In this article, I'll be giving a rundown of the best questions for your girlfriend.

Good questions often spark great conversations. In my years as a dating expert, I've given countless tips to help men make better connections- from questions during first dates to popping the big question.

If you want to keep your conversations fun and interesting, you got to have the right list of queries for your girl, and this list of things to ask is your best bet.


10 Interesting Things to Ask your Girlfriend

Great conversation strikers help build rapport. In a romantic relationship, knowing quite a few topics for discussion for couples helps keep the relationship dust bunnies away.

Here are 10 topics to discuss with your girlfriend:

1. What cheesy song do you have memorized?

We all have that one song we'd love to hate but can't. Did you know that sharing music is a proven way to strengthen a romantic relationship?

2. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Maybe it's trying out some type of bizarre food. Perhaps, it was during your girlfriend's first time visiting a haunted house. I'm sure she'll have an interesting story to tell, whatever it is. Talking about your experiences to each other is one way to get to know each other better and establish a healthy relationship.

3. What is the one thing you find weird, but attractive in a person?

You'd be surprised by some of the things people find attractive. Maybe you're hairy, and she's into hairy guys.

4. What are your top played songs on Spotify/iTunes/etc.?

We all have a go-to song that instantly puts us in a good mood. Ask her to play them the next time you're together. You might even find something you like!

5. What’s your favorite place to go for lunch?

Every woman in the world loves brunch, and I'm sure she already has a favorite place in mind. Plus, this is a good question to ask to get an idea of where you should take her next for your date.

6. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Do you want to know your girlfriend's stance on the world's biggest issues? Ask her this intimate question.

7. What's the furthest you’ve ever got a paper airplane to fly?

This is a fun question to ask to start a lighthearted competition. If you're feeling lucky, why not challenge your girlfriend to a dollar bill paper airplane contest? Whoever flies the plane farthest takes all the money!

8. What's the one thing you love about being your gender? If you could change to a man, would you do it?

We all have our own opinions about the opposite sex, and we sure have biases when it comes to our own. This is one of the meaningful questions that spark a good conversation.

9. When you talk about me to others, what do you say?

Women tell each other everything. From the wildest thing, you've done together to her favorite memory of you. If you're curious whether she's saying good things about you, this is an interesting question to ask.

10. Do you have nightmares? Is it something like we see in a T.V. show?

We all get nightmares, and sometimes we dream of the weirdest thing. But what is a dream if it isn't strange or scary, right?

12 Best Topics To Discuss With Your Girl

According to relationship expert Arthur Aron, asking increasingly intimate questions can help accelerate emotional connection. Maybe you've been dating her for a while and want to take your relationship up a notch. These interesting questions are a little more personal so be sure to ask them at the right time. From her most embarrassing moment to the biggest lesson she has learned, these questions will help you get to know your significant other better.

Here are the 12 best topics to discuss with your girlfriend:

11. Do you have any secret untapped passions?

Maybe your girlfriend secretly loves to paint. Perhaps she has an eye for photography? This might be an important question you need to ask your S.O. to help her get out of her comfort zone.

12. Do you prefer group dinners or one-on-ones with friends?

If your girl's an extrovert, she probably enjoys being in a crowd. If she's an introvert, she can only take so much until her social battery runs out.

13. What’s the most bizarre situation you’ve ever walked into?

Sometimes, the craziest thing just happens to you unexpectedly. Whatever it is, prepare to get your mind blown.

14. Which of the places you’ve traveled to inspired you the most, and why?

Travel is one of the most life-changing things you can do for yourself. There's magic in immersing yourself in a different culture, meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Its impact is so remarkable that it has the power to change how you see the world.

15. Are you religious?

We all have different beliefs, but it's also worth noting that sharing or not sharing the same belief with your partner can make or break a relationship. Whatever her answer is, the most important thing is to agree to disagree on these differences and find a way to make it work for both of you.

16. What’s the last book you really loved?

A good read has the power to resonate with us, and you can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite book. Asking this interesting question is one way to get to know your girlfriend better.

17. What would you consider your greatest accomplishment in life? What would you like to be the greatest accomplishment of your entire life?

The meaning of success is different for everyone but what makes our accomplishments memorable is the value it holds in our life. Watch as her eyes lit up while she talks about her dreams.

