Truth or dare questions turn ordinary get-togethers into lasting memories. Whether you're just hanging with one friend or trying to take a party to the next level, truth or dare is a classic game that always produces hilarious (and sometimes revealing) results.

Good truth or dares are win-win questions because you either learn something about the people you're with, or you get to witness them do something ridiculous. Before getting started, make sure everyone understands what's at stake. Once the game begins, there's no turning back!

We've compiled a massive list of the best truth or dare questions so you're ready for any social event. These questions to ask run the gamut from hilarious to introspective, so use them wisely.

Remember: Truth or dare is supposed to be FUN. None of our dares below are meant to put you or anyone you're daring in danger or in harm's way. If you feel any of them might... don't do them. Be safe. Have fun.
185 Really Good Truth or Dare Questions (Fun, Funny, Embarrassing)


27 Best Truth or Dare Questions

Here are some of the absolute best truth or dare questions out there. Some of them are serious, and others are downright hysterical.

Be warned: some of these questions and dares are pretty extreme. Make sure you're playing the game with people you can trust.

1. Describe the strangest dream you have ever had in your life?

We've all had those bizarre dreams that leave you scratching your head for days on end. Discuss.

2. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone?

When should you really have bitten your tongue?

3. Do you think your girlfriend/boyfriend is marriage material?

Why or why not?

4. Have you ever lied to your partner to avoid an intimate moment?

What's your go-to excuse when you're just not feeling it?

5. Be blindfolded and then tickled for a minute.

For some people, this is pure torture.

6. If you could make one wish right this second, what would it be?

This question is interesting because it's right in the moment. And, no, wishing you didn't have to answer truthfully is not an option.

7. What would you change about your life if you could?

Take action. There are easy steps you can take to improve your life.

8. Give a 3 minute stand-up comedy routine.

Three minutes is a long time when you're trying to make a group laugh. This dare guarantees laughs -- with or at the unfortunate victim.

9. Break dance.

Crank your favorite b-boy jams, throw down a cardboard mat, and go to town. Bonus points for head spinning.

10. Pound on your chest and act like a gorilla for the next minute.

Monkeying around is a great way to make sure all of your dignity flies immediately out the window, never to be heard from again.

11. Of the people in this room, who do you most want to switch lives with and why?

Go ahead and let that jealousy out.

12. Give a concert with your air guitar.

Blast your favorite solo and go town, shred-wizard. If your knees don't hit the floor, you're doing it wrong.

13. If you could erase one past experience, what would it be?

This question can get heavy, but that doesn't mean it has to kill the mood. Sharing regrets strengthens bonds.

14. Only use sign language for the next hour.

If you don't know sign language, you're going to have to do your best to communicate silently.

15. What is a secret that you kept from your parents when you were growing up?

Fess up.

16. Take a selfie with the toilet and post it online.

No caption required/allowed.

17. Give yourself a haircut.

Ideally without using scissors or clippers.

18. What is a bad habit that you have?

Opening up about a bad habit is a great first step towards breaking it.

19. Eat a dry pack of noodles.

It's up to you if you want to season it or chomp down as is.

20. Do you have a bucket list and if so, what is one thing on the list?

It's never early to start planning your bucket list.

21. What is the stupidest thing that you have done in front of a crowd?

And can you do it again in front of this one, please?

22. Sing to a workmate on the phone.

Water cooler chit-chat is going to be tough on Monday.

23. Melt some ice cubes in your trousers.


24. Is the dress Black and Blue or Gold and White?

The age-old question that has ended friendships and transformed lovers into enemies.

25. Wear a kick-me sign for an hour.

In public, ideally at a soccer game.

26. Drop something in the toilet and then reach in to get it.

Make it your toothbrush for extra fun later.

27. Eat one teaspoon of the spiciest thing you have in the kitchen.

No drinking for at least one minute.

11 Truth Questions

These truth questions are often embarrassing and revealing -- that's why they're so fun. As a participant in the game of games, it's your sworn duty to be honest.

Remember that you're among friends. Everyone has embarrassing little secrets, and sharing them is a great way to connect and bond with your fellow humans.

28. After you've dropped a piece of food, what's the longest time you've left it on the ground and then ate it?

5-second rule? 10-second rule? Where do you draw the line?

29. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

30. Who is your secret crush?

The classic truth or dare question. It's what everyone is wondering anyways. Out with it.

31. Who do you like the least in this room and why?

This question can be tough to conquer, but hopefully you can work out some issues and improve a relationship...or at least make everyone feel really awkward.

