This list of never have I ever questions (or I've never) is just what you need for people to get to know you.

I've written lots of posts about ice breaker questions, so trust me when I say that these questions to ask are the best ones to use for your next questions game with your friends.

Let's dive right in!


What is Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is really more accurately a "have you ever" game. The Never Have I Ever rules are very simple and really just involve admitting if you have ever done a certain activity.

The game is all about laughing at embarrassing admissions, and trying to get people to admit to as many embarrassing past events as possible.

6 Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Even in a game like Never Have I Ever, where one of the goals is to get people to reveal crazy things about themselves, it's important to use a few questions at the start to warm up the players and break the ice, easing the tension in the room while people have a chance to have a few drinks and get relaxed.

1. Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself.

Because who hasn't ordered a pizza for delivery and overdone it? You can also ask who among your friends has bought a tub of ice cream and ate all of it alone. That's kind of the same thing with eating an entire pizza alone.

2. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.

This is a favorite of kids at summer camp (or college); going for a naked swim can be innocent or naughty, depending on the person. It's definitely something you'd want to check off of your bucket list.

3. Never have I ever cried while watching Titanic.

Classic movies like this are highly popular, and most of your friends have probably watched this at least once or twice. This one can usually score a drink for a lot of the ladies in the group, maybe even a lot of the guys.

4. Never have I ever tried out sweet martial arts moves by myself.

Have you ever played Bruce Lee in a mirror? Plenty of guys have! Whether it's in the shower or your room, I know you've pretended to be a warrior while kicking and saying "Hi-yah!" when you're alone.

5. Never have I ever cried at a Pixar movie.

At this point, Pixar is basically directly controlling peoples' emotions. Whether it's Carl and Ellie looking at clouds or Nemo calling out "Daddy" when he gets out of the giant fishnet at the end, Pixar definitely knows their stuff when it comes to tear-jerking moments.

6. Never have I ever smuggled food or candy into a movie theater.

We've all been there, regretting that overpriced extra-large popcorn and soda when we could have brought some from home. It may not be against the law, but it's definitely against the rules! See who's a risk-taker with this question.

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11 Funny Questions For Your Never Have I Game

Never Have I Ever is a great game for getting everyone to laugh together -- or a laugh about themselves! Having a great selection of funny questions to ask will keep the game from becoming boring or repetitive.

7. Never have I ever eaten food that fell on the floor.

The "Five Second Rule" may be a myth, but that hasn't stopped a lot of people from eating freshly-dropped food! Find out who among you is so dedicated to their food that they'd eat it off the floor.

8. Never have I ever made dumb faces at myself in the bathroom mirror.

This question is great because anyone guilty of doing it can be pressured into showing off some of their best funny faces. You can even have a contest and see which person has the silliest face in the mirror.

9. Never have I ever tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.

Have you ever played Chubby Bunny? It's a great game to play with kids or adults. As a bonus, you could make sure to have a bag of marshmallows in your house to dare someone to try it out!

10. Never have I ever stayed up for more than 24 hours.

Pulling an all-nighter may be terrible for you, but that hasn't stopped everyone from doing it. Whether it's for school, work, or just good old deep talks with friends, there's something about staying up that gives mundane things all the more attractive.

11. Never have I ever sang a Justin Bieber song in the shower.

Singing in the shower is an indelible part of pop culture, but Bieber pushes the funny factor over the edge. It may be embarrassing to admit, but Justin Bieber's songs are great ones to bop along with. A little bit of that "Baby, baby, baby oh," and you'll find yourself shaking your hips in no time.

12. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo I regret.

Let's see who's the reckless one in the group, getting a tattoo on an absolute whim. Find out if it's the person you expected. Of course, anyone who is guilty of this should definitely show their terrible tattoos!

13. Never have I ever sang terrible karaoke while drunk.

What other ice breaker game can involve karaoke and get away with it? This one's almost always good for a laugh, as you can encourage everyone to give their "best" karaoke songs.

14. Never have I ever wished I was an animal

The current mainstream understanding of animal intelligence and service to the world is still very limited. Look for people that respond in ways that show awareness of animal wisdom. "I want to be a bird so I can fly." That's good, but also generic.

15. Never have I ever shared food with a pet

The whole "human food" thing is a ridiculous myth. Food is food and subjecting another to lesser quality food because they are a different species is self-centered and arrogant.

