If you’re wondering what things to say to a girl you like, this list is for you. Some guys have difficulty starting conversations if they don't know the right things to say to a girl.

Believe me, I've written a lot about social interactions. When you finish reading this list, you won't be wondering how to get a girlfriend or how to talk to a girl you like. You'll know precisely what things to talk about!

Let's go!


5 Best Things To Say To A Girl You Like

Let's say you like someone and really want to make her feel special, but you just don't know what to say to a girl.

These are the best questions because they really emphasize how she makes you feel, and in turn, you will make her smile about herself too.

1. You brighten up my day.

Any nice guy could say this to the woman he likes, and it's sure to put a smile on her face. This is a great way to start a conversation with her.

2. Your small flaws and imperfections make you perfect.

Hearing compliments like this will boost a girl's spirits, especially on days she's not feeling her best self. When you tell a girl nice things like this, she'll know that she's appreciated for all her flaws.

3. I wish I were an octopus so that I'd have more arms to wrap around you.

Say this cheesy line when she's having a bad day and you want to cheer her up. When you say this, it will be like telling her that you want to hold her more intensely, but in a good way.

4. When you are with me, time stops, and nothing else matters in the whole world.

This is probably the sweetest thing on this list. When you say this to her, she'll feel that her company takes you to another world. You could also hold her hand or touch her face while saying this, so she'll feel it's genuine.

5. No sweet words can describe the warmth I feel when you hug me.

Sometimes, words really can't describe the way you feel when you're with the person you like. She'll feel close to you when you tell her that you feel like this with only a simple hug. It really is in the little things.

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5 Things To Say To Start a Conversation with a Girl You Like

One of the hardest things to do is start a conversation with the girl you like. These conversation starters are perfect to launch you both into some great dialogue with one another.

Just make sure you listen and have something to say to her answer. This is how to start a conversation with a girl.

6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Paris? Rome? Moscow? Opening with a question like this could lead to more talk about traveling. If it's the same place as her, then you might be on to something.

7. What’s a typical day in your life like?

The girl you like might be surprised you are asking about her day in this way. Not many people truly care about one another's day anymore, so make her feel appreciated.

8. What’s your idea of the perfect day?

If you do plan on taking this person out, try to mimic their perfect day. She will know you were paying attention, which is always a plus!

9. Who's your biggest celebrity crush?

Asking this will definitely get her talking. She'll also know you're interested in the kind of people she likes.

10. I love your sense of humor.

Telling her this will let her know you appreciate all the funny things she says. She'll also know that her humor is spot on and she'd feel even more comfortable joking around with you.

7 Sweet Lines To Say to a Girl You Like

These little compliments can really brighten her day and let her know she has been on your mind. So sometimes you need some sweet things to say to a girl.

These are great to use after establishing a groove with the person and are both really feeling each other.

11. You’re so pretty I forgot what I was going to say.

When you remind her that she's a beautiful woman, she's going to appreciate it a lot. You can even compliment her beautiful eyes once in a while.

12. Will you share some of your beautiful memories with me?

One of the most romantic things you can tell the person you like is wanting to make memories with them. If she blushes when you say this, kiss her hand or pull her waist closer to keep the feels going!

13. I feel such amazing chemistry when I'm with you.

This takes flirting to a whole other level. When a woman hears this from you, she'll know that you think the two of you belong together.

14. What is your quirkiest habit?

A great piece of dating advice is to get to know your partner as much as you can, even the unusual parts. Say this when you feel she's comfortable enough to share it.

15. Your laughter makes me feel like the happiest man alive.

When you say this to the girl you like, she'll feel glad to contribute to your happiness, even if what she did was just laughing.

16. I want to be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye.

Once she hears this, she'll know how much you want her to love you, so much so that saying goodbye would be the worst thing for her.

17. You inspire me to be a better man.

This is exactly the right word to use here: better. It means you want to improve and become the best version of yourself because of her.

9 Things To Text A Girl You Like

In today's day and age, we communicate more through text messages than any other medium. So you are going to need to know how to text a girl. If you're wondering what to text a girl, these questions to start a conversation over text are for you.

18. Good morning, sweetheart!

Cute things like this are great to read in the morning. It means she's your first thought after waking up.

19. Hi there. How’s life treating you today?

This is the perfect way to casually start a conversation with a girl. It also tells her that you're thinking of her during the day.

20. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

This is the best love message a woman can receive. Not only will she know you're seriously committed to her, but she will also know she has a really good thing because she has you.

21. When I first met you, I saw perfection.

Reminding her of the first time you saw her would get her to remember all your memories together. Reminiscing together would be a great thing to do too.

22. When you smile, life feels free of all worries.

You could also tell her that her smile takes away the stress from your day. That will always put a smile on her face.

23. I think of you and kiss my pillow before I sleep every night.

Texting this will tell her you're thinking of her before you go to bed. Be sure to put a smile or heart emoji, so it's not inappropriate.

24. You make me believe you're my soul mate.

How would you feel if you receive a text message like this? I bet you'd feel all giddy inside. This is probably what she'll feel too.

25. It must be a day off in heaven for an angel like you to be amongst us.

As cheesy as this line may be, women love it when guys get goofy and vulnerable for them. It doesn't really matter if it's corny; what matters is you made her smile.

26. If people say that no one is perfect, then for me, my darling, you are no one.

It doesn't make much sense, that's for sure, but it's a cute message to send when you want to get her spirits up.

5 Things To Say and Talk About With A Girl You Like

So you have finally gotten her interested in you and are now in a conversation. You'll want to keep that conversation going now, don't you? Yes. Yes, you do.

So, you will need a variety of things to talk about with a girl and to keep things interesting.

27. What is your wildest fantasy?

Get her talking with this interesting question. Be sure to keep an open mind and keep your judgments to yourself.

