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16 Dirty Would You Rather Questions (Sexy, Sexual, & NSFW)


Ultimate List of Topics to Ask in Your Next 'Would You Rather' Game

Everyone tells you that true love means you'll accept your partner no matter what happens. But when the honeymoon stage passes and real life sets in, people's true colors show up, and the dynamic usually changes. What once was romantic and flirtations turns into laziness and complacency. This is common among married couples. Once married life settles in, and kids come into the picture, it takes more effort to do the things you used to do when you were dating.

That is why we're here to help you rekindle the fire. While it's common to say that you should make time to schedule dates and quality time together, here's a new idea that you might not have considered before. A romantic evening can be twice as fun when you use some of these dirty would you rather questions for couples.

Ask each other a series of questions that makes both of you think and discuss all the stuff about lovemaking that you can't say on a normal occasion. Maybe you have a couple of sexy fantasies that you'd like to try. Perhaps you want to do something different during foreplay. These dirty questions can even give you ideas to spice up your sex life and make you feel the way you did when you started dating.

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3 Best Sexy Things to Ask Your Girlfriend to Spice Up Your Relationship

Are you planning a romantic evening with your partner? Here's some stuff you need to prepare. First, make sure your lighting is on point. Filling a room with candles and rose petals is the best way to set the mood. Next, be ready with wine and chocolate-covered strawberries. Lastly, get ahold of a few of these sexy questions to talk about. Choose the ones that you know will turn her on, and get ready for some kinky sex that you'll surely both enjoy.

1. Would you rather have a partner who is passive or aggressive?

This is an important question to ask your girlfriend, especially during the early stages of the relationship. It's necessary for you to know what kind of person your girlfriend responds to better so you'll know how to handle yourself in difficult situations. Share your insights as well so that she'll learn your preference.

2. Would kiss someone in the dark or make out in a public setting?

Before you get to the sexy time, you should first set the mood. Asking this question won't only get her in a sexy mood, but it will also make your date night interesting. Some people are more comfortable with physical intimacy in private. Some enjoy the attention they get when they display affection for each other in public. Find out what kind she likes and take it from there.

3. Would you rather end a first date with a hug or with a kiss?

A date that ends in morning sex is the ideal scenario. However, if you want to take it slow, a hug or kiss can be good date-enders. This is the perfect question to ask when the date is coming to an end. After a series of fun would you rather questions, squeeze this in when you're saying goodbye to each other. Then, proceed to make the choice she's made and let her take it further if she wants to.

4 Flirty and Dirty Queries to Play on Your Next Date Night With Your Partner

Are you looking for new ways to make your date nights more fun and memorable? It's exciting to try new things with your partner to keep the spark alive. These flirty would you rather questions are bound to get a sexy conversation going. They can also help you introduce risky ideas like shower sex or doing doggy style. If you're having trouble opening up these unusual ways to make love, these questions might just be what you need to turn your average sex into an unforgettable night.

4. Would you rather your neighbors see you naked or accidentally send a sexy text message to a relative?

Have you ever walked around your house butt naked? I bet that would entertain anyone watching from your window. But even that isn't as embarrassing as going full 50 shades of grey on your snotty aunt's inbox by accident.

What if you had accidentally made an appointment with your girlfriend to lick melted chocolate off her chest? A dirty question like that is probably the worst thing you could accidentally send. Do you know what's worse? Screenshots. Screenshots and family group chats.

5. Would you rather be on top or underneath?

This stuff should be openly discussed with your partner so that both of you will enjoy having sex every single time. If your goal is for your girlfriend to have multiple orgasms when you're making love, then you should know which position gets her going. You can talk about your preference as well. She'll probably ask you about it anyway.

6. Would you rather have your hair pulled or your back scratched?

Whispered questions are more sensual and romantic, so I'm suggesting you whip out that low, sexy voice and press up against her ear and say this question slowly. I can guarantee almost 100% that there's going to be hot and steamy oral sex coming to make your night extremely memorable. Then, make sure to do her answer to this question. Pair that with a "you like that, baby?" Thank me later.

7. Would you rather your partner be kinky or romantic?

It would be nice to know what your partner is in the mood for. Find out if she's craving romantic sex with rose petals on the bed and slow music playing in the background. Or maybe she's in the mood for rough sex that involves the use of a sex toy or the licking of ice cream off her legs. Ask this, so you'll know what to prepare.