16. Never have I ever thought babies are so lucky

You'll see what the person thinks about having everything be done for them and the idea of having no responsibilities. If someone is really into those things, they might not make a very mature partner.

17. Never have I ever spied on my neighbors

Do they concern themselves with others to the point where they are completely unfocused on their own journeys?

7 18+ Questions Perfect For The Drinking Edition

Ready to really get to know each other? Once the game is a few rounds in and everyone has had a few drinks, making the questions a little racier can really spice things up. Asking questions about sex may be nerve-wracking at first, but the results can be particularly memorable.

18. Never have I ever had a one-night stand.

Men and women may have different reasons for one-night stands, but both genders engage in the act regularly. Just make sure not to shame your friends who have done it because they trusted you enough to share it.

19. Never have I ever bought an adult toy from an adult store.

Maybe you should ask this question when you're with your really close friends. Keep an open mind, though. Who hasn't purchased a sex toy at some point in their lives? With this question, you'll find out who has.

20. Never have I ever given or received a lap dance.

This is an especially spicy question, one that most of the men would be embarrassed to answer. But here's where you'll find out some crazy stories about men in strip clubs and how they "unintentionally" spilled their drink on the woman giving them a lap dance.

21. Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.

Have them tell the story of how the person responded and whether or not the one they sent it to was a person of authority. Was it their boss? Parents? Any which way, it's a hilarious story once you get into it.

22. Never have I ever gone commando.

Even ladies are getting in on the underwear-free life. It's a great feeling, too, when you're free and airy underneath. Just make sure it's not a particularly windy day and that you're not wearing a skirt or loose shorts.

23. Never have I ever had done "it" in a public place.

In case you didn't know, exhibitionism can be a real psychological desire. Get to know which of your friends have that desire to do it in public. The thrill may very well be what makes it so good.

24. Never have I ever worn clothes that'll hide a hickey.

Because turtlenecks are really only good for one thing, and that's to hide the embarrassment of the night before. For added embarrassment, ask how many turtlenecks they actually have.

13 Questions For Couples When Playing Ten Fingers Game

Playing Never Have I Ever with your significant other can be tougher than playing with strangers because you may already know quite a bit about each other. Don't let that stop you, though!

These questions for couples can help you learn even more about each other, and have a good laugh at the lives you've both lived.

25. Never have I ever gone on a "bad" blind date.

It seems like almost every girl has a bad blind date story. What is hers? Maybe someone went out with a guy who had a fake ID. Maybe someone went out with a girl who says "supposably" instead of "supposedly." Find out who it is.

26. Never have I ever called a partner the wrong name.

This is certainly an awkward question to ask and answer, especially if you're in a friend's house just casually sipping your drink. It's even more awkward if the person is there! Figure out exactly how embarrassed they are to admit this.

27. Never have I ever sent a sexy selfie.

What a spicy question for a fun game night, right? Check out the people who say they've done this. Ask them to demonstrate how they did it. What pose did they do? What kind of outfit were they wearing, if any?

28. Never have I ever had a cheesy pick-up line work on me.

If you're playing the drinking version of this, you better get ready to take a shot. This can easily happen to anyone. Have them share the pick-up line that worked and how long it took for them to go out.

29. Never have I ever given a stranger a fake phone number.

It's such a popular option that there's actually a rejection hotline. It's not always easy to say, "No, I don't want to give you my number." Sometimes, we just need a good tactic to get those pesky annoying strangers off our backs.

30. Never have I ever tried to make someone jealous.

It may not be the prettiest admission, but sometimes you want to make absolutely sure that someone is noticing you. Ask them what they did to make sure that the person they wanted is writhing with jealousy.

31. Never have I ever snuck into a concert or professional sports event.

Sneaking in is such a popular option that people have almost made an art out of it. Get out your notes app and start taking notes on how they did, where they did it, and what crazy things they did so they wouldn't get caught.

32. Never have I ever found my soul mate

The term soul mate has been distorted lately. People are dying to use it to describe every perspective partner who comes their way out of their own yearning or desperation. Then again, we're all each other's soul mates to some degree.

33. Never have I ever been turned off by your morning breath

You're letting them know they're not above having it, and you like it. This is a great, sweet one to use.

34. Never have I ever been annoyed by you

You're totally lying or you're still in the very primary stages of dating. This might be comforting to hear but it's not the essence of a bulletproof, enduring relationship.

