Do you ever find yourself on the receiving end of embarrassing questions?

Embarrassing dares are everywhere. Here at Mantelligence, we've covered questions to ask others and questions to ask a girl, so let's add some shameful questions to ask to our repertoire. My expertise on this topic has been featured on sites such as iHeartRadio and Elite Daily, so you know you're only getting info from the expert.

Prepare yourself, and let's begin.


Ultimate List of Most Embarrassing Questions

Do you get asked embarrassing questions a lot? Don't you like being forced to reveal embarrassing secrets and truths about yourself? If you do, now's the bite back.

Here is the ultimate list of embarrassing questions to ask. These questions will turn the tables on the people asking you exposing questions and make it their time to be flustered. Enjoy!

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4 Funny Yet Embarrassing Search Queries People Asked Google

Everyone asks the wise and knowledgeable Google about all types of things. Have you found some funny questions to ask Google? If so, here are some of the funnier things we've asked google, and see if it can beat what you've searched in your boredom.

Here are 4 funny yet embarrassing searches people ask google:

1. At what time is high noon?

Woah there, cowboy. Don't you know that high noon is literally the same as noon? Everyone who's asked Google this question has to feel a little dumb for doing so. Don't worry. We won't tell anyone.

2. Can I eat my Himalayan salt lamp?

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. While the salt lamp is perfectly edible (sans light bulb), it's a waste of a perfectly good lamp. Plus, you'll give your kidneys a hard time trying to lick it all up.

3. Why are there 12 days of Christmas?

When you think about it, there's only one day of Christmas - how are there twelve? Anyone who's heard the song might be a little confused. Maybe it's every Christmas for twelve years in a row? Either way, don't take the music too seriously.

4. What kind of apple did Eve eat?

Some say it's an apple, some say it's a fig - either way, Eve ate some fruit. But if you think the fruit of knowledge is some Granny Smith apple, it's an interesting interpretation.

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4 Silly Question Kids' Ask Out Of Curiosity

Kids are straightforward and honest. They don't have the tact or shamefulness that adults have, so they tend to ask silly questions that are embarrassing to answer. To better prepare you for what comes out of the mouths of children, here are some questions kids ask out of simple curiosity.

Here are 4 silly questions kids ask:

5. Why don't animals talk?

Even adults sometimes ask this question, but for different reasons. Have you ever looked at your beloved pet and thought, "I would really like to talk to them?" It's an innocent but embarrassing question because adults have grown out of wanting their pets to talk.

6. My belly hurts. Am I pregnant?

Kids who don't fully understand pregnancy and adult matters may ask this question. If other people hear it, it can be very shameful for the parent. Sit down with the kid and give them a long talk, so they don't ask this question again when their tummy hurts.

7. Why isn't 11 pronounce as oneten?

Or tenone, or oneone. Especially young kids might ask why two-digit numbers have their unique names. Adults might find it hard to explain to kids why, so now that you've read this, be prepared to answer the inevitable question.

8. Did ants invent the world's first social network?

Ants are deeply social creatures - they have hierarchies, jobs for each individual, and, among other things. Does that mean that social networks originated from ants? Little Tommy might think that ants are why Facebook and Twitter exist.

4 Adults Questions For Truth or Dare That Are Too Revealing They Might Embarrass Themselves

Truth or dare questions are a popular means of asking embarrassing questions in the form of a game. When asked a truth or dare question, the biggest fear is to be trapped in a situation where you either have to do a humiliating dare or answer a humiliating question. So, be prepared when asked these questions.

Here are 4 embarrassing truth or dares:

9. Have you ever peed in the pool?

Maybe as a kid, you might have. Still, it's an incredibly shameful thing to answer yes to. After all, there's no excuse to have done this unless you were some weirdo. Tread lightly when this question is on the table for truth or dare.

10. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

It's a perfectly normal thing to have - doesn't mean it's not embarrassing to admit. After all, you were harboring a crush on someone likely at least twice your age. They might be your type if you still have a crush on them.

11. Have you ever practiced kissing in a mirror?

No one wants to be told they're a bad kisser. But you can't just come up to someone and ask to practice kissing with them. So if you've ever stood in front of a mirror and practiced kissing... be careful when fessing up.