18. What do you have in your purse right now?

Now here's a random question. Bag raids are always interesting. Women have a weird attachment to their purses, so this might be a fun question to ask on your next date night.

19. What is the one thing that makes you feel disgusted about people?

We all have pet peeves. Maybe it's how they chew their food when they're eating, or it could be how they treat the waiters.

20. Where and when was the most amazing sunset/sunrise you’ve ever seen?

Are you popping the big question real soon? Perhaps you're planning an anniversary date. How about a sunset proposal? Anything that involves watching the sun from the horizon is always romantic.

21. Where is the worst place you’ve been stuck for a long time?

A delayed flight? Terrible. Stuck in traffic? Terrible. Realizing you're in the same room with your ex? A nightmare.

22. What is your guilty pleasure?

We all have a guilty pleasure. Maybe your girlfriend's a shopaholic, or she could be one of those girls that are crazy for anything that tastes and smells like pumpkin spice.

10 Topics To Talk About With Your Woman To Know Her Better

You've passed the test by asking things to get to know a girl, and she's now your girlfriend. Good job! That doesn't mean you can start slacking, though. Life doesn't end there.

A happy relationship takes work to maintain, and while you may know her favorite dinner spot, you may not know about a hidden talent she's freakishly good at. Asking get-to-know-you questions allows you to dig a little deeper to truly understand her.

Here are 10 topic ideas to get to know her better:

23. Which good cause is closest to your heart?

A question that would restore your faith in humanity or turn your girlfriend into an evil villain. Let's hope your girlfriend has a good heart.

24. Under what circumstances do you tend to feel shy?

Keep this in mind and whenever you're with her, do your best to help her feel comfortable when she's uneasy. She'll notice.

25. Which of your family members do you admire most, and why?

You can tell a lot about a person based on the family she grew up with. Maybe your globe-trekker girlfriend grew up with adventurous parents.

26. What’s the funniest or most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you on a date?

We all have a terrible date story, and no matter how weird and strange they were, it's always a great memory to laugh about.

27. When’s the last time you stayed up all night?

Perhaps it was during the first time she got dumped and thought it was the end of the world. Maybe it was when she had to work double shifts because her inconsiderate workmate forgot to file a leave.

28. Have you ever had your fortune told by a psychic or a Tarot card reader, and if so, what did you learn?

I've never done it, but I bet it's as exciting and nerve-racking as I imagined it to be. Besides, girls love these kinds of stuff, so she probably already tried it.

29. What would you change about yourself?

Self-improvement is essential to being a better person. If she's constantly looking for ways to improve herself, you probably want to keep her around more than anything.

30. What benefit do you bring to the group when you hang out with friends?

Where does she see herself in her friend group? Is she the loner? The leader? The hot one? This will speak a lot about the relationship she has with her friends.

31. What do you fear is hiding in the dark?

Who doesn't get freaked out by the dark? Don't tell me you didn't run back to your room as if your life depended on it when it was time to switch off the lights in your living room.?

32. What’s something silly that you fear?

Sometimes those monsters aren't monsters at all. Sometimes, they're relationships, commitments, or even persons.

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10 Subject Matters to Talk About With Your Girlfriend Over Text

Texting is a great way to stay in touch with your girlfriend when you're away from each other. These things to talk about with a girl over text will have you talking for hours.

Keep it up. You've only just begun.

Things don't get magically easier and require less work once you attach a label to them. You're still expected to work at it if you want a solid foundation for a relationship. Texting is a convenient and socially acceptable way to do so! (Just don't overdo it).

The following will leave her wishing you weren't on the opposite end of her phone but instead snuggling under a blanket with her.

Here are 10 great conversation topics for your girlfriend over text:

33. What’s your “go-to” video or gif for a laugh?

She may have already showed you a few of her favorites.

34. What’s your favorite quote from a movie? What’s the worst?

You can't handle the truth.

35. What’s your “go-to” joke?

Q: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

A: Tentacles!

Silly, stupid, and hilarious.

36. What thing do you really wish you could buy right now?

Add that to her birthday or Christmas list. Or just buy it for her out of the blue. She'll be impressed you remembered.

37. What’s the funniest thing someone could spend money on / buy on the internet?

I don't know about her, but I wouldn't spend a dollar on those Yeezy shoes. I could have just ruined my clothes and gotten the same look.