35. Never have I ever cleaned toilets for a living

Never underestimate the meditative power of menial labor for having mental breakthroughs.

36. Never have I ever fallen in love after first sight

Maybe you're demisexual and require some intellectual connection for sparks to fly.

37. Never have I ever thought you looked disgusting in the morning

This is very sweet to say and has a genuine quality to it. People think they look a lot worse than they actually do. We don't value the carefree, un-self-conscious look enough.

16 Never Have I Questions To Ask A Girl

There are plenty of reasons to use never have I ever questions, but the number one has to be as a way to generations questions to ask a girl. Talking to the fairer sex can be a challenge at times. That's why it's great to always have some never have I ever questions in your pocket, ready to pull out to patch over any awkward moments.

38. Never have I ever used the excuse "My pet ate my homework."

I know we've all been there. Everyone's had a petty excuse for their teacher when they didn't do the homework assigned. But this excuse takes the cake. It's so overused that it's rarely true. Plus, if it were true, no one would ever believe it.

39. Never have I ever watched children's cartoons I'm too old for.

We firmly maintain there's no such thing as "too old for" with cartoons. Watching cartoons can be nostalgic for most people. It reminds them of a simpler time in their lives. See which of your friends like the same cartoons that you do.

40. Never have I ever lost sunglasses that I was already wearing.

This is a great chance for a girl to show her silly, self-deprecating side. Have her tell the story of how she lost it. I guess that it would be in a zoo or an amusement park. Either way, it would be a great story to share.

41. Never have I ever unfollowed an ex-boyfriend on social media.

Some would argue that this is an immature way to move on from an ex. But sometimes, having zero contact is what really helps speed the process along. You can also ask them who else they unfollowed just to move on. It may be the ex's family members, friends, and the like.

42. Never have I ever been in love with my boss or co-worker.

Now, here's a great one to ask when you're having a game night with your work colleagues. Watch your friends turn pink with this question. It's even more intriguing when the person they love is there too!

43. Never have I ever stayed up all night after watching a scary movie.

As a kid, everyone has probably done this once or twice. After all, watching a serial killer go after teenagers who are just in their homes may make anyone, not just kids, scared out of their pants.

44. Never have I ever licked cake from the birthday candle.

Licking cake from the birthday candle is like licking the whipped cream off the straw of your favorite coffee drink. It also eliminates the awkwardness of people singing happy birthday to you before you blow the candle. People will be laughing and smiling at you when you lick that moist cake from the candle.

45. Never have I ever broken a bone.

You can gain insight into whether they commonly engage in athletics that naturally carry risk or if they're accident-prone or had another traumatic experience that shapes their perceptions.

46. Never have I ever been fired from a job.

Sometimes the backstory is more complicated than someone failing at their responsibilities.

47. Never have I ever been trapped in an elevator.

It's a scary experience depending on how remote the elevator is and whether it's in a place where building security can rescue you quickly. In some places, it's a terrifying experience.

48. Never have I ever taken money that didn’t belong to me.

This can be another personal boundary thing. It can also be a sign that they were in a place of financial desperation and had to make some hard decisions on how to get out of it.

49. Never have I ever told a friend a lie to get out of hanging out with them.

You're inquiring about how authentic they're willing to be with others. A more authentic person who has friendships that don't require masks and white lies doesn't make this a habit. But everyone likely has done this while they were figuring life out.

50. Never have I ever killed a pet by accident.

Unfortunately, this is more common than anyone likes in rural areas where animals free-range or camp out under cars. It can also bring up memories of being uneducated about an animal's needs.

51. Never have I ever shot a gun

Some people hunt. Some people shoot at the range as a hobby. Some people are police and military. Others exercise the Second Amendment allowances. Find out how and why.

52. Never have I ever looked through someone’s phone without their permission.

You'll gauge their level of trust and their basic level of respect for other's personal boundaries. If they think this is no big deal, beware.

53. Never have I ever been frisked by police or by airport personnel.

The whole frisking thing at airport security can be completely random or it can also bring up issues and triggers around racial targetting.

16 Never Have I Questions To Ask A Guy

Some guys find it super easy to keep a conversation going with other guys. But for those who don't care about sports, fast cars, and other stereotypical dude conversation topics—or don't care to talk about them—you need questions to ask a guy that are fun, casual, and cool.