32. What is the craziest pickup line that you have used?

And did it work?

33. Which person here would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with and why?

Crazy things can happen when you're stuck in an enclosed metal box for an indefinite period of time.

34. What’s your secret talent?

You know you have to perform it too.

35. Tell the room something you don’t want us to know.

This question can go in many different directions -- none of them are pretty.

36. What is the silliest thing that you have said to your partner, while being intimate?

Have you ever pulled a Seinfeld?

37. What is something that you have never told anyone?

This question is great because it's direct and to the point. Reveal a secret never before revealed.

38. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

This question can go the serious or hilarious route.

17 Dares

Dares are what makes this game so spicy. Sure, revealing a tidbit of truth can be tough, but the dares kick the game up a few million notches.

A wise man once said "you only live once," so carpe diem and go for it. Temporary shame leads to memories that last a lifetime.

39. Dance with no music for 1 minute.

The elusive silent dance is truly a feat unparalleled in its ability to rain down shame upon the unfortunate dancer.

40. Try to drink a glass water while standing on your hands.

It's just a little self-water-boarding among friends.

41. Let the group pose you in an embarrassing position and take a picture.

Bonus points if you post it to your social media accounts after.

42. Give someone your phone and let them send one text to anyone in your contacts.

No explanations until a response is received or the game is over.

43. Eat five spoonfuls of a condiment.

Let the group take a vote on the condiment.

44. Make every person in the group smile, keep going until everyone has cracked a smiled.

This is a wholesome one, and it lets the 'daree' get creative.

45. Let the person to your left draw on your face with a pen.

And don't reveal what it says until you've been out in public.

46. Make up a 30 second opera about a person or people in the group and perform it.

Prepare to become famous on social media.

47. Serenade the person to your right.

Eye contact is mandatory.

48. Do the worm.

Proceed with caution: this one can cause some serious pain for guys.

49. Sell a piece trash to someone in the group. Use your best salesmanship.

If you can't be the wolf of Wall Street, at least you can be the wolf of the waste bin.

50. Let the group look through your phone for 2 minutes.

What could possibly go wrong?

51. Attempt to do a magic trick.

Make your dignity disappear.

52. Stick your arm into the trash can past your elbow.

Just another day of digging for treasure.

53. Break two eggs on your head.

You're really going to have some egg on your face after this one.

54. Post an extremely unflattering picture of yourself to the social media outlet of your choosing.

No amount of duck face can save you now.

55. Belly dance like your life depended on it.

Someday, when your life truly does depend on our belly dancing skills, you're going to be glad you rehearsed.

18 Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

If you're underage, turn back now before it's too late. These truth or dare questions for adults deal with some mature themes, some that are NSFW.

These questions and dares can really turn up the heat, so don't be surprised if some participants feel the need to get out of the kitchen.

56. What's the first thing you would do if you woke up one day as the opposite sex?

After having a few existential crises and severe panic attacks, of course.

57. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

And where are they now?

58. Bow to every stranger you meet. Tell them “it was an honor to meet you, my lord and master."

Maintaining a straight face is critical for this one.

59. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

Buttons and zippers aren't always reliable. Talk about when your garments have let you down.

60. Get a bar of soap from the bathroom and sell it to the group for 3 minutes.

Make a clean sale, no dirty tricks.

61. Have you ever lied on your resume just because you need the job?

Avoid this question if your boss is participating.

62. What was the last thing you texted?

Sometimes a lack of context makes seemingly ordinary texts absolutely hilarious. Plus, this is a great way to get advice on how to send better texts.

63. If there’s a pool, you have to go skinny dipping, and you have to choose one buddy to go with you.

Hopefully the weather is at least somewhat warm.

64. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Whether it's a terrible song or a disgusting snack, sometimes you just have to own your guilty pleasures.

65. Have you ever been “the crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend”?

Reveal your psycho side.

66. Get within one inch of the other person, look them straight in the eye, for a minute. Do not touch them.

The eyes are the window to the soul. One minute is a long time to gaze into the depths of a soul.

67. Have you ever peed your pants as an adult?

If not, there's no time like the present.

68. If you were going to die in 24 hours, how would you spend that time?

This question really gets you thinking. It's a good choice if you want to calm down the silliness and get real for a minute.

69. Do a sexy dance for your partner, but you can only use one leg.

The stanky leg should do just fine.

70. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve said to someone?

Reveal your most cringe-worthy blunder that replays in your head constantly.

