It can be hard to find unique gifts for men who have everything, but we’ve scoured the web to find you some gifts for men that will both delight and amaze. Forget another boring tie - we’ve got unique gifts they’ll be thanking you for years!

Whether it’s for your dad, or a Christmas gift, or celebrating a buddy’s retirement, you’ll find plenty of exciting gifts for men who have everything.


10 Best Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Need a gift that's sure to impress? This list has great gifts that anyone would enjoy!

Here are the 10 best unique gifts for men who have everything:

1. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

Move over, 6 pack! Give a man-sized gift that will make an impact every few weeks with this impressive beer of the month club. 

2. The Premier Series Wine Club

This wine of the month club will thrill the connoisseur in your life. (and any of their dinner guests!)

3. The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

For the foodie, this cheese of the month club is worth its weight in dairy-sourced gold!

4. Steampunk Decor Watch stand

This one of a kind, telescope stylized watch stand is a statement piece like no other.

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power

Keep their whip in pristine condition with this powerful wet/dry vacuum.

6. Handmade Wood framed Leather Clock

This unique clock is customizable and will make a statement in any room.

7. Scratch Off Map of The World

Your world traveler friend will love showing off his adventures with this conversation piece wall map.

8. Fishing Reel Organizer

Keep those fishing tools in order with this easy and comfortable fishing caddy.

9. Edison retro lamp Table

This steampunk lamp has a gentle glow and works great as a mood light or for a nightstand.

10. Multi Item Storage

This gorgeous, custom desk stand keeps all of his important belongings in their place.

10 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

When you turn in your last time card, it's a great time to celebrate. When looking for retirement gift ideas for men, remember that to commemorate all they've accomplished, or give them ideas for all their new free time!

Here are 10 unique retirement gift ideas for men who have everything:

11. Engraved Pint Beer Glass with Etched Coaster

Send your coworker off in style with this snazzy glass that will let him know just how much he was looked up to.

12. Retirement Coffee Mug

Let them rub it in with every sip that they are now the master of their day.

13. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

Give your new retiree some big ideas with this paperback book that will have him packing to leave in just a few pages.

14. Retirement Sign

This catchy sign is a perfect going away gift from the office, with plenty of room for anyone to send their best wishes!

15. Retirement Gift Caricature

This custom caricature is a fun way to celebrate all of their new hobbies!

16. Bullet Pen

This personalized pen is perfect for the retiring servicemen in your life.

17. Wine Bottle Label Stickers

These funny stickers are a great way to customize a gift of bottles of wine to send them off into retirement.

18. Retirement Party Banner Photo Booth

This HUGE banner is the perfect backdrop for an end of career party!

19. Felt House Slippers

These lightweight slippers are super soft and are perfect for spending the day lounging around the house.

20. Retirement Survival Kit

This fun gag gift comes fully equipped with an eye mask for naps to a decision spinner for figuring out to do with all their free time!

9 Unique Gifts For Dad Who Have Everything

Dads often already have a lifetime of gifts under their belt, so thinking of a unique gift for them can be a special puzzle! These gifts for dad will definitely earn you high marks.

Here are 9 unique gifts for dad who have everything:

21. Prazoli Wood Ring Tray

Help organize his side of the sink with this gorgeous roasted oak ring tray that will keep his belonging safe and out of the P-trap.

22. Sleep Headphones Bluetooth

These comfy, memory foam headphones and sleep masks are a must for the dad that has earned a good night's rest.

23. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This slim tool seems relatively impressive until you desperately need its help. This is the silent hero we all need!

24. Bamboo Cutting Board

Help him ease into his new role helping out at home with his very own cutting board.

25. Car Trunk Organizer

Help dad out with his pet peeve, and get him this organizer to keep the back of his car tidy and dirt free.

26. Shoulder and Neck Massager

Dad's carry the world on their shoulders. Ease the tension with this heated, deep massager.

27. Adjustable Laptop Stand

This laptop desk makes it easy to work from the couch, the bed, the kitchen - wherever Dad has decided his office is for the day.

28. Wooden Family Birthday Reminder

This birthday display will help the dad with a growing family keep up with all of their special holidays.