Enter the guy-focused never have I ever question, which gives you some great conversation that leads in some crazy fun dude-bonding directions.

54. Never have I ever had gone out with a friend's ex.

Find out his boundaries when you ask this question. You will know how good of a guy he is when he tells you about the context of the situation. Know how long he waited and if he actually talked to his friend and asked if it was fine before he pursued it.

55. Never Have I Ever got into a physical altercation with a good friend.

This can be a healing moment if both guys are present. Who knows? Maybe talking about the details of the fight with friends can be a great therapeutic session. Friends can offer advice and help so that something like this doesn't ever happen again.

56. Never have I ever laughed at a joke I didn't get.

We've all been there. Keeping up appearances in big groups can get a little challenging when your sense of humor is a little dense. Or maybe, sometimes we just can't keep up with the references of the jokes. Either way, it's always a good story to tell.

57. Never Have I Ever ditched out on paying the bill at a restaurant.

This is good to know if you're out to eat with the guy right now. We see it in movies all the time, but everyone knows it's illegal in real life. Just be sure to have some extra cash on you just in case he does it again.

58. Never Have I Ever pretended I had a phone call to get out of talking with someone.

We all have that annoying friend or overly talkative work colleague that we just want to ignore subtly. It's not easy to say that you don't want to talk to them, so this is a great way to let them down gently.

59. Never have I ever bragged about something I have not done.

It's a bad dude habit to brag about someone else's accomplishments. This can give them a chance to come clean. You can also ask them what the reason behind bragging about it was. Maybe there was a reasonable backstory that explains it.

60. Never have I ever used someone else's toothbrush.

As disgusting as this may be, using someone else's toothbrush usually involves an emergency of some sort. It may be because you're in another person's house and you ate a lot of onions, or it may also be when you're camping, and you forgot to bring one. It's really unavoidable.

61. Never have I ever smelled my own armpit

This is a courtesy. It's good to be aware of how others are experiencing your scent.

62. Never have I ever eaten exotic food

This can indicate that one is or isn't well-traveled. It can also allude to one's digestive issues.

63. Never have I ever read someone else's diary

This is huge indicator of someone's personal boundaries. A person who admits this without regret might go snooping into your business too.

64. Never have I ever sprayed perfume on my mouth

Okay, perfume is not supposed to be eaten. A lot of synthetic fragrances are also toxic to the world around you. That one would be so concerned about their breath that they would do this might be an example of their limited knowledge.

65. Never have I ever eaten raw egg

There are those who believe in this protein-packing practice and then there are those who are concerned about salmonella.

66. Never have I ever taken a test unprepared

If a person hasn't taken a test unprepared they're either super responsible or they don't have enough going on in life to adequately overwhelm them enough to strengthen their character in the long run.

67. Never have I ever eaten something past its expiration date

If you haven't done this before, you're probably being overly concerned. People who rely on some contrived date rather than their sense of smell probably have less trust in themselves and would be less useful surviving on a deserted island.

68. Never have I ever double dipped

If it's your own sauce fine. If you're sharing with someone who you kiss on a regular basis, it's also fine.

69. Never have I ever talked to myself in the mirror

Although we feel ridiculous when we get caught doing this, it can be a great way to practice observing our own thoughts, tendencies, and patterns.

13 Interesting Questions To Ask During Your Never Have I Ever Game

One of the strengths of never have I ever questions is that they tend to be interesting questions that you actually want the answer to. Unlike so much of our small talk chitter-chatter, we actually want to know the answers to these questions. And if the questions are interesting, you know the conversation will be, too.

70. Never have I ever thought a cartoon character was attractive.

Anyone's favorite prince, princess, or superhero can look immensely attractive when you watch them all the time. Find out which of your friends enjoy daydreaming about Timmy Turner or Minnie Mouse in their spare time.

71. Never have I ever been to a bathroom without toilet paper.

There's a great story there, definitely. How did they get out of it? What did they use as an alternative? Did they do number one or number two? If they've experienced this, they will probably bring their phone every time they go.

72. Never have I ever made up a fake language.

We've all done this when we were kids. We did it to hide stuff from our parents or teachers, talking about the silliest things that we didn't want anyone else to hear. To your friends who have done this, ask them to say a few sentences so you can learn their secret language.