71. What’s the most money you’ve spent on something stupid? What was it?

Were you ever a Beanie Baby millionaire?

72. What was the most awkward romantic encounter you have had?

Relive those moments you've tried to cram into the recesses of your brain.

73. Who have you loved but they didn’t love you back?

Unrequited love hurts, but at least it makes for good truth or dare topics.

74. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

It's a perfectly normal thing to have - doesn't mean it's not embarrassing to admit. After all, you were harboring a crush on someone likely at least twice your age. They might be your type if you still have a crush on them.

75. Have you ever practiced kissing in a mirror?

No one wants to be told they're a bad kisser. But you can't just come up to someone and ask to practice kissing with them. So if you've ever stood in front of a mirror and practiced kissing... be careful when fessing up.

76. Do you lick your plate?

We lick our lips and spoons, but it can be embarrassing to admit that you've licked your plate to get the last drops of sauce out of it. If you're asked this question, say it was such a good meal, you couldn't resist.

7 Truth or Dare Questions To Ask A New Friend

If you want to have even more fun, bring out some truth or dare questions to ask a new friend. Who doesn't enjoy a good game of truth or dare, right? Let's just hope your friend actually tells the truth.

77. What do most people think is true about you, but isn’t?

Sometimes we fail at first impressions. Clear it out right away.

78. What is the most childish thing you still do?

Don't be ashamed. There's a child inside all of us.

79. What is the silliest thing you have an emotional attachment to?

It could be as silly as that piece of tissue paper you had with you when you were a kid.

80. Have you ever peed in a pool?

It happens to the best of us.

81. Have you ever picked your nose in public?

ALSO happens to the best of us.

82. Have you ever ghosted a friend?

Going ghost!

83. Have you ever told one of your friend’s secrets?

Tell them not to worry. You won't share their secrets.

19 Funny Dares

Truth or dare is a game that's all about the laughs. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone in ways that you never would have dreamed.

Sometimes, you just want to share a moment of pure insanity, and that's what these funny dares are for.

84. Cut out an eyehole in a piece of cheese and a piece of lunchmeat. Place each piece over your eyes and leave them there for the remainder of the game.

You never know, this fashion-forward look could work for you.

85. Eat a teaspoonful of soy sauce.

Bonus points if you gargle.

86. Exchange shirts with the person to your left and wear it for the remainder of the game.

Or pants if you're feeling extra daring.

87. Text your mom and tell her that you are expecting a baby.

In nine months you can let her know that it was just a prank.

88. Knock on the neighbor’s door and ask if you can park your helicopter in their driveway.

If they say yes, the next step is to obtain a helicopter.

89. Go outside and pick exactly 40 blades of grass with a pair of tweezers.

Not 39. Not 41. 40. Get it right or pay the price.

90. Sing the theme song from Barney non-stop until your next turn.

Don't be surprised if you have no friends left when your next turn comes around.

91. Knock on the neighbor’s door and explain to them that your pet penguin got loose and ask if you can look for it in their backyard.

Don't do this one if you actually have a pet penguin, as you never know when you might actually need to look for it. Haven't you head the story of the boy who cried wolf?

92. Go outside and howl, bark, and meow all for 2 minutes.

And then spend the rest of your days living as royalty among the local strays.

93. Making “coo” sounds like a baby, suck on your toe.

If you can't reach your own toe, you're going to have to find a volunteer. At least one toe must be sucked.

94. For the next 15 minutes, everything you say must be spoken in baby talk.

It's super cute and not annoying at all.

95. Every time someone begins to talk, interrupt by saying, “hey, ya know what?” Keep it up until your next turn.

Watch as your friends quickly turn into enemies.

96. Take a walk around the block on all fours and bark like a dog.

If you do a good job, you may get a treat when you're done.

97. For the next 10 minutes, when someone speaks, put your ear up close to them and act as though you can’t hear what they are saying.

Don't be surprised when people start yelling at you.

98. For the rest of the game, you must cluck like a chicken at the beginning and end of everything you say.

If it looks like a chicken, acts like a chicken, and sounds like a chicken...well...

99. Tie your shoe strings together with another person and walk together to the end of the driveway and back.

Hopefully, you have a short driveway, or this one could end in skinned knees.

100. Make a sandwich while blindfolded.

And enjoy!

101. Stand in the time out corner facing the wall, not talking to anyone until your next turn.

This is a great opportunity to try on that dunce cap you've been saving for a special occasion.

102. Get down on one knee and propose to the person on your left.

If they accept, it still counts and you're engaged. Woops!