12. Do you lick your plate?

We lick our lips and spoons, but it can be embarrassing to admit that you've licked your plate to get the last drops of sauce out of it. If you're asked this question, say it was such a good meal, you couldn't resist.

4 Questions That Are Too Awkward To Ask Guys Because It Is Embarrassing

There are plenty of awkward questions to ask a guy out there like shown on our list at Galtelligence - especially if you're a girl who happens to like the said guy. On that same site, too, we've listed questions girls are too afraid to ask guys... but in this list, it's more that it's embarrassing and awkward to ask rather than scary.

Here are 4 questions a woman would be afraid to ask a guy:

13. Why do men hate romantic movies?

Some men just don't get romance or the idea of watching another person's romantic journey. If you love romance and watching it, asking him to watch a romance movie can be a bit awkward. Still, it's better than watching it by yourself.

14. Is it true that men always think about doing "it"?

It's a stereotype that men always think about having sex, but it's not completely untrue. Still, you don't want to ask the guy you like if that's all on his mind - that's a rude thing to think! It's probably better to leave this question unasked unless it matters to you what he wants out of the relationship.

15. Do you see other men's privates while in a comfort room?

Men don't usually pay attention to other men's bits while in the loo. But some girls with dirty minds like to imagine what it's like. It's just as embarrassing to ask this and answer this, so ask this only if you don't mind losing some dignity in the process.

16. Have you tried sending someone nudes?

Maybe the guy has some sexual partners or friends with benefits, and they decide to send nudes of themselves as a way to spice things up. Not everyone is brave enough to admit they took a naked photo of themselves and sent it to others.

4 Embarrassing 'Would You Rather' Game Designed For Brave Souls

Would you rather questions are basically like truth or dare games, in that either option will be humiliating for the person to agree to. The best way to play it is to pick the lesser of two evils. So, if you want to embarrass your target, these would you rather questions are perfect for the job.

Here are 4 embarrassing would you rather questions:

17. Would you rather get caught practicing how to twerk or get caught talking to yourself in the mirror?

The former makes you slutty, while the latter makes you feel lonely. You're not going to have much dignity left when you're asked this question. On the other hand, if you somehow manage to ask this question... be prepared for many flustered squirms.

18. Would you rather give or receive a lap dance?

Are you a giver or a receiver? In my opinion, many people would choose the latter - but maybe you've got some killer dance moves and are proud of them, so you can choose the former. Either way, someone's getting lucky tonight.

19. Would you rather have no body hair or no head hair?

Would you like to be as smooth as a baby or have your head polished to a fine sheen? If you're a woman, you're likely to pick the former - it makes you seem clean while preserving your wonderful head of hair. Men proud of their body hair may choose the latter instead. Bald guys can be hot, after all.

20. Would you rather run into your ex-boyfriend or one of your parents at the club?

Either way, be prepared for an awkward moment in the club, especially if one of the two choices gets on the dance floor. In that situation, I'd rather turn around and leave, thanks.

4 Provocative Questions A Couple Could Ask Each Other For A Fun Date Night

When you're a couple, it's common to ask each other embarrassing relationship questions to get to know each other better. If you want to deepen your relationship with someone, prepare yourself with these questions for couples. Unlike asking friends embarrassing questions, these are unavoidable if you wish to remain a couple.

So, be prepared!

Here are 4 provocative questions perfect for boyfriend and girlfriend:

21. Have you ever been caught checking out someone else?

This question implies that you've checked out someone else while in a relationship with another person. Have you ever seen a girl/guy pass by and checked them out? Answer carefully.

22. How did you dump your last girlfriend/boyfriend?

Of course, the prerequisite is that you had a past relationship. In the best-case scenario, it was an amicable breakup, and you remain friends now. In the worst-case scenario, it was a messy breakup. It's very embarrassing to answer the latter, in that case.

23. What's the worst meal someone has cooked for you?

Cooking can be difficult for some people to grasp, and the worst cooks of the lot don't actually taste their own creations and make you taste them. So, to that person's embarrassment, tell your boo who has the distinct honor of having cooked your least favorite meal.

24. What's the cheesiest thing you've said to someone?

Have you ever tried to pick someone up and, instead of saying a witty remark, said something really cheesy instead? Bonus points if the line worked and that is why you're not single now.

