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How To Meet Women - 7 Powerful steps you can use today.


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by | July 25th, 2021

If you don't know how to meet women, you don't know how to get a girlfriend. It's that simple.

Meeting women is lot more complex than simply going to the places women will be (but with practice, easily becomes second nature.)

In this article we're going to show you how to meet girls, where they congregate, and we'll even throw in some tips that will help ease your anxiety and make approaching women as easy as tying your shoes.

If you wear Velcro shoes however, you're out of luck... (no really, what are you doing? Buy shoes with laces.)

I recommend reading through all of these 7 powerful steps how to meet women, to find your absolute favorites... but if you’re looking for something specific, you can click the links below to jump to that section:

How to Meet Women

I get it... one of the hardest things to know for a lot of guys is how to meet women. And approaching a girl you find attractive is probably the most anxiety-inducing thing you'll do this week.

"Oh God, what if she doesn't like me? That would be so embarrassing."

Here's a thought: Who cares?

Getting shot down by one girl won't lead to the end of the world.

There are 3,710,295,643 women on planet earth. A good chunk of them are single and if those advertisements on those dodgy websites you visit are to be believed, some of them are near you right now! So how to meet women should be the least of your problems.

In all seriousness, we've thrown together these 7 extremely useful steps to help make approaching, meeting, and engaging girls infinitely easier for you... So get to work!

Women aren't knocking down your door to get in. So you have to go to them.

Here is how to meet women:

1. Know where to meet women

The first thing to know how to meet women is where to find them. There are countless places to meet women because well... Women are everywhere!

But not all places are created equal when deciding where to meet women. After all...

...No girl wants to be hit on at her Grandfather's funeral.

Here are our 3 best places to meet women:

Option #1: Somewhere you regularly visit

Is there a cute girl you see at the supermarket every week? Or maybe at the gym? How about the gas station you stop by on your way to work every morning?

You'll run into plenty of gorgeous women at the locales you normally find yourself in.

All you have to do is talk to them.

Option #2: Volunteer Work

If you want to find a keeper, start volunteering.

People who dedicate their free time to helping others gain a number of personal benefits by doing so.

Plus, a girl with that much compassion for others probably has plenty to give you.

Option #3: Free Public Events

I try to be frugal because money doesn't grow on trees. That's why I like free events!

Sure, you're sometimes expected to spend money, but it's not required.

So by going to a free yoga class at the local park, a summer festival, or any other place that doesn't cost anything besides the gas to get there is a cheap and easy way to meet women.

If you're not sure where to look for such events, Facebook is always shoving events into your face, and is fantastic for meeting people with the same interests as you.

2. Dress for the Occasion

No matter where you choose to go to meet women, you HAVE to look like you belong there. You also have to look good. What does that mean? You shouldn't wear a suit and tie to pick up some McDonald's just as much as you shouldn't wear pajamas at the grocery store. Follow that blue link for some of the best style advice you'll find anywhere online.

Here are 3 essential style tips:

Style Tip #1: Your Clothes should fit correctly

No loose, hanging, baggy, or droopy clothing whatsoever. This is true for all body types.

You'll look better in shirt that clings to your body rather than in a shirt that looks like its two sizes too big.

Style Tip #2: People Look at your Shoes

Yes, I know... All the adventures you've had with your favorite pair of shoes were the best of times... And while the sentimental memories are strong, do they outweigh the fact that you look like you can't afford new shoes? Dirty shoes are a no go if you want to (successfully) meet women. They'll see them and immediately lose interest.

Style Tip #3: If All Else Fails, Make a Statement

This is an odd tip, but you're tired of sticking to fashion norms, do something drastic.

For instance, lately I've been wearing a Colorado Rockies windbreaker from 2002. It's completely purple and for some guys, that means it's not manly.

Who cares?

Countless conversations have come my way because of that jacket and it always gets a compliment or two.

Just remember: If you attempt to make a statement with your dress, you have to own it. You MUST be confident about the decision, otherwise nobody will believe you're as charismatic as you look walking around in something so unusual.

3. Control that Approach Anxiety

When it comes to meeting women, you are your own worst enemy. You've been there... You see a cute girl and you really want to talk to her but you can't seem to get over your approach anxiety. If you don't approach her, you'll never know if you had a chance. But If you do... She might like you!

So the next time you want to approach a girl, keep some of these tips in mind (and follow the link for more in-depth information!)

Here are 3 great approach tips:

Tip 1. Counter Your Negative Thoughts

"She's out of my league."

No she's not. There are no leagues in dating. A girl with a 10 in looks could potentially be a 0 in personality (and vice versa.) She could also be really cool and you might hit it off. Rid your mind of negative outcomes and focus on the potential positive ones instead.

