Hey guys! I hope you’re all safe.

Because we’re all staying indoors, I’ve been binge-watching YouTube videos, which is why I came across The Infographic Show’s video of things to do while on lockdown.


9 Alpha Things To Do When You're Bored This Lockdown!

9 Alpha Things To Do When You're Bored This Lockdown

While watching, I realized how good a topic it was, so I came up with this video.

We'll be sharing 9 things to do during lockdown with you, plus the number 1 thing you shouldn't do. Let's get to it.

Here's 9 things to do when bored during lockdown:

9. News Dues

Alright guys, I personally think this is the most important thing you should do during this quarantine period. What's amazing is that doing this can help make a girl crazy for you. Well, I'm talking about none other than watching the news or at least reading about it on your social media feed. When you do this, you're getting yourself acquainted with the facts about the lockdown period, current rules on social distancing, and even might get an idea of how long the pandemic will last.

Also, this shows that you're paying attention to the details and doing your due diligence while staying at home and continuing with daily life. So don't just watch your latest favorite episode on TV. Be armed with facts during a time like this is a must. This shows that you're a responsible adult, and yes, that's one way to make a girl crazy for you. Check out this other video we have where we tell you more tricks to make her go crazy.

8. Declutter Fever

You know, back in college, I had this friend who's a neat freak. My other friends and I used to make fun of him, because man, we were college students. That time, being neat was totally out of the subject, at least for me. For him, it was a totally different story.

And I wish I had taken points from him as early as college days simply because there's nothing a woman can want more than a guy who's all about being tidy. Are you hearing this, Larry?

Huh, alright. So guys, since we're all in quarantine, why not fight boredom and make your parents proud by decluttering? Declutter your room, rearrange your everyday things, and get rid of stuff you aren't using anymore.

Do away with dust collectors. This pandemic has made it clear that having clean surroundings by practicing a good daily routine has its merits, so there's no better time to do it but now. While you're at it, declutter your closet too. Get rid of those pieces of clothing that you haven't worn for over 3 months. Unless, of course, they're alpha-approved things.

Professional organizers say that decluttering leads to inner peace, fights stress and anxiety, helps self-confidence, and improves health habits, like better sleep. In our current situation where we really don't know how long this will all last, who doesn't want ways to avoid the lockdown blues?

Plus, decluttering can also lead to a rediscovery of lost treasures which brings me to the next item on our list...

7. Reflect Effect

Make use of this unique time to reflect on things, may it be a rediscovered treasure like an item bought from the local museum, a medal you earned in school, or a more recent appreciation plaque from work. During this challenging time, it will be helpful to find things from the past that will remind you of good times. Something when you were a child, perhaps.

We all need some positive vibes right now, especially when negativity and depression are all around us. Self-reflection makes you focus on the inside, on your own self, rather than what's on the outside. Find inner peace through reflecting, especially on the good things, on the things that you're thankful for. Try listing 8 awesome things for every age you've been as a way to celebrate those things.

Don't spend any minute of this quarantine period dwelling on insecurities. See, this is the difference between an alpha male vs. beta male. The alpha m knows where to spend his precious minutes. So yeah, if you want to learn how to be alpha, spend your time wisely.

6. Read, Dude

Since we're already on the topic of spending time wisely, another item on our list of things to do during this lockdown is to read. Yup, this is a perfect time for you to read up. Take this unique opportunity to feed your brain and learn a new skill. The good thing about this modern era is that something to read is plenty and easily accessible.

Pick a topic you like and search for an ebook about it. Chances are you'll find plenty of them on the web; there are even free ones. If books aren't your thing, articles are also all over the internet. All you need to do is decide what interests you at the moment. You might even discover a new hobby to read about, like filmmaking, chess, or photography alpha way.

See, topics are endless. You can even read about how to stop being the nice guy if you don't already know how to. The only thing that matters is to make sure that you'll come out of this quarantine a smarter, more knowledgeable person.

When that happens, you'll see that your confidence level will be sky-high, and suddenly, learning how to be more attractive isn't that hard anymore. Girls dig intelligent men, so go on...

Woah, Larry, that was fast! Anyway, girls also dig men who know that being a nice guy will get them nowhere, Genevieve told me this herself.

So be someone girls want to dig by watching this video where we give you tips on how to stop being a nice guy.

Alright, I know that like Larry, you cannot wait to read on and learn how to attract women in an instant; however, we've got 5 more items on our list, so don't go just yet. Plus, remember that at the end of this video, we'll be telling you the number 1 thing you shouldn't do during this lockdown, no matter how bored you are.

Now, back at it.

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5. Why Not Workout

One of the best things to do when you're bored during quarantine is to sweat it out. We've all been hearing that the immune system is our best defense against this virus, so it would be a good choice to exercise and tone your body while you're spending most of your time indoors.

Not being able to go out and go about our day as we did before means that our physical activities are significantly reduced, which is why we need to compensate through some workout sessions. Not only will you be boosting your immune system, but you'll also be doing one of the tricks to get girls to chase you. Why, you ask?