29. Bike Wheel Lights

Bring your biker's bike to life with these safety lights that come in lots of fun colors!

5 Unique but Thoughtful Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

These thoughtful gifts send a clear message - I'm thinking of you. You matter. You deserve to be celebrated!

Show some love to the men in your life with these creative presents!

Here are 5 unique but thoughtful gifts for men who have everything:

30. Window Bird Feeder

This ingenious device lets your bird-watching friend get an inside peek into the lives of their yard's favorite visitors.


Help them start their day with deliciously scented soap that's great for washing, shaving or shampooing.

32. Organic Body Scrub Set

Men like scrubs too! Get this organic coconut and dead sea salt set that includes a loofah and exfoliating bar soap as well.

33. Utility Men's Bracelet

This one of a kind wearable multitool is the perfect gift to keep you prepared for any situation!

34. Custom Family Tree Art

This unique tree art is perfect for capturing all of the funny family quirks that make a family one unit.

9 Small Unique Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Sometimes you need to bring just a little something to a birthday or dinner party. These small gift ideas are just the right amount of, "aw, you shouldn't have" mixed with, "but I'm so glad you did!"

Here are 9 small unique gifts for men who have everything:

35. Cooking Gift Set

These hardwood BBQ accessories will have them cooking with gas (er, smoke!)

36. Whiskey Globe Decanter

This stunning glass decanter filled with a blown glass ship will make a statement in any room or office.

37. Beard Kit for Men

This seven-item kit will keep their beard groomed, oiled and in perfect shape.

38. Camping Multitool

This stainless steel hammer has 16 tools in one, so they can be prepared for whatever adventure they're on.

39. Stainless Steel Soap Hand Odor Remover

Whether they work with foods, cars, pets or something else that's stinky, they'll be so thankful for this innovative soap.

40. Personalized Comic Book Story

This gift is a splurge, but their amazement would be totally worth the investment!

41. Magnetic Dartboard Set

Don't risk holes in the wall - this magnetic set has all of the fun and none of the hazards of regular darts.

42. Acacia Grove Mini Cinder Blocks

This tiny 1/12 scale cinder blocks make an interesting and surprising desk toy!

43. Oxford Wooden Twist Cube

This brain teaser is a super fun puzzle and makes a great conversation piece on your coffee table.

6 Unique But Cool Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

It can be especially hard to find gifts for men who are constantly keeping up on the trends! But, there are sure to be things they haven't thought of.

These cool gifts will make them wonder how they ever lived without it!!

Here are 6 unique but cool gifts for men who have everything:

44. Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

Warm beer? Not anymore! This chiller stick streams your beer through a frozen straw, bringing it to the perfect icy temp.

45. Bamboo Tumbler

This gorgeous bamboo tumbler keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, and also includes a strainer for tea!

46. Magnetic Wristband

These nifty wristbands keep all of your metal items close at hand when you're knee-deep in a project.

47. Pizza Cutter

Forget the rolling cutter of the past - use a classic rocker design that's the perfect size and weight.

48. Floating Globe

This magnetic suspension gift will delight guys of any age.

49. Leather Shaving Kit

This gorgeous Dopp kit has 4 pockets and is perfect for traveling.

5 Unique Diy Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

DIY fanatics are fun to buy for! Give them tools to perfect their craft. Give them new kits to explore!

One thing is for sure, these DIY gifts for men will keep your crafty friend happy as a clam. 

Here are 5 unique DIY gifts for men who have everything: 

50. Dude Crafts

This book is filled with 50 useful, but bizarre, projects any guy will love.

51. Wooden Puzzle

This stunning vitascope puzzle projects an actual show when it's finished!

52. Bonsai Starter Kit

This 4 tree kit makes it easy to master the skill of growing Bonsai.

53. Chocolate Screws

These made me say wow! This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves to build but already has every tool under the sun.

54. Wood Crossbow DIY Kit

The young at heart will love this crossbow kit that comes with rockets and targets.

5 Unique and Funny Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

I love to give gifts that make people laugh! These funny gifts for men are perfect for brightening up someone's day. 