Downloadable List of Questions That Are Too Embarrassing To Ask

Here is a downloadable and printable jpeg/pdf list of questions that you'll find embarrassing to ask (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Fun Fact: Why Do We Get Red When Embarrassed?

Why do we get flush when we're embarrassed? If you're curious because you need to answer some science trivia questions, or are just out there to sate your curiosity, then I'll give you a short explanation of what causes it.

A small tissue in the brain controls the feeling of embarrassment called the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex. It's small, about the size of your thumb, but it controls many things related to embarrassment. It regulates automatic bodily functions like sweating, breathing, and heartbeat, as well as some thinking-related activities, such as decision-making and emotions.

When the feeling of embarrassment is triggered, this tissue sends signals to other parts of the body, causing the redness, perspiration, and squirming one often does when one feels embarrassed. Whether all at once or one at a time, it's a key factor in explaining embarrassment and how it physically affects people.

How To Answer Questions That Are Made To Embarrass You With A Witty Comeback

Now that you've read plenty of flustering questions, you must think you're prepared to answer any embarrassing question that comes your way. Sometimes, though, a question becomes so personal and humiliating that you still freeze when asked. Thankfully, here are some simple tips on properly answering such a question - and with a witty comeback.

Here are 3 tips on how to answer questions that are made to embarrass you with a witty comeback:

Tip #1: Calm down.

When you feel the initial rush of emotion when you're asked exposing questions, the first thing to do is calm down. Don't get caught up in the moment - quietly take a deep breath and keep your cool. This will help you face the question more objectively and prepare you to make a witty comeback.

Tip #2: Turn it around on them.

One form of comeback is to turn that very same question on the asker and make them feel embarrassed instead. Many people can't take what they dish out, so turning things around can put them in the spotlight instead. Even if they refuse to answer the question, it will fluster them - making it easier for you to answer it while in a position of power.

Tip #3: Make fun of it.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with something embarrassing is to make fun of it. If you cannot make a witty comeback or burn, just make fun of what you'll have to say. Tell a funny story or make a joke out of it. It will make it less humiliating for you, and you'll get the last laugh.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you've seen plenty of embarrassing truth questions that reveal the weirdest or worst thing about others. Are you satisfied with what you've learned, or would you like to learn more? If it's the latter, some frequently asked questions reveal the funny truth about embarrassing questions.

Are these questions good for initiating a conversation with someone?

They can be awkward questions at times, but if you're sufficiently close to the person you're asking, it can be a great way to open up to each other about an embarrassing thing that's true about you. As long as you're both friends and can handle learning the craziest thing about each other, it can be a great way to start a conversation.

What makes asking questions that are a little bit awkward yet embarrassing to ask fun?

An awkward question is usually only awkward for the person being asked. To the asker, it's fun to learn more about their friends. Sometimes though, it's so awkward to ask that it also embarrasses the asker.

Still, asking a personal question can be a fun and interesting experience because it reveals more about the one you're asking. It's not the meanest thing out there.

How to know if someone is bluffing or genuine with their answers to avoid embarrassment?

When asked a truth question or a dare question, the only way they can avoid embarrassment is to either not answer the question or make up the biggest lie they can. Since the act of answering is embarrassing, you'll know they're bluffing if they confidently answer something that would otherwise be rather personal. Otherwise, if they respond with some reluctance, they will likely be truthful about it.

Can I use some of these silly questions to lighten up the mood?

During a tense or dull moment, asking or letting yourself be asked an embarrassing question can be a good way to lighten the mood. Revealing an embarrassing secret will cut through the tension and shift their focus onto something more lighthearted.

More Exciting Questions

Enjoyed this list of embarrassing truth questions? Each truth question can reveal to others a lot about you or to you a lot about others. So, if you're looking for more exciting questions, here are some related posts that might pique your fancy.

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In Conclusion

Embarrassing questions are unavoidable in daily life, especially if you want to connect with other people. After reading this article, you will hopefully be better prepared when asked an embarrassing question or when you face an awkward moment.

Remember: the most embarrassing thing isn't to answer an embarrassing question but to avoid it entirely and leave the asker flat.