3 Funny but Juicy Things to Ask Her That Will Make Her Laugh

You don't need to be an exotic dancer or a famous porn star to be kinky and wild with your partner. Even involving humor while being naughty is a good idea to get your girlfriend excited to try these crazy things with you. That's why we've got a great list of would you rather questions funny enough to make your girlfriend comfortable to laugh about stuff she may feel awkward talking about.

8. Would you rather have three nipples or one nipple?

Have you ever thought about it before? It's an unnecessary yet funny question that is bound to get her laughing while thinking of what to answer. Plus, when it's awkward to talk about private things like nipples or pubic hair, asking a funny question eliminates the awkwardness, and you'll be able to laugh about it together.

9. Would you rather tell everyone of your guilty pleasures or never partake in any of your guilty pleasures ever again?

Sharing your guilty pleasures may attract some judgment, sure. But are you really that afraid of embarrassment that you'd risk not being able to do your guilty pleasure again? What if her guilty pleasure is giving a lap dance in kinky outfits with Justin Bieber songs playing in the background? I know you wouldn't want to miss that. I bet it will be enough to handle the humiliation together, just as long as you don't miss her in a sexy librarian outfit while shaking her booty to "Baby."

10. Would you rather hook up with your doctor or your boss?

When you ask a question like this, ensure you're ready to hear whichever answer. It might hurt you to know that she'd be willing to hook up with someone else, but hey, you asked the question, didn't you? This question is actually a great way to probe if there are any particular qualities she sees in other men that you could adapt yourself. Just remember to keep an open mind and make the conversation as light as possible.

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3 Weird and Wacky Questions That Will Make Your Relationship Exciting

Are you feeling a little bored and want to make things a little more interesting? Sometimes, you need a few unconventional questions to make the conversation fun and memorable. While sexuality is a taboo topic to talk about, it's occasionally good for couples to have a conversation about it because it helps them be more comfortable with each other. It's also one step closer to getting her to agree to make a sex tape with you. With consent, of course.

11. Would you rather sleep with your partner's siblings or your best friend's sibling?

Would you rather your girlfriend choose to sleep with someone close to you or someone close to her best friend? I don't know what's riskier, but tread carefully when you ask questions like this. You might get an answer that's as safe as saying, "Honestly, there's no one I'd sleep with except you." You might also get an outrageous answer like, "If I had to pick, maybe eating whipped cream off your brother's thing won't be half bad." Can you handle it?

12. Would you rather get a job promotion or sleep with your hot colleague?

This is a good question to ask when you want to know if your girlfriend is dedicated to her job. She may still be attracted to some of her co-workers who are exceedingly hot or intelligent. However, suppose she is incredibly determined to grow her career. In that case, she won't think twice about choosing to get a job promotion over sleeping with the hottest colleague in the office, no matter how tempting it may be.

13. Would you rather clog the toilet on a first date or first day at a new job?

Have you ever read some of those lists on social media about the most embarrassing stuff you could possibly do on a first date? Now, have you ever imagined doing some of those stuff on your first day at work? It's not exactly a good impression to have someone ask, "Who clogged the toilet?" See which one she'd rather experience. But, if she trusts you enough, I'll bet she clogs the toilet on your date instead of having it at a place where she doesn't trust anybody yet.

3 Deep and Personal Facts You Need to Know About Her

Getting to know each other doesn't stop even after the honeymoon stage. That's why you should have some hard would you rather questions to get to know her deeper and thoroughly. In fact, some of these are stuff you should talk about before you consider marriage and a long-term commitment. It's a good idea to cover these things to ensure you're on the same page.

14. Would you rather get quadruplets or have no children?

Having kids is a big thing to talk about. If you feel like you aren't that comfortable talking about it in a normal setting, masking it in a would you rather situation might help you open up about it together. You can also give her some perspective about your parents and family. How did your parents deal with the change brought about by having kids? Did they do well? Is there anything you wish they did or didn't do so that you could have been a better person? These are things that are difficult yet necessary to talk about.

15. Would you rather be funny but really stupid or boring but really smart?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Apparently, some people are perfectly fine with being unintelligent, as long as they have the sense of humor to make up for it. Some prefer the dullness, as long as they're knowledgeable. See if you can find out which one she'd like. Then, you can follow it up with a little, "You don't even need to choose. You're both. That's what made me attracted to you."