38. What dumb pickup lines do you know?

Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? I mean, it sounds dumb, but this always works for the ladies.

39. What’s something that happens in real life but rarely gets portrayed in movies?

It turns out missiles fired from helicopters move much more quickly in real life than in movies.

40. What’s the best “hidden gem” that you’ve found?

I love discovering hole-in-the-wall places. If your girlfriend is adventurous, she probably knows one or two secret places.

41. What’s your favorite scent that brings back great memories?

Scents can send us back in time. Maybe the morning air reminds her of summer camp. Perhaps the smell of freshly cooked pancakes reminds her of summer vacations with granny.

42. What makes you nervous?

From large crowds to complete silence to anything under the sun, we all have triggers that make us uneasy. Ask her how you can help her feel more comfortable when she's skittish.

12 Intimate Things Worth Asking To Spice Up Your Romance

Intimacy and romance always get women. They appreciate a man who makes them feel loved, heard, and seen. A man who can do all these things is tough to come- luckily for them, you are that guy.

Here are 12 romantic queries for your girlfriend:

43. Have you ever received a love letter?

Consider writing a love letter and mailing it to her. Sure it's antiquated, but she'll tell all her friends how amazing her boyfriend is.

44. How important is marriage to you? How important are children and family? Do you have a personal timeline set for such things?

Asking these might make or break your relationship. You both need to be on the same level when it comes to these or be able to find a compromise.

45. Do you have needs in your life that are not being met? What can I do to help with those needs?

We all have expectations in our relationships, but we might not always know some of these automatically. Asking this question is a great way to reconnect with your girlfriend and make up for all those times you missed them.

46. Would you remain with me if you discovered that I couldn't bear children? If I had a criminal record? If I had a lot of debt? If I had a terminal disease?

These are extremely important to ask in a long-term relationship.

47. Have I ever hurt you in any way that you haven't told me about?

You should know but in case you don't, this is your time to make up for them. Brace yourself.

48. How would you define a good sexual relationship?

It's different for everyone, but whatever it is, you better do something about it.

49. What about me would you change?

Don't take her answer personally. Remember, change is necessary for growth. If anything, just think that this can make you a better person.

50. What’s something don't know about me but want to know?

She probably has something she's been dying to ask you but has been too nervous to actually do it. Open up and answer honestly.

51. How would you like someone to take care of you if you're sad or upset? What makes you feel cared for?

Tucking her in at bedtime, bringing her a care package when she's sick, surprising her with flowers when she has a bad day, and kissing her on the forehead just because you love her are all great ways to show her you care.

52. What are some really romantic dates? And some sexy ones?

We have plenty of romantic ideas. Be like Barney Stinson and learn how to plan the best dates, will you? He might not be the best at commitments, but Barney Stinson sure has game when it comes to organizing date nights.

53. What is a fancy restaurant you've been wanting to try? What about a home-cooked meal you like?

Save up and surprise her with a couple of plates you can't normally afford, or stay in and treat her to a candlelit dinner. You can't go wrong either way unless you burn the food.

54. Do you believe in marriage? Or do you prefer committed relationships?

Sure, tax incentives are nice, but divorce can be a nightmare. If legal marriage isn't for her, you can still have a fun ceremony without worrying about dividing everything between you if things don't work out.

6 Relationship Topics To Talk About With Your Girl

The only way to know where you stand with your girlfriend is to ask her, but it can seem difficult to find the right words. The beauty of these relationship questions is that they're constricted to open serious topics like these.

Just sit down and ask these to find out how she's feeling and where things are going.

Here are 6 relationship topics for your girlfriend:

55. Do I make you happy?

Perhaps the most important by far.

56. When exactly did you fall in love with me?

It may not be when you think it was.

57. How can I make you feel more special?

Every girl wants her guy to ask her this from time to time.

58. Describe your idea of a perfect night together.

Take notes, you'll want to put this night together at some point.

59. What is your idea of being happily married?

Find out now in case you're heading their with this one.

60. What is intimacy for you?

It's philosophical, but you want to make sure you're reaching that standard she sets.

10 Personal and Deep Topics To Discuss With Her

Once the ice breakers and text questions have lost their luster, you should find some private questions for your girlfriend; the kind that teleports her to a different time in her life or causes her to share her favorite kink.

