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69 Best Dares For Adults - Never have dull moments again


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by | May 15th, 2022

Looking for the best dares for adults? Well, you've come to the right place.

Truth or dare questions are fun and exciting at the same time. They make funny ice breaker games for adults.

However, when you're always playing this game, you're bound to run out of interesting and engaging dares. We've been there, which is why we've done the legwork to come up with this list of dares for adults that is surely going to give you tons of good stuff to keep your game going for a long time.

With this list, truth or dare will surely be one of your favorite things to do when bored.


12 Best Dares for Adults

These are the best dares for adults because they not only open doors for unlimited laughter, but also give you an opportunity to show off your confident side. Never have dull moments again with these dares that are meant to bring fun to every conversation.

Choose one of these when you're in a hurry because you can never go wrong with any one of these, that's why we labeled them best.

1. Go up to someone you don't know and ask for their number.

Also, ask if they're free next Friday if you're feeling a bit more confident.

2. Go outside and flirt with the first girl you spot.

Only a real alpha can actually pull this off.

3. Go outside and run around, while screaming "I have lost my voice, please help me find it".

Raise both of your arms and wear an interesting outfit to maximize the effect of this dare.

4. Shake a strangers hand and refuse to let go.

This one's guaranteed to bring a smile...or not.

5. Call a random person and ask them to marry you.

Who knows? You might just get engaged in an instant.

6. Exchange your clothes with the person in front of you.

Oh but please do it somewhere private.

7. Stick a pillow up against your shirt and pretend you're pregnant.

Please make sure that who you're asking is a woman, or else, this won't be as funny as it should be.

8. Talk to a woman in a foreign accent and convince her you're from that country.

Put that fake accent you learned last summer to good use here.

9. Get a photo with the hottest girl in the room.

While you're at it, get her social handles so you'll know where to tag her... or to send her a PM too.

10. Have your photo taken with a policeman or someone in uniform.

Just make sure that you aren't gonna end up in handcuffs after this dare.

11. Grab all the red things you can find in the fridge and mix them in a bowl. Now eat up!

The real dare here is not throwing up afterward.

12. Talk without closing your mouth.

Do this for the next hour, record yourself and keep it posted to your wall for the next 30 minutes.

19 Cringeworthy Dares for Grownups

These embarrassing dares are bound to give your group tons of laughter and moments that would make great stories someday. They're outrageously humiliating but are 100% safe which is why we highly recommend these for an ultimate fun time.

Choose one of these dares when the group you are playing with is composed of your best buddies. These can get awkward if you're going to dare someone whom you really know, so make sure that you're with friends with who you're truly comfortable.

13. Blow a kiss to a stranger and get one back!

The more strangers you blow a kiss, the more embarrassing this gets.

14. Loudly sing and dance in the street for 2 minutes straight.

Now, if you're a talented performer, this should be as easy as 1,2,3 but if not...

15. Get someone to sign your chest.

The more famous the person, the more embarrassing this gets.

16. Twerk for a minute.

Channel your inner Miley Cyrus and twerk your way into what could be your most embarrassing moment yet.

17. Wear diapers.

Diapers are not only meant for babies. They're meant to embarrass adults too.

18. Do a hot belly dance in the circle of the players.

Now, do you see why we recommend these for your best buddies only?

19. Wear your pants over your trousers for the rest of the night.

Nothing screams embarrassing more than this.

20. Get on the dance floor and show everyone your best dad dancing.

And yes, you're not allowed to cover your face while doing this.

21. Get a woman’s undergarment and wear it!

Bonus points if they're lacy and red.

22. Make a heartfelt confession that you used to be a woman.

Make it more realistic and include your former profession and of course, come up with a realistic former name. Nope, Carmen Electra does not count.

23. Act like your favorite Disney character.

Don't be shy now. We know your favorite's Elsa.

24. Kiss someone’s barefoot.

And yes, your infant nephew's foot is an exemption.

25. Pretend to be a pig and start sniffing all over the people in your group.

Oink oink oink!

26. Kiss everyone’s knees.

You're not allowed to skip the guys' knees.

27. Massage your friend’s feet with your feet.

Ooopsie, that's footsie in other words.

28. Let someone put lipstick on your lips while they're blindfolded.

We sincerely hope that your lipstick isn't one of those life proof ones.

29. Bark like a dog.

..who was just given a bone for dinner.

30. Take a screenshot of your browser's history and send it to your group chat.

This is another reason why you should make sure your history's clean every time.

31. Look a stranger in the eye and pick your nose exaggeratedly.

Oh please make sure you're not in a restaurant when you do this. You don't want someone throwing up because of you, right?

16 Of-age Dares Over SMS

Good times do not only happen when you are physically together. They can also happen when you are texting. Choose one of these dares over text, they're so versatile that they'll be able to give you and your friends laughter even through phone screens.

Just make sure to get everything on record so that you'll have proof that you really did the dare. and you're all set.

32. Clean the toilet with your toothbrush.

Yup, we said YOUR toothbrush, not your sister's.

33. Go in public and do the chicken dance.

Don't forget to have yourself on video, because

34. Order a pizza to a next-door neighbor.

Pay for it in advance and just let them think they're getting free stuff, don't burden them with an extra expense.

35. Put on someone’s bra and go outside.

Bonus points if the bra's your grandma's.