73. Never have I ever eaten a bug.

The story behind the choice will be fun. Always, which kind of bug? And I know they probably won't do it, but you should dare them to eat another bug for $20. Let's see if they take on the challenge.

74. Never have I ever walked out of a movie.

This is a good chance to get recommendations on movies NOT to see. You'll get a list of movies that are so terribly bad that prompted your friends to leave right in the middle of it.

75. Never have I ever prank-called the cops.

Illegal as it may be, prank calling can be fun, especially when there's the thrill of being caught. Have them tell the story of how they did it, but also make sure to remind them that prank-calling people who can arrest them isn't the smartest idea.

76. Never have I ever had a hole in the back of my pants without me knowing.

It's an embarrassing story to tell, but it will certainly be one for the books. This will be a good opportunity to check if anyone currently has any holes in their pants.

77. Never have I ever been to a haunted house.

You're indirectly inquiring about whether they were really scared by the level of haunted being offered by the house.

78. Never have I ever named my toys

You sound kind of boring and unimaginative if this is true.

79. Never have I ever known what serendipity is

You're asking them what their beliefs are around synchronicity.

80. Never have I ever sucked my thumb.

You want to know more about the innate ways they self soothe.

81. Never have I ever been paranoid that I have some disease

Way to not let Google MD scare you. You're also revealing inexperience with physical challenges.

82. Never have I ever fallen off a bike

This is hard to believe. It just sounds like a cop-out attempt at sounding skilled when in actuality it's because you've never been on a bike. A biker who's pushing themselves has fallen many times and gotten back on it.

7 I've Never Questions You Can Ask To Anyone

In certain situations, you really need to keep your never have I ever questions clean. Whether you're just against getting raunchy or the situation calls for a little self-editing, these never have I ever questions give you all the same fun without offending anyone.

83. Never have I ever pretended to do my chores.

I don't know a single person who loves doing chores, so a question like this will be a highly popular one within the group. Kids do this a lot, but I'm sure there are a lot of adults who pretend they've dusted or arranged their silverware.

84. Never Have I Ever shoved everything in my closet to have a cleanroom.

This usually happens when you have guests come over unexpectedly. It doesn't even matter if the stuff is organized in the closet, just as long as the room looks like it's been clean for a while.

85. Never have I ever made a wish at a fountain.

It's a sweet way to find out what people wish for in their lives. We know it seldom works but making a wish at a fountain entails wishing for something you really want to believe in something as superficial as a fountain.

86. Never have I ever run a marathon.

You either enjoy running, or you had someone convince you to run for charity for you to put yourself through a marathon. Find out which one of your friends convinced themselves that running five or ten kilometers is a good idea.

87. Never have I ever tried to pass a silent fart, but it came out loud instead.

They'll turn red, then share their secret shame. Stories like these will keep you all laughing all night. Make sure not to laugh too much, though, as it may trigger the gas to come out confidently.

88. Never Have I Ever Urinated In A Swimming Pool As An Adult.

As gross as this seems, sometimes it's unavoidable. It's disgusting, but it happens. Don't believe it when no one drinks or puts down a finger; everyone has done this at some point in their adult life.

89. Never have I ever lied on a dating app

Deception is an easy thing to do on the Internet nowadays. If it's a girl you are interested in, then you may want to ask her about it and find out what she lied about.

11 Funny Yet Weird Never Have I Ever Questions

Eventually, you'll start looking for something a little more unique than run of the mill inquiries. Check out these weird questions to ask.

90. Never have I ever farted loudly and refused to admit it was me

Whether the refusal to admit it was them could make for a very funny story.

91. Never have I ever copied a friend's outfit

Copying can be rude and encroach on another's individuality. It can also be the greatest compliment.

92. Never have I ever wished I had a different name

All names carry resonance and different levels of meaning and it's an important rite of passage to understand our relationship to our name and decide how and if it matches our personal truth. Sometimes we don't find this out to much later in life.

93. Never have I ever eaten cereal for dinner

There's no such thing as breakfast food. Food is food for all times.

94. Never have I ever Picked my nose and wiped it on a piece of furniture

Ew gross, let's hope that it was outside and subject to a rainstorm.

95. Never have I ever dropped something in the toilet then used it as usual as if nothing happened

That some dogs find it perfectly fine to drink toilet water can make us feel better about this...

