If you have a major crush, use The Office pick up lines. They're great conversation starters, and they make flirtations fun!

Check out any of my hit articles like Star Wars witty lines or video game cheesy lines to see that I know how to flirt with a girl.

Conversation starters are my forte, so guys, if you wanna know some great jokes, puns, or find the ultimate conversation starter, The Office-style, this is for you!

20+ The Office Pick Up Lines to Be Like Michael Scott


Ultimate List of The Office Punch Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

We all know the characters from The Office definitely had their fair share of awkwardness in the pick-up and romance department, but they sure had a way with words. As an expert conversationalist, wordsmith, and huge fan of the show, I loved their quotable one-liners and amusing comments. I just had to share the best with you. Try these out if you want to up your flirting game and add a bit of wit to your style.

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4 Best 'The Office' Flirty Quips To Make Your Crush Like You

How to talk to a girl you like is easier with these best lines. After all, what is a pick-up line if not a great way to get your crush's attention? It's also a smooth opening to start up a great discussion.

1. Let us start our love affair like Michael Scott started a sentence and let it go where it wants.

The best thing about pick-up lines, especially when they're unique and random, is that you don't know where the conversations can go. In fact, it can lead to a beautiful moment with your crush or even a passionate kiss.

2. Your real name is probably Ryan since you started this fire in my heart where love started.

Make sure to never be friend-zoned by your crush by letting her know there is love burning inside you. It may be a cheesy pick-up line, but it's the best confident stance to be bold.

3. I don't want to be your Jim; I want to be your Bob Vance.

Every woman wants their own Jim Halpert because he'd be perfect boyfriend material in real life. But no one can argue the ultimate relationship goals of all couples in The Office is Bob and Phyllis. Let your crush know you're each other's soup snakes... I mean, soul mates.

4. I'm not sure what Creed's job is, but I'm super sure that I want your number.

If your crush has never seen The Office, this might not make sense to her. She'll understand you want her number, though.

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4 Funny The Office Conversation Starters Guaranteed to Make Her Laugh

Making a great impression on someone you like or that girl across the room you've been making eyes with all night you've decided to approach is about being able to make her laugh. Use funny  lines to make an impression that will last.

5. I love you as much as Michael hates Toby.

Michael hates Toby because he believes it's Toby's job to make the office fun and fails. But this line won't fail you if your crush knows anything about this awesome show.

6. I want to find your precious heart like Dwight when he searched for the organs in a dummy.

This one will make her laugh recalling that funny scene. Show her you're more than a handsome guy; you're smart, witty, and have great taste in shows.

7. I would also choose you again to be mine like Dwight would choose brown and gray balloons.

If she knows this scene, she'll know Dwight makes a comment about the colors matching him. Let her know she matches you and that you'd always choose her.

8. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.

This American sitcom really did have some interesting scenes. And some very interesting lines. This one is a perfect funny line; it's a great pun, and it's catchy.

4 Clever The Office Punch Lines That Are Entertaining

There are a lot of clever flirtatious lines out there. Be unique and entertaining by using The Office punch lines. They're sure to hit the spot with your lovely lady.

9. Michael Scott might declare bankruptcy, but I will just declare all of these feelings for you.

Tick all the required fields of a great pickup line. It gets her attention because it's clever - Tick. It's romantic and charming - Tick. It leads to conversations where you can connect - Tick.

10. Can you file a workplace safety incident report? I just fell for you.

If you're looking for smooth pick-up lines that are amusing, this is a great one. She doesn't even need to know The Office for this to work.

11. I bet it was your hotness that caused today's mandatory fire drill.

It's corny, but it's definitely entertainingly clever. She'll be pleased by this charming chat-up line, and you can lead the conversation to the funniest moments of Dunder Mifflin's fire drill episode.

12. Like Dwight Schrute, I came from a long line of fighters, so I would also fight for our love.

The best pick-up line is clever and smooth, something that will bring a smile to your girl's face. She'll undoubtedly love this one because who doesn't want someone willing to fight for their affections?

4 Sweet Conversation Starters From The Office to Use on Your Crush

Warm embraces, declarations of love, flowers, and fluffy teddy bears. They're all delightful, but so are sweet opening lines. Use these on your crush to create tender moments.

13. Here I am being Jim Halpert, confessing my love for you, and wanting more than friendship.

It's a bold statement, but it's really sweet. If you wanna pass that friendship line, sometimes you have to be confident and say exactly what you want.

14. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take — Wayne Gretzky — Michael Scott. So, want to go out sometime?

This was a popular meme because of its powerful message. Sometimes, sweet and warm, not cheesy pick-up lines, work better.

15. It's a casual day like Michael Scott thinks, but I think this is a very special day for both of us.

Take one from Creed Bratton's book and use bold comments to get a girl's attention. This one will do just that, and it's a sweet pitch that can be used on a dating app. It's fresh and candied enough to make any woman smile.

16. I love you like a Scranton party because a Scranton party doesn't stop!

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day for you to be sweet. A girl will love this line because it's not only affectionate, it's whimsical too.

4 Fun 'The Office' Trivia She Could Find Interesting

If you want to know a secret about the required fields to having fun conversations, you need to brush up on trivia questions. Anything from pop culture trivia to general trivia questions can turn you from "boring dude" to "interesting fun guy".

17. John Krasinski, who played Jim in The Office, shot the opening credits sequence as he was driving through the city.

Surely, most of the United States population has seen the opening credits because The Office is everyone's favorite sitcom. What's not to love about the show, right? Well, this fun fact is a good way to start some conversations about other shows you both like.

18. BJ Novak was the first person cast and was also one of the writers of the show.

There's no doubt Novak has a pretty interesting sense of humor, being one of the show's writers. Show your crush you're interesting too, by sharing some fascinating facts about The Office.

19. The cast could have been way different. Adam Scott auditioned for the role of Jim Halpert, Angela Kingsley auditioned for Pam Beesly, and Seth Rogen almost played Dwight Schrute.

Can you imagine what this show would have been like if it had been cast differently? Undoubtedly it wouldn't have been the same because every character was played so well. This fun tidbit could lead to an interesting discussion about which characters you both would play in The Office if you were cast.

20. John Krasinski interviewed paper company employees as part of his research for the role of Jim Halpert.

Talk about going that extra mile. While there may not be performance evaluations when trying to pick up or talk to a woman, she does appreciate the extra effort you make in keeping things fun and entertaining.

Downloadable and Printable List of The Office Conversation Starters

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of the office conversation starters (right-click the image and select Save Image As..):

How To Pick The Best Flirty Lines to Get Her Attention

If you're asking, "Do sweet lines work?" then the answer is yes, but you have to know which ones to use. It's not like plucking cookies from a cookie jar and knowing you'll get a tasty biscuit. It's more like fishing and needing to know which is the right bait to use.

1. Cater it to the individual.

Sure, you might be picking up someone you don't know at a bar, but when you're choosing a pick up line, it's like giving a compliment. Make it sincere and, where possible, relevant to her as an individual.

2. Use uncommon lines.

Choose lines that aren't overused or cliched. Unique, interesting lines work better to get her attention because she likely hasn't heard them before.

3. Make sure you can add something to your initial approach.

What's a pick-up line's main purpose, apart from getting someone's attention? That's right, to start conversations. So choose lines that will make her respond.

4. Use your common sense.

When choosing the perfect lines, don't immediately jump to dirty pick-up lines, especially with strangers. It can come off as creepy. Use your common sense when it comes to appropriateness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Office pick-up lines are sure to be as much of a hit as the show itself. But if you've got questions you're dying to ask, check out the most frequently asked that we've answered here:

Do girls like funny punch lines?

A girl likes an amusing guy, so funny opening lines and punch lines are always a winner and pay off when used. They're good at breaking the ice and starting fun conversations. You're already starting to build a good connection if you can get her laughing.

How to effectively deliver opening lines?

Confidence is key! Take a few breaths if you're nervous before you approach, smile, and make eye contact. Create an instant bond by giving her a sincere compliment. And, of course, fall into natural conversations where you ask getting to know you questions.

Are sweet quips a cute way to start a conversation with my crush?

Knowing cute things to say to your crush is a sure way to create some intimacy between you where you can pave the path to being something more. Pick-up lines can be super cute and a fun way to start conversations with your crush.

Can I use cheesy lines to ask her to be my girlfriend?

There are heaps of cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and using pick-up lines is one of them. They give you an easy approach and a great opening to declare your intentions.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know that The Office pick up lines make great conversation starters, go forth with a newfound love for the show. In your flirtations, you'll realize you already know how to flirt with a girl; it was just about knowing how to break the ice. And the right pick up lines were the answer all along.