Pining on a superhero fan? These Marvel pickup lines will help you catch the girl of your dreams.

More than being featured on sites like iHeartRadio and The Odyssey Online, I've also written tons of posts on conversation starters and pickup lines, so if you're looking for Marvel lines for her, you're in the right place. I've compiled the best Marvel one-liners and Marvel quotes to help you get closer to getting an "I love you 3000" from her lips.

Let's begin.


Ultimate List of Marvel Pick-up Lines For Superhero Fans

Why do many people love superhero movies and stories? I think it has something to do with the hope they bring, more than just plain entertainment. Stories about people with extraordinary powers who always find a way to win against the devious supervillain hold a very special place in the hearts of those who watch them. I guess this is why talking about your favorite hero is a great way to get to know someone.

Hopefully, this ultimate list of Marvel-inspired pickup lines can help you start a conversation with your soon-to-be special friend.

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5 Funny Lines About Marvel That Will Keep You Laughing

On a date with someone who loves Marvel superheroes and films but dint know how to make her want you? Keep her laughing with this ultimate list of cheeky and funny pickup lines inspired by beloved characters and stories.

1. On a scale of one to America, how free are you this weekend?

This classic line is not only funny, but it might also land you a date in the coming weekend. What's better is that this will work on someone who's not a Marvel fan.

2. You must be a fly, ’cause I want to wrap you up and take you to my web.

Do you get your Spidey sense tingling when someone fine is nearby? Try out this great pickup line. You might even get your own Gwen Stacy at this point.

3. Go out with Hulk. Don’t. Make. Hulk. ANGRY.

Although it's funny to see a grown man acting like Hulk, doing this will definitely give a lasting impression. This can also be a cute way to pick up a girl on social media, given that you've talked a bunch of times.

4. Call me Nick Fury, because I’ve got my eye on you.

The always-reliable Mr. Fury is often a fan favorite when thinking about non-super heroes. Just make sure to tell her that you won't be M.I.A. like Nick Fury was in the recent New York events in the MCU.

5. Seventy years on ice left me with a lot of catching up to do… I’d like to start with you.

What's the one thing that everyone knows about Captain America apart from his being frozen for 70 years? He's a true gentleman. So if you're going with this pickup line, try to be on your best behavior.

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4 Cute Marvel-Inspired Pick-Up Lines For Her

Do you want to go on the cutesy path of getting a girl's attention, much like little baby Groot from the movies? These cute pickup lines are the best when you're thinking of cute things to say to a girl.

6. Are you the Hulk? Because I think you’re incredible.

Being likened to a big, muscly, green superhero can be a bit surprising. But when you think of it, the Incredible Hulk is exceptionally strong and is a reliable friend to the rest of the Avengers. Who else is green, big, adorable, and beloved by all? Shrek; but that's for another time.

7. Are you the latest Marvel movie? Because I honestly wanna spoil you.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-growing, and new movies are being produced. Stan Lee would've been proud if you use his genius in finding love. Spoiler alert! You might have a pleasant ending to your love story, like Steve Rogers and the love of his life.

8. Wow, a profile like yours… honestly that’s one in 14,000,605.

This pickup line is unlike anything from the comic book. But someone who may have watched the Marvel Universe Infinity War or Endgame will get it. One of the good comebacks to try with this line is "I wish I have an infinity stone to stop time right now to admire you endlessly."

9. I think you and I are the 22nd film in the MCU… By that, I mean I think we’re Endgame.

Smooth and effective is what you could say about this line. Hopefully, your love story wouldn't be cut short like Tony Stark and Pepper's.

4 Flirty Lines From Marvel Movies To Tell Your Crush

Pick up lines from Marvel Comics are incredible conversation starters because you can use them however you want. If you don't know the right things to say to your crush, then get your flirt on with these flirty pick up lines.

10. If a spider’s bite can make you a spiderman, would you bite me to let me be your man?

Cutting straight to the chase with this starting line. To make this line more flirty and even more direct, you can say "If you bite me now, I'll be (her name)'s-Man tomorrow."

11. Did it hurt when you fell from Asgard? Because you’re a god/goddess.

Technically, you cannot fall from Asgard. However, this is still a great line to try out when getting the attention of your crush. Paying them some compliments as to why you think they're like a god or goddess is a great way to prolong the conversation.

12. My spidey senses tell me you’re going to fall for me harder than Gwen Stacy.

Peter Parker wouldn't appreciate this pick up line, but you cannot discount how edgy and intriguing it is. Make sure to add that you'll definitely catch her if she develops feelings for you.

13. This Captain America has been frozen in ice for ages. Wanna warm me up?

From Steve Rogers to Johnny Storm real quick! Entice her into a night of Marvel comics, movies, and tons of unadulterated fun.

5 Smooth and Romantic Marvel-Inspired Punchlines To Tell The Girl You Like

Running out of things to say to a girl you like? These smooth pick up lines will bring out the romantic in you and help you get the girl of your dreams.

14. I love you from the bottom of my arc reactor.

Given the idea of Tony Stark's miniature arc reactor in his chest, this is like saying that you love this girl with your own life and heart. Who won't swoon when hearing that?

15. You’ve smashed your way into my heart.

This superhero pick up line is a bit aggressive, but so is love in certain ways. Do you like passionate love too?