36. Walk down the street like a zombie.

Put on a zombie makeup for full effect.

37. Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle.

You'll look like you're really thirsty while doing this, so make sure to act like it.

38. Send your ugliest selfie. your workgroup chat.

39. Send a video of you dancing. the middle of the street while wearing the funkiest costume you can find in your closet.

40. Do a prank call to your mother and tell “I’m expecting a baby soon”.

And tell her the father's a famous celebrity.

41. Do cartwheel while holding your mobile.

No super strength protective cases are allowed.

42. Put your mobile on your toes and walk backward blindfolded for 20 seconds.

The faster, the better.

43. Call the nearest drugstore and ask if they sell adult diapers.

Make the call more realistic by asking if they have it in your size.

44. Tag a random person in a post on Facebook.

You aren't allowed to explain why you did what you did.

45. Select one mobile number blindfolded from your contacts and send one breakup message to him/her.

You just might be the first person in your group to ever break up with someone with whom you don't have a relationship.

46. Write some text blindfolded on your Facebook timeline and post it.

Nope, deleting it is not an option for the next 2 days.

47. Drink a cup of tea/coffee like a dog.

Then bark 3 times and act like you're wagging your tail after.

22 Funny Challenges for Mature Individuals

The Truth or Dare game can bring unlimited fun if you choose the right dares. If you're in it for never-ending laughter, choose one of these funny dares that are surely going to end up with you and your friends laughing your hearts out.

Brace yourselves and get ready for the good times to roll.

48. Stop a car that is going down the street and tell them that their wheels are turning.

Get ready for all sorts of reactions you might get as a result of this dare.

49. Let the person to your right put duct tape on any part of your body they choose and rip it off.

This works in your favor if you're bald.

50. Color one of your front teeth black.

Of course, this only works if you still have your front teeth intact.

51. Cross your eyes when talking.

Just be sure that you remember how to stop crossing them once the dare is over.

52. Squirt your face with a squirt gun continuously while talking.

And it has to be cold water.

53. Make an obscene phone call to a random number.

Remember, this is just a dare. Don't go personal.

54. Cling to someone’s leg.

Channel your inner monkey, grab a banana while you're at it.

55. Have someone call a random person in the phone book and pretend to be her BF.

Is that the number of your ex we're seeing?

56. Go outside and dance like a cowboy.


57. Do your best impression of a baby being born.

Yup, we meant that awkward face and loud cries.

58. Completely cover yourself in toilet paper to look like a mummy.

Don't remove them until the next 2 hours have passed.

59. Tell a stranger walking past that you love them.

And you're ready to marry them right then and there.

60. Let someone in the group give you a wedgie.

Ouch! This might hurt a bit so brace yourself.

61. Speak in a baby’s voice for the next five words you have to say.

Waaaa waaaa waaaa aren't valid words for this purpose.

62. Completely shave off one of your eyebrows.

This might be your most daring look ever.

63. Rub your face with chocolate cream keep it for 20 minutes without rinsing it.

Don't worry, aside from the ants that might be attracted to your face, there are some benefits of putting chocolate cream on your face.

64. Snort twice each time you laugh today.

This is as exhausting as it is funny.

65. You are not allowed to wear any socks today.

But you're required to wear shoes.

66. Put ice cubes down your back.

If you flinch, you're required to repeat it.

67. Put a pair of your underwear in the freezer for an hour and then wear it. sleep.

68. Take a shot of pickle juice.

You love pickles, right?

69. Pretend you’re a bird and eat cereal off the floor using only your mouth.

There you go, Tweety! Flap your wings and enjoy your treat.

Downloadable and Printable List of Dares for Adults

Here is a downloadable and printable list of dares for adults (right click image and select Save Image As...):

How to Pick the best dares for adults

With the wide variety of dares we've made available above, choosing a specific dare for a given situation might be a bit difficult and overwhelming. So how do you choose the best dares?

Here is how to pick the best dares for adults:

1. Get a feel of your group

Are you with friends who've been with you since your childhood? Or are you with your colleagues from work? Knowing how comfortable the members of your team are with each other is an important detail for you to ensure that the game will go smoothly. Choose dares that are not going to result in awkward situations.

2. Consider your venue

Choose dares that are appropriate for your current location. When you're in a populated area, choose dares that involve interaction with strangers. However, when you're in a private space, choose those that are more suited for intimate situations.

3. Don't be rude

The truth or dare game is made for everyone to enjoy so when choosing dares, make sure that you aren't going overboard to the point that the person you're daring might be offended. For instance, if you know that a person's a germophobe, don't dare them to clean the toilet.

More Awesome Ways to Break the Ice

In need of more ice breaker games other than Truth or Dare? We've got you covered.

  1. For an instant solution to awkward situations, head to our list of quick ice breakers.
  2. When you find yourself in a boring situation, breathe life to your group by playing one of the fun ice breaker games on our list.
  3. Sometimes, being in a small group can be dull. Head to our list of icebreakers for small groups to make your small group lively.

In Conclusion

With the use of the truth or dare questions we mentioned above, the classic truth or dare game is bound to be one of the most enjoyable things to do when bored.

These dares for adults are guaranteed to bring you some of the most unforgettable moments you'll ever have with your friends. Be sure to make the most out of them and enjoy every second making memories while playing one of the best ice breaker games for adults.

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