These questions can be uncomfortable to answer, but that's why they're fun. They force us to open Pandora's box and unleash the things we've kept locked up for millennia, which isn't always bad.

Everyone's different. Embrace it and have fun. So if private questions interest you (and they should)… then:

Here are 10 deep things to ask your girlfriend:

61. Did you feel closer to your mom or dad growing up?

Our parents have their favorite child, so it's only fair to have a favorite parent. This will let you know what kind of relationship she has with her parents, who are big parts of her life.

62. Have you ever left someone you still loved?

Occasionally we have to get out of a relationship because it's unhealthy for us. Be the best man you can be for her, and she hopefully won't have to do this to you.

63. When’s the last time you felt seriously disappointed?

What bummed her out most recently? Has the moment passed, or is there something you can do to help?

64. When’s the last time you failed spectacularly at something?

She didn't fall down the stairs. She performed an ancient dancing ritual to demonstrate how gravity works.

65. What would you do if you could switch careers without any concern for money?

She doesn't have to switch immediately. She can always keep her day job and follow her passion part-time.

66. What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day? Is there something in particular about the opposite sex you want to know?

Cue Beyoncé's "If I Were a Boy." Women sure do love singing that song.

67. In which of your past relationships were you the happiest? Is the ending something you’ve ever seen coming?

A lot of people say it's a bad idea to talk about exes. I disagree. The things you can learn from her past relationships can highlight red flags you may have missed or - in this case - show you what someone else did that made her happy.

68. Have you forgiven yourself for your wrongdoings?

We've all done things in life that we regret. But that's the thing about mistakes- we grow and learn from them, making us better individuals.

69. When did you lose your virginity? How did it happen?

Your firsts are always memorable, but it's not always great. Depending on your girlfriend's experience, her answers will either make you laugh or cringe. If you're the jealous type, you might want to skip this question.

70. What do you fantasize about? Is there any particular fantasy that you'd like to make a reality? How would you feel about role-playing?

Physical intimacy is an important part in any relationship and trying out new things and mixing things up in the bedroom is one way to keep your sex life fun and spicy.

How to Initiate a Conversation with Your Girlfriend

Starting a conversation with your girlfriend can feel tasking, especially if you are not big on small talk or don't know how to start talking, to begin with.

Luckily for you, I've already prepared some pointers to help you out.

Here is how to initiate a conversation with your girlfriend:

1. Relax

She already likes you, so relax. Serious conversations and asking serious questions can be nerve-racking. Before you say or ask anything, think about the best way to deliver it and the right words to use. Being mindful is key.

2. Listen

Active listening is an essential part of effective communication. When you listen to understand and not just respond, you create a better rapport and deeper connection with the other person.

3. Ask follow-up questions

Asking follow-up questions helps you understand a topic better and allows the other person to elaborate on their answers. Ask relevant follow-up questions if you want to keep a meaningful conversation going.

4. Be yourself and have fun!

Genuine conversation happens when you stay true to yourself. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not to spark great conversations.

Downloadable and Printable List of Topics for Discussion With Your Girlfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable list of things to ask your girlfriend (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

You now have a list of queries to ask your girlfriend, but you might still have questions of your own. We're here to answer them.

How do you find interesting and passionate ideas to talk about with your girlfriend?

You can take inspiration from movies, self-help books, dating vlogs, or articles like this.

If your girlfriend doesn't want to answer questions you have been dying to know, should you insist she answer them?

A big NO. Be a good boyfriend and learn to respect your girlfriend's boundaries. If she's ready to talk about it, she will.

Can you ask deep questions to your girlfriend over text

I would reserve asking these questions for when you're together. Talking through text makes grasping certain tones and meanings confusing, and you don't want to cause a misunderstanding while you're away from each other. Lighthearted ones like asking about your girlfriend's favorite ice cream flavor are some of the best stuff to talk about over text.

Is it okay to ask my girlfriend about her past relationships?

Asking about your girlfriend's past relationship is one way to get to know her better, but you certainly don't want to overdo it. These are some of the most private issues and can stir negative emotions. So be careful.

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In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of things to ask your girlfriend.

The best questions are the ones that would make her laugh, blush, her eyes light up, or keep her on her toes. Monotony is the death of desire. If you want to keep your conversations interesting, these interesting list of things to ask are your best bet.

Keep it fun and meaningful, and always have follow-up subject matters. That should keep the ball rolling.