16. Hey, are you from Asgard? Because you look truly out of this world.

Technically, you cannot fall from Asgard. However, this is still a great line to try out when getting your crush's attention. Paying them compliments about why you think they're like a god or goddess is a great way to prolong the conversation.

17. Hey, what do Thanos and our future date have in common? Both are inevitable.

Smooth and straightforward. You can also add " What do the Marvel Avengers and us have in common? We'll unite later."

18. What do you and I have in common with Wakanda? We’re forever, baby.

If no metal shrapnel can break your adoration for the girl, so say it to her; with a bit of Black Panther charm, you'll have a date in no time.

6 Dirty One Liners From Marvel Movies

Strict pickup lines don't exist because pickup lines are there for flirtation. If you want to bring your Tinder date or conversation somewhere more private, these spicy lines might just do the trick.

19. I don’t need my hammer to send lightning shocks through your body.

This is a one-liner that even the Mighty Thor would use to send shivers to someone they're dating. Make sure to use your sultry, attractive voice when saying this one.

20. When they made me a super-soldier, all of my muscles got bigger.

Winter Soldier or Captain America, each one has their own taste in a guy. If you're feeling a bit courageous, you might want to add that another muscle gets bigger when you're around her.

21. My spidey sense isn’t the only thing tingling.

This classic Spider-Man one-liner takes the cake for being one of the most direct things you can say to a girl you're with. So you'll need to sound confident for this one.

22. Is that Mjolnir in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

This is a playful take on the classic "Is that a sword in your pocket" pickup line. This works better if a girl says it, but hey, it's a good one.

23. Loki May have wanted world domination. But I only wanna dominate you.

Add a wink to incorporate Loki's playfulness and charm with your witty one-liner. Include a wicked smile, and you'll have her attention as quick as you can say "God of Mischief."

24. Can you be my Thanos? Because I’d like your Snap.

Mixing a bit of Marvel wit with modern social media networking can be hot, too. Hopefully, your streaks will be out of Snapchat as well.

Downloadable and Printable List of Marvel Pickup Lines

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Marvel pickup lines (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

5 Short Marvel Movies Trivia To Share With Anyone

If you're trying to impress her, these Marvel Trivia questions are interesting and relatable and will definitely put you down for a good date for a new Marvel movie. Who knew the benefits of trivia would also include getting a date with a fellow fan?

1. Before becoming Vision, what is the name of Iron Man’s A.I. butler?

View Answer



More Information

Turning into Vision, this superhero becomes a fast fan favorite. The couple Vision and Wanda are favorites as well.

2. What species is Groot?

View Answer


Flora Colossus

More Information

Did you know that Groot is incredibly strong and powerful? They also have an incredible healing ability that allows them to regenerate quickly.

3. What was the first Marvel movie to earn $1 billion?

View Answer


The Avengers

More Information

While Marvel is already an established household name, Marvel's The Avengers movie was a pinnacle for superhero films.

4. Which Marvel movie has the shortest running time?

View Answer


The Incredible Hulk

More Information

It seems like there's not really a Hulk movie that has done the Incredible Hulk stories justice. I'm not hating on any actors or directors; it's just an observation from a fan.

5. Who was Doctor Strange’s mentor?

View Answer


The Ancient One

More Information

The Ancient One was one of the wisest and strongest Sorcerer Supremes there ever was. No one really knows how old the Ancient One really is, but people believe they were born in 1316 or 1317.

How To Say Marvel Pick Up Lines Properly

If you're asking, do pick up lines work? Yes, they do. But you'll need confidence in the delivery. I'll tell you how to use these pickup lines to your benefit with these three easy steps.

Here's how you can get a girl's attention with Marvel Pickup Lines:

1. Breathe first.

Breathing before saying your line helps you get in the right headspace when flirting. You don't need to take a huge breath though, just a small inhale and exhale would do.

2. Say it like you mean it.

Confidence is crucial when flirting with someone you like. And so, say your pickup lines with intent and self-assurance.

3. Don't hesitate mid-sentence.

Stopping yourself from speaking can destroy the line itself and the overall mood. Keep your cool and perhaps, practice before saying it out loud. So you'll be more confident in saying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about pickup lines and Marvel? I'll answer them here for you.

Is Marvel better than DC movies?

Not necessarily. These comic book companies have their own things that make them special and well-loved by fans. However, if you're talking about the movies, it's no question that Marvel has a better selection of films.

Can I use Marvel one-liners for a girl who didn't watch any Marvel movies yet?

Yes! Understanding women can be hard for some men, but it's really easy. Even if they're not familiar with the movies or even superheroes, they'll appreciate that you're trying to introduce them to your favorite things.

Are Marvel movies good to watch for a movie date night?

Yes! Watching Marvel movies are great late night date idea. You can add snacks, some wine or beer, and maybe shawarma to capture a Marvel-themed date.

What makes Marvel movies iconic?

They're iconic because of what viewers get from them. Marvel movies are nostalgic for older fans. For younger fans, these films open a wonderful new superhero world in their minds.

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Marvel movies are uniting, feel-good films with great stories and lessons. So they are well-loved by fans all over the world. And if you're with someone who loves Marvel, use these Marvel pickup lines to make them smile.