16. Would you rather find your passion or the love of your life?

She might argue that it is the same, but explain that it's different from being passionate about someone because passion dies out eventually. Passion and heat can be fleeting, but the love of your life is timeless. They will always be tethered to you at any point in your life. Some people go through life not finding both. Find out if she's leaning towards finding her passion or the love of her life. It will start a very interesting conversation.

Downloadable and Printable List of Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of dirty would you rather questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Make 'Would You Rather' Game More Exciting?

Once you're done with the hot wax, pulling, and screaming, you may want to try playing the 'would you rather' game with your girlfriend. You know, just in case you're not a fan of waxing. Luckily, the 'would you rather' game is already exciting as it is. However, there are many more ways you can spice up the game and make it even more fun.

1. Turn it into a drinking game.

This is a classic way to play 'would you rather.' Many people opt to drink with their friends when they want to have a fun night. But have you ever tried drinking with your significant other? It's an excellent feeling to be able to get loose around your partner. Plus, when you have a lot of fun 'would you rather' scenarios to go through, it makes the experience very memorable.

2. Set a punishment and rewards system for the most and least number of 'passes'.

If you really want to learn more about each other, don't just make it into a drinking game where drinking is the punishment. You'll learn more when you have a limit for skipping questions. You should also give rewards to people who don't skip answering questions. You can either let them ask a follow-up question or pass the question to another player.

3. Turn in into a card game.

Arts and crafts can be a good bonding activity for a couple. You can make the cards together and make a day of it. Print out some of the items in our list above and make them into cards. Then, pull them out on your next date night and start playing.

4. Prepare the questions beforehand.

Suggesting this game involves some preparation, so make sure that you save this list for when you want to play this with your partner. It will run more smoothly if you've got the list on your phone when you decide to play.

Other Exciting Games You Could Play as a Couple That Would Bring You Closer Together

It would be a good idea for couples to try new activities to keep their relationship fun and exciting. Aside from the 'would you rather' game, there are many other options for you to try. These ideas can help bring you closer together and learn many new things about each other in a fun way.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a great game to have a little fun with your partner. Putting them on the spot, whether or not it's getting them to tell juicy facts about themselves or making them do embarrassing things, is a great way to bond with each other. Make sure you've got a good list of truth or dare questions for couples before you start playing.

What if?

Try this game with your significant other when you need some topics to talk about. This activity will let you ask hypothetical what if questions without any judgment. Think of the most outrageous scenarios to make the game more interesting.

Most Likely To...

Have you and your partner been together for a while? If so, it may be possible that you have common friends and you know each other's family members. It's fun to play this game with your partner because you can speak freely and think of insulting scenarios without being judged. These most likely to questions are best said in the presence of alcohol and in the absence of company.

This or That

This is a nice variation on the 'would you rather' game. Try this when you want her to pick something out of impossible choices. You're going to love using this or that questions to get to know each other better.

36 Questions

This game is perfect for couples who need some deep talks to get more intimate with each other. Philosophers designed these questions some time ago to see if two strangers could form an intimate connection just by answering these questions. Go ahead and try these 36 questions that lead to love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some more questions about playing the 'would you rather' game? These frequently asked questions can help clear up some stuff.

Do girls enjoy playing games with their partners?

Yes. Girls love it when their partner gives them attention and spends quality time with them. It's a great way to bond, and it lets her know that you value her enough to make fun memories together.

When is the best time to play intimate games with my girlfriend?

The best time would probably be when you are together during a quiet time, and you want to do something that both of you could enjoy. It's always fun to discover new things about your partner, especially if they're a little embarrassing and private. It forms a bond like no other.

Are games the only way we could have fun as a couple?

Of course not. The questions in this game can, in fact, give you more ideas you can try with your partner. There are also many activities you should keep in mind to keep the relationship fun and exciting.

Should we regularly schedule a date night?

Yes. Scheduling time together, just the two of you is important to do in a relationship. It gives you something to look forward to, and it helps you find time for each other, even in the midst of busy schedules. Making an effort is sometimes difficult, but it becomes easier when you do it together.

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I bet these dirty would you rather questions got you all hot for your girlfriend, right?

It's time for you to call her up and set a date for tomorrow night because I just know that these would you rather questions will tighten your bond and help you get intimate with each other. Getting on another level of intimacy can be done with would you rather questions dirty enough to make you reveal stuff about yourself you never thought you'd say out loud. Plus, it's great foreplay. I swear. Good luck!