96. Never have I ever called my boss by my pet name for my romantic partner

Wow. There's a blurred line.

97. Never have I ever sang the wrong lyrics of a song

If you can actually rightfully use this one, you are too self-conscious.

98. Never have I ever changed a light bulb

If this is true about yourself, you should really learn so you're not in the dark.

99. Never have I ever worked in a fast-food restaurant

Consider yourself lucky.

100. Never have I ever run into a sliding glass door

It happens to the best of us. Entrance and exit doors, and push vs. pull doors are also sources for looking ridiculous.

7 Never Have I Ever Questions To Ask A New Friend

Never have I ever questions to ask a new friend don't always have to be done when drinking. It can be fun to let out these kinds of questions just to start a meaningful and entertaining conversation with your friend.

101. Never have I ever used the bathroom in complete darkness.

Imagine having a bathroom's layout memorized that you have no trouble using it in complete darkness. If your new friend has done this, ask them how they navigated through that. That's a funny story for sure.

102. Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar.

The stories that this question bears are probably wild and out of this world. It's a great question to ask a new friend because it will be light and funny any way this goes.

103. Never have I drank any type of alcohol in one go.

If your friend has done this, ask for some context. There must have been something really good or really bad for them to drink an entire bottle of alcohol in one sitting.

104. Never have I ever went viral online.

People who go viral online are somewhat like celebrities. If your friend has gone through this, it would be a great ice breaker to search for it and watch what exactly made your friend go viral.

105. Never have I ever thrown something out of the school bus window.

It may be embarrassing to talk about the stupid things you did when you were a kid, but it's a fun thing to do. Whether you were littering or throwing food at the neighborhood bully, talking about this will make your new friend feel comfortable with you.

106. Never have I ever hooked up with a friend's sibling.

Family members are sort of a grey area when it comes to dating and relationships. Share your experience and how your friend reacted when they found out you were dating their sibling.

107. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend's girlfriend.

If hooking up with a friend's sibling is slightly inappropriate, then having a crush on a friend's girlfriend is certainly inappropriate. But sometimes, we really can't choose who we fall for. It all depends on what you do about it.

5 Funny Never Have I Ever First Date Questions

It's wonderful for everyone if you arrive to your first date prepared to make the most out of your initial time together and hopefully create alchemy for a second date and so on. Consider our first date questions.

108. Never have I ever stolen food from the office refrigerator

You're stating your integrity and prompting her stance on such things.

109. Never have I ever won a bet

You'll reveal that you may not have good betting instincts.

110. Never have I ever drank alcohol while working.

It depends on whether you operate heavy machinery or something as to how inappropriate this would actually be.

111. Never have I ever been asked by police officers to move along

You're saying that you've always revealed yourself as guilty in every interaction with the cops or maybe you're a person of color.

112. Never have I ever swallowed gum.

We all have moments when we accidentally and mindlessly swallowed the gum that's been in our mouths for too long (or not long enough). It's a weird feeling that some, but not all, would understand.

7 Never Have I Ever Funny Ice Breaker Questions

Use these ice breaker questions to get to know your new friends better.

113. Never have I ever thought of what my last meal would be if I was ever on death row

You're inquiring about their tastes in food so you can prepare it for them next time it's dinner at your place.

114. Never have I ever watched the "Gangnam Style" music video.

You're saying you hold yourself away from goofy things.

115. Never have I ever watched an episode of "Gilmore Girls".

You're secretly saying you wish someone would make you watch it with them.

116. Never have I ever pretended to know a stranger.

This one's actually funny and you're gauging their extroversion.

117. Never have I ever ugly cried for no reason.

No more of this tough guy stuff. That's old and not super impressive.

118. Never have I ever actually laughed out loud when typing "LOL".

You're saying you use social media abbreviations kind of inauthentically. LOL

119. Never have I ever said 'excuse me' when there was no one around.

You're only polite around other people.

6 Funny Yet Random Never Have I Ever Questions

When we say random questions, we mean questions that are a little bit off the beaten path.

120. Never have I ever eaten fruit without washing it first

This brings up pulling fruit directly off wild-growing trees the far corners of the earth where all things are clean. It also means you're generally unconcerned that germs will kill you.

121. Never have I ever walked in on someone in the bathroom.

Apparently you're really good at knocking before entering, which is good.