32 Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

If you don't blush at least once during truth or dare, you're doing it wrong. These embarrassing truth or dare questions are designed to straight-up make you cringe, and that's okay.

Mix these questions and dares in with the normal ones. Use them when you're feeling especially evil, or just to get revenge on someone who shamed you.

103. What is the most embarrassing picture of you?

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Don't describe it. Show it.

104. Put your headphones on in a store and start dancing to your music, doing the stupidest, wackiest dance you can.

Step 1: Film it. Step 2: Upload it to YouTube. Step 3: Profit?

105. Close your eyes and use lipstick and make-up to draw a pair of fake eyes over them. Now walk into a store with your eyes closed, but pretending your new eyes see for you.

This dare works especially well if the store is an optometrist's office.

106. Go up to an ATM, withdraw some cash and start shouting “OMG, I’ve won the lottery again! Woo-hoo!"

Make sure you don't do this in the wrong neighborhood, or your local mugger may win the criminal lottery.

107. You’re the world’s former strongest man/woman. Get into character and start asking everyone to feel your muscles. Start bragging about your former fame and all the ladies/guys you laid.

Be careful -- you may get stuck and never be able to transform back to your normal self.

108. Start barking at every dog you meet. When they bark, you bark back, as though you understand.

Keep it up for long enough, and you may begin to speak and understand dog.

109. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Out with it. What was that moment you'll never live down?

110. Run to the nearest store, wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Ask them if they’ve got any shower gel.

Bonus points if you have shampoo suds in your hair.

111. Go grab a broom and do your best tango.

Keep it classy.

112. Twerk for a minute.

In twerking time, one minute is an eternity.

113. Have you ever waved at someone thinking they saw you when really they didn't? What did you do when you realized it?

Just keep waving and it cool.

114. Would you rather be caught picking your nose or picking a wedgie?

Pick one.

115. Do a chicken dance in front of others.

Yes, it must be to the official chicken dance song.

116. Do the Macarena dance in public.

Be sure to sing it out loud.

117. What is the most food you’ve eaten in a single sitting?

And how long was the post-feast nap?

118. Behave like Tarzan for ten minutes.

Show that you're the true king/queen of the jungle, and earn the undying respect of your peers in the process.

119. Take off your t-shirt and dance like Shakira.

Hips don't lie.

120. Take your underwear and fit it in your head for the rest of the game.

All of the cool kids wear their underpants on their heads.

121. Have you ever eaten something off the floor?

Was it worth it, you voracious animal?

122. Do your best impression of a baby being born.

Remember that giving birth can take hours, so make sure you have plenty of time.

123. Make a funny face and keep making it for 2 minutes while the game continues.

Do your best impression of an ugly statue. Two minutes is the minimum, but feel free to hold it as long as you can.

124. Poll dance for 1 minute with an imaginary pole.

Warning: imaginary poles do not support human bodies.

125. Tell us your most embarrassing vomit story.

Hopefully, it doesn't trigger a puke chain.

126. Dance to a song of the group’s choosing.

If you're lucky, the group will join in. If you're unlucky, you will dance alone.

127. Open your front door and loudly sing “Hallelujah!”

Do your best choir boy/girl impression.

128. What is the most embarrassing nickname you have ever had?

Don't be surprised when it makes a comeback.

129. What is the most embarrassing thing you have put up on social media?

Hopefully you can top it today.

130. Skip backwards in a circle and sing a childish song.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where my life went wrong to lead me to this moment.

131. Pretend you are doing a striptease for 60 seconds.

Don't be surprised if "pretending" turns into "not pretending."

132. Try to do the splits and stay like that for 1 minute.

Slow and steady wins the race. There's a lot at stake here.

133. Go outside and wave to everyone passing for 5 minutes.

Don't forget to smile and say "hello."

134. Do you still love your first girlfriend/boyfriend?

This question is a whole lot of "fun" if they're in attendance.

13 Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

Looking to connect in a socially distant way? Playing truth or dare questions over text is a fun way to take this game to a whole new level.

But, of course, you'll need proof of the dares! Pics or it didn't happen, right? Make sure to get photo or video evidence!

135. On the off chance that you could make $1 million, is it to okay drop out of school?

Or are there experiences there that you need for success?

136. Do you have a name for your unique spots?

How did you come up with them?

137. What song describes your life and mind the best?

Would other people give you a different theme song?

138. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone?

Did you regret it, or did you mean it?

139. Have you ever sent someone the wrong text?

How did you get out of that mess?

