If you want to know what makes her think about you, you're in the right place.

I've been here long enough to know how to make her want you, what with all the stuff I've written for this blog. So, I know all about how to make a girl think about you endlessly. It's all right here if you keep on reading.

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THIS is What Makes Her Think About YOU CONSTANTLY! - How to Get ANY Girl to Notice You (Animated)

What Makes Her Think About You

Here, we'll be discussing the 9 ways on how to get her to think about you and share how to approach a girl the right way. Plus, we'll be sharing one important tip on what not to do so you don't end up as someone she'll easily forget.

Are you ready? 'Cause we are!

9. Last Lasts

As human beings, we tend to remember the last experience with someone more than the first. Even though they say that first impression last, it's actually the recent interaction we had with someone that matters most. That's because some tend to be forgiving with the first impression.

They know that not all meetings tend to be perfect. So they choose to get to know that person more. If you know how to flirt with a girl, then you'll be able to get her to notice you. That's one of the secrets we teach to attract 99.9% of girls.

You need to know how not to be boring and spark conversation with the girl you like. This way, you'll be able to get her to think about you all the time. We've got other alpha male tricks on how to do it. Make sure you check out our video where we tell you how to attract 99.9% of girls since it's gotten almost 5,000 likes!

8. Til Next Time

What makes a woman think about you? It's when you leave her wanting for more after you get her to notice you. Rather, it's one of the best strategies on how to make your crush like you back.

It's like this-- whenever it's time for me to leave, I always do it at a point where she is having fun while we are conversing with each other. This way, I am setting her up for our next date. If you burn her out with too much information, she might not want to see you again too soon.

Think of it this way-- when you're at a party, do you leave during the middle part, or do you wait until everyone else goes home before you leave? The best way to do it is to leave once everyone has already settled down after eating dinner. When you wait until the end of the party to leave, you might have too much to drink and end up saying something you'll regret later on.

You have to leave before it reaches that point, especially when you meet someone you'd want to see again. And make sure to get her number!

7. Story

Look, this is where people get it all wrong. Just because you think you found "the one" doesn't mean you will stop living your life. We get it. You want to have the skills to flirt with a girl you like or even how to impress a girl.

You want to let her see how dedicated you are to her. But this can backfire on you big time. You might land on her friend zone, and that's bad news, my friend. Once you are in the friendzone, it could take a while before you can get out of it. Some don't even have any luck and get stuck there– forever. Instead, what you can do to get a girl to like you is to be yourself.

Live your own life… pursue your own interests. One of the best tips on attracting women is to be awesome and love what you do. Do things that make you awesome. You already know what these things are.

Let me tell you this– women LOVE a man with a great story to tell. It's one of the habits women love a man to have. Whether it's how you saved a cat who was stuck in a tree or how you discovered your favorite recipe, these things pique our interest… and you can bet she'll be thinking about you… a lot!

6. Set Boundaries

We mentioned a while ago that you should avoid landing in her friend zone. This is where you need to set boundaries. You should not try to be everything to her. Have limitations on how you let other people, no matter how much you like them, treat you.

For example, you're with a girl you like, and you start noticing she's being too demanding. She asks you to do stuff for her all the time… pick up her laundry, hitch a ride home, or copy your homework. I hate to burst your bubble, but she might be putting you in the friendzone and taking advantage of you.

It's good to set up a boundary for yourself since it lets people know that you know your worth. You are someone of value, and if she doesn't want to lose you, she'll treasure that.

5. Be A Positive Person

Are you interested in a person who talks about life in a negative way? I mean, would you want to continue hanging out with her? Definitely not.

That's right. In fact, that's a real-life lesson that many fail to take seriously. You don't want to come off as toxic or a person who constantly complains. You need to be genuinely positive since that's something this world lacks nowadays.

Don't engage in negativity. Instead, turn every experience you have into a positive one. If someone is into name-calling or gossiping, it's best that you just keep things civil and stay a safe distance. When people see you radiate positivity, they will want to be around you even more. That's a big tip on how to get a girl to like you.

4. Spontaneity is Key

Do you know how to text a girl you like in a way that she will respond to you positively? The trick here is to be spontaneous. You don't want to be someone who's predictable. That's because these types of guys don't leave behind a special mark.

If you do the same things all the time, you'll be thought of as a boring guy. So what is one tip on how to talk to a girl without missing out? Be mysterious. It's one of the effective things to do when flirting.

And by properly, you need to know what to do when a girl looks at you. Do your friends tell you you're always shy to come up to a girl you like and say hi? Well, you can start from there.

Why don't you be spontaneous, just this once, and say hi to her? It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. You just need to make an impression on the girl you like to remember you and hopefully smile when you enter her mind.

3. Better Bold

Following the previous point we made, you must associate yourself with something bold. One time I met a girl at a party and I asked her to dance with me even though there wasn't anyone else who was dancing? She thought I would slow dance with her, but I decided to make a fun memory.

Do you think you were able to give her an unforgettable time? Oh yes, she did! She was laughing the whole night long. You just can't fake that.

If you want to learn the proper way of approaching a girl, you've got to be willing to make a fool out of yourself whenever you can. Remember: you're less likely to think about things that happen within your comfort zone.

2. Your Looks Matter

When you're trying to get a girl to think about you, you need to be someone attractive to her. Make an effort to look good. Practice good hygiene. Wear clothes that actually fit you. If you want her to notice you, make yourself noticeable.

You can also spray on some fragrance so you can catch her attention. Just make sure it doesn't overpower since that will turn her off. And when you manage to get her interest, you'll definitely know. She'll show you some of the signs a woman wants to be approached.

You know… things like playing with her hair and eye contact. These things will show you that she's interested in you. Your next job is to introduce yourself and ensure she doesn't forget about you.

1. Be A Good Listener

Everyone knows that women love a man who can listen. It's actually one of the things that many guys don't think is important. Some friends share that they fell in love with their husbands because they listened to her.

So if you want to make her think about you, you have to listen and actually remember things. Alright, it's time to fill you in on that one thing you should not do when you meet a girl. It's actually very simple.

You just have to remember not to be rude and arrogant to anyone. Say, for example, I'm meeting someone for the first time.

Hey, the name's Beardy… and you're?

Hi, Beardy! My name is Kay.

Cool. Now excuse me while I talk to that hot girl over there.

It's rude, right? Oh, she'll definitely notice you, alright. But not in the way you want her to. Guys, just please. Don't be a jerk to the ladies.

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In Conclusion

Now, you know what makes her think about you all day, every day.

You won't need to worry about how to make her want you, because these useful tips should be more than enough to help you actually make the girl fall in love with you. By the time you're reading this, you will probably be an expert on how to make a girl think about you, and you'd be sharing these tips with your friends and family as well. So, go out there and try out our helpful guide and see the difference it makes when you're trying to make a girl fall for you. Good luck!