. Many children often forget to let their parents know just how lucky they make them feel. If you're experiencing even some privileges in life, thank your parents.

17. Thank you for bringing me out into this world.

Life is a wonderful thing that we will not experience without our parents. Let them know just how grateful you are.

18. I turned out awesome because of you!

We are how our parents raise us. If you've turned out a successful and well-rounded person, you have your parents to thank for the most part. Let them know how grateful you are for these words.

19. No chef in the world can ever hope to compete with your love-filled, home-cooked meals.

Nothing can ever compete with home-cooked meals! Restaurants can't provide the kind of love our parents give us through their cooking. Your parents don't need a Michelin star if they can hear these words from you.

Downloadable and Printable List of Positive Things To Say To Someone

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of positive things to say to someone (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Why is Spreading Positivity Through Words Important

Spreading positivity through words is important because it's the best way to keep a relaxed and positive atmosphere around you. People do better when there is an air of encouragement and positivity.

When you say positive words to other people, you are instilling the value of positivity in yourself and them. In doing so, you are helping everyone become more relaxed and happy. Positive words, when said aloud, foster happiness in the brain of the receiver and the speaker.

Research has continuously proven that focusing on positive thinking and positive words stimulates the part of our brain that motivates us to take action. In other words, we become more encouraged and productive when we say positive words.

More than the productivity and atmosphere that positive words create, it also helps build relationships. If other people hear compliments from you, they would want to make a stronger friendship or relationship with you.

How to Say Nice Words to Someone - 3 Tips

Coming up with the right quotes or the best positive affirmation for other people is easy. You just have to refer to this ultimate list. However, knowing how to say these nice words can be more challenging. It's great to know how you can best deliver a nice comment to the people around you.

1. Read the Room

Sometimes, before you let out any compliments or a nice word, you have to read the room. Is the atmosphere right for a compliment? When the air is positive, there's nothing wrong with adding another positive word into the mix.

Reading the room also means that you read the person you're giving the compliment to. You have to know how comfortable they are with hearing a compliment or what kind of positive words they will be comfortable with. If you're not too close with the person, don't go for a kind word that can get too personal.

If it's a loved one that you're close with, any compliment would probably do!

2. Ease In

Don't just blurt out your compliment (although, in most cases, that works, too!). Ease it in. It's best to say some positive words when you're already talking, and you're on the topic already. For example, before you tell your coworker that you're proud of their hard work, maybe you can talk about the things you've been doing at work lately.

3. Be Genuine

Saying positive words is all about saying them genuinely. It's the little things like the feelings you put into that really put a positive result to saying compliments and nice words. If you're not genuine about what you're saying, there's no point in your words.

The most important thing is that you have to really mean them.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's nice that you want to know more about kindness and the best compliments. However, it can be tricky to know everything there is about positive messages. Worry not. We have all the answers to your questions.

Is it difficult to say nice words to people you just met?

It greatly depends on what kind of person you are. For some, saying a positive thing or a compliment to someone new is not hard at all. It comes naturally to some people. However, some people struggle to say a sincere compliment to someone new despite being genuine about it.

How should you respond to a compliment?

Simply say thank you and that you appreciate what they're saying. Sometimes, if we're not used to receiving compliments, it can be hard to accept them, but we should just show our gratitude and not stress too much about it.

Are words better than actions?

They say action speaks louder than words. However, words aren't better than actions, and actions aren't better than words. They should work hand in hand. Words are empty without actions; actions are nothing if we don't say positive words. Both of these things are powerful in their own way.

Is saying nice things to other means you are being polite?

Yes, and you're being kind. However, you are truly polite and kind if you mean the nice things you say. Again, words are empty without the right actions to match them.

Is it okay to say a compliment to a stranger?

Yes, it's okay! Just make sure you're not being creepy about it. Also, try to read the other person if they're okay with being approached before you talk to them.

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Keep these positive things to say to someone in your mind so that you won't get lost the next time you want to make someone's day better and brighter. With the right words and a positive attitude, you can be the person that makes everyone else happy.