Tip 2. Nobody's Perfect

You ever see a girl who looks so good that you wonder if she was made in a factory?

The technology for that doesn't exist yet, which means she's not the perfect female specimen.

She has flaws, worries, doubts, goals, and daily struggles just like you.

If you keep that in mind before you approach a girl, she'll seem less intimidating.

Tip 3. Compose Yourself

Take a deep breath and stand up straight.

Pick something you like about her (her gorgeous hair, cool clothes, beautiful smile). Walk over to her and tell her you like it!

"Oh man, that shirt is great! Where'd you get it?"

That's one of a million ways to approach a woman and start a conversation. It opens up a dialogue in a completely casual manner, which is always a safe bet.

4. Know What Women Want in a Man

Before you try to meet women you need to be the type of man that women want. What does that mean? The specifics for what women want in a man are different from woman to woman.

Here are a few of the more common traits they look for:

1. Independence

Women like a guy who is comfortable in his own skin and doesn't constantly seek validation.

They also like a guy who can handle his responsibilities. If you struggle with any of that, we can help.

Remember: The longer you wait to better yourself, the harder it is to break bad habits. Start now!

2. Positivity

If you take every transgression sent your way personally, you're a Nice Guy. Don't be a Nice Guy.

The world isn't out to get you. It's your playground. So look on the bright side. Life is hard for everyone and we could all use a laugh. Be the guy who makes people forget their problems.

3. Communication Skills

Those social skills you learned growing up aren't doing you any favors when it comes to meeting women. Everyone can talk, but communication takes empathy, understanding, and a good ear.

5. Know Things to Talk About with a Girl

How are you going to meet women if you don't have anything to talk about? Always keep some things to talk about with a girl in that noggin of yours. Here are a couple to get you started:

1. The Place You're At

Commenting on the uniqueness of the bar you're in, or how the city really did a great job with the park you're at is a nonthreatening way to start a conversation with a woman.

2. Her

Ask. Her. Questions. Ask her lots of questions about herself and share your own relevant stories and details about yourself.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

I'll be frank with you... Meeting women often leads to rejection (unless you're just looking to make new friends.)

And if you're not acquainted with that feeling, it hits you hard when it happens to you. That's why you should practice! Talk to women you don't find particularly attractive. Talk to women you do find attractive.

The more women you talk to, the more you begin to realize that they're just like us and rejection only stings for a short time. Plus talking to women only gets easier and easier the more you do it. So when you see the woman that really takes your breath away...

You'll be ready.

7. Know how to handle rejection

The traits from Step #4 above really come in handy here. Why? Let's say you get rejected.

You could call her mean names and tell her she never deserved you anyway. Or...

... You could smile, tell her you understand, and ask her if she has any single friends you might hit it off with. The first option will make her hate you. The second might make her think twice and realize, "Oh, he's being really cool about this... Maybe he and __ would get along..."

Brushing it off and turning it into something positive is what separates the boys from the men. And even if the woman you're trying to get to know doesn't find it attractive, controlling your emotions and handling rejection with grace are two traits you should be proud to display.

How To Start A Conversation With A Woman You Just Met

So you've met a woman and she looks like she wants you to say something to her... Starting a conversation with a girl is easier than you think!

We've written an entire article dedicated to conversation starters that will help get you started...

But if you're not even sure how to start a conversation with a girl, here are some tips:

1. Always Start by Introducing Yourself

You can use a slick pick-up line (or a genuine complement) right off the bat, but you should immediately tell her your name afterward.

"I noticed your smile across the room and had to say hello. So, hello... I'm Kyle"

Smile and offer a handshake.

2. Control Your Alcohol Intake

Sure, it gives you liquid courage, but drinking too much will cause you to stumble over your words and look like a drunken moron.

3. "Read" Her

Is she smiling, looking at you, laughing at your silly pickup line, and/or paying attention to what you're saying?

Those are good signs! On the other hand, if she looks tense, says only a few words, doesn't ask you questions, and/or seems generally uncomfortable...

... It's time to bail. Onto the next one!

More Ways On How To Meet Women

You're not finished yet. We have plenty more articles that will make knowing how to meet women come completely naturally.

  1. You've mastered your approach anxiety. Now learn how to approach a girl.
  2. If you already know you like her, you'll need to learn how to talk to a girl you like.
  3. Knowing how to flirt with a girl is absolutely necessary when meeting women.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, how to meet women in 7 easy but powerful steps.

If you follow these steps and keep them in mind when trying to meet women, you should have no problem making it happen! Remember to practice and don't take it all too seriously.

Because half the fun in knowing how to meet women is in actually doing it.

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