122. Never have I ever lost my swimwear bottoms.

Perhaps the strings could come undone or they could slide down too far, but honestly, how really could this happen?

123. Never have I ever broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it.

You watch where you sit and don't tip the scales.

124. Never have I ever drove over a curb.

Sounds like you're a mindful driver, have never driven, or don't live where curbs exist.

125. Never have I ever walked around with toilet paper stuck on my shoe.

It's such a small detail, but something that other people would find funny if they saw you like that. This one seems to be asking if you've never been embarrassed without knowing it in public.

6 Never Have I Ever Funny Truth Questions

These truth questions are sure to reveal something breathtaking about your new companions.

126. Never have I ever woken up drunk the next day.

Cool, you drink in moderation.

127. Never have I ever eaten rabbit

You'll find out if anyone has a hunting background.

128. Never have I ever been influenced by my peers

You're totally lying with this one. If you use it it doesn't show much self-awareness. We're all influenced to some degree by our peers. Whether we choose to act on that influence is a different story.

129. Never have I ever cursed someone in a non-native language

Isn't it nice to learn to curse in another language and have a slightly waffling perception of the strength of such swear words?

130. Never have I ever kissed my best friend.

Some people do use their best friends for experimentation because of the trust.

131. Never have I ever peed in my bed when I was a kid.

It's okay. It happens to the best of us.

Downloadable and Printable List of I've Never Questions

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How To Pick Good Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

Keep in mind the never have i ever rules when playing this game.

1. You're revealing something about yourself in the questions you ask

If you say you've never done something, you might be saying that you want to, that you admire it in others, that you think its risque in some way, or you disapprove of it in some way.

2. Ask others only what you'd be comfortable answering yourself

Make sure you don't demand more than you're willing to give.

3. Keep things lighthearted

Even if you are asking questions to find out what a person values, be mindful that you don't seem like you're testing them.

Fun Variants of Never Have I Ever

The great thing about Never Have I Ever is that there's no only one way to play it. It has many variants that you can enjoy. This ensures that you won't ever get bored of playing this game with your friends.

Edition #1: Put A Finger Down

This game can also be played in a different way. For a fun twist in the Never Have I Ever Game, play the Put a Finger Down Edition, also called 10 fingers. It allows you all to decide a winner in the end.

You can play this one with your special someone to make the game all the more fun. Use these never have I ever questions for couples to make the game so much more interesting.

This edition of the game can also be played when you need some fun things to do with friends when bored. Trust us, adding your ten fingers to the game takes some weight off your tongue.

The never have I ever rules for Ten Fingers are straightforward. Have all the players put all their fingers up, the more fingers you have, the more odds you have of winning the game. It's basically a race to see which person has done the least because usually, the things we say will be embarrassing or funny.

Have someone ask a never have I ever question and instead of the players saying "I have" or "I have never," they put a finger down if they have done it. If they've never done the thing that's been asked, all their fingers should remain up.

Whoever's the last one with fingers up is the winner. Each player that runs out of fingers is out of the game.

You definitely need at least two people to play the game. The number of players is infinite. Invite everyone you know, and everyone you don't know.

Edition #2: The Drinking Edition

The never have I ever drinking edition is actually the original game. That's where you ask more mature questions, or never have I ever questions 18+.

The famous drinking game was always only meant to be played this way and is known as an adult game. But, you know, kids want to play too, so they had to make the game more kid-friendly, and without the alcohol.

Though this edition is where you take a drink instead of saying if you have or if you've never. If you ask us, drinking is always on the list of fun things to do with friends.

You don't win the drinking edition of this game by being the drunkest one in the room. Well, that's not exactly a rule, but the one with the most drinks definitely deserves it after having to confess all that they did.

This drinking game starts with asking all the players a never have I ever question. The players that have done this thing have to take a drink, usually a shot glass, and the players who have never done that, don't take a drink.

It is always easier to spill your guts when they're full of alcohol. That's why drinking goes so well with this game.

Invite everyone you know and everyone you don't know. Just be sure to have at least one other player with you, drinking solo is never fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still things you want to know about never have I ever? Look through this list of frequently asked questions and see if they answer your queries.

How do you win Never have I ever?

It actually depends on the group's decision, but it's usually the person who has the most fingers up at the end of the game.

Can you play never have I ever over text?

If you're looking for games to play over text, then you should try never have I ever. Just text each other the things you've never done, and respond with "I have" or "I have never," and get deep!