28. When’s the last time you got butterflies in your stomach and why?

Maintain eye contact when you ask her this question. If she answers with something that involves you, congratulations! You're out of the friend zone!

29. What's the weirdest joke you were ever told?

Pay attention to the kind of joke she finds strange. You can use this so that you can avoid that the next time you make a joke.

30. Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.

Spending time with each other is a given for couples. When she hears that your favorite thing about your day is spending time with her, she'll really appreciate it.

31. Words can’t explain what a wonderful person you are.

Say this to her, and she'll feel like it's Valentine's day. She'll feel that you see her in a different, better way than other people do.

6 Things To Say And Talk About On A First Date With The Girl You Like

First dates can be rough. Sometimes you won't know what to do or what to talk about, so you're going to need these first date tips.

Don't get stumped by trying to think of interesting questions, use these things to talk about on a first date to help guide you through the experience.

Get your date talking with these first date conversation openers, and be sure to listen carefully to her.

32. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d buy?

A real easy way to find out if she is a selfish or caring person. Gain some perspective on her personality. Throw in that you'd love a Lamborghini to see how "caring" she really is.

33. Would you rather have a lot of money or find true love?

Whatever she answers, be sure to listen and avoid judgy comments. If she answers money and it's not the answer you want, you don't need to go out again.

34. You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile.

Say this on a first date with caution. She might either like it or think you're creepy. If she doesn't enjoy it, just quickly change the subject.

35. I couldn't think of the right words to say how special you are to me.

Maybe you've been talking for a while, and this is your first time going out on an actual date. Say this towards the end of the date when you want to catch her off-guard.

36. Your lips are like wine, and I want to get drunk.

Pay attention to her body language when you say this to her. If she bites her lips, that might be the perfect time to give her a kiss.

37. Babe, hold my hand, and I will hold your heart and keep it safe for all eternity.

You might be thinking that this is too intense for a first date, but if you really hit it off, she'll love how expressive you are.

8 Things To Say To Your Crush at A Party

If you are at a party and want to talk to a girl, it can get a little nerve-racking. There are a lot of people moving about and a whole lot of noise. But sometimes, you just have to try and talk to her.

After you work up the courage, you're going to want to keep her engaged with all the distractions happening around you.

These questions are the perfect way to teach you how to talk to girls at parties and keep them interested and entertained.

38. You look great in that dress.

Girls are tired of hearing, "you're hot" or "daaaaamn." Sometimes they just want a simple statement that shows how you feel without coming off like a giant creep.

39. You're a lucky charm to everyone who meets you.

This is a light compliment you can give to a girl during a busy party, especially when you observe how she mingles with everyone. She'll like the way you notice her.

40. Your voice is as sweet as honey. It's my favorite sound.

Sweet lines like this will always get a girl to smile. You can think of more stuff like this. Sometimes, it won't make sense, but she'll like it when you try.

41. You're such a good dancer. You're the flame that ignites the dance floor.

When you spot a dancer, and you compliment her, she'll know that she made an impression on you. She'll know that you were actually watching her move.

42. If I were asked to describe the color you represent, then I would have to go with rainbow because you are beautiful, magical and being with you is like finding treasure.

You can say this when you've really gotten to know each other, even if you're at a party. Some people walk out of parties as best friends, even having only met once.

43. You make me feel like an excited child at a theme park when I’m with you.

If you're having a lot of fun with the girl you like at a party, she'll love it when she hears this from you. It means you think being with her is exciting and fun.

44. You were the missing piece in the puzzle of my life. Now that you are here, my puzzle is solved.

You can probably say this to a girl after you've had a few drinks in you. That way, if she thinks it's too much, you can just say the alcohol's making you say these things.

45. Happy birthday! Your birthday is a very special day for me because it makes me think about how lucky I am that you were brought into the world.

If the party is her birthday party, you should say this to her when you're alone with her. Make sure to look into her eyes and make it really sweet.

Downloadable and Printable List of Things To Say To A Girl You Like

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of things to say (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find yourself stumbling upon this post and you want to know more about talking to girls, check out these frequently asked questions to gain some clarity.

What conversation skills do you need in talking with a girl you like?

The best conversation skill you should have is listening. Often, when people are nervous, they tend to talk endlessly. Give her a chance to talk too.

How can I impress a girl with words?

If you're thinking of how to impress a girl, keep it cool and simple. She will appreciate your confidence, and she'll enjoy the conversation when both of you are relaxed.

What should you do to express your genuine interest in a girl?

Expressing interest shouldn't be limited to browsing her Facebook or other social media platforms. The best way to express your genuine interest is to call her and ask her out. The worst thing she can do is say no.

What to say after you tell a girl she's cute?

Suppose you want to know what to say to a girl after you say she's cute, pay attention to her reaction. If she receives the compliment well, you can give a more specific comment about her looks. If she doesn't mind it, you can change the subject.

What topics should I chat about with a girl?

There are a lot of things to talk about with your crush. Make sure to find out what she likes, and those will be your best bets for topics.

How to Pick Which Things To Say To A Girl You Like: 3 Steps

When it comes to picking which things to say, keep these tips in mind.

1. Judge the situation.

There is a time and place to ask certain questions; choose wisely.

2. Use context.

Along with tip 1, try to use questions that would be natural for your situation.

3. Don't be afraid.

It's okay to have fun getting to know someone. Don't be afraid to share your answers as well, and you are on your way to a great conversation.

More Ways On How To Talk To Girls

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In Conclusion

You no longer need to worry about how to get a girlfriend or how to talk to a girl you like. There you have it. These things to say to a girl you like will come in handy the next time you're out of things to talk about. Once you know all the right things to say to a girl, getting her to love you will be a piece of cake.