140. Who do you think is the cutest person in our class?

Be honest!

141. What the biggest deal-breaker for you?

Cheating? Not telling the truth? or something else?

142. How far would you go on a first date?

Have you done that far before?

143. Do you frequently stalk anyone on social media? Who?

How do you make sure you don't get caught?

144. If we didn't have a dress code, what would you wear to school that you can't wear now?

What's holding back your sense of fashion?

145. What is the most attractive feature on a person?

Inside or outside - your choice.

146. Have you ever gotten mad at a friend for posting an unflattering picture of you?

What did you do?

147. Would you ever date two people at once if you could get away with it?

Is it worth the risk?

17 Truth or Dare Questions For Couples

They say the truth is in the details. What better way for you to build connection then to find out every detail - silly to serious!

These truth or dare questions for couples are a super fun way to connect and get to know each other even better. Just make sure you tell the truth - you'll cause more problems later if you don't!

148. What is something that you dislike about yourself?

Physical or emotional, either one.

149. Can you touch your elbow with the nose?

What about roll your tongue?

150. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

Would you move somewhere exotic? Buy a new car? Invest it?

151. Describe my dressing style in one word.

It's a moment of truth!

152. Do you support me and my startup?

Is it time for some honest feedback?

153. Have you fallen in love with a friend of your partner? Has anyone noticed?

How did it turn out?

154. What is the dumbest thing you’ve said your partner while having intimacy?

How did they respond?

155. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Did you have their pictures up in your room?

156. Do you have any fetishes?

This is a safe space, right?

157. When was the last time you lied?

Did you get caught... or are you getting caught now?

158. What's the drunkest you've ever been to?

How did you recover the next day?

159. Who would you like to kiss in this room?

Besides your partner, of course.

160. What's the strangest dream you've had?

It can be about anyone or anything.

161. Have you ever been caught checking out someone else?

This question implies that you've checked out someone else while in a relationship with another person. Have you ever seen a girl/guy pass by and checked them out? Answer carefully.

162. How did you dump your last girlfriend/boyfriend?

Of course, the prerequisite is that you had a past relationship. In the best-case scenario, it was an amicable breakup, and you remain friends now. In the worst-case scenario, it was a messy breakup. It's very embarrassing to answer the latter, in that case.

163. What's the worst meal someone has cooked for you?

Cooking can be difficult for some people to grasp, and the worst cooks of the lot don't actually taste their own creations and make you taste them. So, to that person's embarrassment, tell your boo who has the distinct honor of having cooked your least favorite meal.

164. What's the cheesiest thing you've said to someone?

Have you ever tried to pick someone up and, instead of saying a witty remark, said something really cheesy instead? Bonus points if the line worked and that is why you're not single now.

21 Funny Truth or Dare Questions

These funny truth or dare questions are sure to infuse some hysterics into any conversation. Play these when you want to connect, but in a silly way!

165. What’s the longest time you’ve left food on the floor before eating it?

5-second rule, be darned!

166. How many times have you peed in a swimming pool?

Do you feel bad about it?

167. Have you ever farted and lied about it?

Did anyone call you out?

168. What’s the last thing you cried about?

Do you cry often?

169. What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done?

Do you feel bad about it?

170. What’s the last lie you told?

Did you get found out?

171. What bridges are you glad that you burned?

Do you know where they are at now?

172. What do your favorite pajamas look like?

Do you have different ones for different evening plans?

173. How many times a week do you wear the same pants?

Do you wash them in between?

174. When’s the last time you apologized? What for?

Did they accept your apology?

175. Do you believe in any superstitions? If so, which ones?

Are there any you don't believe in?

176. What app do you waste the most time on?

Is it a farming game or social network?

177. Have you ever lied about your age?

What happened?

178. At what time is high noon?

Woah there, cowboy. Don't you know that high noon is literally the same as noon? Everyone who's asked Google this question has to feel a little dumb for doing so. Don't worry. We won't tell anyone.

179. Can I eat my Himalayan salt lamp?

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. While the salt lamp is perfectly edible (sans light bulb), it's a waste of a perfectly good lamp. Plus, you'll give your kidneys a hard time trying to lick it all up.

180. Why are there 12 days of Christmas?

When you think about it, there's only one day of Christmas - how are there twelve? Anyone who's heard the song might be a little confused. Maybe it's every Christmas for twelve years in a row? Either way, don't take the music too seriously.

181. What kind of apple did Eve eat?

Some say it's an apple, some say it's a fig - either way, Eve ate some fruit. But if you think the fruit of knowledge is some Granny Smith apple, it's an interesting interpretation.