You really can't go wrong with any of these fun gifts. Give the gift of stress relief with these hysteria-inducing presents!

Here are 5 unique and funny gifts for men who have everything:

55. Marino Mens Dress Socks

This 6 pack of colorful socks will brighten up any long workweek.

56. I'm Mom's Favorite

This comfy t-shirt is sure to be the gift to get at your next family white elephant gift swap!

57. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

This best seller is a silly yet amazing gift for the guy who needs to know everything.

58. Octopus Hat

Why where a regular beanie when you can keep your whole face warm in this eye-catching hat/mask combo!

59. Ninja Disguise Flip Tshirt

Get this funny, immersive gift for the class clown on your list.

6 Unique But Cheap Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Need something spectacular on a shoestring? Grab some of these cheap gifts for men to really blow them away!

These cheap gift ideas all give some great bang for your buck!

Here are 6 unique but cheap gifts for men who have everything:

60. Credit Card Holders

This slim leather wallet is just the right size, and no larger, for holding credit cards.

61. Starry Night Darth Vader Van Gogh

This stylized Darth Vader T-shirt is a great gift for any Star Wars fan.

62. Leather Bookmark

This hardy, leather bookmark can be personalized, so no one will ever be able to sneak it away as their own.

63. Tradesman Pencils

Give your favorite tradesman these hilarious pencils that they are sure to use every day.

64. Gold Steel Ring

This ring, made from recycled bearing, is a clever gift that will be loved by a skateboarding fanatic.

65. Manicure Set with leather case

This classy, stainless steel set has all their go-to tools in one convenient case.

5 Unique Manly Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Macho men act tough, but they want gifts, too! Make sure to give them manly gifts that any debonair man would appreciate.

Here are 5 unique manly gifts for men who have everything:

66. The Rare Cigar Club

Men don't just like cigars, they love them. This cigar of the month club will give them something to celebrate every few weeks.

67. Office Dress Suit

This 2 piece suit comes in 10 colors, has a classic modern fit, and will arrive in 2 days. Perfect!

68. Crossbody Bag

Men need bags, too! This canvas and leather satchel has military styling and all the room they'll need.

69. Black Sea Tea Lights

These vegan black tea lights set the mood, and add a delicious, manly smell to any room.

70. Viking Cup Drinking Horn

Drink like a man, from these Viking styled mugs crafted from 100% real horn.

4 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

I feel like there are 2 kinds of people - those that are easy to buy for, and those that are impossible to buy for! This list has some creative birthday gift ideas for the latter part of that list!

Here are 4 unique birthday gift ideas for men who have everything:

71. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Give them a gift they'll treasure least a week. But they'll thank you with every delicious bite!

72. All-in-One Remote Control Holder

This one-stop charging valet will keep all of their electronics and gadgets charged and close at hand.

73. Reversible Leather Belt

This fashionable, casual belt has 2 sides, making it the perfect gift for your minimalist friend.

74. Paul Parkman Men's High Boots

Made from brown calfskin, these are the snazziest, statement shoes I've ever seen.

5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

Looking for some Christmas gift ideas? I've found some phenomenal gifts that are perfect for stuffing stockings, piling under the tree or taking to an exchange!

Here are 5 unique Christmas gift ideas for men who have everything:

75. Bacon Freak

I'm not sure there is a gift anywhere that is more universally loved than this bacon of the month club.

76. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

This classy mini fireplace will let you roast chestnuts all winter long, no matter where you live.

77. Dollar Double Sided Coin Ring

This unique double-sided ring is the perfect gift for the guy who likes to keep his treasure close at hand.

78. Assorted Tea Gift Set

Encourage them to cozy up on those cool winter nights with this set of 6 beautiful, loose leaf teas.

79. Desk calendar

This clever wooden calendar is a great gift to set them on course for the coming year!

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In Conclusion

No matter who you are buying for, I'm sure you were able to find plenty of jaw-dropping gifts for men who have everything (or think they do!)

There are plenty of unique gifts here for every occasion for the foreseeable future! These gifts for men will make celebrating all of your friends special events a piece of (birthday) cake!