Can we play never have I ever in Zoom?

You can definitely play the Never Have I Ever Game through Zoom. Get all the players in a Zoom chat and have someone ask the questions while the others answer them any way they'd like — ten fingers and all.

What is the most awkward question to ask during a never have I ever game?

It all depends on context. If you're with your family, the most awkward questions are about sex and dating. If you're with your work colleagues, it would be about the people you like or hate at work.

How do I generate my own I've never questions?

You can search online for more ideas, but this list is probably all you'll ever need for your next memorable game night.

Is it possible for two people to play never have I ever game?

Yes, it most certainly is possible to play never have I ever with only two people. Both players can take turns asking the questions while both players answer them.

How can you purchase the never have I ever card game?

The never have I ever card game is available at many stores, including Amazon and Target. Easily buy it offline and have it shipped straight to your home with Amazon.

When is the best time to play this questions-based game?

If you're playing the drinking version of this game, you should play this a little earlier than the time you would start a normal drinking session so that you can allow more time for stories.

Never Have I Ever Rules

How do you play never have I ever? The rules are simple:

First, make sure everyone has a drink! Or don't, if you're so inclined -- but Never Have I Ever is traditionally a drinking game because it helps everyone to loosen up and answer questions more honestly.

Next, When playing this game, gather as many people to play as possible. The more players you have, the better.

Pro Tip: The Never Have I Ever Game is great because you learn many crazy things about a person, or at least the crazy things they've done. You'll come to find out that adding more people to the game makes it so much more fun and revealing.

Next, get all of the players together into a circle so everyone can see everyone else's hands.

The first player, whoever is brave enough to start the game, will make a statement beginning with the phrase "Never Have I Ever." Anyone who has done the action in the statement has to take a drink!

For example, if the first player said "Never Have I Ever met the President of the United States," and you had met a U.S. President, you (and everyone else playing who has met a U.S. President) would have to take a drink before the game continues.

Start off with fun and light-hearted questions. If the people in your group are close enough, you can even get away with adding a dirty question to the game.

Pro Tip: Be mindful of the questions you choose. Don't overly highlight your friends' poor life decisions with this game. Try not to unintentionally hurt or embarrass someone.

Play continues around the circle, with players trying to create more inventive Never Have I Ever statements.

The trick of the game is to ask questions which may make the other players reveal more about themselves than they would normally volunteer, without revealing too much about yourself in the process. Never kissed a stranger without knowing their name? Maybe you haven't -- but what about the people you're playing with?

How to determine the winner of the game:

If your rule is to put down your finger when you have done it, then the winner is the last person with their fingers up. If it's a drinking game, the winner is the last person to have alcohol in their cups. Sometimes it depends on your rule. If you have a different type of Never Have I Ever Game, then the last person that remains to have less of the consequences done is the winner.

Example scenario:

In a drinking game scenario, you and your friends decide that whoever did what is said, will drink one shot of the drink. You all have 5 shots which are equal to 5 lives.

If someone says "Never have I ever gotten black-out drunk" and you already have, you take one shot! You only have four lives left. Everyone takes turns in saying their never have I ever, and when someone consumes all five of their shots, they lose. The loser can do a consequence that the group agrees on.

And that's it! Play continues as long as everyone involved can keep coming up with great questions, which is where we come in! Use our collection of great Never Have I Ever questions, and you'll never run out of great questions to ask.

Why are Never Have I Ever rules so important?

Though the Never Have I Ever rules are simple, they are crucial to follow in order for all to enjoy the game.

First of all, everyone needs to have the opportunity to be embarrassed and to embarrass others, so everyone needs to have a turn answering and doing the questioning.

Second, there has to be strict honesty. No one should be allowed to hide the truth, and truth-hiders should be called out when discovered.

If people start hiding the truth, the whole game is pointless. To avoid this potential problem, play the game with people you're ready to admit some secrets too, and who feel the same.

Finally, it's very important to keep an eye on how much everyone is drinking in the drinking version. The drinking is fun but always drink safely.

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In Conclusion

That's 131 great Never Have I Ever Questions for your next party.

Whether you're looking for great questions to ask anybody, ice breaker questions, or embarrassing questions, we have the resources you need to make the connections you want in your life. For your friends to get to know you, memorize a few of these questions and answer them at your next party.