182. Why don't animals talk?

Even adults sometimes ask this question, but for different reasons. Have you ever looked at your beloved pet and thought, "I would really like to talk to them?" It's an innocent but embarrassing question because adults have grown out of wanting their pets to talk.

183. My belly hurts. Am I pregnant?

Kids who don't fully understand pregnancy and adult matters may ask this question. If other people hear it, it can be very shameful for the parent. Sit down with the kid and give them a long talk, so they don't ask this question again when their tummy hurts.

184. Why isn't 11 pronounce as oneten?

Or tenone, or oneone. Especially young kids might ask why two-digit numbers have their unique names. Adults might find it hard to explain to kids why, so now that you've read this, be prepared to answer the inevitable question.

185. Did ants invent the world's first social network?

Ants are deeply social creatures - they have hierarchies, jobs for each individual, and, among other things. Does that mean that social networks originated from ants? Little Tommy might think that ants are why Facebook and Twitter exist.

Downloadable and Printable List of Truth or Dare Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable list of truth or dare questions (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Ask Truth or Dare Questions

There's an art to asking T and D questions. Remember: the goal of the game is to have a good time, so don't be too cruel to your fellow participants.

If you asked someone a super embarrassing question last round, or if someone just did an insane dare, cut them a little slack the next time around. Not only does it keep the game from getting too out of hand, but you may also receive mercy when you need it most.

You want people to want to keep playing. Warm up with some easier questions or dares in the beginning, and then let the game heat up as you go. As the game progresses, the weak will start dropping like flies. 

You may want to offer some sort of reward to the last person standing -- or at least a round of high fives. After all, there's a lot of dignity at stake. 

Fun Fact: Why Do We Get Red When Embarrassed?

Why do we get flush when we're embarrassed? If you're curious because you need to answer some science trivia questions, or are just out there to sate your curiosity, then I'll give you a short explanation of what causes it.

A small tissue in the brain controls the feeling of embarrassment called the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex. It's small, about the size of your thumb, but it controls many things related to embarrassment. It regulates automatic bodily functions like sweating, breathing, and heartbeat, as well as some thinking-related activities, such as decision-making and emotions.

When the feeling of embarrassment is triggered, this tissue sends signals to other parts of the body, causing the redness, perspiration, and squirming one often does when one feels embarrassed. Whether all at once or one at a time, it's a key factor in explaining embarrassment and how it physically affects people.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you've seen plenty of embarrassing truth questions that reveal the weirdest or worst thing about others. Are you satisfied with what you've learned, or would you like to learn more? If it's the latter, some frequently asked questions reveal the funny truth about embarrassing questions.

Are these questions good for initiating a conversation with someone?

They can be awkward questions at times, but if you're sufficiently close to the person you're asking, it can be a great way to open up to each other about an embarrassing thing that's true about you. As long as you're both friends and can handle learning the craziest thing about each other, it can be a great way to start a conversation.

What makes asking questions that are a little bit awkward yet embarrassing to ask fun?

An awkward question is usually only awkward for the person being asked. To the asker, it's fun to learn more about their friends. Sometimes though, it's so awkward to ask that it also embarrasses the asker.

Still, asking a personal question can be a fun and interesting experience because it reveals more about the one you're asking. It's not the meanest thing out there.

How to know if someone is bluffing or genuine with their answers to avoid embarrassment?

When asked a truth question or a dare question, the only way they can avoid embarrassment is to either not answer the question or make up the biggest lie they can. Since the act of answering is embarrassing, you'll know they're bluffing if they confidently answer something that would otherwise be rather personal. Otherwise, if they respond with some reluctance, they will likely be truthful about it.

Can I use some of these silly questions to lighten up the mood?

During a tense or dull moment, asking or letting yourself be asked an embarrassing question can be a good way to lighten the mood. Revealing an embarrassing secret will cut through the tension and shift their focus onto something more lighthearted.

More Great Questions To Ask

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In Conclusion

There maybe some truth or dare questions that are just too difficult to handle. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, just be honest with the people you're with.

At the same time, try to remember that you're (hopefully) among good company. Truth or dare is a game that can really help you to open up and be yourself around people. It can help you form real, meaningful connections. 

Revealing personal information or performing outrageous dares isn't easy, but it's a whole lot of fun. Shame is temporary, but glory and memories last forever. Be truthful and be daring and the world will laugh with you. Sometimes the silliest moments in life are the ones you cherish most.