Well, it's simply because by doing regular exercises, you're showing that you're putting effort and investing in yourself. I'm telling you, women love guys who know how to value themselves. They are more attracted to guys who know how to take care of their bodies because it means that the guy takes his health seriously.

If a guy takes care of himself, chances are, he's also capable of taking care of other people. So, bring out those dumbbells that have been gathering dust in your attic. You can even try new things like martial arts. Put on your workout gear and start sweating it out. Don't have gear? That's alright; find a workout video men's style to copy.

You'll see, you'll not only be making yourself stronger and healthier, but you're also helping yourself learn how to attract women.

Ain't that nice? Now, do you know what else is nice? Knowing about the rest of the tricks to get girls to chase you! Get yourself something nice and watch this video Which was made for that purpose entirely.

4. Online Course

Speaking of watching things. Another item on our list of things to do when bored during lockdown is to take online courses. Again, just like books, free incredible classes online are available on the internet, and some offer unlimited classes. Topics are endless too.

You just might get surprised about the vast amount of topics you'll find. From informative to interesting to weird, there's plenty to choose from. Want to study up on woods nature, or photography alpha style? Want to learn how to become a clown? There's a course for them all. Wanna up your conversation skills for dating use? The Internet's got you covered.

There's even a course if you want to learn how to be an alpha. What I'm trying to say here is that there's no reason not to find an online course that would pique your interest, so there's really no excuse not to enroll in one, especially now that we've got a lot of time on our hands.

Who knows, maybe you can even finish two to three courses without even noticing it. Ain't that great?

3. Go Grow!

Okay, this is probably the next best thing you can ever do during this lockdown. Since movement is limited and, even if going out is free, I bet you'd opt to stay indoors as much as possible given the risks associated with going out. This is why it is a good idea to grow some herbs and veggies on your own.

Yes, take this chance to try and figure out if you have a green thumb. This is one trick if you want to learn how to attract 99.9% of girls.

There's just something about a guy who knows how to grow and maintain plants. I remember this one time I was dating this guy years back. He invited me to his place, and he showed me this area in his place where he grows herbs like mint and basil.

No wonder why we ate the best pesto I've ever had that night; he got his main ingredient from his mini garden. Fresh and free. So, there's that.

See, gardening can be so satisfying, and it helps with loneliness. Being able to keep a plant alive gives you the idea that you can be responsible for another life on this planet, and during this difficult time, that can extremely help and do wonders to our mental health. Of course, that's not to mention the few bucks you'll be saving and the peace of mind knowing that your food was grown by you yourself.

Do you know what else can give you peace of mind? It's knowing how to attract 99.9% of girls. Lessen your worries by watching this video we've uploaded a few months back. Check it out here.

2. Relationship Rave

Now, since this lockdown has made us all stay home, it's high time to nurture our relationships and improve our social interaction skills. By growing your own food, you have nurtured your relationship with nature.

So now, it's time to focus on your relationship with family, friends, and even with your significant other. See, when we're all busy going about our normal lives, we may have taken for granted the people we live with and see every day. Now that we're obliged to stay home, it will be best to use this time to reconnect with each other.

Share stories at the dinner table like you used to before you got so busy with life. Read bedtime stories to your kids.

Play hide-and-seek. Make your own slip n' slide in your backyard. Build a fire and make some smores. In times like this, it's little and cheesy things that can make the difference.

Most of us don't get to have the luxury of spending a lot of time with our loved ones during normal days, so treat this time as an opportunity to nurture your relationships.

We will never know when a time like this will come again. Though when it does, I think we all wish that it be under a totally different circumstance.

1. Breathe, Bro.

I think the number 1 thing we all should do during this self-isolation period is to breathe and relax. Do things that calm you. If painting relaxes you, go on and paint.

If yoga does the trick for you, then do some poses and breathe. The bottom line here is not to panic and think that the world is going to end.

Try to stay calm and positive and just be thankful for the life you have. Stay grounded because that's one of the habits women love. Breathe in and breathe out.

Savor the luxury of time you have in your hands. Binge-watch that Netflix shows that you've wanted to watch for a while now. Start your own blog or your very own YouTube channel.

If you're up for it, start writing your very own book. Pretty much do whatever your heart desires. Have fun while making each minute worthwhile.

A man who knows how to have fun will have a way with women because having fun is one of the habits women love. Find out more of those habits in this video.

The Number One Thing You Shouldn’t Do

Here comes the much-awaited part, the number 1 thing you shouldn't do during this lockdown is to be idle. Don't waste your time sleeping all day. Woah woah woah. Are you talking about Greg here?

Huh, I didn't mention any names here, Beardy. Going back to what I was saying. Don't spend any minute just waiting for the quarantine to end. As we've been saying in our previous items, not everyone has the luxury of time all the time. This is why you should never put it to waste.

Do meaningful, worthwhile things while you're cooped up with your loved ones inside your homes. Think of something that you wanted to do but never found the time to do so, and do it now. There is no time more perfect for it.

In Conclusion

Do you know of any more things to do when you’re bored during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below.

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